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Poem Details | by Dorett Cope |
Categories: love, passion, sad, heart, heart, me,

Yearning For You

If I know what you want 
I would give it to you
How about the moon
A bandit I will become
Disguised as the wind
I will quickly steal it from the sky
And hand it to you
I don’t know what you want
I haven’t a single clue.

My heart you already have
Maybe I gave it too soon
Because all you did was take it
And break it in two
I tried to sew it together
But the cut was made too deep
Every time I think of you
Throbbing pain burst open
The wound I try to conceal

If you pour your love upon it
It will begin to heal
But all I can do for now
Is keep yearning for you

I close my eyes, I see you
You star in all my dreams
I will wave my magic wand
Darn, you are still there
A handsome tattoo etched on my mind
What can I do next? 
To make you disappear
To erase you from my life
I see you everywhere

The tears my eyes are shedding
Is nothing compared to the river
My waning heart is raining
My weeping heart is stained
With excruciating pain
If I was physically harmed
The doctor could patch me up 
The yearn I feel for you
Few will understand 

How did you reach in
So incredible deep
Each heart should come with a sign
“Fragile, easy to break
Handle with care!”
That could have saved me 
Nights of sleepless tears
But for now I must suffer
Yearning for you

Poem Details | by Valentina Iljina-Pechenova |
Categories: love,

Emotional Novel Written with Yearning Memories

Soft morning rays shone in my lonely homeI felt your presence everywhere.
I experienced your yearnings, my heart full of fluttering emotions.
My moon had gone when I was writing the new chapter of my novel,
The novel that was too strange since it was about another couple in love.

Her features were perfect and gorgeous, he reminded me of high passion.
They loved one another as passionately as the Earth could love nature.
I thrilled a bit, tried to keep the balance of my soul to set myself to work.
Soothed, I listened to the music of his tender heart: an impeccable rhythm.

Visions from our past rose, visions I really treasured so much.
The plot was simple but potent, as nobody could love each other as they loved.
It somehow dug events from our lives, past episodes of high delight.
Delighted he came nearer and lit my eyes with spring colorsI thrilled so much.

I could hardly believe my own eyes; intensely he looked at me.
He came nearer and nearer, I reached a point of sheer ecstasy
The skies opened and Pegasus took me on a free flight, so we soared highly.
The celestial cosmos echoed my wishesPegasus and I flew over the clouds.

There was not one soul around me except your free soul so close to me.
When the autumn was within reach, the dry nature demanded more freshness.
The memory pages like leaves had flown into the air as rain poured.
The earth longed for rain bringing in freshness that I needed so severely.

My cry echoed all the seasons of the year: how I needed them all.
I needed all of your soul, with precious flashes which lit my road at night.
Nobody would delete the day road to you, as you showed me the way to bliss.
The right turning led me to the majestic castle of romantic reality.

We parted, it happened in one moment; I never thought I would grieve so much.
Nothing broke my heart than bitter tears of partingThe tears of a lonely soul.
Your songs were the sun's rays, which caressed me as they went on and on.
I witnessed the rains of woe, the last daysHow I valued the sunny skies.

I would not wait for other showers; I write the novel with eternal love.
The thrilling rainfall satiated the parched valleyPegasus vanished in thin air.
For all the nights and days I live with my novel of eternal love.
For all that I possess, I love too muchI’ll always appreciate your tender heart!

Poem Details | by John Crowe |
Categories: desire, emotions, heart, love, lust, pain, soulmate,


Y- You
E- Everyday
A- Always
R- Running
N- Naked
I- In my mind
N- Never
G- Getting


Poem Details | by Ahmed Rashwan |
Categories: longing, love,


Oceans dry up
Like my heart for you

Poem Details | by Peter Dome |
Categories: beauty, desire, feelings, irony, love, romance, romantic,

Beautiful Girl Yearning Heart

I awoke one cheery summer morn
and watched the gentle breeze waft the fields of ripening corn
At once I saw the peasant girl off the common
through the branches of white cherry blossom
hurry along the cinder path up yonder hill
to labour long day at the woollen mill.

As pretty as a blessed angel
as sweet as honey from a bee
I an admirer from afar who hast never noticed me.

And in my lonely velvet covered poster bed
In placental home I idle the hours away
so wrapped up in warm repose
I dream about her every night and day.

How I long to stroke her long hair
and nuzzle my weary head at her
heaving bustling breast
and breath in her  ripening alluring womeness.

