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Love Poems About Yellow or Yellow Love Poems

Yellow love poems and/or love poems about Yellow. Read, share, and enjoy these Yellow love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Yellow Poems.

Poem Details | by Melissa Wadkins Patterson |
Categories: hope, life, love, yellow,

Yellow heart

This morning I wrote a poem
about a yellow heart 
pining for red fusion,
in a desperate attempt
to shake the fruit
that never 


And tonight I am alone
without tangerine lips
or the temptation of apple,
carefully watching familiar verses 
unravel themselves
and fanatically dance around
like a final punctuation mark
or an overused cliche,
while my hands whittle metaphors
into a quick-witted instrument
sharp enough to scrape
the smeared imagery
off the sidewalk of poem,

Still I am not sorry
the fruit has not

to kiss my weary head,
it takes an overly cautious yellow 
to see the perfect shade of red

Poem Details | by Gabrielle Jordan |
Categories: betrayal, color, lost love, love hurts, perspective, yellow,

Sandpaper and Phantom Rainbows

When I saw him last, 
He wore grey bananas on his feet 
He had a pirate’s hat between his teeth 
Long last the man from Oliver Kitten arrived on the shores of my head 
How was he to bring such a large basket of straws and ask me to bloom a white rose 
You have been back he said with a twirl of a red gem 
Yellow kittens for my pleasure, 
Only one black dog
Keep roaring up the hill, don’t stop 
Take the bottom off the wheel
You won’t need it soon 
You are on your way down 
The pink parade will catch your fall 
Dolphins everywhere 
Even under my old brown coat

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: fantasy, love, natureheart, heart,

Elf Girl Dressed in Yellow

Dressed in yellow
My golden haired elf girl
As she swings around nature
My heart in a whirl
Roses like ivy
Caress the swing ropes
As the butterflies flutter
Just like my heart hopes
Her blue eyes stare
As she swings to and fro
I desire to reach out
My hoping heart in flow
Just as we touch
The sun shines through the trees
To feel her soft skin
My heart in delightful appease
Suddenly i am startled
As i awake from my sleep
My dream of my elf girl
To my memory i shall keep

Poem Details | by Liz Labadie-Reilly |
Categories: love, nature, love, yellow,

Yellow Daisies

Petals of a yellow daisy,
windswept on a breeze,
does he love me, soon I’ll know
what the flower foresees.

Faith in a yellow daisy,
will our love affair unfold,
or will the yellow daisy speak
of false hopes bleak and cold.

Who’d think a yellow daisy,
harbored such amazing power,
foretelling my wishes, my desires
in one single little flower

So I’ll pick a field of daisies
 that’s what fields are for,
to find that special one that says
he’s mine forevermore.

APRIL 15/2012

Poem Details | by Jeinara Odonio |
Categories: absence, art, blue, dark, desire, devotion, earth, emotions, eulogy, eve, feelings, hope, how i feel, howl, i love you, image, irony, joy, loneliness, lonely, longing, memory, missing, moon, night, pain, passion, poems, relationship, romantic, stars,

Yellow Moon

She watched as the earth fell asleep

Waited for the yellow moon

soft kisses of unfaithful wind..

Images..Images on her head

Nostalgic memory of a forgotten love

Flashes of things she tried to forget..

Her eyes caught the reflection of the moon

locked inside the rain on her cheek..

She was standing alone..

Her grieving heart sought

solace from the moon

She petitioned the stars

Where is he this very night?

Cruel..oh so cruel..

Beneath the silence of the sky

she bowed her head and cried..

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: lost love, metaphor, rose,

Yellow Roses

    Never accept a yellow rose,
For it's the symbol of love's jealousy.
Soon I'll envy every young man
Blessed to be found in your company.
    If you only knew how long
I've held you in my highest esteem;
While wishing for other circumstances
in which I, to you, would closer be.
     My yellow roses are unseen--
As invisible as what might have been...
     If you only knew how much
Regret will fly with me abroad,
And how much sorrow I'll feel from your absence,
Because I chose a distant road.

Poem Details | by C.N. VunC |
Categories: lost love,

Yellow Tulips

There is sunshine in your smile, my love
Though I do keep asking myself, "why love?"

