Love Poem: The ballerina
João Camilo Avatar
Written by: João Camilo

The ballerina

Adieu, I wish to say at last.
So I can return steadfast 
To the sweet scented room 
Where no decay or doom 
Can enter without consent 
Of the blossom quiescent.
The flaming chariot delays 
the withering of her days,
the melting of a snow flake,
birds onset to a pristine lake,
but ruby tears and my blood 
flow like the biblical flood. 
A butterfly flaps her wings
Abandoning her silky rings, 
A beetle shines with desire 
To be brighter than sunfire, 
glimpse the awed nightingale 
silenced by a newborn dale. 
Adieu, I will not say any more,
lay with me on this seashore, 
if the red tide carry us afar
where beams a young star, 
uncharted by the scientists 
unconscious that it exists.