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Love Poems About Vanity or Vanity Love Poems

Vanity love poems and/or love poems about Vanity. Read, share, and enjoy these Vanity love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Vanity Poems.

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: adventure, art, beauty, encouraging, first love, inspirational, journey, me, vanity, visionary,



I've found the fountain of youth
When I stumbled across the forbidden garden
Right in the middle of everything
Was what I imagined being a wishing well
I at once tossed a quarter into the sea
Facing down, puzzled as can be
I peeked in to ensure where it fell
I tipped over and that's when I saw my vanity
It was sitting there waiting for me
The reflection was before this day and age
I thought, what could this be?
With one drop on my taste buds
I knew I found the one true key
The most beautiful thing that can set one free
I reached in to touch the poetry inside me


Poem Details | by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: addiction, gothic, moon, mystery, sad love, vanity,



If I had faced then the lonely hall,
The black entrance into my own absence
If I had not lifted the phone to call
Each acquaintance, would I be so tense

But my urge to love and live is so immense
These cradling arms of plastic only stale
And I am ridiculous and intense
And all rejection like a ragman’s bale

With waves of pain beating on the wall
Crying to someone, somewhere, to speak sense -
My questionable right to love you all
Somehow in absence, seems that more intense,

Yet can be measured in this dying squall,
As I am waiting for your questioning call.

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: art, lost love, philosophy, sad, science fiction, vanity,

The Time Machine

(I was inspired by the movie "The Time Machine", to write this piece)

For days, weeks, and months,
he became a hermit of science,
working on a device 
to return to his beloved, to return
things as they were four months,
and a fortnight ago; two lovers
embracing a romantic walk together,
in a snowing evening.

Memories of her smile and good heart
gave him courage to create a device
that would make him disappear
from the present,
and meet her in the past.

He depended upon physics to alter
time and fate; to return his joy
and meaning once again…..

Poem Details | by Manni Veena |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, desire, i love you, love, nonsense, vanity,

Love Induced Narcissism

It is possible to love someone or to be loved by someone in certain ways,
That you can truly, madly, and deeply fall in love with your ownself.

Poem Details | by Bruce Loving |
Categories: dark, fantasy, halloween, lost love, princess, vanity,

The First Prince

Twas fortnight last,
I gazed your
Each night full of
shrouded creatures
Emotions all a dark,
smothering cloud
Despairing now, this
prince once proud

Heartless, you
declared of me
Heedless of your
dreams to be

Now each day, a
hopeless scrying
Now each day, a
fruitless trying
To find the meaning
of your loss
A speck of hope
amongst the dross
That this
ensorcelled sleep
doth end
That last harsh
words, a chance to

One final gaze upon
your bower
Then I must leave
this cursed tower
Fading into the
choking mist
Swallowing the
beauty, never kissed

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: beauty, culture, perspective, teenage, true love, vanity, women,

Face It

According to Dr. Twelfth
Cosmetics impact health
Subvert true love by stealth
And squander limited wealth.

At the end of the day
Beauty rinses away
And the face on display
Appears withered and gray

All that money and pain
Is flushed down the drain
So its hard to explain
Why they do it again

When it comes to a test
The face men love best
Is not self-possessed
But quite manifest
In Ye Olde Gene Pool race
Neither beauty nor grace
Could begin to replace
A familiar  face!

Poem Details | by Benjamin David |
Categories: depression, love, pain, stress, student, vanity, writing,

A request

I'm Arun Joy 
For discomfort you shall see
Sombre, but I am ploy
Never but I am 'we'

Deem me arrogant for thine dreams I purview 
Gleaming relevant in sorrow streams I eschew

In the class of chemistry a girl shimmers in awe
She pass all so splendidly like a pearl dimmers in sprawl

A sensitive heart of tears 
For the bearer you seclude
Presence set apart of fears 
As the stranger you include

Lest I forget the quaint Professor Anup Nair
An ode beset for being, never, doctrinaire

I love to be loved 
But for a momentary gleam 
A dove from above sparkles
In a dignitary stream

I'm Arun Joy

Poem Details | by Rennae Du |
Categories: beauty, crazy, evil, love, murder, psychological, vanity,

To My First, Love You Stained Me Scarlett

It's kind of romantic
how I can guide
you with my touch
alone, the way your
fingers twitch slightly when 
I tap you gently. 

My first marvellous creation. 
It took me hours
to take you apart
and weld back together.
I am forever grateful
that you're the one.

Or I was, until
I saw my next victim.

Poem Details | by Edward Schmitz |
Categories: beauty, crush, desire, funny love, mental illness, vanity,

This Side of the Mirror

This Side of the Mirror I feel lost within the mirror’s eyes Those charming narcissistic pools As vast and blue as endless skies Glittering like two polished jewels As I look deep within those gems I recollect such secret woes Held trapped inside my lover’s skin Is such a torture none should know Drowned deep within the vainest vice An honest pain baptized this soul Although it seems that dreams are nice When unachieved they take a toll I can not hold, my love, so dear Or press their lips upon my own And even, could, I hold them near The truth remains, I am alone

Poem Details | by Post Skriqt |
Categories: lost, love, meaningful, missing you, poetry, recovery from, vanity,

Regretful Love

I love you isn't an IOU but I was hypnotized by your eyes...