By the old coach house inn
a field of purple heady lavender grows
a place where the butterflies flirt and dance
and on a star filled moonlit night
has seen many hastened romance
How I long to lay her down
and hold her in my gentle loving hands
and to the nightingales tune
explore the surface of soft ivory
illuminated by the moon..

I left a silver heart shaped locket
and a note wrapped in a posy
upon the path for her to find
I watched as she bent down
to pick it up and looked around
hiding behind the shuttered window blinds.

But she be only a lowly peasant girl
and I a man of nobility
it breaks my love struck  heart to know
our love can never be.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014Jan.


Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: poetry,

If Love be of Yearning

If love be of yearning and silent need
To be found in soft hands of tenderness
To care and give become the planted seed
In love's wanton meadows that you caress
To bloom in every season filled with hope
This fragrant flower with its colored hue
Will paint each frame of love's kaleidoscope
As we turn its wheel with its changing view
To dream of love with eyes closed and a kiss
To feel its beauty as worlds wash away
A moment tender with its subtle bliss
Finds a heart yearning and asks it to stay

A need so silent becomes love fullfilled
And calms the heart beating, quiet and stilled

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: loneliness, love,

SENSE OF TOUCH My Yearning Love

My Yearning Love While I sit alone on this wooden bench where last we both sat My conscious mind reflects on the past The autumn light of day ripples through Amongst the baldachins between columns of the highest peaks, The cadence pulse of nature sounds flows through The tendrils of limbs and leaves play. I glance into the heavens with peacefulness For only a brief glimpse Feeling the tease of cool, crisp breeze against my face; And your presence summons by my yearning love For a trace of your soul’s faithful love and tenderness By: Eve Roper 8/30/2015

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: self,

Yearning Love

Love forgot me
Unknown is the reason
Still waiting yet
Some day it will find me
Solely time will say

Nayda Ivette

Poem Details | by jai Garg |
Categories: love

Unbridled Yearning

A daring striptease, 
To begin the rabbit hunt,
In our mutual joy;

Agog nipple breath fire,
To eventuate free suckles,
With active desire;

Abuse you to bite,
Kiss blend caress all over,
Raw initiation;

Ache for my wet tongue,
To satiate growing hunger,
In the love strikes;

Every piece licked,
To unwind new pleasures,
From twin petal lust;

Accosted juices mingle,
To fascinate ardent twist,
With in the quivers;

Adored sensations,
fingers to fist resistance,
In nature's talent ,

Adrift with passion,
Captivate you to my joy,
In our pure delight,

Touch you and provoke,
Each surrender with relish, 
To our ecstasy, 

Feel you all over, 
As you yield to my magic,
In the bellowed peaks,

Pound you wickedly,
Baby the way you enjoy,
To wildly ride me;

Behold you to crave,
Unveiled climax with moments,
In lewd raptures

Poem Details | by Andria Breen |
Categories: hopeme, love, me, sky, i love you,

Yearning For You

I’m looking up into the sky to find a hint of You
I try to see beyond the clouds and past the sky so blue.
I wonder if You’re really there reading all my thoughts
I wonder if You throw them out or put them in a box.
The clouds drift by one by one, the trees are swaying fast
I’m struggling to find You still and look outside my past.
The past is gone the future’s there
But let’s focus on the present here.
Your voice I hear it all around blowing through the trees
I feel You wrap around my soul and bring me to my knees.
Please be my confidence and the wisdom in my heart
Please still keep me together for fear will rip me apart.
I want Your love to hug me tight and rock me gently and close
And whisper gently in my  in my ear why You love me so.
Can You answer this question I have like all the times before?
Because I love You so much Lord, could I be something more?

Poem Details | by Jim Skinner |
Categories: hope, loss, lost love, light, light,

The Yearning

   She stands upon the white sands 
gazing across the churning abyss.
The yearning,
a hunger that gnaws at her soul.
If someone chanced to happen by
and looked into those emerald eyes,
they would find the light missing from those green orbs.
There was a time when a smile played at the corner 
of those hungry lips
and danced with a shine in those beautiful eyes.
Now it is absent without his fire to make her burn.
She's stood here before and would gladly
spend a lifetime waiting for his return.
The sun is waning,as mists form droplets in her raven locks,
sparkling like so many stars in a midnight sky.
With an ache that tears at her heart 
she departs her lonely vigil.
As she turns away ,she knows,
she will be back the next day
and the next ,and the one after that
until his return.
Then once again,returning the light to her eyes,
her life ,her very reason for being.

