Love Poems About Abilities or Abilities Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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Giving Thanks for 2015 and Every Year

G od’s love and all the things He’s given me:
I ntelligence, abilities, free will,
V im for living life, the poetry
I nside me, for the muse is with me still!
N ew life that I’ve been lucky to see grow
G randchildren who keep me on the go!

T he list of what I’m thankful for goes on:
H ealthy fun activities I do,
A nimals I’ve kept as pets - now gone,
N ature, movies, food, the friendships true,
K indnesses shown to me, and the last:
S ouls I’ve loved both now and in the past.

Written 11/20/12
but it applies to every year that I am alive.

by Patricia Contreras |
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New Love

Mysteries evolve from birth of new love
Heart floating as if on wings of a dove

Moments of joy become my reality
Softly sensation begins a new sensuality

Butterflies begin their play in the tummy
Kisses sweet and tender taste of honey 

Dreams building new ideas to share
Desire for another's happiness you're now aware

Life shared expanding one another's abilities
My heart sores with new found possibilities

by David Smith |
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Tolerance by itself is not a virtue,

Tolerance by itself not a virtue,
Nor is acceptance,
As they generally come with poor eyesight,
No insight,
Are hard of hearing,
And tend to be motivated by fear.

The good news is that,
We still have patience and understanding,
To turn to.

There are abilities that we can call on too,
That can help us understand, 
How to truly help,
How to truly Love,
How to work towards a peace,
That will last,
One that is not based on fear,
One that any heart that is open can find.

by stranja depoet |
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Sicken all this while
Life is in a jittery
For the pleasures of life not a surety
Sorrow haunts my abilities

I'm enmeshed to grief and solitude
I never swore to serve pain
Never did I take aye to sorrow
Yet I'm submerged in life's pool of agony

I play for the world love tunes
But in return it gives me misfortunes
Guess I was born to be lonely
With no one to call my one and only
The ladder that lead others to fame
Leads me to shame

These words are of the past
I say them no more
The war against life is over
I have found hope
Thank you God for touching me
And for being there 
My best company.

by Kristin Cook |
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Emotional Abendrot

Is it possible the sun is just an angry star?
Rising calmly with the cool morning air,
but never recognized for it's contributions
and abilities to help love grow.
Relying on the wind for a chill breeze 
as it curses the land with rays of heat 
and haunts the trees with shadows of rage.
Until it's emotions have finally piqued with frustration,
does the sky turn red, and do you realize
you have taken for granted the light of the world
as it falls furiously behind the mountain,
only to face another ungrateful day.

by Charles Fuller |
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Love Untainted

You are my morning dawn 
…My evening dusk
Features of essence ever changing

Your eyes the flame of desire
…A calm cool wind
The light of the sun and blushing moon

You’re my crossing into fantasy
…The voice of reality
That breath of life I deeply inhale

Your softly mordant smile
 …A presence realized
Flashing sparks igniting my spirit

You possess of abilities magic
…A powerful flow
Feeding the passion of my soul

You only need lay your embering touch
…Ethereal fingers caress
Melting my fear I lay at your feet

You’re silent shadowed departure
…Icing the walls to a shimmer
From the light I bear inside for you

Interminable love…

by James Tate |
Categories: introspection,

Magnetic Force

Two magnets on the table lying cold and still,
Having much potential, doing good or ill.

When magnets attract each other, posts tightly bond.
Reversed, repel by the same phenomenon.

We too have potential; our influence reaching out
To our needy neighbors, suffering from doubt.

We also have ability, by equal force betray,
Our closed hearts repelling, turning them away.

By casual observation, persons looking on,
May miss the great sensation of reaching far beyond.

May our vast potential be magnetized for good,
Using our abilities that all good neighbors should.

