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Love Poems About Wisdom or Wisdom Love Poems

Wisdom love poems and/or love poems about Wisdom. Read, share, and enjoy these Wisdom love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Wisdom Poems.

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: encouraging, family, humanity, life, love, truth, wisdom,

Bit Of Truth And Wisdom, Found In Old Age

Bit Of Truth And Wisdom, Found In Old Age

At that age wisdom says life is a joke
consider blindness of other poor folk.
Stop to ponder why on earth we exist
you may just find giving on that big list.

To live well, love hard and thus procreate
easy to see easier to relate.
Living life together with your soulmate
should be a part of everybody's Fate!

Finding life is not about what you got
should be holding solid, number one spot
Tis more about life lived well and deeper
with one you found, knew to be a keeper

If long life, happiness is your great aim
if reaching not for it, you are to blame!

Robert J. Lindley, 1-16-2017

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: absence, art, beauty, birthday, blue, love, wisdom,

The Little One is Three

I see his smiles
His sisters laughter in the breeze
I confess a cold heart, warmed

When though will I be free?
From the pain of long ago years
From tears that soaked my humanity away
	I love you all
if only I could stay
   	Life seems so trivial

so when I float away
	who will

Blow out the candles
	as cake and happiness are eaten away

We never met
You and I

	An war or crime or crippled thoughts
	Shall never stop
	The celebration of birthday dreams
	Friendships never lost

The wishing well is full
Illuminated by an intrinsic brightness

Poem Details | by Arturo Michael |
Categories: love, wisdom,

Can't hold Love

Grab the wind ~ hold it in your hand ~ try that with love ~ you will understand

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: appreciation, love, wisdom,

What Love Is

L ove is the one force transcending all others,

O pens those hearts that adversity smothers,

V irtuous, to vanquish all hate, fear and doubt, 

E nduring, immortal, and ALL ... life's ... about.

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "A Four Line Poem On What Is Love" Poetry Contest, Faraz Ajmal, Judge & Sponsor.

(Eleven syllables per line, as per

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: adventure, car, change, confusion, culture, cute love, destiny, lost, love, meaningful, metaphor, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, passion, people, philosophy, places, proposal, remember, romantic, science, senses, simple, smart, social, spoken word, symbolism, time, travel, true love, visionary, wisdom,


the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: longing, love, wine, wisdom, universe,

Call me, Call me


If their is one breathing angel left in the universe
I do plead
Tell the gal to call me

If she has a heart, even of coal
Let me be the furnace
To burn her passions

If she doesn’t care
Let me care for both
Let the clouds carry us away

If I am a fool 
Let me dream
Of a magical time and place

When I listened to her sweet beautiful grace
Her voice the melody
Of my fantasy

Let me be
Let my love free
Call me and whisper to me

Sweet nothings

Poem Details | by Arturo Michael |
Categories: beautiful, care, god, inspirational, love, truth, uplifting, wisdom,

Loving hands of God

Beautiful the Hands of a Laborer
Lovely the Hands of a Bride
Sadden the Hands at a Funeral
Lonely the Hands of Goodbye

Could you Imagine more Tenderness 

Than Hands of a Child at Prayer

The Gentle Hands of a Mother 

Holding Baby With Love and Care...

Poem Details | by L. J. Carber |
Categories: analogy, beauty, celebration, love, wisdom,

When Flowers Die

When flowers die, they die slowly-
edge by edge the petals curl,
still, silently, without complaint....

Unlike us,
cut flowers should be let go 
before the first tinge 
of death while they are yet 
radiant in deepest color.

We, however, must stay alive long,
long past our first bloom--
till we have crinkled and brutishly 
browned with excess time.

Yet we have what flowers have not: 
our love for them dies with them 
while our love for our beloved blooms,
more resplendent with long years, 
lasting past the fading, 
lasting past even death itself....

Poem Details | by Evan Griffin |
Categories: deep, inspirational, love, spiritual, sunset, wisdom,

Sunset Love

The sunset blazes in vibrant colours,
Lighting the sky with crimson and orange. 
As the evening draws closer, the colours deepen,
Becoming more beautiful as the sunset dies.
Such the same should be love,
Vibrant in our youth,
Washing over the world in splendor.
Deepening in our age,
Becoming more beautiful as we die.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, beauty, heart, love, moon, stars, wisdom,


ah. the notes are in the poem section and the poem in the notes section. Huge prizes to the first 3 who can tell me what the poem says!!! :)

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: faith, god, hope, love, thanksgiving, uplifting, wisdom,

the golden dawn wakes

the golden dawn wakes
upon a torn ancient scroll
a beam of light shine

along the babbling brook
I wash the feet of my love


Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: analogy, desire, love, philosophy, romantic love, wife, wisdom,

Love Never Dies

Should I write again of love?
Surely, by now, the moon
has had her full; and those
luxury cruses best put off,
taxes long overdue; besides,
those who love well
love well in a canoe--

which is precisely my point--
love is never through: 

For the wind loves the bird---
that’s why he flies; as much
for the wind as his own 
bird’s eyes; and why such
manic caw? Much like
our spastic cries—in the
climax of it all, he knows
even if he falls,
love never grows old…
and love
never dies….

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: change, humanity, love, peace, wisdom,

The Equalizer, Love

The sun will shine brighter tomorrow

          When we learn to transform our sorrow,

                    For the terrors we witness today,

          Hold the keys to build castles from clay ...

Thus, as hard as they are to impart,

          Tragedies plant a seed in our heart,

                    To grow blooms from the horrors of men ...

