Love Poems About Abreast or Abreast Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty, song,

Sunburst - Made Into a Song

Sun brush slow as dawn's light breaks
kiss gently on this heart that wakes
warm up days   til night stand guard
when breeze blows brisk and mighty hard

Tap lightly on her peeked cheek this morn
where thoughts of love and life are born
bring forth to her    peace and hope
and faith in man from words God spoke

Impart comfort and ease in rays you share
lighten our load on that cross we bare
Rise up high and in blue skies do rest
soothe our souls with loyal hearts abreast

Sun brush slow as dawn's light breaks
Paint with grace 'pon swan still lakes

by Elaine George |
Categories: love, summer,

Summer Love

Beneath a star velvet sky
I see I your eyes
Moon beams...abreast...the Bay of Evermore
Where rolling waves break on the shore

Embers still glowing...inflamed once again
Dance to the din...of the Ocean's refrain
Sweat...wood and brine...a scent simply divine
A perfume of passion...misting my mind

You and me on a trip...of ecstasy
In the heat of the night...cooled by a breeze
Where those rolling waves...of emotions...ride
In the wake of a never ending tide

Where the moon and the high above
Look silence...on our summer love.

Written:  May 15, 2015  
Author:  Elaine Cecelia George of Canada

by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: peace,


Abreast in tank top

Seeds deflower battle myths

Red lace lingerie

Under shadow of turret

Flowing combat above doubt

Garland of poppies

Sword unsheathed for wild conquest

Guns orange roses

Heavy metal for comfort

White flag intimate cover

Make love and not war

Coronet for a bouquet

Tiara of peace

Sweet surrender in motion

Wreaths for a renegade cause

18th February 2020

Contest Let the Pens Flow Tanka Poetry

Sponsored by Jenish Somadas

Syllables checked

Traditionally a tanka does not have a title, but I have to give one to submit the 

poem. I hope that Exposure enhances more than it may distract.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: imagery, mountains, nature, sky,

Morning Aubade

Love me, love me not. Doves flew; kneeled. 
Breaths of flaunting daisies yield. 
Across the narrow Irish loch, a leaven 
Bed of grassy emerald field; 
Bequeath, abreast 
the mountain crest, 
Beneath daunting, darken gray of heaven.
Love me, Love me not, seven doves shield.


by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, art, autumn, love,

She Likes Sex and Candy

There's this chart as formula in making a movie you see....
Ever being adjusted brought abreast unto her times and here 
We are amid the twenty-first century silver pears cherry squares
Taking notes casting votes statuettes bell tower pets his writers tea ?
Crunching numbers computers quiz shake your glass; green back dreams.

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: death, life, love, rose, spiritual,

Immortal In Love

When I ascend into immortal light,
Beloved, gather up red roses laid
upon my grave before dark skies pervade,
then toss abreast our silver stars of night.
Reflected amber softens crimson sight.
Come feel my soulful touch in petals wade.
How lovely does our waters bathe the glade 
as blooms transform from bleeding red to white!

This image wafts between my dreams in sleep
of you and I'm caressed eternally
by heaven's floral streams aglow, As you,
awake at dawn with teary eyes drawn deep.
So, promise when I fade externally,
red roses bled from stone shall drift anew.

Written 2/20/17 for Form I Contest

by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, life, love, metaphor,

The Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf

Tenaciously upon its bough 
The wintered, withered leaf
Sustains the Southern wind somehow
Like breakers on a reef. 

Each naked limb...a syncopate...
In "New Orleans Rag" time
And time again to abdicate 
This clinging from its clime. 

Aloft, above, abreast a hive
Of busy buzzing bees...
The taste of honey brings alive
A temporary tease;

But in the distance, thunder shouts
And lightning cracks the skies...
The circ'ling West wind joins the South's
As every leaf mound flies. 

Still sticks the withered leaf above
Like honeyed toast...cohesing love. 



by Swairik Das |
Categories: life, love, nostalgia, passion

My Valentine Soup

Endear my soul
I pled for quest
Your fortune lo and behold
I pored for adore abreast
Lacked in notion by the unspoken magna cum laude
I searched for hope, peacefully at rest. 

Love thirst for lust
I longed for my desire
Your fortune lo and behold 
I last for a threshold to admire
Belie by the vile magna cum laude
I held down so that my mien aspire. 

