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Poem Details | by Melissa Wadkins Patterson |
Categories: hope, life, love, yellow,

Yellow heart

This morning I wrote a poem
about a yellow heart 
pining for red fusion,
in a desperate attempt
to shake the fruit
that never 


And tonight I am alone
without tangerine lips
or the temptation of apple,
carefully watching familiar verses 
unravel themselves
and fanatically dance around
like a final punctuation mark
or an overused cliche,
while my hands whittle metaphors
into a quick-witted instrument
sharp enough to scrape
the smeared imagery
off the sidewalk of poem,

Still I am not sorry
the fruit has not

to kiss my weary head,
it takes an overly cautious yellow 
to see the perfect shade of red

Poem Details | by Lynn Marie |
Categories: happiness, inspirational, love, me, nature, nostalgia, people, places, uplifting, yellow,

our colour of yellow

The lake was still sleeping
a light mist rose above,
a weathered dock could be seen,
its aged wood; full of memories.

The air crisp, breeze light,
trees majestic; watching all.
Squirrels  busy scampering,
as a flock of geese soared above.

Way over yonder
clear across the still lake,
shining brightly were yellow shutters,
on our cabin; our special place.

We had toiled the garden
planted yellow roses with great care,
we had painted the old wood shutters,
yellow paint; speckled our hair.

The roof  we re-shingled,
one painstaking nail at a time,
we even counted the ouches;
when our hammers got out of line.

With nothing but smiles
on our weary, aching bodies,
we held hands, and went running,
into the still of the lake; giggling.

We swam out to the dock,
it was a race; he won,
my hand he took laughing;
as he quickly scooped me up.

Our toes dangled playfully
sending ripples in the lake,
as we gazed at our cabin;
yellow shutters; fresh with paint.

The trees swayed slightly
as if nodding with approval,
for our cabin by the lake,
was our private sacred jewel.

As we cuddled together
warmth filled our souls,
for our bright yellow shutters,
symbolized, our love's blossoming growth.

It was on this very dock,
air crisp, breeze light,
when he gave me a yellow rose;
and asked me to be his wife.

Poem Details | by Rapsede Blu |
Categories: divorce, flower, heartbreak, love, love hurts, yellow,

Yellow Flowers

You made me love yellow flowers
in the middle of July,
when everything was dying
because the ground was so dry.

You offered them to me
with the faintest smile on your face,
caressed the lemon petals
as you put them on display.

I looked at them quizzically,
questioning there presence.
You embraced me with laughter,
said they’re my essence.

You told me a short story
of blossoms and blooms,
and strength and survival,
in the midst of gloom.

And I fell in love with yellow flowers
because of the story you shared,
and I cherished their sunshine,
and the meaning they bared.

And then they were gone.

Along with you
and your stories and smile.

No laughter or embrace.
No petals or blooms,
sunshine or lemons.

The ground was dry
and cracked
and barren.

And I was alone,
with just a fading scent
and drifting memories.

You made me love yellow flowers,
then you took them away.

copyright 2017 rapsedeblu/'raps?de blü
Just a writer who needs to write.

Poem Details | by Gabrielle Jordan |
Categories: betrayal, color, lost love, love hurts, perspective, yellow,

Sandpaper and Phantom Rainbows

When I saw him last, 
He wore grey bananas on his feet 
He had a pirate’s hat between his teeth 
Long last the man from Oliver Kitten arrived on the shores of my head 
How was he to bring such a large basket of straws and ask me to bloom a white rose 
You have been back he said with a twirl of a red gem 
Yellow kittens for my pleasure, 
Only one black dog
Keep roaring up the hill, don’t stop 
Take the bottom off the wheel
You won’t need it soon 
You are on your way down 
The pink parade will catch your fall 
Dolphins everywhere 
Even under my old brown coat

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love, nature, sea, wifesummer, sea, blue, love, sea, summer, yellow,

