Love Poems About Abandon or Abandon Love Poems
by Ken Carroll |
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Icarus rejoice

She said,
love gives us wings
therefore lover,
we belong to the heavens...

Let us abandon
this frozen world
and fix ourselves
among the ceaseless blue stars...

Higher and higher
into the sky
you and I
will eternally fly...

Let us not
come too close to the sun
we may burn the tips of our wings
stay and be safe with me...

For in your eyes
is a burning sun
within you I find the end of space
and my wings are unpinned...
~ ~ ~

by Kenneth Fordham |
Categories: angst, confusion, imagination, lost love, mystery, on writing and words, passion, sad

Come Back To Me

The Ink Bottle sits, alone,
It’s only Companions,
The Feathered Pen,
The Paper Pad.

The Desk, once alive,
The Words,
No longer,

Love, abandon,
But wanting not,
The Freedom,
It has.

A Wooden Chair, dusty,
Reclines not,
For the Comfort,
Once given.

Time, a mystery gone,
With passing,
Never to be recovered,

Days of gloom, waiting,
Shine not, The Light,
The Heart,
Once brightened.

Come back, to Me,
My words, of Joy,
Of Laughter,
Wisdom, once known.

by Gary Smith |
Categories: peace, silence, solitude,

My Magical Kite

I'd love to build a magical kite
Then find myself a steep hill,
Strap myself in, wait for a gust,
Oh just imagine the thrill.

Off I would soar, into the blue,
To mingle high with the clouds,
Free as a bird, no worries or cares,
Away from mind numbing crowds.

I'd fly high, over the briney
And glide like a lone albatross,
I'd steer towards the horizon,
Then over the ocean I'd cross.

In joyful abandon, up there in the sky
Soaring in rapturous mood,
But that I could, just for a day,
Be lost, in such blessed solitude.  

by Christopher Thor Britt |
Categories: life, love, romance, romantic,

O Love, My Love

O love, my love…where in this lonesome hour
Can my heart with sweet abandon find you there? 
If chance upon the wind, you do float as lotus flower
Would on my earthen bed you gladly fare? 

I am your silent lover…though cloaked in gentile guise
With lips, mine own affection would I treat you
And in the twilight’s gloaming your embrace there would I prize
If fate would look away while there I greet you.

O suitors, I commend thy will to win her proffered hand
While exile finds me close enough to see
Yet mark this, would be lovers, her hand there you may find
But her gentle heart was offered first to me.

                                           ~Christopher Thor Britt

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: love, nature, peace, time,

When Time Stands Still

Leaping in barefoot abandon
Soaring every which way from Sunday
Laughter effortlessly exhaling cool breezes.

Lounging on nature’s lush carpet
Silhouette illumined by carefree serenity 
Lapping up rays and shining them back

Licorice sticks and crackers and brie
Sweet plumpness of kiwi and mango and peach 
Licking ripe juices off contented grin

Long luscious showers in waterfall glory
Swirling delightfully playfully pure
Lingering loving caresses of freshness 

Last blush of daylight’s electrical charge
Sunset yields gracefully generously kind
Lights flicker syntax where space enfolds meaning

Lay here beside me
Savor my dream
Let my enchantment touch yours

by Toquyen Harrell |
Categories: faith, care, care,

He is with us now, tomorrow, and always

Take special care of your heart, mind, and body temple
Love all and have all
Be the best and believe in the best
Accumulate learning, trades, skills
Be knowledgeable of all things
Don’t stop giving and sowing
Life is a harvest of things planted
Live today, plan for tomorrow
Be courageous, adventurous, industrious
Awesomeness, bigheartedness, distinctiveness
Live like how He would want you to live
Think of others less of you
Take care 
God loves us
He will never forsake us
Abandon us, throw us to the wicked one
He is there 
For us now 
And tomorrow 
And always

by Michael Zavaletta |
Categories: peace, war, prejudice,

The Surest Path to Peace

The path to your peace,
Is not to lay down your arms,
But hold them outstretched.

Abandon your wars,
Your sacred prejudices,
To live born again.

