Love Poems About Abode or Abode Love Poems
by Rama Balasubramanian |
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I Am a Star In the Sky

I am a unique creation of God
crafted with same love as others
for a unique purpose
I am no less, no more than others 
I am equal to all

I have no right to feel inferior
for the great lord created me
nor have I the right to feel superior
for everyone was created by him

I know I am here in this mortal world
for short time 

I am a star in the sky
living amidst other stars of same kind
vibrating in bliss and inner joy
I feel no sorrow no pain 
I am happily dancing and smiling

I am sure one day I will leave this mortal world 
and reach my true abode in the Milky way.

Date: 11/8/2020

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: color, love, rainbow, romantic,

Gray Area

Sometimes when matters are in the gray,
it ain’t always black and white
There are times when emotions are deep blue,
canary yellow thoughts can make us wanna fly, shy away
Then, bright orange glowing memories
bring gentle, evergreen smiles
As time’s seasonal change sunset down on us
Being lifelong lovers, we got
amethyst purple hearts of courage
that beats with 
ruby red rhythms of loving perseverance
Here at this humble, brownstone garden abode,
two pink carnations have budded and bloomed
Now looking at the graying of the skies,
we can see the rainbows in each other’s eyes
Reflecting the soul spectrum of our love

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: depression

Confined Wings

In a carnal...cage of ribs,
A suffering heart laments.
In the abode of the soul...
...faint echoes of muted pain..
...grace the dark cavity of flesh.

Whispers of failures resonate..
The soul...a pure white dove of dreams.
Captive of freedom...imprisoned from love.
Shackled to an interior dungeon of depression.

Red rivers stream...through the body’s conduits,
Poetic lullaby’s gush...soothing the dove to slumber.
Dreams of love...nestled deep..
...aspire the joy that once was.

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, poetry,

With Gift In Hand

With Gift in Hand (Cornish Sonnet) 

He went in search of love’s abode;
far off she lived in solitude.
Along the narrow winding road,
in awe partook of nature’s charms
and forged ahead in eager mood
instilled by thought of waiting arms.

With gift in hand, a heartfelt ode,
he hummed the lyrics to a tune,
inhaled the fragrance, as he strode,
of the wild flowers wrapped in hues.
He knew his journey would end soon
beside his loving ardent muse.

He went in search of love’s abode
with gift in hand, a heartfelt ode.

31st December, 2015
Contest: Any Poem (Not for a Contest)
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Placed 4th

by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: poetry, poets,

The Lonely Poet

The poet and the lonely road, betwixt his netherworld abode,
   in canyons deep, and in seldom trodden creeps,
Always secrets, secrets....
   too kept ----
   he has made his humble abode, in the dark alone,
   he sleeps ----
   with vipers and white (sepulchre) tombs

He does not see the meadow, and daisies,
   (rising sun)
   nor words of wisdom on his tongue;
   fall away, to dark netherworld abodes....

Poet be he not, 'til fellowship and gratitude 
   be his home, and grace in word be his love;
   of good cheer to all concerned and more ----
   should even shadow knocketh, 
   of this he writes 

Written in 2012

by Dakarai Cobb |
Categories: dedication

Welcome Ezzelle

Welcome, little one, to the world!
Everyone had been slating,
Looking at their dates, while waiting,
Constantly, for you, little girl.
Once more, a precious little pearl
Makes her mark with perfect dating,
Exciting us all, by baiting
Every heart to take a twirl.
Zealously, I welcome you here!
Zestfully, I write you this ode!
Ezzelle, your birth will be held dear!
Life will lead you down happy roads!
Love will go with you far or near!
Enjoy your new humble abode!

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love,

The Bible

~The Bible~

T-he most fascinating  book ever written, filled of so many
H-istorical facts and wonderful hopes for the future,
E-nvolving mankind at every level with God, our Creator

B-ook filled of so many hopes and promises with 
I-ntructions on how to live a better life here,
B-efore departing this earth, which could guide us and
L-ead us to our Heavenly abode, after a very personal,
E-ncounter with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: dream,

Perchance To Dream

Welcome to my abode, my love
Be it at height of sunlight
Or in the darkest night.