Poem Details | by Victor Chavez |
Categories: longing, love, passion,

The embers of yearning

I feel rekindled of yearning the embers.
So lovely you appear to me
I believe I yearn for her.
of love I feel my heart burn
as the flames of Hecate's torch
which me from within do scorch
as a land set ablaze
with nothing left after the graze
except a heaven that remains
in the aftermath of the dancing flames,
a paradise which I call passion.

Poem Details | by Aleck Solier |
Categories: love, pain, memory, memory,


there’s a pain that tugs from the depth of my being

a pain unlike any other

it’s trigerred by the memory of your lips on mine,

how you win me over and over

sweet pain traced by your burning touch,

and the warm gush of wind from your words

dear pain from the memory of your embrace,

and how my existence you have disturbed

Poem Details | by jennifer ward |
Categories: love, longing,

Yearning Heart

 Perhaps no one will ever know..what is held inside of meMy tenderness, my faithfulness, passions yearning to be freeI tried to tell someone, one time..thinking they would understand, I suppose that I was too intense, my emotions out of handMany times things happen..where I've not said a word, but lived within my yearning heart my solemn voice unheardI wrap my arms around try and ease the pain, Or feel the warmth of human touch, it's never quite the sameMy brown eyes that once sparkled..with the innocence of youth, are darkened in the shadows now, of all that is my truthI bear not any malice..revenge is not my goal just leave me as you found me, a loving, longing soulAnd maybe, maybe someday...will come that special touch, to reach inside my yearning heart, and love it just as much.

Poem Details | by Sophia J. |
Categories: caregiving, depression, family, hope, husband, inspirational, mother, sadheart, heart, life, love, me,

A wife's yearning to be a mother

Please forgive me my love for I am not in my right mind
dysphoria has taken over meIt's a merciless disease that shatters my liveliness
do not think a single time that you've caused this ailment upon me
without you this diease would become a tragic demise
you save me from the end each smile you reveal
you liberate my tortured heart with every kind word you deliver
you might wonder why I suffer from this heartless lonliness
All I sigh for is a life and soul conceived from our immortal love
a life that proves our love can grow and our essence will live eternally
a soul that mirrors your selfhood and captures your true character
I crave for your innocence to grow in my womb and develop into a definite entity
I want to live knowing I gave you all the affection my heart can bestow
I need to feel the product of our love evolve within me
I'm aware of how powerful our endearment is and how profound our souls marry
If our love is truly everlasting then patient and effervescent I shall remain
Knowing one miraculous day our spirits will conjoin and create a divine new life...

Poem Details | by Epi C. A Phoenix Writer |
Categories: addiction, grief, heart, how i feel, introspection, longing, loss, love, missing you, muse, psychological,

The Yearning and Ache

Once held a Title
A means to associate oneself
With thee Who meant more
Although it was not felt until
Another time
Perhaps the wrong or right time
It is hard to say
Thee Who Meant something
Even though, at the time
I was not meant for thee
Gave what thee needed
Attempted to help
Even when those attempts were taken 
Taken and possibly forgotten
Forgot the words, their meaning and intent
Title gone, at times used with a teasing sense
Perhaps even Mocking to what was once something
Maybe for comical purposes too but
I do not know
Regardless, the feeling is there
The feeling of thee, at one point, having a special place in thoust heart
For...someone who possibly did not deserve it
But for someone who came to harbor it
Harbor thou as someone who felt so appeasing
In several ways
The memories that are exciting to think about
To live in
To dwell on
Leaves one in a state of heartache
Not for the possibilities
Those were accepted as nothing but fantasy
A fantasy you appeared to not want to take part in
But for what once Was
What was once so Serene
Would I dare go so far?
In this state of mind...Yes
Is what the moments were
Even if bad and were filled with nothing but grief and worry for thee
And thou's predicament
It always enough to be in thou's presence
To talk with thou and hear thou's voice
Addressing this one, who would revel in thou's every word 
Share moments with thee
Those moments were what one would look to
Look to without hesitation and always with purpose
A purpose to strengthen the bond
The bond that would, if not sever
Diminish into something that is...
Dreaded with every chatting
With every sitting
Every glance and mention
Taken with a dread that pierces the very core
The core of what aches for something that cannot be Changed
Changed to something more...