          And insure they don't happen ... again.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Poem of Poems" Poetry Contest, Charles Messina, Sponsor. Mandatory starting phrase: "The sun will shine brighter tomorrow when ... ".

Poem Details | by Hani Gholami |
Categories: analogy, anger, appreciation, beauty, first love, lost love, wisdom,

Another Dream

I dreamt of you again last night.

I held you with all my might.
Tears flowed from my face,
as i yearned to never leave your embrace.
The smell of your skin, the taste of your tears
the sound of your laughter, joy without fear. 
That moment a treasure, 
but the treasure was a dream.

If dreams were reality and reality was a dream,
I would sail right to heaven to be redeemed.
I would walk on water with you by my side,
in eternal bliss we would forever abide.
But dreams are just streams of healing at night,
this wound has been one of the hardest to fight.
And I will keep dreaming of you till the stars have no light,
for you were my baby but the times were not right.

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: love, perspective, philosophy, wisdom,

A blind man and his poetic friend- in braille

Here’s a short poem for the blind among us, 
A poem that’s written in braille,
A poem that hopes to enlighten the world, 
A short unique, beautiful tale,

About a blind old wise man, who lives all alone, 
In a house on the far side of town,
With a poetic dog, who faces the moon, 
And howls a short poetic sound, 

And the man can see what the dog softly sings, 
Can see what this dog tries to say,
Can see the love shared by this most beautiful dog, 
The love on full public display,

As he drifts off to sleep, every night of the week, 
Drifts off with this dog on his mind,
This poetic mongrel, a terrier cross something, 
This poetic dog who is blind.

Poem Details | by Mike Gentile |
Categories: life, love, wisdom,

A Sunset Love

To want something so much
                           sometimes, just isn’t good
To spend a life in need, wanting, hoping
                                         is no way to live
I think it shows in your eyes
It drives people away

Love was something that I wanted above all
It was worth any effort
      I suffered many, many disappointments
I learned finally, that I had
          to be totally happy with myself, alone
It wasn’t until then, later in life
that I found you
My sunset love


Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: analogy, inspirational, metaphor, music, spiritual, true love, wisdom,

That Old Violin of Mine

I have several newer of quality,
But I suspect, my favorite is still
that old violin of mine:
antique, though not especially valuable...unless
one takes all into account—the sensuous caresses,
countless waxing, mending
and restringing over the years-- 
The imagined Heifetz and Mozart
I have thrilled
in the packed halls of my musical
heart. Oh, not to suggest that I 
think myself a virtuoso to anyone 
but myself and others less critical 
who hear me...for a spirit
in tune makes us all Concert Masters
and great lovers….

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: inspirational love, introspection, longing, peace, silence, uplifting, wisdom,


Sometimes I wait
Wait for something external
Till I realize
That’s not what I want

So I refocus
I listen to the silence
To wonderful loving silence
Full in itself

And I realize the wait
Was for its appreciation
Calling attention to itself
Calling out for praise
And utter admiration

Submitted in March, 2018

Poem Details | by tamer hossam |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, crush, deep, true love, wisdom, women,

love tames

when you feel so much, too much, that you don't even know what you're feeling
matters of the heart and the nature of beauty
love tames 
Tamer Hossam

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: heart, innocence, love, magic, time, trust, wisdom,


 our soul recognizes and knows
 what mind and heart must learn
 we want to love
 not be disappointed
 not have been fooled
 grow wiser
 less naïve
 yet still believe in the magic
 that magic of love

Posted in April, 2018

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: longing, lost love, love, wisdom, youth,

Young Love

If only we could have
held more tightly, a bit
longer; perhaps while
fondly dreaming had learned
beforehand the many
dexterities of hearts...

but the moment
is a moving target--
once seized 
its changes continue,
nothing held long enough
to exist the same
beyond the first

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: analogy, life, love, metaphor, soulmate, true love, wisdom,

God Mode

            I'm now in god mode

       Explanation, if you will

   That I have the power

 To give life or take it

We all do, in our way

 Aside, only one force

   That transcends time

       I will love you forever

            Not one ... second ... more.

(This is NOT religious statement of any kind, it is about the emotional power
 some people hold over others, and the ambiguities of the only thing that
 refutes it).

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: faith, god, love, philosophy, spiritual, wisdom, writing,

I Don't Know

I Don’t know 
that God has favorites
or enemies…
probably just behavior
he loves or deplores--
then again, who am I
to put limits on God?
For those who love Him
swear He is a personal God;
and those who are estranged
seem to have a hell-of-a-time
to compare--
and, of course, there is the Atheist
who stands alone in himself 
while I could not live alive
without experience of spirit:
sort of like, eating only the skin
of an orange--or seeing the surface
of a great sea, unaware of the
myriad world within….

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: father, god, inspirational love, love, son, spiritual, wisdom,


I know that God
would not create me
Less than perfect
(a Good Father
always wants best
for His Children,
more than Himself
when possible)--we evolve
in Love

and as understanding
matures we grow in Spirit,
Mind, Soul and Body—
nearer His Likeness

We are substance of
God—nothing existing
outside His Being,
and Immortal….

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: divorce, innocence, introspection, lost love, memory, missing you, wisdom,


I believe those are
the same stars
as when we first
met--the heavens
far more constant
than the human 
heart; and the promises
we made, sincere as 
they were before
the light, have long
since slipped into
darkness; they have
lost their wings
as we our innocence
dashed among the
glitter; Fame has its
many appealing 
attributes...but the
victim is often