If the need comes into my dreams,
Or create for me hallucinations,
Virtual creations of your beautiful self.
However you decide, just come,
All I need is your presence
Ethereal or physical as you like.
See the eventide is shrouded in mist
As swallows search their cosy nests.
Frost claws into the earth
Hell-bent on destruction, 
You have such a haven here
That's warm and loving and full of care.
I wait, will you come closer to me?
I tire, do I feel your fingers in my hair?
I sleep, is that your kiss on my warm lips?
I wake, I know 'twas all but a dream.

by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: dark,

Dark In the Cold

this is my house
death is my spouse

my love is gone and I'm with pain
alone in my arctic abode
my wife now walk a widows road 
I don't think I can breathe again

alone in my arctic abode
she passes through my placid plane
if walls could talk; perchance I'm slain
my wife now walk a widows road

this is my house
alone in my arctic abode
from dusk til dawn I haunt her vain
my wife now walk a widows road
death is my spouse

death is my spouse
this is my house

meditative ballad
sponsor: emile pinet
used rhyme zone and hms

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: journey,

There Is Only One Me

Wherefore wanders my soul
Hither and yonder wanders my heart
All around wander my eyes
Relentlessly wanders my mind.

Bestowed with a heart
Fate has given me longing 
for the love yet unknown,
My thoughts reach for the realm yonder…
How many dreams must I squander?
My eyes await divine manifestation… 
Gray clouds obscure my trail,
How did my soul fall astray
craving for the blessed abode?   

Wonder why I am made to wander
from the mountains high
down to the low grassy plains
forever through eternity
roam I, the solitary wanderer.

~"Pick a Theme" contest 
   by Viv Wigley

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: creation,


I glanced at him on his knees 
donning tears and a robe
wiping bullet and blood off the streets.

He slowly made his way toward 
the broken business zone. 
A worn carpenter's belt in tow
a soft light was around him
as the crowd began to grow.

He helped the last hatter board up his store.
A nail between his teeth
as broken glass and bottle caps 
played taps to a windy city beat.
He then placed a few signs in the ground
that said vote for candidate faith
and said-believe in the divine. 

His time was soon up
it was time for him to go
once again, he was called back to 
his father's gilded abode.
As he left he turned around and simply said 
love one another... greatly.

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: god, love, spiritual,

Loving Where God Resides - Psalm 26: 8

It's so wonderful to be with God
to know His closeness ever near
fills you with a love unknown
love God's house forever dear

What beauty to know abides there
where God lives eternally evermore
in His presence, there's peace and joy
walking truly through to heaven's door

God is all glory and glorious within
there He who is holy does ever dwell
no sin can ever enter that place
He cleanses so His own can truly tell

Loving where God resides
such happiness found only there
perfect indeed is God's abode
His own know this so very rare

(Psalm 26:8-
"Lord I love the house where you live, the place where your glory dwells.")

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: inspirational, love, nature, nostalgia, peace, people, philosophy, places

Borneo's Green Heart

A gem of a nation
An abode of peace
A treasure of empire
A haven of tranquility
A kingdom of treasures
An oasis of modern empire
A space of warmth greeting
A den of hospitable people
A neoclassical form of politics
A gateway to beyond comports
An avenue of understanding
An environment of treasures
An ancient Sultanate kingdom
An indeed pampering Brunei Darussalam

Bandar Seri Begawan
Negara Brunei Darussalam
December 30, 2008
Muharram 2, 1430

by John Gondolf |
Categories: love, romantic, sunset,

Let's Meet At Sundown

please meet me as the sun is setting by the old mill road we’ll spend an evening not forgetting sharing heart’s abode we’ll take a stroll down to the river by the city park and cling together as we quiver feeling chill at dark then count the stars up in the heavens lying in the grass while holding tight as passion leavens touches that trespass I long to hear your gentle whisper softly in my ear sweet words of love that make heart blister begging to endear tonight, my love, let’s meet at sundown through the park we’ll stroll together far away from uptown losing all control
December 13, 2018

by Poesy Relish |
Categories: family, home, nostalgia, patriotic,

My Home

The cozy bed, the alarm, a fight to be first in choice The honk, the rush and late for breakfast, moms voice An abode brimming with love, happiness, dreams A place of daily tiffs and of silly screams home is where love exist, where family gleams The familiar nature green and blooming a surrounding, strangers yet loving it is a prodigous family bound by the oneness Treading together no matter how streanous home is where my heart dwell, my country indegenous © Nadiya (26 Jan '15)
*Placed 6th in the contest 'home sweet home' on 20th May 2015 by Skat A.

by Michael Mitchell |
Categories: baby, dedication, mom, mothers day, success, thank you, tribute, mothers day,

A Mother's Intuition

As life is created from her womb
Bountiful preparation is needed
Charisma, duty, and love
Develop the best care offered
Ecstatic for recording memorabilia
For such experiences occur only once
Given the opportunity to successfully grow
Home redefines as “elsewhere besides the abode”
Ill from separation
Joy still remains in the love connection
Kept in touch through messages of endearment
Life becomes more heartwarming
Mothers nurture endless dreams

*Since Mother's day is nearby, this poem is for all of the caring and devoted mothers out there!:) 

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: devotion, , sweet love,


My blood with glitter shines
Sings with pure glee
For in my heart the light has began
Reaching for my soul
The right path is found
Strewn with rich colour
The soul is ready now
To uncover the glitter
His sweet love shines
Closer with every word
Making my life a glittery abode
The angels above the horizon
Bow their heads in reverence
To see the true light
Of this oracle so pure
So shine, oh glitter of mine
Shine for the time has come
To follow this right path
Up till the holy one.

