Love Poems About Abloom or Abloom Love Poems
by Vijay Pandit |
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In Realm of Love

In realm of love, you are the awe of mystique~
Musings of smitten soul, passions bespeak,
When glances romantic lure enamored night
To dance of fantasies moonlit revelries ignite
Waltzing with stars scintillating opaline skies, 
As smiles endearing emanate from your eyes
Beaming missives esoteric, vying to explore,
Secrets of heartbeats extolling echoes of yore,
Adulating present as tomorrow’s dream soar
To domains heavenly, croons of love implore,
Infatuated by aroma your redolent vibes impart,
Abloom in elixir of the rose inside my heart.

March 26, 2023
Poem of the day on March 27, 2023
Placed 1st: The Rose Inside My Heart Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Mystic Rose Rose

by Mark Massey |
Categories: innocence,

Stem of Thorns

~ Her love abloom fell blinded in the bliss
of one thought gentle in its callow prime,
and if she felt one inkling of amiss,
a thwarted tempest may have been in time.
   As love became a storm within the boil,
her naïve virtue veered into his path,
those sweet delusions flailed within the toil,
encumbering the fault for wielded wrath.
   Her timid screams, ensnared within his throes,
fell silent as a veil of hush adorns.
When petals wilt within the pallid rose,
its beauty dies upon a stem of thorns.
     Bewildered tears fall from an angel’s eyes
         when death becomes a lover in disguise.

by David Smalling |
Categories: lovelonging,

I Come Again

I come again to the site of my ruin
A desolate place of sand
And the sea from agony strum its tune
And the wind is volatile in my hand

I could not hold you, could not keep
The water rushing from the shore
My heart a willow remembers and weep
Your sea-breeze love forevermore

Love once abloom scatters her seeds
And we who catches them are chained
By joint destiny that no where leads
Out of the maze of longing - joy stained

This place once when you laughed here
Was the garden of my dreams. Yet
Alone only memory now cloy the air
Perfumed with your absence and my regret.

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: analogy, imagery, imagination,


At the edge of the sunburst horizon sketched by the tinge of celestial hue on your verdant meadow aglow I imagine I’m a sparkling dew. In the space of the seamless void the canvas of azure gets unfurled in your enticing sky enveloping I imagine I’m a soaring free bird. On the bank of the crystal stream cradled in the reclined terrace high in your luring rose garden abloom I imagine I’m a fluttering butterfly. Under the star-crowned amorous sky you come to me through moonbeam blue I imagine I’m an entranced poet lured to write fervent lyric of love for you.
August 21, 2019

by Thresha Reese |
Categories: boy, girl, poems, poetry, romance, romantic, romantic love, true love,

R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C Confidential

Rare is his devotion  
Old-fashioned and precious,
Meaningful just for her, 
Abloom with earnest affection.
Nearest her beau 'en plein air',
Timid Poesie intimately nestles,
Innermost her beloved's embrace,
Cared for and cherished.

*written for the R O M A N T I C acrostic poem competition sponsored make by John Hamilton. I did not enter the competition as it was limited to 35 entries and I was too late.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: flower, love, , cute,



Abundant love prevails

Acute my spirit cries

Adorn thy velvet flesh

Agile we run and hide

Allegiance between two

Ardent words shall precede

Anew this endless dream    

by John Gondolf |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, love, romantic, sad,

A Beautiful Memory

With music playing from across the room,
the notes of love are drifting through the air,
and in my heart our romance still abloom 
with bodies swaying to our song so fair.

I hear your whispers echo in my mind,
those playful words designed to light my fire;
the passion that we always sought to find;
that lustful high for which our souls aspire.

The way your hands would gently touch my face
as tender lips of pink came close to mine;
your camisole of black Chantilly lace,
these thoughts of you now leave my heart to pine.

But since the angels took your soul away,
my sanity, these memories belay.

January 5, 2019

by Benjamin David |
Categories: absence, loss, lost love, love,

An Advent

Despite the elapsed time after their ending; after their abjuration - an elapsed time that subsisted like some weary stream without direction - her advent felt like some new season, some new world that had hibernated through the harsh tempests. Her visit brought with it all those embellishing, incomparable contours and, gosh, those shied, rose-hued colours on her cheeks that stood abloom. All at once he fell in love with her in an almighty swoon. He lapsed into love the way she fell into her dreams at night: slowly, and then all at once.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: 12th grade, appreciation, beauty, flower,



                    bloom in own charm
           Flowing breeze spreads fragrance 
           Hidden fruits in abloom wisdom
                       with seeds.
         Pretty role in love and romance.                                                                                                        
             Enjoy just on one glance!
                    Gift of flora:

 ' Completely your Choice (20) ' Contest by Brian Strand

by David Smalling |
Categories: love,

And Now I Write

And now I write my last line of the day
And turn to England far away
And send my love by moonlight and sea
And dream she whispers back to me
And words sweet fragranted to and fro
And roses and hibiscus abloom
And peace only those who want it can know
And fore me transfigured in the room
The moonlight naked as her form
The trembling tree, the heavenly calm,
The diamond jubilee of sweeter sovereignity
The diamond jubilee of sweeter sovereignity

by Constance La France |
Categories: spring,

Spring Garden

Garden birds are singing spring flowers are abloom blue butterflies are fluttering I am delighted that sweet Spring has come on the shaded porch we both rest just me and my kitty I love my spring garden ____________________ January 16, 2023 Poetry/Rictameter/Spring Garden Copyright Protected, ID 01-1518-112-16 All Rights Reserved, 2023, Constance La France Posted to Facebook, 02/10/2023 Written for the Standard contest, Pen A Ricktameter Hopes of Springs Return, Judged 01/27/2023 sponsor, M.L. Kiser First Place

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, love, romance, romantic, sweet love, true love,

Love of My Life

A private lesson in her room
Must get through it, thoughts abloom 
Keep my focus, concentrate 
Desire must not activate 

Wow, she's pretty. Yeah I know.
You really love her? I do so.
Well I must get back now, we're not through 
You're sure you love her? Yes, I do.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: allegory, imagination, introspection, life, love, nature

Very Little Strife Conceived Of

Spring's warm sun arouses mother earth 
To send forth buds and flowers' blooms
From the womb expectantly awaiting birth
Everywhere mothers await the day abloom

First a little green shoot then a flower's petal
Then the lovers' around will fly_bees, butterflies
Gathering nectar and pollen to spread accidental
Soon young girl is ready to have wedding anxieties

Nature has a way of maturing the flowers
A little rain, sun, and nourishing food
Weddings and responsibilities maturing powers
A little romance, a little love, a little being shrewd

The first stage of life for nature and all above
Mostly pleasure very little strife conceived of

(I am stilling working on this one)

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: 12th grade, appreciation, how i feel, inspirational, love, peace, truth,

Embrace and Release


          Embrace ’Truth’ as root
          ‘Honesty’, the stem to shoot.
           ‘Love’ will shine on leaves.
           ‘Peace’! Abloom flower believes.
            'Compassion' to ripe as fruit.
            Release your ‘Malice’.
            Know ‘Selfishness’ as prime vice.
           Control ‘Greed’ to grasp.
          ‘Help above Self’ needs to clasp.
          Life will run perfect and nice.


by Domi Marchewka |
Categories: love, passion



I hear the sound
Of glowing constellations
Whenever your
Lips touch the lips of mine,
I wish away
All pointless hesitation,
I give in to
The pleasures - so divine!
A godess in
Your hands' devoted temple,
A flower with
Your kisses still abloom,
I look into
Your eyes and flirt with danger -
For it would kill me
To fall -

In love with you...

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, love, romance, romantic, sweet love, true love,

How It All Began

One day I saw you sitting in the corner of the room
I tried to take my eyes off you but sensed my heart abloom
Then days turned into weeks and I couldn't shake the thought 
That maybe I felt something, and then from there I sought
Opportunities to see you, I never told you this
But I would look for where you were and on purpose wouldn't miss
An "accidental" meeting, a chance to hear your voice 
Would not decline a play request, except once in August 
I still have all those feelings and all are really true
I've never loved another the way that I love you

by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: courage,


Dandy and delightful as can be
Ambitious and confident to the core
Never scared, but brave throughout my life
Decisions is what defines us - what about you? Do you live for peace or strife?
Elegance abloom in the afternoon...radiance agloom in the afternoon...the sunshine hugs away the stresses we all face daily
Love and good works is what we need tremendously...
I live for the present and the future for everyone’s sake; I don’t live for the past
Own the night and replace it with delight with all His might
No, be patient for what lies ahead - dandelion dreams will thrill your mindset and replace regret with cheer and joy in front of your face of grace

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: beauty, love,

Our Garden

I want to cherish each moment we can share. To embrace our love in our special garden room Among a rhapsody of spring blossoms fair A pleasant retreat where our duties displume Where respect can grow and elude a nightmare In our garden there's love and roses abloom We are captivated by fragrance divine. Of this our magical place, where hearts entwine.