Love Poem: Love as a reason to me
Kumud Kundan Avatar
Written by: Kumud Kundan

Love as a reason to me

You are the soul of my destiny, you are the heart of my fantasy,
My whole world moves around you, you are the world of God's courtesy.

Your love gives me always a passion to be alive each of the morning,
it favors me a side to smile through out the day and a reason of sadness absconding.

It always escapes the sadness and gives a way to have lovely tomorrow,
it gives me heartily blessings and removes the sorrow.

Your love is enough to understand the grace of God to me,
for which i will always pray by sitting onto my knee.

You are the reason for me to be a bird and fly in the dream's high,
having wellness, charming and a reason to see and touch the sky.