Love Poems About Abides or Abides Love Poems
by Kp Nunez |
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Can a child ever forget, how deep a mother’s love abides

All those days since birth, till now I’m grown she guides

Remembering her smile, so tender, so warm as her embrace

More than soothes away my pain, my fear of failure and disgrace

Even in my dreams she comforts, her voice, her scent would stay

Never will her being mother stop, till when I’m old and gray.

26 March 2015
Contest : Acrostic on Mother's Day - 1st Place

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: life, seasons,

Another Season

For years, I've watched my seasons come and go
Beneath the pines along the River Brine
I've drunk my fill of robust summer wine
Survived the stinging lonely winds that blow

Now once again spring brings her color show
Rebirthing beauty by Divine design
And even though my days are in decline
I'll add her mem'ries to next year's bordeaux

The rose inside my heart is in full bloom
Amongst forget-me-nots and memories
A sign to me that love in me abides
Intoxicating me with sweet perfume
Another season blown in on a breeze
That seem to come and go like changing tides.

     3/21/2023                             Daniel Turner

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: appreciation, home, moon, mountains, nature, nostalgia, stars,

Blue Ridge Mountains

In these mountains, where I’m from, peace amazes,
With nostalgic beauty, its gentle praises.
Silence whispers to souls, believers know love,
Breathless inklings linger, a calm from above.
         Love this alive and perfect surely blazes.

In these mountains, where the sun reflects, dazes,
Harmonizing with shadows, carefree phases
Beyond the oaks and pines, I found my truelove…
	In these mountains…

As the stars climb higher on twilight’s gazes,
Beyond the moonlit night, twinkling wish raises,
Gentle faith abides, reminding there’s Godlove,
Secreted beneath wonders of the sweet dove,
Within the heart and spirit, His love raises,
	In these mountains…

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: love,

The Wily Thorn

The wily thorn that signifies the rose
abides; some hapless fool will come along
untutored in the art of willful pose
to grasp, and sustain a sharp reminder!

His gift bestowed and modestly attended,
there stirs a trembling only she may know
whose pledge is true and joyfully intended,
first semblance of a passion soon to grow.

How powerful beauty's lure can be!
it supersedes, and pricks the heart to bleed,
and captured in its snare they're led
on rapture's path, where'er that path may lead.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: childhood, love, moon,

Angel's Moon Dust

The moon dust sprinkled From the angel's wings 'Pon baby sleeping Angel's expressions Now abide on face ** ** I watched him sleep Resting weary head Seeing God bless His little life ~~~~~~~ Moon dust still Sprinkled there A reminder ` ` God Still Abides Here_ The Moon dust Slowly Disappears As the hours Separate The time spent here His little bed Awaits angel Visit once more Watch over sleeping Child_ sprinkling moon dust Like magic to keep Him in his deep sleep Hoovering with love__ Sponsor:Catie Lindsey Contest:Diminishing And Advancing Hexaverse Theme: Moon Dust

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
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The Wily Thorn

The wily thorn that signifies the rose
abides; some hapless fool will come along
untutored in the art of willful pose
to grasp, and sustain a sharp reminder!

His gift bestowed and modestly attended,
there stirs a trembling only she may know
whose pledge is true and joyfully intended,
first semblance of a passion soon to grow.

How powerful beauty's lure can be!
it supersedes, and pricks the heart to bleed,
and captured in its snare they're led
on rapture's path, where'er that path may lead.

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: bereavement, death, grief,

Through the eyes of grief, Anacreontic couplets

"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love." -Washington Irving When the light fades from my eyes, Weak and frail before it dies, Light a candle to remind Even though my eyes be blind, Love still abides in my soul, Love, the kind that makes one whole!

by Robert Gorelick |
Categories: inspirational, wisdom,

Here Now Forever

Your glow does not change nor dim
It transcends all changes
A diamond eternal, creation's gift
Tragedies arise Hearts break Bodies perish
Yet your glow abides Here Now Forever
All who love are born of God and know God
For God is love__I John 4:8

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: how i feel, humanity, joy, meaningful, people, power, world,


What good comes there from love at all
                                if no one feels the flame
If no one knows that there abides
such joy inside a heart

What music sings in someone’s ear
                               if no one knows to listen  
If no one finds the how or where
such serenade resides

And what if no one sees the sun
                                    for fear of recognition
should talents of our unique world
be cloistered by the night

What good can come from anything
                            if not shared with mankind
existence without knowledge 
is a wasteland shamed to tread

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: animal, cat, god, grandson,

Easter Bunny of Florida


God sends gifts to sensitive hearts.
My grandson left his pets behind
as we travelled from familiar parts
of Georgia to Florida. God is kind.