Sunshine Flowers

The Daffodil, peeks at the yellow rays of the Morning Sun
She raises her head  :through the withering snow mound : with Dazzling Beauty
The Daffodil , Sings in harmony; Arise for I am : the Spring
The Golden weed, the Dandelion , reflects the yellow Halo Floating in the Sky
Knowing Life is short ,the Dandelion dots the Summer landscape
With Her Halo turning White, She calls the Wind and flies through the rays of the Sun
Goldenrod waits until summer is  nigh o’er before waving elegantly 
To the Yellow orb, warming her roots, She melodiously  Sings Forever be Your Glory 
The Goldenrod , humbly  Hums Hymns : to the very Eye of  a Loving GOD 
Yellow Roses speak of the Memories : “watching  the grass “Sportsman’s WAVE””
She sees the Glory of Nature : more Beautiful with each Magnificent  : Sunrise
Yellow Roses, petals so Silky Soft, holding in “ Remembrance “  a long Lost “ LOVE “
The “ AquaRose “ that Grows, in the deep Caribbean Sea “4 miles North of Aruba” 
Screams For the Sun, from her watery Grave, Yet she shines in a sea of  “ Sapphire   
                                                 " Blue " 
The Depth of the  “Blue sea, the Blue Sky above” Shadow  the glow of Sweet  
                                            "  Sunshine "
       Inspired by the Contest : " Flowers " : Sponsored by Francine Roberts
             Dedicated To my LOVES : " Barbara Jean "  & " Lenore Ellen "
              Author's Note : I Hope this is Read the way it was Written
                  YOUR Liege ALWAYS, LOVE : HGarvey Daniel Esquire
                                                7th Place win

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: fantasy, love, natureheart, heart,

Elf Girl Dressed in Yellow

Dressed in yellow
My golden haired elf girl
As she swings around nature
My heart in a whirl
Roses like ivy
Caress the swing ropes
As the butterflies flutter
Just like my heart hopes
Her blue eyes stare
As she swings to and fro
I desire to reach out
My hoping heart in flow
Just as we touch
The sun shines through the trees
To feel her soft skin
My heart in delightful appease
Suddenly i am startled
As i awake from my sleep
My dream of my elf girl
To my memory i shall keep

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: beauty, birth, color, death, dream, love, yellow,

Autumn Fire

Life embracing death in fire
Orange red yellow and brown
Moments hugging before departure
A colour bonanza in sundown

The oranges that you gave me
The tomatoes that I gave you
Nothing in fact in vain has been
Look at them in the autumn hue

Deep orange is the nature
In fading sad summer leaves
Dreams of the lingering life
Autumn wool bleeds and weaves 

Crimson whispers of the cool wind
Into the yellow red and brown
Incites the autumn fire further
Freedom fire in the town

Starved of green I am in fall
Even in transit I am in love 
With this green and yellow life
And your lovely lifeful cup

Glamour game of autumn fire
Golden brown and yellow balls
Colours of the laughing tear
To greet lovely tiny footfalls 

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: allegory, lost love, love, passion, sad, travel, yellow,

The Wanderer part 1

I remember a day I smiled at her
And she smiled back
That was miles away
down the road
We parted there
And I came back
to find her long gone
No trace, no note, no sign
I wondered if she
had hesitated before leaving
Was I worth a moment's reflection?
Does love escape so easily?
Can I hope for an equivalant peace?
I sat upon a stone
for an hour
On the deserted road
And reflected upon her existence
which so troubled me
How many have traveled
these worn paths?
Why do I see nothing
from horizon to horizon?
I smashed the stone
over my head
Hoping it would
ease the pain
No fresh thoughts 
flowed; but merely,
a second of intense pain
which melted into anger;
and resolved to despair
Alone I sat
till the sun had buried itself
below the distant hills
A cloud pushed it down
I knew I might die there,
if I did not travel on
Death has no mercy
So I put my shoes on
and walked

There was music
in the distant hills
flowed through the leaves
Did I detect a sinister leer
across the moon's face?

