Love Poem: Greatly
Anthony Biaanco Avatar
Written by: Anthony Biaanco


I glanced at him on his knees 
donning tears and a robe
wiping bullet and blood off the streets.

He slowly made his way toward 
the broken business zone. 
A worn carpenter's belt in tow
a soft light was around him
as the crowd began to grow.

He helped the last hatter board up his store.
A nail between his teeth
as broken glass and bottle caps 
played taps to a windy city beat.
He then placed a few signs in the ground
that said vote for candidate faith
and said-believe in the divine. 

His time was soon up
it was time for him to go
once again, he was called back to 
his father's gilded abode.
As he left he turned around and simply said 
love one another... greatly.