By-Tahera Mannan
For Nette’s Glow of Glitter contest.

by Joyeeta Neogi |
Categories: anger, angst, appreciation, april, atheist, bangla, beautiful, bird, change, emo, emotions, farewell, first love, for him, grave, grief, heartbreak, heartbroken, imagery,

The Graveyard of My Heart

I buried you with love in the coffin of my heart,
When I realised that it was just a graveyard 
Where people were born to take a short ride
And then decided to switch to a new life.
They leave the roads of my heart beyond repair
And now only meant to be an abode of farewell.
So, I hope you face a lot of love as I watch you embark,
And live an immortal in someone else's heart. 
For love is not a luxury I can receive,
Because I was never a perfect fit.

by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: cute love, food, funny, happiness, insect, nature,

Mukbang- Asmr, With Little Bee

This poem is in conjunction with the video above. Mukbang Asmr- Little Bee Enter my little abode For a special event a “ Mukbang” So many things to eat Toastie with tea Doughnuts Chicken and chips with coke This is so amazing, So delightful, so tasty Melts in the mouth Crunching and munching away For a busy bee like me This is so good Look and enjoy and take your time To watch me eat my meal.

by Mohammad Yamin |
Categories: dedication, life, love, sad,

Demands of Love

Valley of flowers 
And rainbows isn’t my abode
Share if you may
The thorns of my anguish
And be the balm of my wounds

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: analogy, child, death, faith, grief, joy, onomatopoeia,

Father To Son: Part Ii

Father To Son:  Part II
(Apropos The Visit—Part II)

When you left
soaring free
the lingering void sought
to shackle me
in the silent dungeon
of stoic grief.

Faith melted away remorse
and the psalms of reality
in living dreams spread a table
laden with a plethora of left joys
revealed—surreal; and 
the God’s shared creation
that you past this way in your going;
ancestors cheered your chosen coming.

Where tears once watered
the flowers of your resting abode,
now laughter peels away the leaves
releasing petals of budding love;
and we’re now at peace 
with your spirit forever here.

God is not mocked.
Take care we judge not.
Rest well, my sweet Prince.

by Karim Noormohamed |
Categories: love,

Shall I Not Compare Thee To a Summer's Day

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more grating and much more vile.
Foul winds do exit your own mouth today,
Makes me want to put you to sleep awhile.

Sometimes I’d slice some sort of soft sausage,
And often wish it was in fact your face;
Every incision, precision and rage.
I run away as fast, as thou keeps pace.

But the eternal pain in *** of mine 
Which thou creates, for thou art a big toad;
Even to death’s eye would thou bring him brine,
Refusing you entrance to his abode.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, men will come to hate thee.

by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, dedication, devotion, father, inspirational, peace,

Those Moments


I prefer to live in the
Ordinance of the Lord
Where truth and love
     Can be found
I long to Reverence
   In his Elegance
Where solutions' abode
In my Sorrowful Moment's
       Of need...
I-crave to see the light
    I pray to the Lord
To keep me threw the night


by Itsoghole O Solomon |
Categories: betrayal, character, desire, feelings, heartbreak, how i feel, love,

How Looks Thou Love

How looks thou love
That i see not, but desire
And never can hear or
Reach to touch and taste
As does Helen eludes me?

Why feign thy presence 
As though the cool air
We can see and we do
Care to know of what 
Substance it's composed
Or the waters of what
Contents made it so?

Where is thy abode
Then? Within the heart
Or strayed outside of it?
Who drives whose wits
And disguise itself?
Who is to be responsible
If thou hath Helen
And Helen is thee?

Show thyself now
If thou hath genuine that
I may know thee for real
But not without Helen
As with the wind and
Water we bother less
Of what they are but our
Breath and nourishment!

by Edgar R. Eslit |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, growth, happy, heart, hero, hilarious,

Walking Through the Sunset Boulevard

If I can pull the sunset back to its hidden closet

Usher the storm in its concealed abode

And blanket the silhouette of sunrise before the tilting

Shadow of that leaning mountain.

In silent prayer

I swear

That your love

Will remain

Soaking in the canvas

Of my mourning, gripping and grappling

But praying heart.