Love Poems About Abruptly or Abruptly Love Poems
by Vijay Pandit |
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Unsung Verse

What's behind the terse, unspoken sound
One that abruptly inserted a period
Invoking a sigh in the middle of a sentence

Was it the uneasy voice of her heart's lyrics
Announcing your song is still incomplete
Or ambivalence of despondent music
Reluctantly strumming devoid of melody

Perhaps it’s time for your bashful words
To complement echo of the unsung verse

Disclosing explicitly to her anxious world:

You saw it in the smile of her cheerful eyes
And heard it from symphony of dulcet vibes
And felt it in the ballet of her delicate touch
When she held you close in an intimate hug
While mellifluous whispers of love spoke 

December 8, 2021

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: engagement, lost love, relationship, remember,

Do It Again, Please

Roll back the joy of golden, painted years.
Hold me in that rapture, of joyful cascading tears.

Place the engagement ring on my soft hand.
Allow me to hear the notes of passion’s band.

Oh, how deeply in love in the City by the Bay we were!
Then~abruptly dismissed by Cupid’s, stinging, sharp spur!

That glorious moment though, outlives the painful march of time.
When I was wholly yours, on love’s, long, enchanting, cascading vine!


by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: appreciation, husband, romantic love, wisdom,

Words From the Wiser Me

What would the future, wiser me
The lonely widow I'm sure to be
Say to me, today

How precious, his baritone groan
To muted ears left all alone
Once he's flown away

Life's rivers drain abruptly swift
So recognize this moment's gift
Within his arms - stay.


For 'Triple Stanza Tail-Rhyme' contest
Sponsor: charles messina

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: appreciation, poetry, song,

Stars of Clarity

The perfect poem goes something like this – Feeling stings, like a bee Quick as a tear Just as abruptly as a star’s glowing A whisper, a sigh, a stirring – Stars of Clarity… What it means to truly see beyond The grief, the longing, the all-consuming Passion! The perfect poem is any poem that bleeds, Not just ink But light, laughter, love Signs of life beneath layers of words!

by ... Gigno |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, loveme,

Thirsty Clutch

I wanted something bubbly
Coke with ice cream trick
That fridge, again, empty
So I made my trip to Kwik

Swerving around this town in my horses
Parking up by the front door
No training could have prepared me for
What waited inside the store

Standing with her 2-liter of Diet 7-Up
If I just died, keep me here on heaven
I asked above not be taken so abruptly
Feeling luckier than sevens or elevens

Now she says that this place
Is wherever we stand here
Desiring her within my space 
Needing her crystal clear

That gentleness of her touch
As we let go while giving in
When love has got its clutch
In times we are skin to skin

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: art, color, fun, identity, imagination, tribute, uplifting,


C olorful vibrant sparkling and joyful
A ccomplished artist and poet
R acy imagination to spare
E mbraces life with gusto
N aughty and nice a friend to all

K een advocate of the sisterhood 
R aising the bar of exuberance
U topia the goal within reach
T enaciously bubbly every day 
S tudio bursting with passion
I nstincts to assist the weak and lonely
N egative vibes abruptly challenged
G argantuan heart houses love for all
E pic is the legacy she leaves behind 
R ows of children whose lives she touched

AP: 1st place 2020

Posted on September 5, 2020

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: grief, sorrow, winter,

Loneliest Winter Day

December clouds are falling, 
falling into gray from a heavy sky 
of snowy tears as if newly widowed
brides in white are gathered on high
to bid one last farewell to love, 
and all the while, a morning fog thickens,
then, settles on a desolate earth
like a memory of last year's blizzard.

Migrating birds, too, bid farewell
as the hazy winter morn
abruptly turns to anguished night.
Even a grieving sun stays hidden
behind closed curtains...uncertain
of our planet's slowing orbit
on this, the loneliest of winter days.

