Love Poems About Abandoning or Abandoning Love Poems
by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: life, love, lust,

Last Lust Lorn Lament

i'm abandoning

                        it's left me nowhere 



Brenda Chiri's 
Abandon 2 - Poetry Contest

by Yorn Called |
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Is This Ticket Redeemable

"is this ticket redeemable"

Once I thought that
poems had faces
whose silent plans
offer checkered meditations,
who weave endings 
to hope´s beginnings, 
whose raw robust smiles
explode in dizzy contemplations,
who unravel strings of time
into quantum fits of rhyme.

Then I saw that
Songs are 
A singing
Where I 
From my

Unstating myself
       (abandoning grammar as 	
        prepositions avoid place)
I say	
        (failing to claim that time
	gave birth to nothing) that my!

         (being an adverb)

I missed the boat”

by Holly Moore |
Categories: life, lost love,

Love Flew Out the Window - Revised

Love flew out the window, the wind took it away
Hoping you would catch glance, but you did not look its way

There are no beats filling my heart, our love is now untwined
Like a captain abandoning ship, I will leave it all behind

Ears not needed for listening, there is nothing to converse
Two people branded by papers that are difficult to reverse

Feeling like a punished child, I am done giving reasons
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall...I just need a change of seasons.

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

by Renee Kelly |
Categories: love

Mid-Day Fire

Early afternoon entanglement
Abandoning to you

by Marquis Mc Mills-Cooper |
Categories: light, love, romance, romantic, sun,

No Bright and Sunny Days

I wake to find my day begun,
it never waits for me.

I rise to take my place
in it, abandoning my sleep.

I hope to find some overcast,
a dark and gloomy day.

No sun appearing in the sky, 
with light to give away.

For more sunshine I do not need,
I have my fill of light.

I have a source of daily sun,
to dawn my private nights.

I have a brilliant radiance,
which brings me days brand new.

No need for bright and sunny days,
I draw my light from you. 

Written in Afghanistan -21 OCT 2013

by Rocky Swartzfager |
Categories: life, lost love, love,

The Dance of Life

The spinning, the twirling, you were all so majestic, Coming down gracefully from a leap, You embodied beauty and everything fantastic. You were all but mine to keep. Their jealous gawking and words pushed you to the deep. I walked away, abandoning you to a gallows, But you were just ankles deep in the shallows. Please forgive a stupid boy, For forsaking one by the hallows, Of a life I only hope to destroy.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, betrayal, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, imagery, love,

As Before

When love starts slipping away, pretending becomes a chore. And dreams are shrouded in gray, for fantasies are no more. Hope disappeared from your heart the instant he slammed that door. And as your world fell apart, trickling tears began to pour. Like an angel up above, he spoke of forevermore. And yet, abandoning love, he left you pacing the floor. Tears cannot be held at bay; like the waves that wash ashore. And although you wished he'd stay, you're not as sure as before. (Quatrain) 8/13/2015

by João Camilo |
Categories: allegory, love, nature,

The Ballerina

Adieu, I wish to say at last.
So I can return steadfast 
To the sweet scented room 
Where no decay or doom 
Can enter without consent 
Of the blossom quiescent.
The flaming chariot delays 
the withering of her days,
the melting of a snow flake,
birds onset to a pristine lake,
but ruby tears and my blood 
flow like the biblical flood. 
A butterfly flaps her wings
Abandoning her silky rings, 
A beetle shines with desire 
To be brighter than sunfire, 
glimpse the awed nightingale 
silenced by a newborn dale. 
Adieu, I will not say any more,
lay with me on this seashore, 
if the red tide carry us afar
where beams a young star, 
uncharted by the scientists 
unconscious that it exists.

by Night Prophet |
Categories: depression, heartbreak, love, love hurts, meaningful, sad, sad love,

You Made Me Realize

Every drop of liquor warms me more, Than you ever did. Every drag of my cigarette kills me less, Than you do. The darkness swallowed us whole, On the paths of a forgotten park, As I followed you blindly, Waiting for your love, Your love. Heart in my throat, I endured the rejection. The little world I had built, Torn asunder. We were not boats against the current, You simply turned us into them. Abandoning me in a storm, Leaving me to sink, In my vice of self-destruction.