Unholy my pilgrim
I tossed for my solitaire
Your fortune lo and behold
I graced for a mighty meriting layer
Avowed by the chromatic symbiosis magna cum laude
I breathed to my valentine, preached for an eonian prayer.

by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: friendship, love, day, prayer, day,

Psychological Enzyme

PSYCHOLOGICAL ENZYME Have a day move I need someone An icebreaker A breakaway An inspiration A morning delight To a right start. Foremost, a prayer for His guidance A Christian living style After this spiritual igniter A second thought is a love one I cannot miss at all This very thought and feeling of the heart This someone is YOU I’m talking about. Without this someone As if I cannot sustain a day longer In all my activities YOU is one that bridge My day from zero figure To complete fullness I need a virtual psychological enzyme The greatest enhancer To be abreast in this troubled times.

by Daniel Human |
Categories: allegory, beauty, love, lust,

Keep Abreast

so bashful, the breast
as it sags silently in rest
as it sways
-	a motion that preys
on the mind of man

so bold, the breast
with a single hut
across a deep valley cut
to another
-	a hat on a beach
of softest sand
-	a silky land
creamy smooth
and quite aloof
holding its head up high
as wanton fingers reach to pry

so silly, the breast
a mere structure
-	a perfect appendage
-	a factory, a tool
that shaped nations, history, fate
with man but the fool

by James Fraser |
Categories: food, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion

My Meal and I

The meal I require tonight
Will satisfy my appetite
As she lies on the table
Oh boy am I able
To relish in her sweet delights

First her curvaceous curves
Enjoyable for any serve
Taken abreast
How my heart requests
So pert in tasteful observe

Her sweetness is sure to follow
Like a bear in honey I wallow
Then like a lion I roar
As I head back for more
Sugary just like a marshmallow

My love has a craving to share
For into my eyes she does stare
She says "Hun are you able"
It's your turn on the table
I have teeth so you better beware

by Malick Kouyate |
Categories: friendship, hope, inspirational, life, love,


Healthy self-love
Is a birthright divinely designed
To starve the lower self
The lower self
Is at the center of the world
The higher self
Is a vehicle into the world
The first is about material things
The second is about ultimate longings
Their difference is overwhelming.

Healthy self-love
Is the smoothest road
To the depth inside
To the  Milky High
To the power of the powerful
To the untapped power
Of the powerless
From the same hidden breast.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: angel, god,

Inherits the Rose Garden

Through unfinished steps the Son of God goes
towards chimed glory;love has set His seal.
An endeavor abreast paternal grows, 
blindly bestows complete fervour, and zeal.

Bequeathing sun streamed through the blinds and drenched
the thirsty through His breath rite of baptism. 
Flourished such love, such rapture, its strings quenched 
closely weaved, which thus balance and holism.

Archangel had come down dressed in daylight, 
folded wings, ethereal grace, and smile, 
wisps of gold sunlight, and full moon twilight
immersed in steal life leaded-stained glass tile.

Boundless mercy of God; His arms around,
to all inherit white rose garden ground.


by H Mantel |
Categories: angst, lost love, love, nostalgia, passion,

L'Prima's Bailarina Villanelle

Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?
The s p i n  I'm in
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

In Portraits to arabesques in Castles in Spain
And belles letteres of A. Nin
Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?

Perhaps a chanticleer, puffed jactate, abreast of whether, vained
For thy meadowLin 
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

ReSown seeds, reap our grain
Grapes to wine, nary raisin'?
Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?

A burning untamed
Unassuaged by Verse, unlessen'
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

Will girasoles thrive arranged
Or Lilies' parure Daffodils akin?
Oh, how's this work, how to reFrame?
"I hear your Name and I'm aFlame!..."

by Vincent Howard |
Categories: death, fear, happiness, romance, sea,


Beneath the ocean, below what we know
lies a word most souls never see. 
those who dare travel to that depth
Discover passion abreast true despair. 

Above the surface our bearings hold fast,
the way home can always be seen. 
Fore far beneath the calm we show
love rages and it's jaws won't release. 

Loves first real gaze hinders all time and space
all things lost appear to be found
One moment, love seems like the glue
till the chaos changes all we perceive.

by David A. Cain |
Categories: rain,

Submit To Stormy Night

Strobes peek in through curtains drawn,
The pulsing lights of twelve past dawn,
Moon's gone fishing behind indigo cloud,
Dragging moaning fogs in August shroud,
Sobbing woes to concrete unforgiving,
Still providing for all that's living,
So is it sadness that here ends drought,
Or only kindness though given in doubt?

