Love Poem: Made Me Very Happy
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Written by: Eve Roper

Made Me Very Happy

As he lay withdrawn and somber I gaze in fear, I cannot suppress. Knowing not where his shattered stream will flow mid wings of ancestral trees; ripples near heaven's reach. Oh, my love I don't want to leave your arms. Shadow hovers abreast dressed in a shroud without absence of compassion or grace reaching the stretch above unbroken cloud. Moments of sorrow in rage trampled fear and grave. I will endeavor. I feel your warmth beside me you made me very happy. 4/9/2018 Poetry Contest: It's All About Four Sponsored by: Broken Wings
Cystalline- 2 lines Kimo- 3 lines 10-7-6 Quatrain- 4 lines Tanka- 5 lines