Love Poem: Been Compelled For Valediction
Ashly Raju Avatar
Written by: Ashly Raju

Been Compelled For Valediction

With the sparkle experience
Of the warm abdomen, 
I was napping in the gentle, silky womb.
All forced me to turn 
The nap into the sleep
For ever, 	
Not in the uterus, 
But in the world of 
Aborted infants.
At the movement 
When I was separated from you
I clutched you with
A silent sob.

Oh mother
Why don't you give me
An occasion to receive 
Your cool kisses? 

Oh father
Why don't you allow me 
To know the world 
By sitting in your lap? 

Why don't you permit me
To open my eyes 
At least for once
To see you.

Whether my presence was 
A burden for you-
Dad, mom
Or my life was 
An annoyance for you.

I need not to be 
Severed from you………