Posted this with much reluctance.
Constructive criticism is welcomed.
Any suspiciously hinted negativity will be questioned thoroughly and then decided whether to be removed or not.

Thanks for reading, that is, assuming you did, and not just skim and or scan through for some inspiration, if so then you're welcome for something to scan and gain some degree of importance from.;P

Poem Details | by Charles D. Hill |
Categories: angst, break up, depression, emo, love, sorrow, stress,

The Yearning

The Yearning

Never, does the yearning go away

Never, does one forget the ONE 

Never, does the heartache stop

Never, can one ever feel quite whole again

Never, ever, as it seems, will I ever be with you again my love

Try as I may, again, and as hard as I can

Try as I will, again, and never get anywhere

Try to the point where I forgot, again, what I was trying to do

Try for the sake of trying, again, because one simply has to

Never, ever, as it seems, again, will I ever be with you again my love

This is it, what now if this doesn’t work?

This is it, this is truly it and I know I’ve tried my very best and then some, to no avail

This is it, even knowing I’m out of options now is hard to believe 

This is it, I’m at a loss for words and my spirit is completely shattered

Never, EVER, and what will feel like forever, will this chapter ever go on again….


NEVER, does the yearning go away

Poem Details | by Scribbler Of Verses |
Categories: happiness, hope, journey, life, love, passion, relationship, romance, romantic, me, me,

The Madness of Yearning


Tracing drops of rain,
down weeping windows,

tempests rage, ablaze,
a furnace of fiery passion,

thoughts of you,
only of you,

meander through corridors of my thumping heart,

filling my being, with the memory of your touch, the warmth of your breath, my hands caressing your exquisite face,

aching for your fragrant kiss,
thirsting for your whispers,

pining for your embrace.


Famished and parched,
on my knees,

scraped raw with time,

searching between the raindrops,

seeking reasons for this heartbroken rhyme.


Stay with me tonight,
slip into my dreams,

weaving sensuously deep inside,

embroidering my memories in vibrant colours,

banishing all shades of blue,

awakening my senses,

reaching the depths of love,

simple, precious, pure,

feeling a love,
eternally true.


Stay with me this stormy night,

lift me up on your unshackled wings,

let our love soar to the heavens,

in graceful,


effortless flight.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Weible |
Categories: happiness, love, passion,

the yearning...

Lusciously liquid
your gaze lights on me, 
warming my skin where
eyes longingly trace
contours of a smile.

your scent coaxes 
me to draw in
essence of you.

Your smile pulls
On my heart-

Your words 
Make me



Poem Details | by Nigel Fawcett |
Categories: friendship, life, love

Yearning to fly

Venturing forthwith
to seek solution
on that which stands twixt
love freely given
and love deeply sought

What barriers
or obstacles
need tearing down
to accomplish?

Too many?
Perhaps, or
perhaps not

If we

Yearn ~

Poem Details | by Tom Rutherford |
Categories: emotions, i love you, lust, muse, passion, sensual, together,

Yearning So

My lips
Taste the salt
Of passion’s heat
The nectar of our love
Fresh on my tongue
Our bodies yearning
Always yearning,
Never satisfied, 
We crave each other
As a deep addiction
Of two linked souls


Poem Details | by Herman Dormehl |
Categories: god, money, prayer, sad love, solitude, soulmate, time,

Yearning for earnings

Yearning for earnings

An annum for my God may be hundred years of His day
My plans included His will, to guide all the steps of my way
But neither “Yet” nor “already been” was granted; I cry
Still my earnings determine my yearnings as life pass me by

Like waters on the ocean floor, should my fiscal standing allow
the boat of my passion thirst float - anyway; Somehow… 
But Deo Volente seems distant and farLike only I dream.
Deep down, puddled up oceans can scream for a brand new regime

Abroad with my little boat on dry ground prevail
Like never before any traveler could fail
Still eager to learn from the God that I fear
Maybe one day in hundred for more than a year.

Poem Details | by Anthony Sarch |
Categories: longing, love,


Yearning for that one special love
To sweep me off my feet and leave
Me breathless when we're  together,

One with a precious heart to
Be desired and cherish as time
Go on as we grow together in
Perfect harmony and respect
For one another in unity.

