Love Poem: You'Re Welcome

You'Re Welcome

You're welcome.
All my times, all my best
And abilities, all my wills,
Wants, and desires,
All my thoughts and decisions,
All my rages and bliss,
And all my walks and stop.
I don't know when
You'll understand that
I love you? 
If I lost you, it seems
Like I lost the whole of my trials.
If I lost you, I lost all my bests and abilities.
If I lost you, I lost all my wills and wishes. If I lost you, I lost all my dos and don'ts.
If I lost you, is like I lost all my wants and desires.
So please Zarah ''complete star'' don't let me die without putting you in my eyes again.
I'm am seeking for another picture or different pictures that'll set me free from your braved love.