by Amber Lane |
Categories: dark, earth, image, magic, nature, sky, sunset,

Light Leaves Dark

Light floats over form and face
         Tracing the lines of existence-
Coalescing into a shower of specks that
         Sets and runs smoothly towards
The darkening slate of Earth-
                                               It breaks free-
Leaving all Enmity behind, Light
         Lowers itself from the plane of sight-
An intimate display- gold and maroon and deep violet
         Make love- swirling and levitating, making
Sure their neighbors- everyone- can see.
What a thoughtful gesture- before abandoning the
         World to its polar Darkness.

by Randy Johnson |
Categories: god, religious, thank you, thanks, truth,

Thanks God

Thanks God for letting me wake up today.
Thanks God for letting me live another day.
Thanks God for letting me have food and not to suffer from starvation.
Thanks God for being my best friend and also for being my salvation.
Thanks God for letting me have a house and not to be homeless.
Thanks God for the love you've given, you truly are the greatest.
Thanks God for everything that I have, it's nice to know that you care.
Thanks God for not abandoning me, thanks for always being there.

by Jessica Goldstone |
Categories: loss, lost love, love, relationship, romance,

You Cripple Me

You cripple me,
I fall into you hard, 
Abandoning motion.

You deafen me,
I fall into the sounds of you,
Neglecting to hear those of the world.

You mute me,
I fall into the allure of your words,
Disregarding my own.

You blind me,
I fall into the beauty that surrounds you,
Forgetting to see anything else.

You render me useless,
I fall out of myself completely,
Forming an extension of you.

You leave me,
I fall into the empty void,
Always allowing space for you.

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: night, passion, romantic love, stars,

The Stars Aligned That Night

The way our hands explored, the thrill we felt
   Our eyes were glazed, our hearts so wildly throbbed
The chill outside, our eager mouths did melt
   A prelude to romance, sheer passion robbed
We fled the streets, abandoning all grace
   Shedding inhibitions, with immodest grins
Then tumbled into bed, locked in a tight embrace
   Our hands a-tremble, worshiping pale skin...

The stars aligned that night, their vast array
   They sparkled and they flickered, brilliant flames
The moon shone bright, did silhouette our play
   The Heavens beamed, our tryst they did proclaim

O cruel morn, too early have you come
   To shine your light on love, to strike it dumb

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: bereavement, death, grief, lost love, psychological, sad, silence,

Breaking Point

hand in hand
the dreaded moment 
when your soul took flight

chilling the silence 
abandoning me
in forlorn despair

adrift sullen 
in a dizzying state 
of utter devastation

the gruesome knot
of my world 
sadistically twisted

Submitted on March 24, 2019 for contest WRITING CHALLENGE 5, MARCH 2019 FOUR LINES POETRY sponsored by DEAR HEART  -  RANKED 1ST

by Janet Runyan |
Categories: absence, anxiety, hope, how i feel, longing, trust, truth,

The Hole Inside

My soul seems to be lacking
All my trust is slowly fading
It seems to be abandoning me
My hope went into hiding

I always seem to push away
The people I try so hard to love
But I always see the best
In the ones I don't hold close

I'm lucky enough I know
To have the friends I do
They put up with my craziness
All these changes in my moods

I should thank my lucky stars
To have all that I need
But somewhere deep inside
I just feel that something's missing

What I need is hope
How do I get that back?
The problem seems to be
Once hopelessness get you
It's a deep hole to crawl out of

by Marie Viloria |
Categories: lost love

Black Roses

Symbol of
everlasting love,
a rose
the bud opens
the red petals unfold

flourishing in the sunlight
dewdrops sparkling
on the grass

Plucked from the garden

to live the life
of love
and death

The disappearing dewdrops
in the heat
as your love
deserted me

And when I was alone,
Spring turned to summer.
Summer turned to fall.

Life from the rose
as you
faded away,
abandoning me.


The crimson flower
turning s...l...o...w...l...y
to black.

