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Love Poems About Yearning or Yearning Love Poems

Yearning love poems and/or love poems about Yearning. Read, share, and enjoy these Yearning love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Yearning Poems.

Poem Details | by Ahmed Rashwan |
Categories: longing, love,


Oceans dry up
Like my heart for you

Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: poetry,

If Love be of Yearning

If love be of yearning and silent need
To be found in soft hands of tenderness
To care and give become the planted seed
In love's wanton meadows that you caress
To bloom in every season filled with hope
This fragrant flower with its colored hue
Will paint each frame of love's kaleidoscope
As we turn its wheel with its changing view
To dream of love with eyes closed and a kiss
To feel its beauty as worlds wash away
A moment tender with its subtle bliss
Finds a heart yearning and asks it to stay

A need so silent becomes love fullfilled
And calms the heart beating, quiet and stilled

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: loneliness, love,

SENSE OF TOUCH My Yearning Love

My Yearning Love While I sit alone on this wooden bench where last we both sat My conscious mind reflects on the past The autumn light of day ripples through Amongst the baldachins between columns of the highest peaks, The cadence pulse of nature sounds flows through The tendrils of limbs and leaves play. I glance into the heavens with peacefulness For only a brief glimpse Feeling the tease of cool, crisp breeze against my face; And your presence summons by my yearning love For a trace of your soul’s faithful love and tenderness By: Eve Roper 8/30/2015

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: self,

Yearning Love

Love forgot me
Unknown is the reason
Still waiting yet
Some day it will find me
Solely time will say

Nayda Ivette

Poem Details | by Aleck Solier |
Categories: love, pain, memory, memory,


there’s a pain that tugs from the depth of my being

a pain unlike any other

it’s trigerred by the memory of your lips on mine,

how you win me over and over

sweet pain traced by your burning touch,

and the warm gush of wind from your words

dear pain from the memory of your embrace,

and how my existence you have disturbed

Poem Details | by Victor Chavez |
Categories: longing, love, passion,

The embers of yearning

I feel rekindled of yearning the embers.
So lovely you appear to me
I believe I yearn for her.
of love I feel my heart burn
as the flames of Hecate's torch
which me from within do scorch
as a land set ablaze
with nothing left after the graze
except a heaven that remains
in the aftermath of the dancing flames,
a paradise which I call passion.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Weible |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,

the yearning...

Lusciously liquid
your gaze lights on me, 
warming my skin where
eyes longingly trace
contours of a smile.

your scent coaxes 
me to draw in
essence of you.

Your smile pulls
On my heart-

Your words 
Make me



Poem Details | by Nigel Fawcett |
Categories: friendship, life, love

Yearning to fly

Venturing forthwith
to seek solution
on that which stands twixt
love freely given
and love deeply sought

What barriers
or obstacles
need tearing down
to accomplish?

Too many?
Perhaps, or
perhaps not

If we

Yearn ~

Poem Details | by Tom Rutherford |
Categories: emotions, i love you, lust, muse, passion, sensual, together,

Yearning So

My lips
Taste the salt
Of passion’s heat
The nectar of our love
Fresh on my tongue
Our bodies yearning
Always yearning,
Never satisfied, 
We crave each other
As a deep addiction
Of two linked souls


Poem Details | by Abby Garver |
Categories: death, depression, lost love, sad,


Under a blanket of layered dust
Sat a trinket of eternal trust
Still bound in all its glory
A remnant of a woeful story
Oh how the memories  did linger
As it sought to find her finger
That’s what it craved  the most
To resurrect Ella’s fleeting ghost
Ella was cheated from her love
When the  Death grabbed her from up above
Her ring it was taken
Only to be forsaken
How she wished to put it on
To wakeup to the morning dawn
And turn her head and gaze at him
To hold once more her darling Jim

Poem Details | by Jon B. Rangel |
Categories: lost love,

Yearning for you

Day's passing by,
on some I want to cry.
Missing you, wanting you,
while I'm away from you I have to make due.
With dreams and memories dancing in my head.
Will we be together again?
Or come back home in dread?
My sensitivity is my weakness an excuse for a front,
weather it's getting attention or just being blunt.
Fears of the past, present and future will never again
control my life,
for all I can live for now is to love my wife.
Yearning for you in more ways than one,
will keep me alive till my day's here are done.....