I am merely but one breath on evening rest,
At most a heartbeat chiming thunder abreast,
And only gazing in lights rendered skies,
From my grasp of insanity this night pries,
I'll give my life my love my sleep,
If only this recluse serene air to keep,
I'll let shuddered tears come wash away,
The woes and troubles of mid-summers day.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: bereavement, conflict, love,

Made Me Very Happy

As he lay withdrawn and somber I gaze in fear, I cannot suppress. Knowing not where his shattered stream will flow mid wings of ancestral trees; ripples near heaven's reach. Oh, my love I don't want to leave your arms. Shadow hovers abreast dressed in a shroud without absence of compassion or grace reaching the stretch above unbroken cloud. Moments of sorrow in rage trampled fear and grave. I will endeavor. I feel your warmth beside me you made me very happy. 4/9/2018 Poetry Contest: It's All About Four Sponsored by: Broken Wings
Cystalline- 2 lines Kimo- 3 lines 10-7-6 Quatrain- 4 lines Tanka- 5 lines

by Lisa Chapman |
Categories: appreciation, care, caregiving, childhood, children, destiny, miracle,

St Patrick's Day Miracle

A heart-shaped clover forever stamped in my heart
The meeting of two souls that knew from the start 

An excitement of knowing that sparked a forever bond 
The day the Universe waved her magic wand 

A maternal soul who saw my light
A nurturing hand on my shoulder that gave me the will to fight  

From that day forward I knew we were blessed 
Two souls on a path to walk forever abreast

The wheels of her love endlessly spinning 
Has given me the gift of a new beginning

by Timothy Carter |
Categories: cry, for him, love, love hurts,

Don'T Go On

He could have stopped
at his introduction.
Come to me
at midnight.
Brushed my head
with his hand.
As I dreamed about,
our love affair.
Lifted my head
on his chest.
As he breathed,
abreast of 
Our Life.
Daniel do go
on with your life.
Can't you see 
I'm damaged.
Don't go on.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: freedom, love,

To Yearn

Long, how the warm winds blow
Entwined in rich almond tusks
Goodness sets her gaze
Nuzzled amongst the cherry blossom
And early morning's blaze

Known, a free flown falcon
Rising without the clouds
Abreast to the horizon's
Daring red feathered chest 

Yearn and I shall yearn
Melt, for fierce passions burn

by John Boyle |
Categories: lost love,

Lost Sense

Amidst the doom days...Of her passing...
Mourns rivalry....Against wind scornfulness...
Swept abreast... Fields shedding weep...
No longer could the drums beat loud enough..
To silken ~ The grave face of sudden lost..
Whilst no longer... Did the future shed meaning..
Nor did the present or past ~ Serve sense...

by Benjamin David |
Categories: absence, autumn, beauty, loneliness, loss, lost love, love,

Autumn's Writhing

So spake it benighted and call it sad
For thy dulcet dreams man never had
With dreams ephemeral and longings eternal
What pain doth bring if spring's art vernal?
Longing for the river in love's wishing rove
Dancing light shimmers abreast a kissing clove
Happiness shan't part nor need feign
Prithee thy heart heft; bereft of pain
For the kisses in dew and her heart is thine
The blossoms are beau when our lips entwine

by Rick Parise |
Categories: inspirational, love, nature, peace, uplifting,


____________________________________________ Where is beauty found Hark, upon hills lofty heights in the subtle breeze lifting and upon heavens infinite light To touch the endless corridors where splashing colors entwine the simple grace of life Hark, for I have tasted the whispering wind where nirvana rests at my side immersed with dreams aflutter abreast on the winter wind of song my eyes gaze in marvelous wonder as my soul sings along ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

by Leroy Max |
Categories: love, universe,

Wings of Love

I have never loved as this before, and I shall never love, nor ever more

The very moment I looked at you, my heart did skip a beat or two

I know you love, as I love you, always and forever our love be true

Come soar with me and fly on high, above the clouds, into the sky

Into the Heavens, up in the blue, you be with me, I be with you

Our wings will touch, we'll fly abreast, to unknown things, this be our quest

Our search for truth, the universe, search for knowledge, quench our thirst

A vast and furious field we're in, sometimes a void, the line so thin

This be our calling, we should do, but first I pledge my love to you

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,


no choice it lingers seduced breath of ether arisen from ripples upon our pond what will nor will weather nor wither whether you walk closer or run away to feel this way or that the aches whispers within your echo reverberation abreast my carcass masticated undressed left of rib beating where once one has broken now stolen swole an escape in summer fields of lilac or lily lost lying languid and in love grooved with tongue and tooth forever long