Muffin, given the first name of Stud
by my grand’s dad. A small bunny
in the tiny yard, was the color of mud.
God’s gifts, better than money.

The cottontail posed under the palm.
My grand wanted to take Muffin home.
The rabbit was his after Easter balm.
Then away he hopped as we drove home.

Grandson returns to his bunny, Buck,
and to his feral cat, Lily, who oft’ hides
under his parents quilt, surely awestruck
at the return of their family. Love abides.

by Gordon Mcconnell |
Categories: god, love, spiritual,

Loving Where God Resides - Psalm 26: 8

It's so wonderful to be with God
to know His closeness ever near
fills you with a love unknown
love God's house forever dear

What beauty to know abides there
where God lives eternally evermore
in His presence, there's peace and joy
walking truly through to heaven's door

God is all glory and glorious within
there He who is holy does ever dwell
no sin can ever enter that place
He cleanses so His own can truly tell

Loving where God resides
such happiness found only there
perfect indeed is God's abode
His own know this so very rare

(Psalm 26:8-
"Lord I love the house where you live, the place where your glory dwells.")

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, hope, inspirational love, jesus, peace,

Are You Saved?

At the end of each moment,
Lies a seed – sometimes an echo,
Stirring the depths of yearning,
Breathless as prayers, burning.

At the end of each nighttime,
Lies a weed – sometimes a thought,
Reflecting the music, the hues
Peaceful mysteries, enchanting stillness.

At the end of each risk,
Lies a deed – sometimes a dream,
Whispering of life, silent and meaningful,
Despairing of the star strewn skies.

Beyond the moments, the nights, the risks,
Abides a wisdom, reassuring and flavored in kisses,
Abundant as the gentling of a tenderness,
Brought to life by the urgency of God’s grace,
His life, breathless as praise, poured out so the world,
Can be saved… 

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: desire, god, introspection, life, love, sin, youth,

''I Longed For Love--Love Pure Like Driven Snow'' Re-Revised

I longed for love—love pure like driven snow,
untouched and virgin—in the years to come:
but years did come and go until (O woe!)
it, like the fall, decayed in my autumn.
Heartbroken, never I a princess met
or maiden girl with whom to spend long nights
of ardent love. (Alas! best to forget
my heart's too foolish hopes of its delights.)
Unstained by sin, naïve and innocent;
unspoil'd by life and vice in the very least:
I cast'd aside my youth's prurient bent,
forswore my loins' lusts and was my own priest!
     Now aged and useless, I've denied all love;
     thus life's reproach abides and won't approve.

by Mark Peterson |
Categories: lonely, rain,


And ever above,
clouds of sorrow
assemble in thunderous ranks:
a surfeit of threat
and gloom.

And ever below,
unhappy footsteps
surrender rhythm
to unyielding pavement—
against a gray and endless plain.

Who but a fool
dreams that sorrow
can be bartered
for kindness and love?
The beggared soul abides.

And, in his eyes,
the ashen world
grows, blurs and overflows
to run down his cheeks.
And it rains.

by Steven Federle |
Categories: nature, summer,

Endless Summer

The hot, autumn sun
spills effulgent;
dark branches, roused,
glow lustrous as blue day.

Burgeoning trees
cling to verdant leaves
denying impending
vermillion days.

Summer's love abides,
warming laggard blooms
under the flowing fern.

Summer will stay for now;
Winter patiently waits
to renew the ripe world.

