Love Poems About Aberration or Aberration Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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Wicked Mischief

Stealthily and with no invitation, Wicked Mischief rides into my night, dismounts and strides inside. How impolite! For rudely she intrudes - this aberration, bearing that unholy “deprivation” strongly brewed with venom of her spite, and if I can, I’ll try to expedite her speedy flight; thus my liberation. My desperation’s growing all the while. Can I fight her power? Can I flee her whisperings unceasing that so rile me? Oh, precious seconds gone! I see light of day. Sweet sleep she did defile. Insomnia has wrought fait accompli. March 9,2014 For the Love or Hate, Pick a Subject 2 Poetry Contest of Shadow Hamilton I hate Wicked Mischief!!

by Anthony Nutter |
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A.W. Nutter

Soul filling with darkness
Destroying the internal light
Love, peace and happiness
Forever lost in the night

Anxiety and trepidation
Fills every waking hour
Normality an aberration
Sanity being devoured

Family and friends disappear
Cravings, must be appeased
Satan whispering in the ear
The body becomes diseased

Lies and thievery come easy
Bowing to the masters trill
Creating an allusion of ecstasy
Swallowing the poisoned pill

Soul filling with darkness
Destroying the internal light
Love, peace and happiness
Forever lost in the night

by christopher michaels |
Categories: lost, lost love, love, lust,

Parachute love

Parachute love once was my aberration

 and shift into abrogation/ fell for a  talebearer which only told lies annoyed my every thought

   “Abrogation Aberration Destination” 

still spinning like a Fishing Rod. Fell to deep to soon in this exploration

” Fluctuate in Separate Directions”

 My EX-Parachute lover  once was my Best Friend and now became my  inconstant friend/

by Kacey Greenlee |
Categories: death, faith, forgiveness, loss,

''The Fraud''

Teased by the aberration of false tenderness.
Subdued in despair.
The tightened noose around my neck.
I feel as though my last breath is approaching.
Strickened airs' final gasp.
Clear these darkened clouds.
For my anguished,suffered love,I hurt no more.
May the guardian of life now take me home....

For those who have tortured souls.....

by Wendy Watson |
Categories: appreciation, cat, discrimination,

Proud to be a Sphynx

I'm the smoothest cat in town
No fur, no fleas just peachy down.
I wear my wrinkly skin with pride
For I’m unique and dignified.
I am a Sphynx cat breed mutation,
A furless, feline aberration,
It’s who I am and I don’t care
If my appearance makes you stare.
For I’m at home in my loose skin 
And beauty comes from deep within.
My mistress loves me, I love her;
I warm her lap, she makes me purr!

Tania Kitchen Cat Contest


by Stephen Kilmer |
Categories: love,

Dreams to Remember

Saturnine fields
Lay fallow
Upon the shores 
The wind does not breathe
Time to stand still
While I hold you in my mind
I am reminded of bucolic days
And nights that never ended
We lived and loved
And walked together
Though never hand-in-hand

In the moon 
I saw your smile 
A whisper in the trees
Your voice 
Danced upon the breeze

Like a satellite
Twinkling in the night
You circled my bed
Angel of silence
Not a word was said

In the morning
I would drink tea
Waiting for an aberration
To be found in the pattern 
Of the leaves

Alone, oh no
Not I!
For I have a dream
A dream to remember 
Though often I do cry.

by Jo Bien |
Categories: lost love, love


You looked through me
Like I wasn’t even there
You were saying words
That I couldn’t hear

I thought I knew you better
I guess it wasn’t so
The only things I saw
Were what you put on show

A veil of deception
A cloak of desperation
A mask of dishonesty
A shroud of aberration

A disingenuous act
That took me by surprise
A nefarious performance
That was well disguised

You looked through me
To see the other side
Like I wasn’t even there
A memory brushed aside

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Slow boat

The slow route, no shortcuts please
Delusion removal one step at a time
As layer by layer we gently unfreeze
To entwine with divine love sublime 

Picking up any aberration, say desire
We struggle not, simply change direction
Turning inwards divine ignition afire
We imbibe & assimilate blissful elation

Or flipping desire, we encounter fear
Rooted in ephemerality, a mere illusion
Turning within we draw divine love near
Rapturous bliss renewing its ignition 

We hurry not, pausing to smell the roses 
The journey more beautiful than imagination
Adroitly sidestepping ego’s alluring poses
In tune with Ohm in an unending continuation

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Renewal continual

The automatic inward breath a divine blessing
Followed by a pause in the void of contentment 
Gently breathing out gratitude & loving healing
Dying graciously returning to our native element 

The pranic force thus by divine love transmuted
Pure loving intent enlivening all lifetrons within
The constant factor being in ecstatic bliss elated
As ignition in renewal each moment does begin

Breathing without thinking and likewise blinking
Even a momentary shadow an aberration in purity
Cognising without judging each nuance appearing
In & within the flow as a mist of bliss in continuity 


by William Coyne |
Categories: fate, god, love,

Desperate Embrace

. for public domain

Sometimes we need a God to love,
to rattle the rafters up above,
to curse at, to blame,
to kneel before in utter shame,

a name to blaspheme, a name to scream,
a name to summon in a dream,
a name that withstands an insulting blast,
a name to call on when we breathe our last,

and whether this God is real or not,
a Scrooge aberration from a stomach knot,
we are made to call out, or curse our fate,
embrace in desperation what we desecrate.