I spat at the stars
Whose light shone on me
with such a total waste

Each step
towards those grey and black hills
brought a recurrence of
each burning memory
I had no solice in thought

I took off my shoes
as I stumbled over the gravel
Hoping the jabbing pain
of each stone's attack
would flavor my thoughts

I was embarrassed
even while being alone
For I knew I was a fool
Had I not held her tighter
Had I not dragged her
Had I not missed her
on a different road.
I had not
And I paid dearly
for a few moments
of unexcelled bliss

I spent six days walking
in silence
Not a soul passed me by
Only the crickets saluted my march-
or did they laugh at me
from their dark dens?
I tried sleepwalking
when the agony of thought
burnt too deep
But I bagan finding myself
wandering off the road
You need both eyes
to travel that road

I was close to death
one weary night
A night so weary
I was restless with exhaustion
When the darkness
reached out to grab me
And I nearly smiled
to see my end

A sudden flash!!
A gleaming yellow light
The dim flicker of hope
swelled at the
So I ran
with my last moment's breath
to embrace a beauty
which outshone my old love

Strength returned and
my feet were no longer sore
Love bloomed to heights
I never knew existed
Old loves and earlier horrors
were dispelled by her
shining yellow light

(continued on part  two)

Poem Details | by John Crowe |
Categories: america, car, culture, love, passion, yellow,

My Old Car

Every inch of you I know by heart Every nut and bolt Every greasy part You've been with me Through thick and thin Sometimes I thought You'd never start again But with a kind word And a stroke of your dash A wiggle of the key And a pump of the gas You'd start right up With an extra loud roar Your body would shake And the smoke would pour Just quick trips I can't take you far But I'd never trade you in I love you, my old car

Poem Details | by Liz Labadie-Reilly |
Categories: love, nature, love, yellow,

Yellow Daisies

Petals of a yellow daisy,
windswept on a breeze,
does he love me, soon I’ll know
what the flower foresees.

Faith in a yellow daisy,
will our love affair unfold,
or will the yellow daisy speak
of false hopes bleak and cold.

Who’d think a yellow daisy,
harbored such amazing power,
foretelling my wishes, my desires
in one single little flower

So I’ll pick a field of daisies
 that’s what fields are for,
to find that special one that says
he’s mine forevermore.

APRIL 15/2012

Poem Details | by Danielle Wise Baxter |
Categories: best friend, for him, friendship, future, growing up, happiness, husband, love, marriage, ocean, peace, romantic, together, yellow,

Stained Glass Masterpieces

In his eyes I see tomorrow
he is the holder of all my time
like beautiful stained glass 
holding rainbow colored sand

His touch is healing and divine
like the warmest sun 
in summer time
his words are like seashells

As they call out to lovers in the ocean
drifting along the tide to sandy beaches
he has found me anchored to him
holding me with his soft sensual kiss

I see the moon in mid-day now
shining right beside the sun
they over came the obstacles 
of all the storms on the run

We are in the eye of the hurricane
where the sky is beautiful all day
enjoying our mystery
to the rest of the worlds dismay

He is the ink that now flows from my quill
I am the tapestry the ancients could never fill
together we are a master piece designed with our love
we are the ones who are well endowed in love

Stained glass masterpieces.
 art inked with sand from above
two beautiful lives filled with God in trust

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: lost love, metaphor, rose,

Yellow Roses

    Never accept a yellow rose,
For it's the symbol of love's jealousy.
Soon I'll envy every young man
Blessed to be found in your company.
    If you only knew how long
I've held you in my highest esteem;
While wishing for other circumstances
in which I, to you, would closer be.
     My yellow roses are unseen--
As invisible as what might have been...
     If you only knew how much
Regret will fly with me abroad,
And how much sorrow I'll feel from your absence,
Because I chose a distant road.

Poem Details | by Jeinara Odonio |
Categories: absence, art, blue, dark, desire, devotion, earth, emotions, eulogy, eve, feelings, hope, how i feel, howl, i love you, image, irony, joy, loneliness, lonely, longing, memory, missing, moon, night, pain, passion, poems, relationship, romantic, stars,

Yellow Moon

She watched as the earth fell asleep

Waited for the yellow moon

soft kisses of unfaithful wind..