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Love worketh no ill to his neighbor." Romans 13:9,10 KJV

by Matt Starking |
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Me, Myself and I

You can choose to hate me
Or love me
You can choose to be a friend 
Or an enemy
But that do not change 
My abilities and capabilities
I am who i am destined to be
I can only be me
I know you have love for vanity
But i am the spirit 
Which lives within me
I am not my skin 
Nor what i wear
I am not what i hear
Your perception do not 
Put me to fear
No matter what happens
I will strive to survive
For my life is my life

by Carole Duet |
Categories: love, wisdom,


Lazy minds refuse to see anything beyond the world of “Me”. They don’t want to think about the fact we’re on the brink. They stay in their bubble about to burst because knowledge is scary and for it they don’t thirst. They’d rather be spoon-fed “alternative facts” since the truth requires brave acts. And hate is more comfortable than love. They are of the world, not from above. Love requires effort to understand beyond the abilities of ordinary man. By: Carole O’Terry Duet Copyright: 2/16/2019 “All Rights Reserved”

by Beejadhur Sewumber |
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Thanking again on this special day
I love you more than I say
You’re very gentle and strong
My cushion in troubles to belong
Your selfless devotion is the same
Beyond the barriers of pain
You are my guardian and guide
Your heart’s umbilical cord holds me tight
Every obstacle you could handle
Like it’s the burning candle
Never would you let me fall
Your love and care I always recall
On Mother’s Day I want you to know
In your respect I do bow
For all your abilities
For your warmth and all such qualities

by Teddy Kimathi |
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He Wants a Boy

She tries to weed
out his doubts,
but he cannot heed.

He demands a baby boy,
yet she is not a goddess
to change their baby's sex.

She tells him that if there
was a certain way people made love
to get baby boys, or
if she had the psychic abilities of choosing
a sperm that that would fertilize
her ova into a male zygote,
she would be glad to give him one.

by Roy Pett |
Categories: emotions, forgiveness, lost love,


strings of my heart pulled tight close to fracture 
seduced, captivated thoughts, memories 
unable to control hearts contracture 
start to examine minds directories, 

regrets flowing through souls blocked arteries 
underestimated your great power
her loveable virtues abilities 
didn't stop my evil need to deflower,

darkness falls yet energises resolve
to prove intentions was benevolent 
demonstrate needs for our love to evolve
convince my actions weren't malevolent 

now I crave your undying forgiveness 
without you, life's pitiful, no richness.


by Jack Ellison |
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Keep A Stiff Upper Lip

Keep a stiff upper lip, it isn't that bad Things will surely get better Life is a series of these ups and downs Surely isn't always fair weather Unpredictable is a word that's often used When referring to things in general For some strange reason as we all get older Life gets somewhat less pleasurable Can't do the things we once did with ease Restricted by physical abilities At one time things were second nature to us They now restrict our activities But all things considered I'm doing quite well For a man of my advancing years Can't do ALL the thing I once used to do Also lost some brain matter I fear © Jack Ellison 2014

by Kaakyire Arthur |
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Behind the scene of love

love has always being a part of the human race.
we love people for various reasons;
their physic, intelligence, abilities and power.
at the end everyone wants to be the reason behind the specs.
yet we are not ready for the truth:
will the truth change a thing?
they are interested in your life issues;
but aint ready to be the solutions.
all they ask for is to quench their thirst of being loved!
they get angry when lied to
but frankly, does nothing even when they get to know the truth.
the point is that, there always seems to be something to fight and wish for love 
but one thing has always being the truth;
behind the scene of love,
someone has developed compassion!

by chamonique knowles |
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Fearless dreamer

I am a lover at heart
I am a fighter in my soul
I am a believer of miracles
I am a fearless dreamer
I conquer my goals
I make my impossible dreams
An incredible reality
I am a fearless dreamer

Don't doubt me because
One day I will prove you wrong
One day I will be so much more
Than just a fearless dreamer

But for now
I take the things that scare me most
And let them chase me to my paradise

I am a lover of life
I am a fighter for love
I am a believer of magic
I am a fearless dreamer
Don't doubt my abilities
They may just surprise you

by Abubakar Mohammed Musa |
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You're Welcome

