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Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: adventure, art, beauty, encouraging, first love, inspirational, journey, me, vanity, visionary,



I've found the fountain of youth
When I stumbled across the forbidden garden
Right in the middle of everything
Was what I imagined being a wishing well
I at once tossed a quarter into the sea
Facing down, puzzled as can be
I peeked in to ensure where it fell
I tipped over and that's when I saw my vanity
It was sitting there waiting for me
The reflection was before this day and age
I thought, what could this be?
With one drop on my taste buds
I knew I found the one true key
The most beautiful thing that can set one free
I reached in to touch the poetry inside me


Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: life, lost, love, spoken word, truth, vanity, war,

Cloud Weavers

Little child
Your tiny hands hold a little flower
Delicately, you start weaving a story about peace
In your gentleness, you understand how happiness works
It is the sanctuary of warm softness in the heart
Free of all clouds and stormy weather
Little feet
You walk on soft white sand
Eagerly, you pull yourself up after each fall
In your curiosity, you discover what makes you happy
It is the freedom of making your own choices
Unconstrained by necessity or fate
Little heart
You embrace everyone without judging
Innocently, you follow the impulse of your instinct
In your imagination, you build the foundation of harmony
It is the pillar of mutual acceptance
Co-existing with different beliefs
Now, a grown young man
Your hands are no longer soft and delicate
In your journey, you learn how betrayal works
Painfully, you slip and fall each time
It is the feeling of deep hurt in the heart
That pushes you forward
Now, a capable man
You walk on a long winding path
In your trial and error, you finally grasp the true nature of humans
Disappointedly, you sigh at the people who create war
And those who instill hatred in today's youth
It is the sense of rightness that moves you
Now, a man of experience
You let your thoughts flow upon paper
Dipped in the ink of blood, words continue to flourish
Seamlessly, you integrate your enchanting imagery
With the blessings of God's living water
You paint a ladder of inspirations reaching the horizons
Seeds of the new generation
They are dreaming of a better future
Far from the opening chambers of blind heartaches
Those who drowned in the darkness of their moonshine spirits
Burning sinners and hypocrites
Drunken smartass slurring in a poetic oxymoron slang
Evil minds
Your eyes grin when you take away lives
It is the cold heartless stare that you exude
Until your victims' breaths leave their bodies
The demons in you rejoice in your attachment to them
Your souls are no longer your own
Unfilled vessels
The windows of your souls are sealed off
You have fenced yourself in to keep out the goodness
Spitting in Love's face, you bow to your Demon God
It is the hatred that you cling onto
When you weave long threads of recorded bad memories
Unforgiving gale
It approaches with a full force
Floors tremble and vibrate
When the houses break, it will be swift and inevitable
It is an unstoppable vortex of good and evil
A battle of hurling vile obscenities
Demon possessed
You will curse everything holy swearing lies
Sweet talking arrogance with no bounds
Under a thousand points of light
So blind becomes the beggars vision of a predator
Rattling through the cages of time
Death holds a beating pulse
Harsher than physical wounds exposed
Pain burns the poker scorching hot inside empty skulls
They curl their tongues in mockery of life
Cultivating a culture of takers and pranksters
Givers are now doomed and deemed foolish
Where do we go from here?
Stuck in past mindsets, the old must find a way
To break the mold and make peace
The young and new blood should never give up
On peaceful tolerance and forgiving love
Let bygones be bygones, start now with peace

a co write by liam mc daid and Angeline Lim

Poem Details | by Sander Wolff |
Categories: introspection, lost love,


He sits on her bed, the one where he held her,
And thinks of the emptiness left in the sheets…
Subtle impressions that linger there still,
Cold now.

The pillow shows traces of sleepy caresses,
Errant hairs cling to flannel and cotton,
Forgotten that morning in haste for the door,
Closed now.

Books line the shelves on the desk and the dresser
Lined up like soldiers awaiting command.
Standing in front of them, many framed pictures,
Old now.

Photos of sister and brother and mother
Moments with lovers who left her to die.
Crying, he wonders why his face is absent,
Gone now.

Suddenly laughing, he stares in the mirror,
Seeing the vanity barely contained…
Framed for a moment within his reflection,
Clear now.

Standing, he straightens the sheets where he rested
Smoothing the soft cotton sheets with his fingers
Lingering one final moment, then leaving,
Gone now.

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: betrayal, dark, judgement, lost love, perspective, sad, vanity,

With The Fleece Torn From A Fallen Suitor's Heart

With The Fleece Torn From A Fallen Suitor's Heart

Where were you, as cold winds ate these aging  bones,
away counting your wealth, your precious gemstones;
a marauding mist that surrounds its weakened host
tho' cherished, your heart remained as a fleeting ghost.

