Love Poems About Abdomen or Abdomen Love Poems
by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: childhood, death, food

No Bread. Why?

No Bread.  Why?
     By Dane Smith-Johnsen

Big round dark eyes staring at forgetfulness.
Eating nothingness, feeling helplessness.
Scavenging the streets for morsels finding hopelessness.
Foraging to fill a swollen abdomen full of emptiness.
Holding death securely within mothers’ bleakness.
Too hungry to show love and too hungry to cry-
But not too hungry to die-
Mankind’s blindness and heaped up forgetfulness, sighs.

by Daniel Davies |
Categories: adventure, fun, happy, love, ocean, romantic, sea,

Wave Dancing

I like to dance
To writhe and wriggle
On ceaseless crests
Beneath my bottom

I like to swing
From side to side
Sublime swells
Anchoring angst

I like to gyrate
Between boulders
Of liquid laughs
Caressing chuckles

I like to undulate
Along my abdomen
Rippling raucously
Joking jollily

I like to float
Away to anywhere
Without a worry
Where we wander

I like to heave
To buck and bray
To brave the briny
Scathing spray

Wild white horses
Won't keep me cowed
My deep darling
And I are an item.

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haiku of love and death

                                               musky abdomen

                                  deer's love perfume doe eyes closed

                                               lion reaches out

© rajat kanti chakrabarty

by Peter Calvanese Jr. |
Categories: lost love, love


Chartruese hues surrounding wide eyes,
catching glimpses of Kaleidoscopes
while the rain smears
what's left of handprints.

I stood there, intoxicated
Which was cut short by the blow 
to my lower abdomen
ten minutes prior.

Damn, heart's hurling false feelings
that we deem reality
because of inexperience
in such matters.

Failed to harden my organ though
although i wished it had.
on the other hand
i am grateful for the experience.

by Ashly Raju |
Categories: lost love, sin,

Been Compelled For Valediction

With the sparkle experience
Of the warm abdomen, 
I was napping in the gentle, silky womb.
All forced me to turn 
The nap into the sleep
For ever, 	
Not in the uterus, 
But in the world of 
Aborted infants.
At the movement 
When I was separated from you
I clutched you with
A silent sob.

Oh mother
Why don't you give me
An occasion to receive 
Your cool kisses? 

Oh father
Why don't you allow me 
To know the world 
By sitting in your lap? 

Why don't you permit me
To open my eyes 
At least for once
To see you.

Whether my presence was 
A burden for you-
Dad, mom
Or my life was 
An annoyance for you.

I need not to be 
Severed from you………

by autry emanuel |
Categories: love, love, i love you,

like a crimson tide

sleep is for a fool why waste my time sleeping i could be loving you 
I shall give you all my love until you are satisfied
if it pleases thee i will give you my life

pain stricken by the memories of you when you were not by myside
like a knife in the abdomen i swallow my pride
why sleep like a sluggard when its your face i see

like the sun for the earth you were meant for me
i gallop accross the horizon to find you in the wee morning
without your love all  the day i go mourning

my only regret is how do i love you more 
more that the stars in the sky 
shh its almost nightfall as we lie

lie upon our bed together you and i 
like a crimson tide

by Sarah Casey |
Categories: abuse, anger, lust, sad,


a pendant
for those who
lose their heart
control of feelings
and commotion-
it's all a game
i've gone insane-
the devotion

wake me up from this nightmare
catastrophic days 
shove a knife in my abdomen
but you're not even there
not even despair-
those flaws-
love is blind
misconception of reality
you pull the knife-
wrench it up to the chest

lighting trapped in a bottle
what's left
trapped against will
trapped in a lie
that you created
and disintegrated.

by Stephanie Henry |
Categories: love

The King, His Majesty

A rose swallowed down to the bone
One thorn to slit the thrown
Choked on by a contorted king
Crushed in the abdomen of his anatomy
We now have discovered his reining soul
The stem soon grew from his eyes
His skin takes all control, most of it lies
Picked by her
The Queen, her majesty
He leaves his ground
And follows hers
Hands were pale and cold
All was under her control.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: daughter, family, love, mother, son,

Still Life

a poem about pregnancy

The gentle swell, eroticism's outcome, 
the heat of passion empirical, 
cross-pollination's perspiration, 
beads of love conceived this miracle. 

So still, this tranquil life, yet felt 
a heart in rough plan stages; 
taps a growing rhythm, 
embryonic, sweetly ages. 

In the gilt-edged cameo of the mind 
you, in my body edifice, 
change face and gender seamlessly; 
mysteriously as a chrysalis. 

So still, this tranquil life, and then 
his hand flat on my abdomen, 
we jolt absorbent of the joy 
when you kick...and kick again.

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: feelings, metaphor, woman,

That Lift

Lady, since that day we met
in the lift by unknowable fate
your image has been hovering
around my heart as glorious star
your words continue to shoot
my abdomen of expectations
as arrows of a wild hunter
Let’s conceive another lift
to raise our hearts on hill-top
and get lost in the peak of love
There we can drop fiery feelings
in the crater of everlasting bliss

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: abuse, analogy, anger,


Useless, you're under attack You are under attack You were to react You're black You are under attack Prejudice racial strife Domestic violence a woman beaten by her husband or boyfriend You won't leave Why you love him whack whack whack You're stuck in the abdomen, face and back You're under attack
12/16/20 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2020