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: growing up,

First School Dance


It was a dance
Like any other
Half the girls
Danced with their brothers
I stood there against the wall
Tossing up a volleyball
I leaned on the coke machine
Then I saw him smart and lean
Smiled at me--I felt the dart
When he walked across the room
Winter snow had magic bloom
Blushes crept along my face
As he neared my shadowy place
Then he turned abruptly right
His love object—Diet Sprite.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, betrayal, emotions, feelings, hurt,

A Heart of Stone

Like gold gilt on a pagan idol, under the bling lies a heart of stone. For; you abruptly abandoned me, yet you swore I'd never be alone. All of my hopes and dreams died, within the periphery of your disdain. And wounded by your lies and deceit, I struggled to justify my pain. You had me believe in our future, but that was merely part of your plan. For reneging on promises made, you morphed into a shell of a man. As love was reduced to memories time saw passion's flame flicker out. And depression devastated me when I learned what you were all about. 5/1/2015

by Mug Bug |
Categories: break up, dark, feelings, grief, heartbreak, i miss you, sad love,

First Love, First Loss

I was fine alone
Then you showed me I was wrong
Love is amazing 

You said you loved me
Then cruel, left abruptly
I know what pain is

by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: internet, life, social,


Couples desperate to gloss their matte lives
Hug each other in the hallway
For a picture baiting likes and comments
Before retiring to separate bedrooms for the night

Kids older than their years 
Feed on the gruel of smart phones and tablets
Their cyber avatars cordoned off
Live parallel lives with integrity

Friends professing love and allegiance on Facebook
Sharing jokes and ‘Good Mornings’ daily in chat groups
Turn abruptly from ‘Milk’ to ‘Apples’
On chance sightings in grocery stores

Written on:03/02/2017

by Robin Maughan |
Categories: death, father, love,

Oh Father

Oh Father,
Once bursting of life,
Has been taken abruptly,
Replaced me with strife.
Your laughter and friendship
suddenly stripped away,
A child again, I shall sit upon your lap.
I await that glorious day.
Oh Father,
Your pure body soon to diminish,
Your spirit radiates inside mine,
This love of ours has no finish.
A fresh beginning so divine.

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: love, romance,

Issues of Clocks and Romance

Quoth I unto the Rock:

"Hast thou seen an old, black clock
With the Coo-Coo bird abruptly missing?"

Quoth the Rock:

"Sorry, I have not seen the clock
That you have sought:

I've been watching the Lover's kissing!"

*This piece is meant to be absurd; doggerel, I suppose. Just something silly and (hopefully) fun :)

by Edward Mccormick |
Categories: angst, family, friendship, love, peoplepeople, people,

Familial Bonds

A fellow stranger's doubt will surely sense  
Judgmental indiscretion of defect.  
'Tween enemies pure hatred circumvents  
The moral obligation to respect.  
The various consistencies as friend,  
Distill from swollen hearts this lonely ache,  
With passion starts yet may abruptly end  
So rarely people risk their hearts to break.  
A lover's walk is not fatality,  
Creating life two intimately share.  
If nurtured, loved, and taught respectfully  
Prosperity so gratefully will care.  
Of all relations listed here above  
Why is it people suffer feeling love?

by Tavarus M. Moreland |
Categories: introspection, love,


A rock thrown in the pond
makes a splash, vibrations sent 
from its origin
depending on the force
determines how long it lasts
an accurate reflection of what just 
you came in the middle of the 
storm while sailing in the seas
when all hope was gone
you pitched a stone made
of what it felt like to be in love
before impact there was a spectrum of bright lights and sounds
adding what needed added and subtracting what needed subtracting
as the force knocked me off my feet
I arose pulsing and vibrating 
with your energy.
Abruptly, it was gone.
It was nice for the moment to know what it felt like to be in love
Again, searching for the origin

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: age, analogy, animal, love,

The Difference Between Survival And, Your Pain

Reading about mommy's little poochie
Hnaging out amid the early morning in her
Pacifica aside spring times sea: greeting lovely
Creation not a care in this world perhaps then suddenly
While mother was watching through her sunrise's kitchen window
Serenity abruptly being interrupted for the two of they: startled hearts a coyote
Carrying away their prey surreal as helpless she gazed fade to black it's tiny life today....
Turning about his babylon; east to west north and south everyday, these priceless babies, swept away.