Life lesson learned, the weak become the prized prey.
Time says, the predator will someday have to pay.

Where were you, as dark nights- savaged a hurting soul,
idling in wanton lust-  polishing your golden bowl;
with the fleece torn from a fallen suitor's heart
in a blind cave, far from what wisdom could impart.

Life lesson learned, the weak become the prized prey.
Time says, the predator will someday have to pay.

Where were you, as death sent its dark to make calls
parading in your cold heart talking to empty halls;
a lost and vain entity, few could recognize
no longer the tempting beauty, once thought a prize.

Life lesson learned, the weak become the prized prey.
Time says, the predator will someday have to pay.

Robert JLindley,10-14-2018
Rhyme, (Fleeing echoes from a heart broken past)
edited from an old poem fragment.

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: angst, body, love, truth,


In the beginning Love proved concept is vain Extenuating circumstances of concepts are vain, Truth proved love, the same, not to be vain, Manifesting truth as a body in essence vain, That love and its truth be in essence not vain, Love’s hope was that truth would not remain vain, Returning true essence to Loves peace again, In marriage of twain to void the void of vain, Vanity of vanity, in eternity, it is quite vain, The truth did live even in the void body of vain, Abram found truth even in the void of his vain, Noah proved truth in sight of humanity quite vain, These men proved death’s message void and vain, In twain, death providence proves that void is vain, As Love repented of His truth buried in flesh vain, Precept proved truth in the concept of a void vain, Living of the flesh, no eternity stash, it is in vain, Truth is in simplicity, complex concepts are vain… …Selah!

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: age, angst, anxiety, autumn, beauty, blue, change, childhood, cry, emotions, fear, feelings, for her, future, girl, grief, growing up, happiness, heart, irony, journey, joy, judgement, life, longing, lost love, memory, nostalgia, parents, sad, seasons, sorrow, summer, truth, vanity, woman, youth,

Debutant's Lament

Summertime…they say the livin’ is easy,                                                
Flowers growin’ and the sun’s sittin’ high                                   
They say your Daddy’s rich and your Momma’s so good lookin’;               
So hush now pretty baby…there's no reason to cry

One of these days, you’re gonna rise up smilin’.
Take a look around and think you’ve got it all.
You’ll have your Momma’s looks, all your Daddy’s money,
And all the boys in town at your beck and call.

Summertime…Yes, the livin’ is so easy,
Laughin’, singin’, havin’ so much fun.
No time to stop and think about your future
And what life will bring when Summer’s done.

‘Cause Summertime, it don’t last forever.
Breezes cool and the leaves begin to fall;
And in your quiet moments, you'll sit and wonder
How you came so far, but have no love at all.

Summertime....They said the livin’ was easy; 
Ain’t it sad how fast the good times fly; 
And now, your Momma’s looks and all your Daddy’s money
Another sweet, warm Summer’s day they cannot buy

Poem Details | by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: addiction, gothic, moon, mystery, sad love, vanity,



If I had faced then the lonely hall,
The black entrance into my own absence
If I had not lifted the phone to call
Each acquaintance, would I be so tense

But my urge to love and live is so immense
These cradling arms of plastic only stale
And I am ridiculous and intense
And all rejection like a ragman’s bale

With waves of pain beating on the wall
Crying to someone, somewhere, to speak sense -
My questionable right to love you all
Somehow in absence, seems that more intense,

Yet can be measured in this dying squall,
As I am waiting for your questioning call.

Poem Details | by Nicolette Holness |
Categories: beauty, body, first love, gender, identity, love, men, mirror, poets, relationship, sensual, smile, symbolism, together, truth, vanity, woman, women, writing, youth,

Superficial Love

My physical lusts each and every cut, rip, and peck on his body my intellectual craves his thoughts, opinions, and charisma, my emotional wants to laugh, cry, and embrace his deepest feelingsYet my emotional abundance does not captivate him, my intellectual determination does not appeal to him it is my physique alone that attracts his mind, body, and soulIt is the complexion of my skin that caught his attention, it is the reflection of my smile that made him acknowledge my presence, it is the kink in my hair that preserved his interest, the seduction in my eyes that tempted his spirit, the curves on my body that infatuated his sexual desires, and my forbidden fruit that took his whole being into euphoria yet my mind and soul is yet to be explored! My physical body has been pleasured time and time again but my emotional and intellectual elements remain untouched like the footprints on the moon!

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: cute love, muse, true love, valentines day, vanity,

Cupid's Aim

Here are the hearts and roses I might send,
wrapped in a tapestry not meant to see,
depicting Cupid's aim, at someone's friend,
who's unaware of what's about to be.