In another's arms,
Surrender yourself to love,
And peace will find you.

by Madelin Barton |
Categories: fear, pain,


I lie awake while
Desperate for sleep
Time it keeps passing
Yet the hours bleak

I've come to the conclusion
That I must be doing something
Wrong or maybe it's just my 
Patience long gone

I don't know what others think
Before settling for bed
But sure wish I could abandon
these festering thoughts
As the pillow cradles my head

Mostly because of anger
Maybe because of rage
Mostly because I desperately seek
The key that opens this cage

How am I to love a man
Who has no sympathy for my grief
Instead of holding my hand
He shuns and grinds his teeth

What the f*** am I supposed to do
With this disdain for life I feel
Cut the wounds even deeper to see
If by all means it ends or heals

by Lin Lane |
Categories: love,

When I Stop Loving You

When dawn's light is drawn from the moon
And morning dew arrives in the afternoon

When willows rejoice instead of weeping
And promises are no longer worth keeping

When artists paint only in dull shades of gray
And stars abandon the realm of the Milky Way

When a pen and ink no longer can I find
When love is a word that can be defined

That will be the moment when I stop loving you
And my heart forever dwell in a world of blue

by Ruby Honeytip |
Categories: boyfriend, love,

3 Steps

I see you
3 steps away,
I could bridge the gap 
In an instant.
And then what?
Would I gently kiss you?
Would my tongue trace your lips
Creating tactile memories of your warmth, of your taste and the wet sweet abandon of our passion......
Would I gently place my hands
On your face
And explain my love 
With nothing but the mirror of you in my eyes?
Would I place your hand on my breast
And let my pounding heart speak the words to your fingers...
I love you
I love you
I love you
You would know
Without question
Through my touch 
That you have me
Sacred, spinning, free,
Please....Make me your love
Press your soul to me
And I shall return in kind.

You are so beautiful to me.

2013 ©
Ruby Honeytip

by The Insolent Rib |
Categories: life, love, lust,

Last Lust Lorn Lament

                           i'm abandoning

                        it's left me nowhere 



Brenda Chiri's 
Abandon 2 - Poetry Contest

by john loving iii |
Categories: parody,

the blank page

nothing beautiful, nothing sad
nothing useful for this pad
no ideas for me to write
with pen and paper 
gathered with light
no great hope, no great fear
nothing to give cause for tears
no loud cry for justice denied
no high praise for made up eye's
nothing to set hearts on fire
no hidden wit for political satire
none of the sweetness love begets
and the acts of hero's we often forget
the memories have faded
the times i've made love
and nothing beacons from heaven above
but i dare not abandon
this art i love
tis my existence
my gift from God
perhaps tomorrow 
i'll know what to say
but for today all i'll have
is this empty blank page

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, angst, anxiety, emotions, feelings,

The Veil Of Death

Buffed out with time's fine emery Alzheimer's stole your memory. And you sit in your chair and gaze lost in a perpetual haze. There is little left but a shell you're not in pain, but don't look well. And when I touch you, you pull back as if fending off an attack. How horrible to be confined especially trapped in one's mind. And though I wish it weren't so, love only adds to my sorrow. This is something we will work through for I'll never abandon you. And when you breathe your final breath smile at me, through the veil of death. (Kyrielle) 03/12/2020

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: art, confidence, creation, identity, image, inspirational, self,


Artist wannabe
I’d love to look the part
Feel and act the pro
Feel it deep within
Imbued with inspiration
Exploding with creativity
Living the life of a hermit
Ploughing through it
Or dancing through it
Not bound by rules or confines
One day I know
I’ll shed this heavy cloak
And live the way I’ve dreamt
Abandon all possessions
Become the butterfly
I was always meant to be
Freed from shackles
Just create create create        

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on December 31, 2018, for contest MY LOUDEST FEELINGS sponsored by CAREN KRUTSINGER  -  RANKED 2ND

Originally posted on December 12, 2018

by David Meade |
Categories: love,

Abandon Love

                              crimson heart tears fall

              pride      anger       hurt      fear  --  swept clean

                             return . . . love – I plea 

David Meade

Live Generously

by Karen Ruff |
Categories: friendship, imagery, nature, rain, rainbow, sun,


Rainbows are for hope. 

Raindrops splatter 'gainst my window     
Music from the sky; 
Each crystal drop a mellow bell 
A gentle melody to tell     
me ...that your love is mine. 

 Sunlight scatters thru my window     
Warm touches sent to me 
Each photon beam a kiss from you 
Sent to me across the blue...     
 A comfort wished here tenderly. 

 April winds caress my window    
 Breath from clouds above; 
Daring me to share the passion, 
Give my heart in wild abandon,     
 Drinking deeply of your love. 