Poem Details | by LEWIS NYAGA |
Categories: clothes, crush, cute love, sexy, vanity,



Girl so dressed up
girl pleasant to the eye
girl covered to arouse the eye
girl candy of the eye

then came a cool chill
girl so cold now
girl shaking now
girl... i aint feeling well dia

oversize sweater offered
girl turns down the offer
for mustn't we look as eva
always so charming

hug offered
girl almost gives in
remembering virtue duly
girl accepting tight fisted hand clamp

girl look into my eyes
girl unable to hold gaze
girl - desperately free your hand
girl just saw her future.. in his eyes.

Lewis k Nyaga

Poem Details | by Stacy Stiles |
Categories: introspection, lost love, sad,


Vainly searching who to be
Avidly yearning for more in me
Narcissistic jubilee 
Isolated tendencies
Trifle bouts of insecurities
Yawning at the piercing pleas

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

Poem Details | by Eton Langford |
Categories: abuse, fantasy, friendship, loneliness, love, vanity,

Slighted Artist

Obscured by curtains in a squalid room,
Ignored and trampled on by those above,
The slighted artist has no place to bloom
And no confessor for his need of love.

He roams the streets at night in search of friends
Who might remind him of a brighter day.
At last he turns around, goes home, and spends
His time in flights of fancy far away. 

At day his torpid mind is irked and bored;
He finds himself the subject of half-witted thoughts
And he would rather be avoided and ignored
By men whose dreams by vanity are fraught. 

Find my poems and published poetry volumes at

Poem Details | by Volodymyr Knyr |
Categories: humorous, love, people,

A vanity fair

What else if not a vanity fair
can be the best place for an affair?

Volodymyr Knyr

Poem Details | by Seance James |
Categories: beautiful, confusion, love, men, pain, vanity, women,

A Quiet Response

He asked, 
“Why does this always happen?” 
I did not answer. 
How do you tell him 
it is you. 
You choose women 
so beautiful and full of love, 
that they cannot help but 
offer you some.

Poem Details | by Tom Cook |
Categories: love, vanity,

How Vain Is The Man

How vain is the man who
Seeks a woman for his mantle,
He should find her beauty as 
The blind man may for her soul.

Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: confusion, love hurts, vanity,


Maybe my mind won't be dazzled and meek
Maybe my will won't be hollow and weak

Maybe I'll excuse his passion-borne bruises
Maybe I'll use the face that he uses.


originally in 'A Little in Love' on this website

For Arbitrium Divisa 2 contest
Sponsor: Gregory R. Barden

Poem Details | by Letwin Mpofu |
Categories: confusion, encouraging, endurance, first love, love, vanity,

Love confusion

Love confusion

I hear the voices in my head, 
Soft, sweet and mild...speaking so fast, sometimes I find myself dreaming,
Is he the one, or maybe just a fantasy?...
Am confused

It lingers in my mind, how deep his voice sounds,
Looks cute in the dream, yet so innocent
Does he even think the way I do?
His eyes filled with so much joy, could it be just lust?

Love isn't a substance. 
Love is a feeling, to be loved means being happy and safe,
In the hands of a man.
Glorious it feels,
Love is mature, time consuming
Its the actions that count, always...
Love is patient, love is kind,
It gives joy, fulfillment and hope...


Thank you

Poem Details | by Ojingiri Hannah |
Categories: death, earth, love, mystery, poems, poetry, vanity,

Lease to earth

We are lease to earth
With a document bind with life
We live to die

Die we must
At the expiration of our documents 
No matter how big we are

Are we just an experiment? 
To the realms of heaven
Where no man dare to prey

Prey are those that die
before their expiration date
Unknown to them and their loved ones

Once upon a time
The world was without 
Form and void

Why was man made? 

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: life, love, vanity,



we never let a day pass by

reminding ourselves how transient our life is, 

we certainly, 

a more compassionate life we are going 

to lead!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       17 July 2019

Poem Details | by johny roberts |
Categories: beauty, desire, life, love, romantic love, vanity,

Ripples of Love

Ripples of Love.

And can this love,
be touched and truly worn?
Wrapped around loosely,
To Hang gently,
Over fragile flesh and bone.
A comfort from the cold of night,
A shield from the piercing sun,

And can this love be found in Time and Space?,
In the hours and seconds,
as they slowly fade?

And when,
A man’s Earthly strength starts to fail,
And the Beauty which an artist can hardly bear ,
Ever so slowly starts to fade,

One color at a time,

Melting rainbows
Falling from the sky,

out stretched

longing Hands.

John Roberts