I visualize the scene, and know it well,
that arrow tearing deep into the breast,
a poison tip, the ringing of the bell,
the dizzy feeling, helplessness at best;

in cold of winter, most appropriate,
for love, the warmer of all things divine,
to come along, as if it hadn't yet,
allowing us to send a valentine.

The day will echo love songs light and deep,
and sweets will tease the palate and the tongue,
while someone's heart, falls to uneasy sleep,
and breaks no matter if they're old or young;

in this, the tapestry, I wrap the rose,
and bury it into the deepest part
of all I am, and will be, I suppose,
where it will keep, forever in my heart;

and on this empty day, when Cupid nods,
acknowledging what love is bringing on,
while laughter from Olympus, Grecian gods,
are pleased with how their little joke has gone.

© Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Poem Details | by Moses Sichach |
Categories: age, dark, funny, giggle, life, love, vanity,


First day of our life
The mother is ecstatic
Finally her pains and burdens are over
Ululations and congratulations are on
Could even be the next president
But father is in tears
Camouflaged as honest joy
Another big mouth to feed

Second day of our life
The priest is ecstatic
Finally another person in line for tithe
Could even be the next pope
But mother is in tears
Camouflaged as the touching by the word
Village thugs and whores praying for you
Another statistic of robbery without violence

Third day of our life
The teacher is ecstatic
Finally someone to be the Aristotle to their Plato
Could even be the next Einstein
But priest is in tears
Camouflaged as tears for absolution
Lawyers and politicians consecrating you
Another greedy scholar on the rise

Fourth day of our life
The couters are ecstatic
Finally we love being in love
Could even get married bells ringing
But teacher is in tears
Camouflaged as being proud of you
Another dumb romantic who never learns

Fifth day of our life
We are very ecstatic
Finally we made a new life
Could it be the need to sustain bliss human mediocrity?
But our sweethearts are in tears
Camouflaged as being happy for you
Another one escapes dying alone

Sixth day of our life
Grandchildren are ecstatic
Finally someone else full of laughter and ambition
Could it be their I-phone is the only new thing under the sun?
But we are in tears
Camouflaged as pain in our backs
Another generation who don’t know how short life is

The last day of my life
The better angels inside my head are mourning
Finally I am someone who lived in this world
Could it be because I will be forgotten?
But grandchild is happy
Camouflaged as tears for losing you
Just another man without legacy gone

Poem Details | by Richard Hovelsrud |
Categories: abuse, change, dark, loneliness, love, vanity,

One Last Thing

Sex is the sharing of the souls.
When I am inside you, you are inside me.
When our eye’s meet, our shame meets.

It’s ironic how I can only meet your gaze in the most intimate moment of our relationship.
I construct my own reality from a fantasy land, living in the grandeur of illusion.
But when your hands roam over me, I feel like more than just a man.
Some kind of jaded masculinity molded from guilt.
My love for you is all I can give to you.
You deserve better than this.
A dysfunctional codependent relationship, I am a martyr, and you are a masochist.

Why do you “Love the way I Lie”, in the broader scheme of things, this life isn’t right.
If I were you I would cut my loses and say goodbye.
Say goodbye to the stagnation and the toxic rumination of this love born of pity and fueled by a sense of guilty obligation.
I am afraid to read what my diagnosis would be…Narcissist, sociopath…Yeah that could be me
I love you more than I love myself, I know that.
I am obsessed with you.
But you are not a possession and you can choose.
Trust me girl, anything but the air I breathe I would rather choose you.

But even my air I would willingly give to you.
You already have my heart and my mind too.
So I had a deadbeat childhood, and you did too.
That’s probably the source of our attraction.
But the fundamental difference between me and you,
Is that you refuse to be a victim, and all I do is worry about life without you.

Textbook head case, a legitimate nutcase, those are my character traits.
You are so damn beautiful it is consuming to be in the same room with you.
Without a doubt there is no greater feeling than walking hand in hand with you.
I may be sick.
I may be addicted to you, 
But without a second thought or a moments doubt I would die for you.

But for the sake of your future, girl it’s time for me to lose you.
Run, don’t look back.
You better believe I will remember you.
Who the hells knows why you ever loved me,
Or ever walked up to me in the first place.

But you have carried this burden too long.
It’s not fair; you have done far more than your fair share.
So it’s time for you to leave, we both know that.
You have just been waiting for me to confront that fact.

But before you leave, one last thing,
It’s all I have left to share,
Take my air.