Bring warmth as we embrace the
Cold nights together while we
Cuddle passionately  under the covers
To make tender love to each other,

Savoring our moment of pleasure
With gentle touch and kisses from
Our lips as we lay in comfort
From our peace we shared
On this night that we rejoiced,

Devotion for each other as
Our flesh and soul becomes
As one for all eternity.

Poem Details | by Amy Cook |
Categories: devotion, love, passion,

Nightly Yearning

I lay in bed at night
You entangled at my side
Palm upon your chest
Truth radiates beneath
Devotion's fingertips
Rhythmic heartbeats
Love's breeze
Gliding through strands of hair
I lay awake
Can't seem to sleep
Your breath escapes
To dance across my soul
Your heart breaths
Inside of me
I lay in thought
Little fantasies
As my whole being stalls
Waiting for your dreams to call
For that light brush across my head
A moment before
Your lips seek mine through the dark
This inevitable kiss
Arms folding around
I've laid awake
Waiting just for this
For I can't bare to close my eyes
A moment before this nightly embrace
I don't dare sleep
Until your beloved smile
Unties those precious words
This twilight game
You like to play
To be released
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Poem Details | by Paul Easter |
Categories: love, passionme,


To understand these feelings I have is to hurt,
It tears at me like a knife of an enemy.
The wanting of your heart since my eyes glanced upon you first,
This is not how it is supposed to be.
I shouldn't have to live in fantasy because what I feel is real,
Real enough that I feel you breathing when your near.
Your touch has left my mind body and spirit at a stand still,
Paralyzed but yet still wanting and seeing clear.
If only I didn't have too act as though I don't feel you,
My soul wouldn't be in such a state of confusion.
I could help release things that dwell within you,
Those things that has given you disillusions.
This pain is a product of wanting,
Something that is beautiful and rare.
Leaving my emotions craving,
Your intelect and that enchanting stare.
Even if God gave me the world and all that's within it,
I wouldn't give it to you because there is nothing in it that can even compare.

Poem Details | by corey latham |
Categories: love


i wait 
but no one comes
i see her
she doesn't see me

her past is present
my future is her

i wait
she comes
i see her
she passes me by

Poem Details | by Jon B. Rangel |
Categories: lost love,

Yearning for you

Day's passing by,
on some I want to cry.
Missing you, wanting you,
while I'm away from you I have to make due.
With dreams and memories dancing in my head.
Will we be together again?
Or come back home in dread?
My sensitivity is my weakness an excuse for a front,
weather it's getting attention or just being blunt.
Fears of the past, present and future will never again
control my life,
for all I can live for now is to love my wife.
Yearning for you in more ways than one,
will keep me alive till my day's here are done.....

Poem Details | by Michelle McDermin |
Categories: love

Days of Yearning

I wish you could hold me
without any fuss
as everyday it would be a must
To be safe 
as I cry in your arms
without feeling so alarmed
Nothing's easy
as so it seems
these things we learn as we plead
Time will tell
to where we'll be
but for now
we'll play this love game

Poem Details | by Abby Garver |
Categories: death, depression, lost love, sad,


Under a blanket of layered dust
Sat a trinket of eternal trust
Still bound in all its glory
A remnant of a woeful story
Oh how the memories  did linger
As it sought to find her finger
That’s what it craved  the most
To resurrect Ella’s fleeting ghost
Ella was cheated from her love
When the  Death grabbed her from up above
Her ring it was taken
Only to be forsaken
How she wished to put it on
To wakeup to the morning dawn
And turn her head and gaze at him
To hold once more her darling Jim

Poem Details | by Troy Tinsley |
Categories: caregiving, friendship, lost love, love, passion, heart, heart,


Heart void lost love
yearning what was
when our time was slow my heart your treasure
our passion unpoisoned by carnal pleasure
your wisdom my heart's will until my heart stills

Cherishing photographs of sacred memories
tarnished by anger selfish joy and jealousy
never tamed our passions, despite their pain

Betrayed by lust our solemn vows broken ruined our past
may our past strenghthen our future remains an unspoken task

Past photographs of forgotten moments unmemorized
our hands lovelocked embracing compromise
careful sharing sincerities seemed wise

In haste I sworn against you
yet your patient and true

Kept your distance from others never trusting their concern and vision
this bridge they dare not cross without spiritual wisdom

Kept my faith despite temptation
our shared passions...inspiration
our angered son's light woke my conscience
yet his comforting can't ease...indifference
yet two colors must  blend 
forever inseperable yearning an end