Collaboration with Sofia Shteyngolts

by Jordan Miller |
Categories: anger, emotions, fear, hate,

The Monster Part 3

He has ecsaped
He consumes Everything
Happiness, Love, Light, warmth
and he oppresses them into darkness.
but those are not enough,
now he wants my soul
and he wants my heart.
He's hiding
Waiting to strike
He's waiting t avenge himself;
upon me for locking him up,
upon the world for abandoning me,
for ignoring me, for hurting me.
For ignoring him.
I question myself
How did he get loose,
How did he get out,
and can i rechain him?
I'll get him while he sleeps
and while he dreams.
so i must wait,
wait for his
moment of weakness.

by Noble Smalls |
Categories: heartbreak, lost love, love hurts,

Where Will You Be

You have to let her live; no matter what, she is going to fight it. 
Fight for some type of freedom from the pain. 
She need She craves the attention that her heart needs. 
How much time do you think that you will have to abuse her soul?  
Abandoning, neglecting emotional needs cutting her down with words stopping her growth of love.
Her heart craves the attention and affection of love. 
Once she finds it where will you be?

by Farihaa Farihaa |
Categories: 10th grade, abortion, beauty, betrayal, cute love, desire, love hurts,



Holly Dolly
Mesmerizes me 
Ahead her work
Calls Me

Proofs her love
Not for me
But for hersake
Abandoning Romance

by Tiffany Julius |
Categories: loss

The Old and the New

I was never meant to be,
a happy loving kid.
Im supposed to be the kind of person,
you never wished,
to be.
But lately,
Ive been doing good,
no more cutting, no more loss,
just me, you and him.
But now I've lost her,
and she will be forever gone.
Abandoning me,
In a lifes misery of love.
So why can i not condemn myself to my cutters cry?

by Newton Ranaweera |
Categories: moon, romance, sun,

A Less Known Romance

When he comes home smiling, moon blooms, With stars, her darling kids, Yet when he far does roam, she glooms. She furls her wings and burns her ends; Without his love, she shrinks; She bends, and bends; her gloom extends. Wearing sadly a thick black shawl, Abandoning her choir, She bemoans, and him she does call. On hearing her plea, home he comes, Brighter moon does bloom, and Merrily with him, songs she hums.
[Nature] Syllabic count: 8/6/8 in each stanza Oct. 24, 2020 Writing Challenge – Tercets – Poetry Contest Contest Sponsor: Constance La France

by Bright Aleruchi |
Categories: adventure, faith, love,

All For You

Desiring demanding and desperate,
Day and night,
working like holic, 
shivering for love.
Heated by courage.
Desire demanded and desperate. 
All out crept and stood.

Fighting for love, 
crazy in love,
dieing to be loved,
all for you.

All for you,
abandoning sense,
abandoning reasoning,
abandoning thinking.

Blind to see,
deaf to hear.
All for you, feeling nothing to nobody.
Losing taste, lacking touch,
but for you, touching untouchables.

by Joseph Silva |
Categories: death, forgiveness, introspection, lost love, love, philosophy, sad, body, hope, sky,

Back In This Prison

All hope lost. In the mind of the betrayer, all is normal.
Strung across the pale blue, these clouds pink and vibrant.
Abandoning all hope for the conscious mind, it’s alone.
Believing the mind is stronger than the body and the soul.
The sound penetrates the conscious dreams, flows apparent.
Wasting the body and spirit, in pursuit of these goals.
A thirsting for the relentless onslaught of that feeling.
Love on the mind when peering through the whole.
Wanting and yearning for more than this sky can give.
Waking from the dream. This broken sky holds no magic.

by Megan Labarthe |
Categories: love, me, me, together,

Take Me Down

The first time I met you I knew it was the end
I'm addicted to you and I won't bend
Your crazy ways somehow reel me in
Let's live a life together full of sin
Abandoning all good, I'm going to hell
We've lost our minds can't you tell?
Seduction so sweet I start to tingle
Too bad you're a liar and you're not single
Your beauty is breath taking, I can't look away
You have me by the heart, I'll always stay
Even though you abuse me I love the pain
Why can't I leave you? Am I insane?
When we are together evil surrounds us
Get away from you I really must
Longing for your forbidden touch
I can't take this anymore, it's too much
Wanting you so bad it's not fair
Take me down with you I don't care

by Joseph Adler |
Categories: confusion, loneliness,

I Was Not Myself

i was not myself
severed by the scissors 
of my ego
halved by have-knots
and sharp-tongued cleaves
heaving myself
into a state of dis-ease
abandoning Spirit
beleiving it was never there
lingering in lament
and disjointed intent
sarcastic excisions
of truths i once meant 
as if the words "i love you"
were already spent
searching for the Lover
and wondering 
where She went
when it was i who left Her
in this unholy descent.