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: change, character, christian, conflict, confusion, corruption, culture, depression, discrimination, evil, faith, feelings, freedom, god, heartbroken, hope, how i feel, jesus, life, love, lust, people, political, religion, religious, social, society, sorrow, sorry, spiritual, urban, vanity,

Political Correctness Brings Spiritual Weakness

Political Correctness Brings Weakness!

In our country’s pursuit of “political correctness…”
We’re not in a position of strength…  But weakness!
It’s like you can’t hardly say anything anymore…
And you find yourself outside the courtroom’s door!
We may think we’re strong…   But we’re weakened!
You may ask; “how could all of this happen???”

We’ve attempted to replace God with a “new morality.”
This has brought a new generation of “moral depravity.”
We bend our laws to what is called; “constitutional.”
And forget about what is truth!  And what is biblical!
Even the ten commandments are often ridiculed and scorned.
As a great rise of ungodly living has been formed!
A tide of sexual perversion is what has taken place!
Bringing into my homes, much heartache and disgrace!

God’s truth is often “thrown out,” and avoided!
While a “new kind of living” has often been decided!
We need YOU Jesus!  Now!  More than ever before!
Our sins, on the old rugged cross, is what he bore!
Jesus is the answer to our problems!  He is the solution!
His blood can take away all of the sinful pollution!
Please dear lord, touch and convict us with your power!
Please heal this nation!  We need YOU this hour!

By Jim Pemberton   09/30/13

Poem Details | by Nicolette Holness |
Categories: analogy, betrayal, boyfriend, change, confusion, depression, desire, dream, emotions, environment, faith, first love, for her, for him, girl, goodbye, heartbroken, home, hope, journey, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, lost, lost love, love, lust, memory, men, missing, missing you, moving on, pain, passion, places, poems, poetry, poets, relationship, spoken word, travel, trust, vanity, voyage, wind, woman, women, writing,

The Traveller's Unclaimed Land

He says he loves me then he says he loves me not
He loves me today but by tomorrow I'm forgot 
He runs from my love but returns wanting more
I guess I'm to blame for letting the traveler explore, 
See travellers just wander and are never here to stay
They admire the scenery and enjoy the display 
They tour the land and ride the attractions
So memories become their only subtractions,
They search for an experience that is what they yearn
The condition once they leave is none of their concern!
So how can the land be devoted and true 
When travellers come and go out of the blue.
The present is now and where he's travelled to,
But the past he calls home so he must return soon
Most likely just a visit although time can only tell, 
But what he lusts is in this land and he knows it very well
He may call that place home but its this land that he seeks
Travellers on a mission never realize until they hit their peek
He continues to damage this land down to its core 
So what's left to offer when their is nothing left in store?
The resources were depleted and the land left bare
He comes and goes as he pleases it doesn't seem fair;
See this land has been abused time and time again
Seeds that were planted, were means to an end
But pleasure and satisfaction was always accomplished
Because this land provided where the homeland was disadvantaged!
But despite the history and despite the trust
Submit to his urges is something he must.
So this time around his departure is permanent 
Lack of faith and loyalty was the final determinant.
The damage he caused cannot be rendered,
So his visitation rights he has surrendered!
So leave this land I say and never look back
This is the path you chose I hope you can stay on track,
Cause travellers have memories of the lands they have stained
But the land only remembers the one that remained!

Poem Details | by Plant A Tree Poetry |
Categories: betrayal, break up, irony, relationship, sad love, sorrow, vanity,

Irony Waters

The corridor to her heart
     Was lined by shelves with dusty books

The walls were adorned with a myriad of portraits
     For whom all had haunting looks

Upon first entering there was ample room
     One could turn around to run
And now it is as though I'm a bullet chambered in a gun

Bleeding through my armor plated chest its clear to me
     There's no such thing as manifest destiny

In the hallway of my life I stand before
     The last door at the end
To petrified to knock, much less let myself in

The open palms of want were turned upside down
      As offerings were thrown upon uneven ground

Isn't it funny how quick things change
      When what we want gets re-arranged 

Sides chosen for their beauty can turn ugly by time
      And the air just gets thinner the higher up that we climb

In a bed of tragedy wicked thoughts are spawned
      As one lover drowns the other in a heart shaped pond

Investigators send samples of the water to a lab to be tested
      Where there is a man in a white coat who has nothing invested

The results are rich in iron and high in agony
       A crown of thorns laced with bitter irony

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: love, meaningful, relationship, romantic, simple, true love, vanity,

Love Me Like That

Everyone asks me that question
...what is love really all about?,
The answer to what love is not hard to figure out.

Someone to hold me warm and tight
when standing on a busy street,
bringing me in close...then closer
with no intention to move his feet.