 Rainbows Bless my Open window      
Sun-drops & rain combined. 
The ends connecting us together 
Distances no longer matter...      
Out hearts are intertwined.

by Lucilla Carrillo |
Categories: poetry,

Just A Phantom

Just a Phantom I go through this life, without direction. I don't feel sorrow, I don't feel pain and I don't feel love. I once had a love that was my life and my everything. He/She was my adoration. But greater was my torment - when one day He/she left and abandon me. I am a phantom of my past. I am one of those souls that God forgot. If one day I would meet Him/Her again and on his/Her knees would ask my forgiveness - I would forgive Him/Her for He/She would be just like anyone else to me. I am just a phantom of my past. I don't feel sorrow, I don't feel pain and I don't feel love...
01/21/2014 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

by Torian Lockett |
Categories: caregiving, inspirational,


Dreams become nightmares
When one sleeps through life
To be awake is to be aware
Nonviolence is a tougher fight

The brain is a filter
And the heart is a storehouse
Stealing and Stinginess
Will lead to the poorhouse

Never abandon belief
It's stamina for your actions
The right combination of love and hate
Is equivalent to compassion

Diligence trumps intelligence
So never be too proud
Let the work itself be the gift
And bonuses are sure to come around

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, farewell, feelings, goodbye, hurt, relationship,

On Your Own

While young and naive I fell for your charms. And yet, now I must abandon your arms. I will tiptoe out when the night turns black. And scurry away without looking back. Asleep with your dreams you lie unaware. And it hurts inside, because I still care. All of my hopes were scuttled in mid-stream. And there's more to love than a worn-out dream. I can’t live a lie or try to pretend. But you’ll always be much more than a friend. Tomorrow you'll feel confused and alone. But you’ll be better off there on your own. 1/15/2015

by Zakhe Michael Mcunu |
Categories: april, courage, death, deep, forgiveness, good night, metaphor,


I want to say good night
But its night as yet to you
I can see darkness now
If maybe you never left

I have to say good night
Darkness has defeated me
Only your love can resurrect me
I am afraid to go now
But I have to go and live under the shads
Love me to my silent place

Good night when you see the moon
Flower me with roses from abandon garden 
Cover me with what i was and be now
Good night sleep with elevated power

by Annie Lander |
Categories: beautiful, celebration, change, children, fear, flower, daffodils,

Hello May

Hello Month of May
What do you have to say?
About January, February and March

As a brand new start
What do you have to offer?
That January, February and March
Could not produce: not even inner peace
Our sins were forgiven in April
Or lovers woo us in February and quickly abandon us
 March was disaster
After disasters

Can you promise us peace and solitary?
Zinnias, Daffodils, and Roses
As we move along with all of Mother Nature 
love and beauty 
 we are now travelling into an inspirational journey
May! can we really welcome you?

by Dave Rhumour |
Categories: love, poetry, romantic,

Red, Red Wine

Let us spill our red wine together,

abandon all concerns about stains.

Let us take a long drive together,

and get lost in the woodland lanes...

Our picnic will simply be of cheese & wine,

with a soft blanket to cushion the ground,

and when we spill that red wine on each other,

we'll lick it up & make some giggling sound...

Yes, let us spill our red wine together,

splash it everywhere without any care,

for the great beauty of being in love dear,

is we don't need anything at all to wear...


July 23rd 2012

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: 11th grade, appreciation, celebration, prayer, spiritual,

Triple A

Ave! You alone are the Absolute and Almighty Authority --Appoint and anoint us as agents in your army against the antagonist as he awaits his Avenger and the abyss Alleluia! You are our Advocate, abiding, awe-inspiring, able, and appealing --Admonish us again in our avarice, abuse and anger --Aid us also to abandon adultery, abortion, apostasy, arrogance and anxiety. Amen! You are the Ancient of Days, the Alpha, Abba, Adonai, Anointed One and the I AM. --Accept the aroma of agape love arising in the air as we act in one accord.
written March 28, 2019 Sponsor: Beata Agustin Contest: ALLITERATION REGARDING RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD

by Brian Terry |
Categories: fantasy,

Artio Forest Goddess

See her bathing in the limpid pool
A gentle Goddess
The mistress of the forest.
She plays with the dappled fawn.
Under the twisted Oak
She cares not for the creeping form
the man who plans her body to ravish
Oh, fool she is divine.
no man can touch her, too brutish.
I spoke to her of love and passion
greatly daring I touched her
my life she made me abandon.
She stands triumphant, at her brightest
and since she vanquished me.
She is the mistress of my heart.
Under the twisted  oak 
See how She sleeps 
with those Lily breasts 
And crocus arms 
And wild, wild daisy hair.

by Chaim Wilson |
Categories: emotions, life, love,

A Time When Moth and Man Rhyme

A moth’s drawn to light,
Man seeks his dawn in a lover.
Either species takes flight.
Both lose ability to hover,
As balance becomes slight,
Circling and spiraling another,
Crashing is dangerous due to the height.
Two voices emerge and vie to take over,
Caution says, “Incoming blight!”
“To be safe, I better run for cover!”
Abandon says, “What’s natural is right!”
“Isn’t this how dad met mother?”
Breathing room’s scarce, everything’s tight, 
For moth or man it’s no clear matter!