You're welcome.
All my times, all my best
And abilities, all my wills,
Wants, and desires,
All my thoughts and decisions,
All my rages and bliss,
And all my walks and stop.
I don't know when
You'll understand that
I love you? 
If I lost you, it seems
Like I lost the whole of my trials.
If I lost you, I lost all my bests and abilities.
If I lost you, I lost all my wills and wishes. If I lost you, I lost all my dos and don'ts.
If I lost you, is like I lost all my wants and desires.
So please Zarah ''complete star'' don't let me die without putting you in my eyes again.
I'm am seeking for another picture or different pictures that'll set me free from your braved love.

by Peter Wilson |
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Country Club

Lure of luxury
Mingle with the elite
I will be swept off my feet
Impressive facilities
Appalling abilities
I want to improve
And find a social groove
Big money I will pay
So that I can play
I love my sports
And people of all sorts
Something is not right
I analyse my plight
Money is their game
I’m just a name
Polite to my face
Another verbal ace
Conned I feel
What a rip off deal
Not destined for a good time
Didn’t expect the three month leaving fine

by Teddy Kimathi |
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The Gods must be Crazy

      they destroy
what they've created.

They hate
     what or who
  they have always loved.

They love
kills them, and who
causes stir in harmony.

Earth is destroyed
as they
    look for other planet
to inhabit.

  is a tool they
use to buy justice
       and measure merit....

The gods must be crazy!

Date: 24/12/2015

(I love this poem because it shows our abilities as humans to change our realities, and consequences that come with our flaws, as far as morality is oncerned).

by andrew delapruch |
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the lonely -good- samaritan

the lonely (good) samaritan

life with
on the 
face &
under the
to show 
for it, s/he
with a 
eye & an
heart, with
whom no 
one else 
gives a bit
of care or
love to---
but s/he
sees fit
to go on
up his/her
abilities to
anyone in
need, for
the sake 
of the 
him/her &
the world
still turn,
the rain
still fall,
but i’d 
hate to
live in 
such a 
at all.

by Sudip Kumar Mitra |
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by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, life, mystery, romance

The End Of A Nightmare

Overwhelming fear
Paralized by dread
Doubt abilities
Future not very safe

Darkness pervades
Can't see future
Lover leaves doubts
Balancing act

Love assures
He takes hand



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On Bullying

When night sky is the darkest Stars twinkle the most When bullies are harshest You feel like you’re toast! When tears come quickly Tenderness is your lot -- Some may think you sickly Real strength they know not, They are showing jealousy You have what they want So, they treat you hellishly Bullies so love to flaunt Their imagined abilities Walking exaggerated jaunt While you have superlatives And see no reason to taunt.
Written August 8, 2022

by Ayathandwa Mpofu |
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Dear imaginary world

Please take us into a place where hurt is not found, a place where happiness is in the eyes of each and every one of us.

Take away the pain that we carry inside of us, pain that we’ve buried in our thoughts.

Open our eyes; let us see our potentials let us live our dreams without being worried about being judged.

Let each child capture opportunities that will take them out of a place full of darkness into a place where hope and love is found.

Please activate our thoughts and abilities into action; let us use our hands to change our circumstances.

Develop strong hearts that will withstand the pressure of the people who don’t believe in dreaming.

Allow our souls to dream .

by Michelle Edwards |
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keep the faith

grow closer to me,
to bring forth abilities,
now keep the faith in me,
and recognize discoveries
dont hide how you really feel
dont-try,just keep it real
just communicate with me,with me
just communicate with me, with me
dont let your trouble thoughts discourage you
dont ever feel like im not here for you
i offer my help
i offer my love
i open my arms
now receive my love...

by Melissa Gregg |
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Red Colored Water

I am made of glass
See through to my soul
Through to the cold
Where life took it’s toll

They stood here before me
Casting their stones
Scratching my surface
Please, suffocate the moans

Silently screaming
I beg for your aid
But there you stood watching
All my abilities fade

I want to blame you forever
For my spirit unsaved
Your condition of love
Was all that I craved