Even when a beautiful woman
strides so confidently by,
his arms stay in place around me
and he never raises an eye.

Most men seek out perfection
the model who stands apart,
only my man looks beyond that
and chases what's in his heart.

I want to be loved like that
in a way we know is real,
expressing our raw feelings
too obvious to conceal.

Why not let the whole world watch
and make them jealous of you and me,
just two average people brought together
to show how simple love can be.

Poem Details | by STANLEY Harris |
Categories: animal, best friend, dog, friend, love hurts, pets, vanity,

Please do not hound me

>As an ex- B 2 dog trainer, from the Royal Army Veterinary Corps of too many years ago I cringe when I see dogs dressed up like fashion models But knowing me, as you do, it did inspire a poemHave a nice dress free day today, all my canine friends However as it is the Cruft’s Dog Show this week and they are after internet canine stars, beware You know I will not be watching, so your street credibility will still be intact Smarty knows what must be going through your minds And he will not bol (bol is a doggy expression which means bark out loudThis being the dog equivalent, of lol, which we humans use as the written communication of laugh out loud, on that infernal internet, we all seem to be hooked on.) 

Please do not hound me.

By Stanley Russell Harris (TMA)

I'm not a fashion model.
Not a woman or a man.
I feel the best in my own coat.
That's how I feel best, man.

And if you are a woman.
I'll lick you if I can.
You see, they say, ' I'm man's best friend,'
although, they might be wrong.

But dressed up like a fashion model!
I think that's, oh so wrong.
I hope my canine friends don't see me.
Or my street credibility will all be gone.

With that thought inside my head.
I'm off now, back to bed.
So long, 'Woof.'

The above tail, sorry tale, I mean poem, (Dragon pay attention,) was inspired by the Author of Smarty Search and Rescue Dog Books Available on>aff=6463 Have a nice day everyone I am still on cloud nine having been declared cancer free, yesterday, yahoo <

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: art, happiness, heartbroken, language, love, lust, vanity,


Charm is another form of seduction ,
it's in the smiles, gestures and words;
I have used them to my advantage as many did
without feeling ounce of remorse as selfish lovers,
they thought I expressed sincere love: when
I hugged them and whispered a sweet word!

Forgive me for my ways of Casanova too refined, a gigolo
learns this art by deception knowing that some hearts are weak..
until his secret is discovered and hearts begin to break,
" Lies, all lies he told!" Should love be taken to satisfy one's ego? "

Charm is another form of seduction
that lustful men use in their relationships with lovely women;
it's holding an umbrella for them when it rains,
singing them that love song that makes them dream...
and all they want is arms to keep them warm:
happiness is found in them while listening to sentimental phrases! 

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: angel, art, baby, beautiful, beauty, career, children, daughter, dream, family, inspiration, inspirational, love, lust, marriage, me, my children, passion, poems, poetess, sensual, sweet, vanity,

To Be

                  to be considered a poetess ~
          to be told by so many talented people here 
               This is a beautiful write , keep writing 
           I love the way you gracefully put the words together 
            To be the Mother of three amazing children 
                For my Daughter to tell me she is proud of me 
           for she thinks I write beautifully ~
           To be loved infinitely.and for me to love in return 
            I was asked for my Autograph 3 times in a year  
                 I will not lie..that was amazing !

            To be told " has anyone ever told you you're beautiful ?
               Well.I didn't want you to forget"
            to be called Yvetteishka ~
               to be entered in  ~The best compliment Contest ~

Poem Details | by joyce wolayo |
Categories: caregiving, character, culture, desire, dream, emo, emotions, feelings, vanity, words, writing,



I got a reason to be with you
I got the feeling I want you
And I got the feeling I should be with you
Because wanting you satisfies me
And loving you shows me who you are
Because the reason I need you is
No one loves me the way you do
If woke late at night frightened
I would put my head beneath your chest
I would press my body close to your heart
To feel the warmth of your embrace
It is because you remind me deeply of 
The vows that were once said by a priest;
That if two people loved eachother
Then only death do them part.
Your love reminds me of the promise;
When two lovers meet and trust
It is like the galaxy in the sky
That shimmers the night into full bloom.
The beauty of your love grown so soft
Slides smoothly like a kiss
On my breast firmly imprinted
By your loving caress that touches the soul.

