Love Poems About Abc or Abc Love Poems
by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: death, life, love, passion,

Desire (Spanish Lira)

My eyes see just the surface
But there’s so much more to you than meets the eye
My heart increases its pace
As my throat lets forth a cry
With a need to kiss your skin, else I should die


by Audrey Haick |
Categories: nature, world,

Xox World

XOs to the world..

spherical beauty enthralling revolving gem... man’s own wonderland a galaxy's pearl enshrined by sun moon and stars... constant renewal ~*~
P.S. XOX World Love, A.B. For P.D.'s XOX Valentine World Contest 7th Place Win...2011

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: christmas, light,

Yuletide Love

Pouring sweet joy through yearning souls Christmas hope invites silent nights A stunning feeling which controls Yuletide love written in the lights Whispers of laughter fill the heart Taking the spirit to new heights Warming with smiles which will impart Yuletide love written in the lights Grace falls lightly on season's bliss Quieting darkness with soft whites Singing peace with a gentle kiss Yuletide love written in the lights Pouring sweet joy through yearning souls Yuletide love written in the lights Kyrielle Sonnet AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB. Sonnet's Salutation Poetry Contest Sponsored by: William Kekaula

by Shubham Dhama |
Categories: girlfriend, hindi, i love you, love, love hurts, miss you, poets,


bin yaad k bhi likhta hu teri ab ,,
aashiq tha tera pehle ab shayar sa ho rha hu ,,,

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: halloween, love, love hurts,

I Fell In Love With a Vampire

You might think there's something wrong with my head. I believe in the existence of members of the living dead. She only comes out at night, and never walks in the day. The trouble is, I know she died last May. This pretty vampire has cast her spell over me. She says I am just her type, positive AB. When this creature bites my neck, it feels so kinky. She always leaves much more than a hickey. With her long black hair and dark eyes, she is one I will take. Please don't come near her with silver bullets or a wooden stake.

by Amber Boillot |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, hope, husband, life, love, passion, love,

Thoughts of April

No clouds in sight
Yet no clear days yet
Believe in what’s right 
Which means loving you from the day we met

I feel the sun
Warmth I can’t explain
Only one other place, bar none
Where I can feel the same

The light you shine
Heals my wounds
From the worlds filth and grime
In the dark, you’re my moon

The gift you’ve given me
To live out my journey 
Guidance, strength, and love is key
For hopes, dreams, and wishes I see

Freedom with your heart
I’ve never wished for more
Never want to ever part
For my love for you is deep into my core

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: happiness, life, love,

Together Upon Day (Spanish Lira)

I welcome thee to my heart
Come to me now to share in this lovely night
To dream as one, never part
Wake to see the morning light
Venturing together as the sun shines bright


by Amar Rafiq |
Categories: cry, lost love, love, sad, sad love, urdu,

Wo Kahti Hai

Hamary bary my zamana baty karta hai
Bola   do   hum   ko    wo    kahti    hai
Nahi chahti k badnam ho donu Zamany my
Ab tor do yah rishta Wo kahti hai
Na milay ga koi dunya mu tyry jysa 
Rakho gi hamysha yad tum ko wo kahti hai
Dyty howy khatt wo ro rahi thi
Yad kar k tumhy muskaraw gi wo kahti hai
Khatt b ro raha tha lafzoo ko dakh kar
Us k akhar my sada muskaraw wo kahti hai

Ab is zindagi ka my kya karo

Marny ka sochu to AMAR us ke ik bat yad ati hai
Jina    sirf    myry   lia    wo    kahti       hai

by Sangita Choudhary |
Categories: feelings, happy, hope, life, love,

Pyar Ka Ehsas

suni si wo jindagi , jisme na koi chah aur na wo pyar ka ehsas
badte rahe jindagi me,jis trah kaat rahe the hum jindagi
ek ichha hui kisi ko pane ki
hum ho jate pichhe , shayd na mile hume
par mil gyi wo khusi ,jo umid na hume
khusi hui, pyar ka ehsas hua us din
lga hume mil gyi manjil, par thi meri khusi do pal ki
chali gyi khusi humare daman se
khusi na mile ab hume dobara
un khusi ke palo ko man me bsa rakha hai
ab na aur khusi ki ichha hai hume
ab unhi khusi ke palo ko maan liya puri jindagi apni