Images..Images on her head

Nostalgic memory of a forgotten love

Flashes of things she tried to forget..

Her eyes caught the reflection of the moon

locked inside the rain on her cheek..

She was standing alone..

Her grieving heart sought

solace from the moon

She petitioned the stars

Where is he this very night?

Cruel..oh so cruel..

Beneath the silence of the sky

she bowed her head and cried..

Poem Details | by C.N. VunC |
Categories: lost love,

Yellow Tulips

There is sunshine in your smile, my love
Though I do keep asking myself, "why love?"

All this pain when I have little to gain
In my heart all I can do is sigh, love

Your lovely presence makes me feel pleasant
And thoughts of you makes me want to fly, love

Reality hits me and thus I flee
Your refusal makes me want to cry, love

I remember times we were together
That is all it takes to make me high, love

Hold in my heart what we had from the start
All the way until the day I die, love

These thoughts I keep it, hold it in secret
Hopeless love, I bid farewell, good-bye, love

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: beauty, city, love, rose, sun, today, yellow,

A Yellow Rose

I am thinking of the day
                  I came to you
                                  with a yellow rose

a passing businessman
                  said hello to you
                                  you put it in your hair

today is like that day
                  the sun is hot
                                  on a crowded city

we are discovering each other
                                  in the crowd

Poem Details | by MoonBee Canady |
Categories: allegory, cowboy-western, daughter, family, hope, inspirational, life, love, mother, nature, nostalgia, people, seasons, socialrose, yellow,

'Yellow Rose of Texas' (Haiku # 14)

‘ Yellow Rose of Texas ’ Haiku  # 14

         A Lone Star Shone On
         A Yellow Rose of Texas
         and Bluebonnets Grown

Poem Details | by Jemilla Hibonne |
Categories: life, longing, love,

Behind the yellow door

I heard knocking on the yellow door
The soft gentle taps,
In my mind sounded like roars

I listened for a second longer 
to hear the knock again
the stormy wind of the past
tore through me with so much pain.
For you have to understand
it not just a yellow door.
this door leads to memories,
of pain and joy and so much more.

Behind this door are my memories.
And I’ve hidden the keys
I’ve hidden in the darkness
until someone comes for me.

This is what happens 
when you get lost in the past.
My souls went in hiding.
This fate was mineAlas,

With trembling hands
I unlocked the door
I do not know what awaits me out there anymore.
It’s the pain that gets me first,
The pain of loss
The pain of grievance
The pain of love

Then came a familiar feeling,
And with it appeared a familiar face
I walked out of the door proudly
Towards the one that got away.
He holds out his hand,
and the fear is no more
I feel like uncharted land I walk on
but when he kisses me.
I’m home!

Poem Details | by Amnah Alamir |
Categories: good night, love, yellow,

I Pinky Promise

I am, in moments apart
though dark,  looking
in-between the shadows

Always, a whisper away
a footstep behind..
echoing doors

And the hand that
brushes, softly on
your cheeks

I stain my kisses
each time you sleep

Closer, than far
the star of stars
in the sky of skies

I lie, inside your heart
inside the beats, I hide.

Poem Details | by Laurel Larison |
Categories: childhood, dedication, faith, father, friendship, growing up, happiness, life, religion, time, happy, dad, fathers day, dad, happy, love, time, yellow,


I sometimes sit and wonder, dad are you with me? and are you sad?
I think of the time I had with him here on earth
He was a this frail, little man who loved the Lord 
He certainly did all he could, he loved yellow for he stood out in a crowd
My dad was a wonderful person and friend
You just had to do for him, he was always so happy and never sad
To have some help from time to time, he loved you to come see him
He was a true man of God
He went to church and gave all he had
He never had extravagant things
He loved the basics of having furniture and clothes
When I gave him the rocking chair for Fathers Day in 2008,
Little did I know he was getting ready to leave this earth
I remember being so very happy to see, the smile on his face
When I would come near
The thing I am trying to express for all of us is  to love your fathers and
Give them your trust
For you never know that this little man from God in yellow 
He may still be sitting in the church he loved
I remember always my father he was, the light of my life and now he is with the
Lord above
Love your fathers and let them know that you truly love them so.....