Poem Details | by hafssa Aj |
Categories: absence, life, lonely, lost, lost love, love,

pride and vanity

Oh! Beloved, I’m dying to hear your voice for so long
You’re so far now and my tears could really make sounds as song
I’d say that I become obsessed to you since the first time,
I saw you and I couldn’t dare to resist your smile,
Beholding your beautiful eyes motions makes me want to fly
I know that you attempt to forget about my love but,
Please don’t forbid me to keep thy
I dared to make you jealous, and I know that you fry
And even you spend your nights in cry,
I’d never come back to you even if you touched the sky
Your love made life smiles to me and so feel alive
Now, it all seems bitter with hope to be blind or to die
My pride, vanity banned me to show you what I feel inside
But I still satisfied, you’re far but I can feel you beside
No one but you can switch off the fire within
Torturing me every single sigh and in,
My heart I couldn’t from my sentiments to flee
My desire to obtain you, can’t you see??!!
But that what’s enthralling about you and give you bright,
As a precious, expensive diamond light
Doesn’t sounds clearly to an ordinary at the first sight,
Oh! Beloved I’m so delight!!
Since I know that one day you won’t be able to keep it in your heart
Sorry! But I didn’t mean to be so smart, but it’s the bitter fact.
That’s not indeed abstract.

Poem Details | by keith baucum |
Categories: anger, conflict, family, fantasy, hate, love, lust, truth, vanity, wisdom,

Sins and Virtues

Lust - The wife of Greed and the mother of 
Anger She is a prostitute 
and a slut Her husband Greed is her 
pimp Lust has an affair with
Hatred she becomes pregnant and gives
birth to Anger She is good friends
with Envy.

Greed - The husband of Lust, the 
older brother of Envy, and the stepfather
of Anger Greed is Lust's pimp 
Greed is a pimp, a corrupt politician, 
gangster, and a dirty business man
Greed is Pride's right hand man.

Hatred - The father of Anger and Cruelty Hatred has 
an affair with Lust she becomes pregnant 
and gives birth to Anger He also has a fling with Envy
she becomes pregnant and gives birth to Cruelty Hatred
rapes Love Hatred is a cold calculated 
killer, terrorist, and an assassin 

Anger - The son of Lust and Hatred the 
stepson of Greed Anger is the half brother
of Cruelty.

Love - The wife of Loyalty, the mother
 of Kindness, and the older sister of Truth 
She is raped by Hatred Love is a 
humanitarian and a healer.

Loyalty - The husband of Love and the 
father of Kindness He gets revenge on 
Hatred for raping Love Loyalty is a 
soldier and a warrior.

Kindness - The daughter of Love and 
Loyalty, and the niece of Truth.

Envy - The younger sister of Greed and the mother of
Cruelty Envy has a fling with Hatred she becomes pregnant
and gives birth to Crueltyshe is good friends
with Lust.

Knowledge - The younger brother of 
wisdom and understanding 

Sloth - The wife of Gluttony and the 
mother of Ignorance.

Ignorance - The son of Sloth and Gluttony.
Ignorance is blind He and Anger are best 

Gluttony - The husband of Sloth and 
father of Ignorance.

Truth - The younger brother of Love, the 
husband of Faith, and the uncle of 
Kindness  He gets revenge on Hatred for 
raping Love.

Eternity - The name of the main continent 
in which the story takes place.

Infinity - The name of the planet in which 
the story takes place.

Faith - The Wife of Truth.

Pride - He is a monarchPride rules over 
all the sins.

Darkness - The name of the country where 
the sins live.

Wisdom - The oldest brother of 
Knowledge and Understanding Wisdom
is a monarch who rules over all the 

Cruelty - The daughter of Envy and Hatred She 
is the half sister of Anger.

Tranquility - The name of the country where the virtues live.

Grace - She is a singer, entertainer, and performer.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The 
Green Poet aka The Brown Philosopher 
aka Red Seven

Poem Details | by Ryan Lucas |
Categories: break up, courage, moving on, perspective, relationship, true love, vanity,

Just Like Hollywood

The love you have for me
feels just like Hollywood 
Sometimes there's chemistry on set
but the script is rarely good

With a painted smile
you try to keep it cool
as long as I am the one
typecast to play the fool

Cause you promise me
way more than you should
when the boundaries
are clearly understood
just like Hollywood

You say you want to be with me
but you’re hardly ever here
Like a rising movie star
out of sight is what your fear

Is that why you call my phone
in the middle of the night
from another far off place
to make sure I am alright?

Still, you promise me
way more than you should
when the boundaries
are clearly understood
Well, of course it all makes sense
just like a Hollywood

Will I be the passé flavor of last week?
Spit out for some poor stranger
who now looks so sweet
Out of fashion at another award show
where the famous receive honors they bestow

With so many roles to play
compromise is tough
Should the world fall at your feet
would it ever be enough?