Poem Details | by Anthony Sarch |
Categories: longing, love,


Yearning for that one special love
To sweep me off my feet and leave
Me breathless when we're  together,

One with a precious heart to
Be desired and cherish as time
Go on as we grow together in
Perfect harmony and respect
For one another in unity.

Bring warmth as we embrace the
Cold nights together while we
Cuddle passionately  under the covers
To make tender love to each other,

Savoring our moment of pleasure
With gentle touch and kisses from
Our lips as we lay in comfort
From our peace we shared
On this night that we rejoiced,

Devotion for each other as
Our flesh and soul becomes
As one for all eternity.

Poem Details | by cheryl reid |
Categories: friendship, love, teen,

Yearning For

My heart yearns for love
My body yearns for someone to hold
My soul yearns for peace
Tell me what you yearn for

Poem Details | by Michelle McDermin |
Categories: love

Days of Yearning

I wish you could hold me
without any fuss
as everyday it would be a must
To be safe 
as I cry in your arms
without feeling so alarmed
Nothing's easy
as so it seems
these things we learn as we plead
Time will tell
to where we'll be
but for now
we'll play this love game

Poem Details | by Herman Dormehl |
Categories: god, money, prayer, sad love, solitude, soulmate, time,

Yearning for earnings

Yearning for earnings

An annum for my God may be hundred years of His day
My plans included His will, to guide all the steps of my way
But neither “Yet” nor “already been” was granted; I cry
Still my earnings determine my yearnings as life pass me by

Like waters on the ocean floor, should my fiscal standing allow
the boat of my passion thirst float - anyway; Somehow… 
But Deo Volente seems distant and far. Like only I dream.
Deep down, puddled up oceans can scream for a brand new regime

Abroad with my little boat on dry ground prevail
Like never before any traveler could fail
Still eager to learn from the God that I fear
Maybe one day in hundred for more than a year.

Poem Details | by corey latham |
Categories: love


i wait 
but no one comes
i see her
she doesn't see me

her past is present
my future is her

i wait
she comes
i see her
she passes me by

Poem Details | by Frank Sheehan |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,


I yearn for you
when you're
not near me
so I can
see your face,
hear your voice,
be in your presence.
It's a feeling
that's hard to describe
but you
know what it is
as you wait
for the next time
you will
be together
with the
one you love,
deeply care for
more than all the
materialistic treasures
on earth.

Poem Details | by fauxcroft wade |
Categories: inspirational, love, motivation, uplifting,

Time bomb yearning

There is a time bomb

Ready to explode

In my heart and in my soul

I have an aching to reach out to you

I have a yearning to be bold

And offer up my love to you

To create a light supreme

There is a time bomb that's blowing up my heart

To the point where it unfolds

And allows the love in

Like a river flowing

Beautiful and magnificently free

In spiritual empathy.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: god, heart, love,

Hearts yearning

Love is the Fruit of Two Lovers' Hearts, yearning for, turning toward God

               January 12, 2019
  Entry in 'Your Interpretation of What Love Is' contest
               Sponsor: Bobby May

Poem Details | by Ernest Robles |
Categories: poetry,

Yearning Love

THAT i have hidden my flesh away
 so no one touches it 
i cannot hide the soul of me 
without effort it rises upon 
its own

but the flesh speaks and yearns
to be with the remote love of you
there is nothing more to do
-- it is sheltered.

And yet, aside from Soul the rest
is a noisy child wishing food
and i tell the child:  
soon.  soon.

:: 11-04-2017 ::

Poem Details | by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: for her, memory, passion, remember, romantic love,


Yearning for you, dear, now and forever more
Earthquakes you create in my peaceful dreams
Awaken me quiveringly some nights, creating
Ripples on the streams of my thoughts
Never silent, my sweet, your heartbeats, that is
I hear them...I hear them nice and loud
Near or far. I think of you, ever so often. Oh, how...
Glowing embers of you burn inside my brain
Date written and posted: 10/05/2018

Poem Details | by Ojingiri Hannah |
Categories: longing, love,


My body crave for love
like a beautiful coloured dove
My heart yearn without end
and all years, I pretend
I'll die If I suppress
my yearning heart in distress
My heart is driven wild
Not slave to pretence anymore
And now, I won't ignore
Love that grows like child