Love Poem: Stem of Thorns
Mark Massey Avatar
Written by: Mark Massey

Stem of Thorns

~ Her love abloom fell blinded in the bliss
of one thought gentle in its callow prime,
and if she felt one inkling of amiss,
a thwarted tempest may have been in time.
   As love became a storm within the boil,
her naïve virtue veered into his path,
those sweet delusions flailed within the toil,
encumbering the fault for wielded wrath.
   Her timid screams, ensnared within his throes,
fell silent as a veil of hush adorns.
When petals wilt within the pallid rose,
its beauty dies upon a stem of thorns.
     Bewildered tears fall from an angel’s eyes
         when death becomes a lover in disguise.