Cause you promise me
way more than you should
when the boundaries
are clearly understood
just like Hollywood

Poem Details | by The Grahamburglar |
Categories: girlfriend, humor, love, money, pride, romance, vanity,

The New Hire

In the economy of social grace
I was losing in the great rat-race.
No wealth could I accumulate
I’d scarcely get a second date.
My Wall Street stock was always down
mere junk bonds of no great renown.
I was not suave, I had no game
the outcome always just the same:
“I know I said that you were hired,
I changed my mind, so now you’re fired.”
The ladies sent me on my way
I was too awkward, so they’d say.
It wasn’t easy on my pride
that I was under-qualified
for every opportunity
of love in my community.

Then one day something in my mind
clicked, and soon I seemed to find
that it was easier than before
to find some ladies who’d adore
me for my sharp, observant wit
and though I tried, I couldn’t quit
taking pleasure as I’d say,
“I like you…but please go away.”
It seemed my stock had turned around
*cha-ching* Oh, how I loved the sound
of social prowess in my pocket
jingling as my bonds would rocket.
And as I climbed up rung by rung,
I felt I had a golden tongue,
and always knew the perfect phrase
to get the job, or get a raise
at every opportunity
of love in my community.

But when I met you, in my mind
something clicked, I seemed to find
my thoughts were just a murky mess,
my stocks went down, and I confess,
I think we just might be soul-mates
brought together by the fates
You have that sparkle in your eyes
that always takes me by surprise.
I get lost every time you’re near
I stumble and I think it’s clear,
I never know quite what to say;
I’m awkward, when you come my way.
I fidget, fumble and perspire
but if you’re looking for one to hire,
I’ll take this opportunity
for love in my community
to show up at your interview,
‘cause all the wealth I want, is you!

Preston Graham
Submission for Contest: The Interview
Hosted by: Judy Konos

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: adventure, culture, fantasy, love, silly, vanity, visionary,

Dream Date - Perfect Woman - Didactic

            Dream Date – Perfect Woman - Didactic

I like a woman with a pulse
Not too strong though
Competition frightens me
She should come from parents, (maybe two)
Not hatched from an egg
Skin of seasoned leather with cratered face 
If her leg is missing, left or right, that’s ok
As long as she has one to hop away
Crime should always be on her mind
Stealing wallets and purses makes her perfect
I don’t like to work so there must be a career girl lurking
The perfect woman carries her own paper bags
For her face while making love and robbing banks
I want a girl who comes with her own card board box for two
A place that we call home
If she is psychotic that’s fine too
A girl with stinky feet and monster tattoos will do
And takes a butcher knife to bed when day is done
I like adventure

11/21/14 "Didactic Poem" Poetry Contest 

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: art, lost love, philosophy, sad, science fiction, vanity,

The Time Machine

(I was inspired by the movie "The Time Machine", to write this piece)

For days, weeks, and months,
he became a hermit of science,
working on a device 
to return to his beloved, to return
things as they were four months,
and a fortnight ago; two lovers
embracing a romantic walk together,
in a snowing evening.

Memories of her smile and good heart
gave him courage to create a device
that would make him disappear
from the present,
and meet her in the past.

He depended upon physics to alter
time and fate; to return his joy
and meaning once again…..

Poem Details | by Jacob Reinhardt |
Categories: addiction, angst, art, beauty, change, community, conflict, corruption, culture, dark, death, desire, earth, emotions, feelings, hate, heart, heartbroken, how i feel, imagination, introspection, kiss, loneliness, longing, loss, lost love, love, lust, pain, passion, philosophy, poems, poetry, relationship, sad love, senses, society, sound, spiritual, truth, vanity, visionary, voice, wisdom, world,

Losing Sight

Why was I given these eyes that hide 
Behind this clumsy heart-
Hands and knees forever searching 
For an honest soul?
It feels as though we're wringing water
From a dusty rag.
It feels as though we're submerged in longing 
Ever drowning in our thirst.

Why was I given these eyes that grope
For another’s warmth,
When love is fired through a gun,
Or taken from a calloused hand;
Sight has cursed my heart to see
The naked spent to dust.

Kiss me with your tasteless lips and I will see no more.
I will not see their tears through mine,
I will not see their laughter;
I will not see their careless words,
Looking dumbly after.
I will not see their hateful glares that only’ve seen hateful eyes.
I will not see their broken ears that never hear my broken cries;
They’ll all be black to me.