by Kristopher Kern |
Categories: devotion, friendship, inspirational, introspection, music, seasons, time,

Sliding Door On a Van

It's just descriptive
but you my take it a different way
I can smell the mix of us in that article of clothing
leaving the situation too abruptly
I'm not innocent of knowing
like a dream inside of a dream
life is so much better more
fascinating than fiction
your second chance I hope you realize and a risk on love you don't miss
here you are walking away
there I am in a burning building situation and looking for the exit
there I am driving down the street
when for a couple more conversations and moments with you
I should've stayed
it's just descriptive
but you may take it a different way

by Nick Ruff |
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Growing Love

Within my soul there is a whisper –
A phantom that once ruled my heart;
At times I feel it softly flicker,
Its aching cold abruptly start

Yet, with a thought it disappears,
As new love’s roots supplant the old,
And lend the warmth of promised years
To this young heart, to bloom and grow.

by Jenna-Nichole Conrad |
Categories: art, childhood, devotion, fantasy, friendship, introspection, life, love,


I wish they taught more about
Heartbreak in English class;
That I would see your face
In stormclouds, when
Bronze from the sunset scribbles
Our names in the sky.
It is happening every day.

I am no prize
In my Rossington-Collins band teeshirt
And deliberately torn jeans,
Sitting on the end of the street-
The place where horizon brush strokes
Abruptly end.

Jenna-Nichole Conrad

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: loveme, me,

Once Loved

We were young, so innocent and much in love.
A bright future and the world was ours to own.
Our plans were abruptly changed by Him above.
Sorrowed and bereft, I  faced my life alone.
It has been many years since we were parted.
My loved one died and left me broken hearted.
Our true love paid the price for all the sorrow,
And warms me still and helps me through tomorrow.

by Jaquay Atkins |
Categories: abuse, anxiety, break up, metaphor,

The Lowest of Low

Love kicked me with no hesitation 
I am sore as a vigorously used muscle 
I have became love's rag doll
Started up, but soon plummeted downward 
Love has grabbed and choked me abruptly 
As of right now, I am dead as a door nail....

by Aj Merlino |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, romance, uplifting,

Joined By You

You have abruptly joined the two halves of my heart,
I love this feeling and never want it to depart.

by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: love, passionme,

I Breathe Fire

As the mythical treasure of the Argonauts
illustrious eyes draw me in
the tendrils of your gaze
seeking the answer 
an unasked question
draping itself over my needs

I inhale

Abruptly your nearness
the brilliance of you
beckons to my spirit
As your nearness overtakes me
A need for air overcomes sense
reason reigns in need

I tremble

A catch in sigh
through gasping lips
Your first brush
throwing me into
cyclone of want
forever burns my skin
in the slow lava
you draw from me…

I exhale

Rapture from the heat
my master in the fires
sated in love 
I Breathe fire …

by Laura Dodd |
Categories: angst, divorce, loss, lost love, love hurts, marriage, men,


I would love it
If you didn't want
To take the risk
Of ending us.
Or if you valued the joy of 
What we once and can again possess.

Should the worst occur
and Forever
ends abruptly,
The ensuing pain
Will be worth
Its turbulent change

For I have learned an infinite truth;
Where once was only mythical
Within me,
Now stands knowledge strong, unyielding.
Unafraid of loss or pain
It battles freely without shame
The wounded Ego's last refrain.

Taking now a warriors stance
Shouting out again and back:

YES !! 
I can.
I have,
and will continue
to brazenly
and unabashedly
another human being
with every inch of my 

by Kristopher Kern |
Categories: art, friendship, happiness, hope, imagination, life, love, urban,

Sliding Door On a Van

It's just descriptive
but you my take it a different way
I can smell the mix of us in that article of clothing
leaving the situation too abruptly
I'm not innocent of knowing
like a dream inside of a dream
life is so much better more
fascinating than fiction
your second chance I hope you realize and a risk on love you don't miss
here you are walking away
there I am in a burning building situation and looking for the exit
there I am driving down the street
when for a couple more conversations and moments with you
I should've stayed
it's just descriptive
but you may take it a different way