Love Poems About Absconding or Absconding Love Poems
by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
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Power of a fancy
over good reason,
My imagination !

A force of nature
trust or truth,
delight of an immature?

No war no red earth
no remonstrance,
A fascination ?

Bumptious or chagrined
deeply possessed neurotic,
an absconding notion ?

Pulling me in pool of love
then announce exile,
Inchoate insight ?

My imagination 
makes me a fool,
A weird hallucination ?

Written by Dr. Upma A. Sharma
on 21/5/14
Sponsor- Dave wood
contest- Imagination

Awarded 6th place

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by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: funny

Absconding Groom

A bride-to-be I stood lone
Surrounded by uncles and aunts
Flowers in every nook
But alas no groom

Hands decorated with love
Red dress ironed and perfumed
All expectantly await
But where is the groom?

by linda smith |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love

Discarded Love

A lifetime we spent as one, in all ways.
You were my celestial focus.
All rays of light in your direction.

Unbeknownst to me
your fire burned elsewhere,
alit to all the world
but shielded from me.

Was I but a mat
for which you to trod
nonchalantly upon my heart?
There you left a gaping wound.

Swiftly you exited
with your own intentions.
Absconding with my heart,
future and sanity.

All to be cast aside in a ditch
along side the road of your life
like yesterday's litter.

by Kumud Kundan |
Categories: cute love, for her, poems,

Love as a reason to me

You are the soul of my destiny, you are the heart of my fantasy,
My whole world moves around you, you are the world of God's courtesy.

Your love gives me always a passion to be alive each of the morning,
it favors me a side to smile through out the day and a reason of sadness absconding.

It always escapes the sadness and gives a way to have lovely tomorrow,
it gives me heartily blessings and removes the sorrow.

Your love is enough to understand the grace of God to me,
for which i will always pray by sitting onto my knee.

You are the reason for me to be a bird and fly in the dream's high,
having wellness, charming and a reason to see and touch the sky.

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
Categories: anxiety, beauty, betrayal, break up,

A wronged spinster

The fire in her kindled, 
All too soon dwindled:
Nearly in a twinkle
That made her laugh a crinkle 
While her forehead described a wrinkle…
Max’s disappearance shall ears tingle, 
For remain she will single;
Alone with lover-fed pringle… 

Things haven’t been at all simple. 
And she’s beautiful, no face pimple. 

The harshest of prices for love in ample 
By one merely longing to emerge An Example… 

Now she’ll have to damn it and ahead go to show it:
A Wronged-By-God Spinster, 
Her Absconding Max, A church Minister.

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Decaying Life

In searching of peace
soul of writings sought hermitic milieu

O loneliness of mind shrine
know that you’re curse!

O loveless love of wedding heart
know that you’re curse!

On the nib of starry pen
all words of loneliness and cruel love were dancing

the pen grinned by the feathers of outcast love!

Oh! the silent head tomb devours the writers penning insight
at the end no peace was there
from strolling vacationer to whole unknown 
the writer was dispatching in absconding .....!

by this way alone bard is decaying!

21.06.2020 Chattogram