Poem Details | by Can Yucel |
Categories: love,

yellow tulip

you blossomed like a yellow tulip
you set a fire in me and left
don't think that the autumn leaf is fallen in this vineyard
you took my heart into your hands and left

your eyes that look as if they belong to a timid gazalle
you flashed a lightening in my heart and left
your adorable words were sweeter than honey
you burnt the rose in my garden and left

there is a pain in my heart, i burn
you burnt the blood in my vein and left
day and night, i don't stop, i look for you
you dragged a poisonous arrow inside my heart and left

i have a wow, i can't love noone else but Him
your eyes are my earring, you pierced and left
i have a FINE heart, i can't say 'don't touch'
you shot a bullet in my heart and left

Poem Details | by Rick Zablocki |
Categories: love, romance, yellow,

Yellow Rose

Approaching her now
The yellow rose behind me
Ran out of red ones
My heart is throbbing through me
Will yellow mean something here

Placed in her hand now
Slumbering daintily on
Her fingertip bed
Cupid's tear drop flows onto
My hand binding us for good

© 2013 Rick Zablocki

Poem Details | by Murray Mahauariki |
Categories: dedication, devotion, love, red, beauty, rose, dark, beauty, dark, love, red, rose, yellow,

13 Roses

As your valentine gift I give you 13 roses, meaning I'm your secret admirer, 
each rose has it's own meaning, because you are what I desire.

1 Dark Red rose for the beauty you hold, the elegance that can been seen.
1 white rose so pure is your spirit, always running free,
1 pink rose for all the times that you were never appreciated,
1 dark pink rose in admiration for your endless perseverance,
1 light pink rose in awe of your grace such a beauty to my eyes,
1 yellow rose for the joy you bring every time I smile,
1 yellow red tip rose for your friendship, for which I truly cherish,
1 orange rose you are the one that  I deeply desire,
1 peach roses in appreciation for the person that you are,
1 pale peach rose for the humility you show, when I am by your side.
1 lavender rose an enchanting touch which makes me blind, 
1 blue rose for a love that might never be, because you may never be mine,
finally 1 single red rose, this one I hold in my hand,
representing the love I have, yearning to be your man.

Dedication to P.D for Valentines day - from Muzz
M.Mahauariki © 2012
1st place

Poem Details | by Henri Abaddon |
Categories: environment, fruit, longing, love, love hurts, sensual, yellow,

An Ode to Grapefruits

Grapefruits are my favorite fruit
The taste is sweet and quite acute
Worthy of praise, grapefruits are
The most delectable by far

No other fruit can quite compare
Not apple, coconut, or pear
I love my grapefruit, every night
We make sweet love, uncontrite

All the haters can go to hell
Grapefruit and I get along swell
If you're a bigot, **** yourself
I'm grapefruit-sexual, and proud of myself

Poem Details | by Amra Cau |
Categories: art, color, creation, how i feel, love, wisdom, yellow,

the color wheel

i stood there.
i stood there looking into his eyes,
his eyes.
his eyes were warm,
warmth which i cannot explain in this century.
oranges, yellows, pinks,
warmth which hugs your tired feet,
warmth you imagine when you are alone and lonely,

his eyes were warm.
his face, sweet.
so sweet.
sweet enough to give it a tug,
give it a tug or two,
a sweet

because he knew him,
and i knew him,
and he knew that i knew him,
i knew that he knew that i knew,
and it was silence.

silence of sweetness.
sweetness of god.
the sweetened you might imagine,
in gods honey bee garden.
the smell of flowers.
the delightful smell,
of spring,
of laughter,
of surprise of youth.
the sweet taste of love.
the pond you hope to swim in for eternity, 
this sweetness.
i saw.

i felt,
my heart puddled into this sweetness.
this nectar.
one might only feel in god,
i saw in his eyes.
and his face.

warm face.
warm heart.
a winters oven heart.
gladly embracing the lonely stranger,
so mercifully,
so gently.

tall he stands
looking slighting down
into my eyes.
eyes which can only hope to flower.
to yearn
for tender touch.
body mind and soul

a dance of,
orange and blue.
green and red.
yellow and purple.