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: love, passion, uplifting,

Voices of Love (Spanish Lira)

Speak to me with love, my sweet
I wish to speak with only you, forever
As words can be love, I speak
Stop speaking to you? Never!
For to hear your voice is my satisfying treat.


by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: giggle,

Footloose 1-13

Let’s wait 
For the frogs

She collects
Poseidon’s cum 

Drop of

Tremendous fruits and birds

Points of view

Japanese kimono

Dead face
Color fades

a bird sings

Ancient spinners of tales

Like Dali eccentric

Ubiquitous handkerchief

Ab inconvenienti


by Luis Martinez-Rivera |
Categories: confusion, funny, imagination, time,

What Would They Say

There is no one left for explana-tion…
They are all gone,
The violent end has come…
Revving up since realization,
Of the abstract. 


Hope. Another one-
Love, yet another-
Space well there’s a fact.

So how do we…decide?
On the dot of midnight demised.

Quasar, no, galaxy 
Red-blue. Maybe the work of a gypsy. 

AGGressive-ly  dealt with-
In order to paint wilted whispers.

Van Gogh would be proud!
Of this wonder we allowed to be unplowed-

Ab st ract. Abst raction.

by Cynthia Buhain-Baello |
Categories: happiness, love, magic,

Love, Like the Silent Flight of Butterflies

Love,  like a silent flight of butterflies
Engulfs the naive heart with drowning joys,
And there sings the song of a thousand sighs
To enchant with dazzling hues it employs.
With magic  'round the chambers it enjoys
Conquest,   with every skipping beat of heart.
Flutters to and fro,  in dreams won't depart.
And like the grasp of wine that simply holds.
Captive  lovers  know not when it did start.
Love is such blissful drunkenness untold!

All rights reserved~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~~05.22.15
Dizain - poem with 10 lines, 10 syllables per line and ab/ab/bc/cd/cd rhyme

by Amber Boillot |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, life, loss, love, philosophy, me, me,


Take me down from
Who you think I am
Pull me apart from
Everything you can
Send me to the world
You think I belong
Chain me down where
You want me to stay
Teach everyone else
To feel the same way

You need to feel me broken
You need to see hopelessness
But at the same token
There are things you’ll always miss

You can only take
What I let you
Things that you can’t force/make
Me until I decide I’m through
I’m learning to find within
Hope, perseverance, will
And this is where I begin
My love for them can outlast you still.


by Valsa George |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, happiness, may,

A Day In May

It's a beautiful day in May Fluffy clouds float in sky above Soft breeze, on every leaf does play Each sensitive heart throbs with love Valleys overflow with bird song As I walk through the grassy mead Wild blossoms kiss my feet in throng Beauty to beauty, eyes proceed May.3.2022 Placed Third A Lay for A Day in May Poetry Contest Sponsor- Andrea Dietrich Syllable count : 8 per line (HMS) Rhyme checked on Rhyme scheme- ab ab cd cd

by Carma Sanderson |
Categories: lost love, romance, sad, love,

Reflection's In the Mirror

By search to the highest alimony, from hero to zero.
If love is put to the test A question will yet be answered
by one man who simply stares truth dead in the eye, 
and one woman desperate to love him.

A secrecy is now silently broken by both
idenity's .... He loves her not, she accused
by being ab-sent- minded behind mirrors of 
one man; one woman.

"Where ReFlection's are seperated by 
different mind's."

by Amber Boillot |
Categories: devotion, family, children, hope, life, love, mother, philosophy, me, world, me, strength,

Keep Me

Keep me with you
I beg of you don’t go
Watch my strength push
Soon the whole world will know

The battles are not forgotten
To keep you in my arms
For you I have sought
My will fades away their charms

Through the depths I climb
Even while they slow me down
I can’t live without you
My determination is wound

So keep me with you
I beg of you don’t go
Watch my strength push
Soon the whole world will know

I know I need you
For you make me live
Strive for you I do
My life to you I give.


by Amber Boillot |
Categories: dedication, devotion, family, inspirational, life, love, mother, love,


I am doing all I can
To make sure you get the world.
I am doing all I can
To make sure happiness is yours.
I am doing my best
For you,
For your life,
For your soul.

My strengths will become yours
And you will surpass me.
My prayers will guide you
And you will find what you seek.
My hope and love will blanket you
But… you won’t know me.