Jacob Reinhardt							09/11/2013

Poem Details | by Tom Quigley |
Categories: love, vanity,

Castle on a Hill

The lonely prince’s resolution A perfect lair’s creation Months, years in the construction Verdant fields seen from crenellations Lofty towers his foes’ intimidation The balm to his disaffection But mostly, an ultimate seduction The fairest maiden’s attentions Soon to be his for the assumption From across his fair and wide nation But a chance encounter’s demonstration On the road to the exposition The fairest maid he met, by any definition Yet much to his consternation Nonplussed, the object of his affection The castle not a successful persuasion Swore she would wilt in isolation Issued him the invitation To let go of dream’s fixation Become mere citizen of the nation? 4/24/16 ©Thomas WQuigley

Poem Details | by ITSOGHOLE O SOLOMON |
Categories: adventure, feelings, freedom, life, love, philosophy, vanity,



But let life live its life and I mine.
I ease myself of all worries
And drift where I may such as liberal
As a wind and unheeding to the obstruction
Where of the fate of the wind lies.
With same velocity on toward the hurdle
And whether it shall scale through or not
It is of no concern to the wind.
In this wise, once I burdened the future.
Of what will be is the mundane-minded query
Always to guard against the future
Is as to the cloud preventing away from sight.
Thus I scrimp and stake all that I earn
As savings for futurity yet behind the cloud
Haba…again and again lost it all in a duel
With forces of circumstance ascribe not to!
Love is an elusive finch that flutters
And made me become both foolish and wise.
The elixirs of love are the very banes,
Anxiety, longing, heartbreak…name me!
So lovesick for love I lost compos mentis.
It is all a delusion I bargain with my heart
I pursue her no more, let her seek for me
If she loves and I shall test her genuineness
With life-span patience while I wander still
Till I return we shall unite yonder the horizon.
The mind alone the power of love can feel
And her essence can tell in absence of her.
Let it be so, I shall not be enamored
While she crave for my presence
My wistful heart is not for her I see
I do without her and keep the beat on
I sold her my heart even in absence
And now she is gone to have a soma.
Farewell dear to blow air to the wind.
Why tug scudding cloud and cling a shadow?
I will let go of all I love and heave the burden
Not on my shoulder but the ease of my heart.
From the piles of corporeal stocks abscond,
I tire of them because they content me not
From years searching for gold and myadestes afield…  
But from within the recess of my heart I find
An amber gilded gem concealed in the depth
I never was good mixer having to know first myself
For men someday shall walk the solitary path
While also to sing the soloist song;
Friends are strangers for they shall depart
And strangers are friends for they shall arrive.

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: body, first love, how i feel, song, spiritual, vanity, wisdom,


Unity of mind, body, and spirit the qualifier of love
The wedding vows

If you love somebody, let him know.
When life is short, why would you not explode?
Whispering in his ear about your heart,
he will assume it’s an inner voice.

If you love somebody, shout it to the world.
Share time with that person so he will know.
Tell him via intimate words.
Write him a love poem.

When life is short, why would you not be a bombshell?
Spread your wings like a butterfly you are beautiful.
Make him recognize what he has.
Humor his mind make him laugh.

When you love somebody, superimpose.
Take control of his soul.
Lay above all his meants
Create an ambiance he wants to be within.

If you love someone, find his passions.
Don’t allow negative stressors.
Time is of the essence.
Figurine - shape your bust all he wants is to be loved.
Penned on May 12, 2014!

Poem Details | by Bharath Suhas |
Categories: beautiful, books, cute love, future, grief, sunset, vanity,

Every euphony is a symphony

" Lines which make your heart giggle and others tickle,
Threads which bond much of the muchier -Our real relation,
Bridges which help characteristic emotions cross,
Polymers which strengthen the vagaries as well as our courage,
Raw emotions starving to come out from our inner heart,
Strings which unite to cooperate and symbolize exceptional, unique symphonies,
Symphonies which make our ears starve for it,
Euphonies which roar to propagate destiny,
Instruments which unleash our unravelled thoughts,
Monuments get less in the freshness and seducing nature of it,
Things even if out of range,
They're wings which help us to repress them,
Diffusion-specialists I suppose,I know,
They spread your fame across the vast blue marble,
And make you forget all your physical and mental trouble,
Aches, they symbolize ;not exactly they momentarily maximize,
Voices of soul they wanna propagate or say communicate,
To tell you the where the elixir of life is,
In this thing called life, the elixir remains hidden in a box,
If you want to unleash the forbidden secrets out of the box,
You have to fight with many other derogatory connotations, interruptions, distractions..what not,
Oh! dear, The box has nothing but a small note which flabbergasts fate, of course,
It says: Once Upon a time.Anything can be achieved with an elixir called Love,
Confused? Right? Just hold tight,
Because I am gonna take you to a ride of fright night where,
Your own "Destiny" awaits for you,
Just go discover, uncover, recover..lets just explore the real 'You' "