All this pain when I have little to gain
In my heart all I can do is sigh, love

Your lovely presence makes me feel pleasant
And thoughts of you makes me want to fly, love

Reality hits me and thus I flee
Your refusal makes me want to cry, love

I remember times we were together
That is all it takes to make me high, love

Hold in my heart what we had from the start
All the way until the day I die, love

These thoughts I keep it, hold it in secret
Hopeless love, I bid farewell, good-bye, love

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: beauty, city, love, rose, sun, today, yellow,

A Yellow Rose

I am thinking of the day
                  I came to you
                                  with a yellow rose

a passing businessman
                  said hello to you
                                  you put it in your hair

today is like that day
                  the sun is hot
                                  on a crowded city

we are discovering each other
                                  in the crowd

Poem Details | by MoonBee Canady |
Categories: allegory, cowboy-western, daughter, family, hope, inspirational, life, love, mother, nature, nostalgia, people, seasons, socialrose, yellow,

'Yellow Rose of Texas' (Haiku # 14)

‘ Yellow Rose of Texas ’ Haiku  # 14

         A Lone Star Shone On
         A Yellow Rose of Texas
         and Bluebonnets Grown

Poem Details | by Amnah Alamir |
Categories: good night, love, yellow,

I Pinky Promise

I am, in moments apart
though dark,  looking
in-between the shadows

Always, a whisper away
a footstep behind..
echoing doors

And the hand that
brushes, softly on
your cheeks

I stain my kisses
each time you sleep

Closer, than far
the star of stars
in the sky of skies

I lie, inside your heart
inside the beats, I hide.

Poem Details | by Michael Bell |
Categories: crazy, dedication, emotions, love, passion,



Each  day that  pass  with heart ache  cry,
I drop a tear in a pond close  by.
The ripple  count  of many  rings,
are echoes  voiced that you are  near,

And as the  clock of hours tick,
a yellow rose for you  I  pick.
as  minutes  pass, a  forest  grows,
With yellow roses just for you.

The candles  lit, in seconds timed.
they cast a  light as roses glow,
the fragrance thence that floats above,
tells you  this,  I’ve  done with love.

Poem Details | by Rick Zablocki |
Categories: love, romance, yellow,

Yellow Rose

Approaching her now
The yellow rose behind me
Ran out of red ones
My heart is throbbing through me
Will yellow mean something here

Placed in her hand now
Slumbering daintily on
Her fingertip bed
Cupid's tear drop flows onto
My hand binding us for good

© 2013 Rick Zablocki

Poem Details | by Henri Abaddon |
Categories: environment, fruit, longing, love, love hurts, sensual, yellow,

An Ode to Grapefruits

Grapefruits are my favorite fruit
The taste is sweet and quite acute
Worthy of praise, grapefruits are
The most delectable by far

No other fruit can quite compare
Not apple, coconut, or pear
I love my grapefruit, every night
We make sweet love, uncontrite

All the haters can go to hell
Grapefruit and I get along swell
If you're a bigot, **** yourself
I'm grapefruit-sexual, and proud of myself

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: beauty, love, nature,

have you seen a yellow dove

Have you seen a yellow dove,
On a branch full of yellow fruits?
She did notice the photographer
He had to go, no more bother 
Does she know that he is a poet?
Birds friend birds lover.
Down to earth mind
Clean heart above

Poem Details | by Matt Caliri |
Categories: funny, love,

Yellow German Love Letters

There is a blanket of yellow love.
She wrote to me of it 
In an unleavened light letter,
Where my god is your god, and 
Sudden drops of bereavement 
leave a love nest of hands, 
Making certain you knew you were part of the whole,
A vibrant pulsating joy button.
Your hands are there to hold not swat.
"Bread" in German is "Brot."

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: life, love, love, time,

The Yellow Brick Road

The courage I lack to make you mine
Still haunts me everyday
Your beauty grows from Heaven's vine
And I'm just in the way

I lack the knowledge to follow my dreams
For I fear it's all in vain
But that's the way it always seems
Since love has taken my brain

I just don't seem to have the heart
To tell you how I feel
Each day we're growing further apart
'Til I wonder if it's real

Maybe in a different time and place
Where love is free to roam
I'll finally catch the things I chase
And make my heart your home

'Til then I'm lost, my life a void
As I watch my path erode
I'll collect the things that time destroyed
And follow the yellow brick road

Poem Details | by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love

Xanthous Yellow (Sapphic stanza)

I fell in love amid the xanthous yellow
as clarions of daffodils awaken
in the gently warming winds of April's song
to the springtime air.