I refuse to let you
See my pain.
I refuse to show you
The cruelness in my life.
My mountain is not yours
And all I need to do
Is love and watch over you.

I am your conscience
Your strength
Your angel
Your mother.


by Amber Boillot |
Categories: childhood, daughter, family, children, life, mother, philosophy, son, love,

Their Eyes

They are a prize
To encounter or find
When chance gives you their eyes
You can glance at a beautiful mind

They love without care
To any and all
Heart on their sleeves they wear
Bravery never to fall

Their laugh can light
Through a thousand years of pain
Giving hope for those who fight
For happiness and love to gain

Small as they may be
But just as strong
We give the world for them to see
For they’’ strive for what’s right and wrong.


by Erich Goller |
Categories: life,

Delightful Times

Delightful Times (Ameri-Sonnet) I love a cozy fireplace always brings such a delight with things that make my heart race in the wonderland of white. Snuggling up in bed at night inside away from the storm, after turning of the light the down blankets keep us warm. No other place brings more calm there is the time full with dreams, Some dreams have a lovely charm but not always what it seems. With special roots that are deep sometimes for joy makes me weep. Erich J.Goller Copyright 11.5.2011 Ameri-Sonnet by Richard W. Jenkins 14 lines--7 syllables each line Rhyming ab-ab-cd-cd-ef-ef-gg-

by Cher Brown |
Categories: loss,

No Understanding of What Was To Be


 I Have No Words,
 Of What Went on That Day....
 The Day The Lord Called,
 Their Son Away!

The Pain, The Shock, The Tears,
 Of, All Who Shared,
 The Love and Respect,
 Of, All Who Cared!
 To Pray, To Honour, To Guide, To Be,
 He Said, Dearest Child, You Belong To Me.
 So, Please Understand, Dearest Loves Of Mine,
 I Needed Your Son, To Help Others, In Their Time!
 To Never Give Up, In Life As You See,
 One Day, At A Time, Blessed, To Be!
 Go On, With Each Day, In Life As, You See,
 Until The Day, I Call You,
 With Truest Love From Me!

 In My Thoughts and In My Heart!
 Written by: Cheryl L. Brown

by Krish Radhakrishna |
Categories: 10th grade, beautiful, christian, devotion,


spark of divinity in us aflare,
is spark of graciousness aglow within,
is a gift from heaven that we should share!
spark of divinity in us aflare
is an ocean of love to show we care,
is a light that guides us past earthly sin!
spark of divinity in us aflare
is spark of graciousness aglow within!!

Premier contest winner (5)
Graciousness poetry contest
Mohan Chutani
Written 18/11/2020

10 syllables each line ABa, Aab, AB rhyme!

by Bhawna Sharma |
Categories: black love, break up, first love, lonely, lost love, memory, sad love,

Tu Badal Jaega

Tu badal jaega 
Jo Mai Oro se se lad Kar tuje apna Bola krti thi ....
Ab tu Kisi or Ka hojaega ...!!
Tham Kar Mera hath Jo Tu chalta tha...
Tera rasta to Mai 
Lekin manzil koi or hojaega !!
Mere hasne par Tu Khush ...
Or mere rone par Tu udas hojaya krta tha ....
Frk bas ab itna he rhega Mai roti rhugi 
Or Tu Kisi or Ka hojaega !!
Tu us se chahe Kitna he pyar karlena....
Lekin dukh me tuje Mera he chehra nazar aaega!!
Chal koi ni 
Tu nhi to Teri Yaadein ....
Wo pyar bhari batein ....Teri tasveere 
Ye Sab to mere pass he reh jaega ....!!

by Urdu Best Poetry |
Categories: first love, friend, friendship, i love you, love, poetry, poets,


 Chalo Yeh Zindagi Ab Hum Tumhary Naam Karty Hain,
Sunna Ha Be-Wafa Ki, Be-Wafa Sey Khoob Banti ha..! 

by Ridhima Rathore |
Categories: 12th grade, best friend, black love, care, confidence, friend, nice,


???? Aao Ab koi Dost Aisa Banaya jaye
jise Palkon pe Sajaya jaye??
Rahe uska mera rishta kuch is tarha ke?? ,ki
vo rahe Bhukha toh humse Bhi kuch khaya na jaye??…