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: beauty, love, nature,

have you seen a yellow dove

Have you seen a yellow dove,
On a branch full of yellow fruits?
She did notice the photographer
He had to go, no more bother 
Does she know that he is a poet?
Birds friend birds lover.
Down to earth mind
Clean heart above

Poem Details | by Matt Caliri |
Categories: funny, love,

Yellow German Love Letters

There is a blanket of yellow love.
She wrote to me of it 
In an unleavened light letter,
Where my god is your god, and 
Sudden drops of bereavement 
leave a love nest of hands, 
Making certain you knew you were part of the whole,
A vibrant pulsating joy button.
Your hands are there to hold not swat.
"Bread" in German is "Brot."

Poem Details | by MAUREEN LEFANUE |
Categories: seasons, love, time, yellow, daffodils,

What I Love About Spring

What I Love About Spring At the astronomical vernal equinox Appears the first signs of spring. A new breath of life When winter’s snow completes its ageing. I love the yellow daffodils And the perfumed aroma Of white and yellow freesias Along with other budding flora and fauna. I know some asthma folks Have a really bad time, But if you’re one of the older ones There’s less rheumatic pain for those in their prime. Spring is a sign of the coming summer That follows in its stead. Hotter days and beach fun’s around the corner; For the young ice-cream, pimples and blackheads. Spring is the time for romance, Although St Valentine got it wrong. Should have been in March That we acknowledge those romance songs. Baby lambs are playing in the fields, Such a beautiful sight to see, Especially if you live in New Zealand Where more sheep than people roam free. In Japan there’s the cherry blossoms, To brush away the depression of winter, Daylight time increases; The earth’s increasing axis does tilter. Unstable weather may more often occur; Flooding from the mountains Some folk have to endure. Still I love Spring when everything is new The old gives way to new birth Life comes forth from winter’s coma And the sun warms the earth! Written by Maureen LeFanue for Carol Brown’s Contest “Spring” 29/1/2012

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: life, love, love, time,

The Yellow Brick Road

The courage I lack to make you mine
Still haunts me everyday
Your beauty grows from Heaven's vine
And I'm just in the way

I lack the knowledge to follow my dreams
For I fear it's all in vain
But that's the way it always seems
Since love has taken my brain

I just don't seem to have the heart
To tell you how I feel
Each day we're growing further apart
'Til I wonder if it's real

Maybe in a different time and place
Where love is free to roam
I'll finally catch the things I chase
And make my heart your home

'Til then I'm lost, my life a void
As I watch my path erode
I'll collect the things that time destroyed
And follow the yellow brick road

Poem Details | by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love

Xanthous Yellow (Sapphic stanza)

I fell in love amid the xanthous yellow
as clarions of daffodils awaken
in the gently warming winds of April's song
to the springtime air.

As soft as the breeze she took hold of my hand
and led me to places only lovers see,
draped in faded charms of cherry tree blossom
my heart came alive.

In her kiss, a tender moment of rebirth,
the empty soul I was stirred into being
my transition in her loving embrace
a heart’s destiny.

Poem Details | by Michael Bell |
Categories: crazy, dedication, emotions, love, passion,



Each  day that  pass  with heart ache  cry,
I drop a tear in a pond close  by.
The ripple  count  of many  rings,
are echoes  voiced that you are  near,

And as the  clock of hours tick,
a yellow rose for you  I  pick.
as  minutes  pass, a  forest  grows,
With yellow roses just for you.

The candles  lit, in seconds timed.
they cast a  light as roses glow,
the fragrance thence that floats above,
tells you  this,  I’ve  done with love.