As soft as the breeze she took hold of my hand
and led me to places only lovers see,
draped in faded charms of cherry tree blossom
my heart came alive.

In her kiss, a tender moment of rebirth,
the empty soul I was stirred into being
my transition in her loving embrace
a heart’s destiny.

Poem Details | by Cameron Hartley |
Categories: light, love, sun, yellow,


Sunshine, take me to your forever-summer land
	Take me to those dunes of honey-gold sand

Sunshine, make me know what it's like to feel heat
	Make me feel like the sky where sun and horizon meet

Sunshine, show me from whence the dawn first sprang
	Show me how the East blushed when light first came

Sunshine, teach me how to feel alive where rain never falls
	I want to know how to survive when in you I am lost


Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: beautiful, love, daffodils,


Daffodils nodding Their faces shy and reserved Such tender beauty Soft butter moonlight tryst Our innocence lost

Poem Details | by Post Skriqt |
Categories: angel, art, cry, house, poetry, sad love, yellow,

Yellow house

I wanted to tell you I love you but I couldn’t bring my words to leave myself so you left but drove back to say I what I couldn’t

Days of holding you for hours and not caring about anything else

Days of talking about family plans

Nights of love and nights of stress

I tried my best to preserve the rest but I eventually had to move because the presence in the current location became toxic

But the yellow house remained

Until one day it was sold

And the rest of our story will remain untold

p.s. she said she stopped by the other day just to feel our vibes…

Poem Details | by Mariana pavlich |
Categories: art, education, nostalgia, on work and working, image, yellow,

Your Love is Like Nitric Acid ...

The Metal plunged into the nitric 
acid mix releases  yellow fumes.

Heavy workman's gloves.

The acid splattering onto the skin
 burns leaving yellow stains.

Apply water.

The image now etched into the metal 
bubbles where the image is left raw.


Gas mask and eye goggles.

How do you know how long to leave
the metal plate in the acid?


Deep etches left in longer, 
create  deeper grooves.

Your Love is like nitric acid
Eating away at my heart.

Poem Details | by Nalanti Goosen |
Categories: angst, death, funeral, life, loss, lost love, love, sad,

Single Yellow Orchid

Silver box filled with madrigals
Winter song upon her heart
One single Orchid in her hand
Flower of bitter sadness
Panting for what is lost

Eyes blind in the darkness
Seeing what is left of love 
Softly whispering his name
Reaching out for bitter sweet memories
Embittering herself for this pain

A sunset that she missed 
Candle light now her company
They chattered before she left 
The yellow Orchid on a grave
Untimely death of tender love

 Nalanti Goosen©2012
 All rights reserved

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: love, nature, social,

Yellow Butterfly

yellow butterfly
gently kisses me with
her scented lips

Poem Details | by Vernette Hutcherson |
Categories: life, lost love, love, yellow,


He placed a yellow rose on his pillow
When he left her that night
He was going back East
On a Red Eye flight

He  would always love her
But it wasn't meant to be
He already had a wife
Who wouldn't set him  free

He knew he should have told her
But everybody knows
When you can't face the pain
Just leave a yellow rose

Poem Details | by Masereka Amos |
Categories: age, celebration, conflict, culture, loss, lost love, new year, poetry, time, today, violence, writing, yellow,

Nature Of History

In time, days, months to years

Is the failure of relationships
In January to July to December

And the shallow of rivers
In July, August to September

The destruction by earthquakes
In January, February to December

The reshuffle of accidents
In lakes, roads and in air

The manufacture of acids, guns, and robots
In laboratories, industries and employment areas

The color of rainbows
Blue, green, grey

The personality of people
Conceited, gloomy, temperamental

The training of soldiers, students, and also religions
In academy, schools and institutes

The birth of children
Over years and years all over the world

The truth of lies
In homes, schools up to work places