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Intimate Sonnet

Nothing is more intimate than the eyes
To pursue love in the depth of round orbs 
Then descend as invitation complies
To find a softer realm love can absorb
The truest distance is measured between
When our eyes warmly meet in their silence
As honored guests ushered when eyes convene
With due respect and sense of compliance
Aware of love's status with eyes open
A welcomed gesture we gave without fear
We'll enter with a sense of wealth again
And find truth is held worthy to revere

When eyes answer with sensual replies
Nothing is more intimate that abides


by David De La Croes |
Categories: father daughter, i love you,

Assurance - To My Daughter

There passes not a single day
when I do not think of you, or pray
that God's love, steadfast and true,
covers, protects, and abides with you.
And while life's hardships still do come
and the burdens become wearisome,
when uncertainties threaten or scare
and you need help, I'll be there
for I love you more than words can say,
as I have loved you from your first day.

by Amelie Mara |
Categories: child, feelings,

For My Child

Laughter bursting on the patio
Kites lifted through summer air;
A tenderness given by heaven
My child, this is where love abides.
Even as we play hide-and-seek,
The affection can be profound
As we watch each other grow
In deeper meaning of sweet unity.

Whether it be jar of marbles or tears
Such moments hold us dearer;
By simply recognizing this oneness
Crowned by tinkerbell stars.
Let's walk along the byways
Your polka -dot blouse tugging mine
With patches of cotton candy,
My child, this is where happiness abides.

Contest on Free Verse
Sponsored by Regina Riddle
24th Sept 2014

by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: death, grave,


When fire dies, it remains ash, cover it up
When the day dies, new day shows up
When husband rest, leaves a sowed love
Widow cries, dwells with grieve
And loneliness
"He has slept, he forever sleeps"
A countless times, she vends
And at the buttock, she feels the world
And the need to go with him raises up
Unreturned journey lacks partnership
The sowed love dies not
Abides within loves heart.

Inspired by a book,

by Mark Massey |
Categories: allusion, love,

Satin Bliss

In satin bliss of vivid hue
abides a rose still damp with dew.
Upon its stem the pigment bled,
infusing petals crimson red,
instilling beauty for debut.

I blush for such a gift undue
and gasp to see its lovely view.
This rose expresses words unsaid
in satin bliss.

This kiss, my dear, I give to you
and ev'ry day our souls renew.
Two faithful hearts, one mingled thread,
place sanguine petals on their bed
and dare to do what lovers do
in satin bliss.

by Michael Smith |
Categories: devotion, universe,

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

If love content abides
In myriad hearts and different worlds
Then, I inquire to "understanding", why?
It is stranded in hole of other universe
Beneath changing reason's cloudy skies
Where night and day tears run the rivers course 
Neither you or I do choose with whom, or plane we fall upon
When moonstruck by its kinetic force
And there we live betwixt dimensions joy and pain 
Within love's bubbling stream, ever contemplating the birthing of its source
Surrounded by an empty meadow
...She loves me, she loves me not
And so I shall consider

by Lyric Man |
Categories: dream, fantasy, feelings, longing, love, magic, memory,

The Captain

He's still out there 
the stars can see
More than memories 
what's yet to be
Your melancholy 
turned to muse
No, not forsaken
there's still a fuse
Ignite the flame
and fan belief
Between the lines
beyond the grief
A lonely sailor
just off your shore
He has returned
heart aches for more
And more and more and more
He aches for more
More of you!

~Lyric Man

Note: This is a song about possibilities, even when hope is gone. Maybe just beyond where you can see there still abides a love that's true. A love that hasn't forgotten. A love that's trying to make its way back to you. Is there more than melancholy memories?

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: introspection,

Inherited Spirit

A good spirit in him abides
From birth his dispostion same
Nice, gentle character inside
A spirit born with love aflame

A spirit born with love aflame
Others born without good character
Only through rebirth good proclaim
Become great traits inheritor

Become great traits inheritor
Spread an awesome Spirit of love
Expand pure  like honey's nector  
Not only once but always think of

Inspired by contest:

by Darlene Smith |
Categories: hope, love, native american,

A Place Where Love Abides

There is a place where love abides;
Where hearts know not fears.
Come and join by my side;
Let me wipe away your tears.

Trust and take my hand;
Have faith in humankind.
Be you here or in a foreign land;
We shall leave no one behind.

Unite, Warriors of the Rainbow;
To create a world that is fair.
Let our numbers rise and grow;
Please form a circle prayer.

With one common quest;
We are not so different, you and I.
Let all lands from east to west;
Be a place where love abides.

Darlene Doll Smith

by Leah Ross |
Categories: introspection

Wake Me Up!

When love abides
When hate subsides