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Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, holiday, i miss you, love, passion, vacation, valentines day,

Kiss me Quiet

It's near midnight, whilst we moonlight walk Palm tree lined fairway, Crickets singing Hands clenched in loving vacationed talk Hearts in wanting pound, Batangas is bringing We, she and I, now amidst our intending lock Serenity is the scene blessed by lunar watch So late, but joyous we, soon our lips are speaking Clouds now hover as we witness natures rain Our apartment is distant, we welcome given Through broken lunar light, stroking her mane My hands in taken then, sensuously they're driven Kiss me quiet is whispered, hearts now in reign Walking, slowly walking, absorbing to us this night Hearts in touching pound, Batangas has brought .

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fun, love, nonsense, silly, tree, vacation,


Fell in love with a coconut
The tree stood tall outside my hut
Love sublime at first sight
I thought I‘d have a bite
Lost both front teeth right on the spot

posted on January 17, 2019

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, holiday, journey, joy, love, missing you, vacation,

Two Souls Drawn Together

Isn't it wonderful when a comment can make you smile Especially about something you like so far from home Isn't it wonderful that this comment can take you miles This venturing adventure to allow ones heart to roam Isn't it wonderful when a smile greets you in arrivals Your name is called to you by someone you long to see Isn't it wonderful that out there, there's romantic survival Two souls drawn together, Church becomes their we Isn't it wonderful when chatting histories of their pasts Attracts them even closer allowing their hearts to touch Isn't it wonderful that knowing their days are going to last Sharing a closeness loving bond, in every day they clutch Isn't it wonderful as I look back at the scenes I've shared So memorable was this vacation that it's only just the start Isn't it wonderful that through a comment loves declared Two souls drawn together sharing each others hearts .

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beach, beautiful, beauty, color, confidence, cute love, dance, deep, desire, destiny, earth, emotions, encouraging, feelings, freedom, heartbreak, heartbroken, hope, inspirational, july, june, love, love hurts, lust, mirror, miss you, missing you, nature, ocean, passion, romance, romantic, sad love, sea, seasons, simple, solitude, soulmate, sound, summer, sun, symbolism, together, travel, uplifting, vacation, wind, wisdom, woman, women,


a bright sun
danced with the sea

on her shades

eyes spoke feelings 
only she could see

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beach, beautiful, love, people, places, sun, vacation,

Palawan Hearts

distant horizon shaded outline attraction turquoise waters lure on golden sands abound we sunshine smiling in our hearts .

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, betrayal, blessing, cheer up, city, confidence, cute love, deep, desire, earth, england, environment, feelings, garden, green, happiness, happy, i love you, imagination, irony, joy, july, june, london, love, love hurts, meaningful, missing you, nature, nice, nostalgia, passion, places, relationship, romance, romantic, sad love, seasons, simple, solitude, spiritual, spring, summer, true love, uplifting, vacation, weather, wisdom,


Chairs lined with stripes, 
green and white,
became ski jump ramps
for feelings, innocent and pure,
taking off from the edge
hoping to defy the gravity of fears

Only a lucky few made it,
others turned into tears
landing on the grass of Green Park
as the warm air was getting dark.

Poem Details | by Hansteven Selfa |
Categories: feelings, for her, home, love, sad love, summer, vacation,

Summer Love

A summer love, so riant and so warm 
Underneath the rays of gold 
Though covered with sudor, I want to be around your arms 
Forever is nothing but what I hold 
And yes, it was but summer 
Goodbyes are kept until we're home again 
We spent the season out of the boundary 
But it wasn't like what I remembered 
And so I yearned for home, refrain  
The way back home is my quandary

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: age, angst, holiday, life, love, marriage, vacation,

Tropical Getaway

Carpooling in the Monday traffic jam,             
Wondering what we are and who I am.
Since we’ve already raised a family,              
Is there anything left just for you and me?
Seems each day is just like the one before          
Exactly what have we both been working for?
So many years lost from nine to five..             
Making ends meet, but barely feeling alive.

I wanna find us some tropical getaway--        
Somewhere lost where the locals play;
With fishing boats and mango trees,                 
And spicy scents carried on the breeze.
I wanna find us some island Shangri-La—      
A quiet spot with no hoopla...
Some place where it’s easy to hide,                   
That can’t be found in a tourist guide

I wanna find us some tropical paradise             
Where nights are warm and folks are nice,
And green birds sing exotic melodies                
While monkeys play high in coconut trees 
We could lounge in that tropical paradise,         
As bonfires spark like fireflies;
Watch lovers dance while steel drums play        
Calypso tunes from dusk till day

I wanna hold you close on an empty beach,
With a full moon just out of reach.
We could sneak behind a big sand dune
And celebrate another honeymoon.
Let’s forget about all the noisy mobs,               
Grown-up kids, and annoying jobs,
And swing in a hammock made for two—         
And snuggle close,  just me and you

Bamboo torches and starry skies       
Will be mirrored in your big brown eyes.
We’ll dance away each endless night,              
Lost in love, with no dawn in sight

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, love, people, places, poets, relationship, vacation,

Walled City

into culture walk we, amidst her history smiling faces grin .

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: beach, beauty, emotions, feelings, fun, happiness, happy, i love you, joy, life, nature, sea, smile, uplifting, vacation,

Seaside serenity

Simple treasures we have found
(seaweeds, fossils
seashells, crabs)
as we learned to look around

Walking holding hand
(He stopped
and wrote)
I love you in the sand

As the tides began to rise
(He laughed
I cried) 
as the words disappeared before our eyes

But simple treasures we have found
(become fossilized
loving memories) 
as we learn to look around

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: funny, humor, love, lust, sexy, vacation,

The Vacation That Saved An Affair

I need a vacation she said
From all of this playing in bed
And she let him know
There’s more to love’s glow
By moving on sofa instead

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, beautiful, boat, cute love,


its get near
 up state  fresh air
mabe see a bear
time to unwince
it be under the moon

Poem Details | by Night Prophet |
Categories: love, memory, sweet, vacation, , cute,

The Importance of Dreaming

Little bright cheeked girl, With long, sombre braids in a navy wool skirt, Dreamed of Paris, Sitting on a wooden stool, Sipping hot lemon water, Slipping away in a Soviet land. Years brought inspiration, aspiration, liberation, And with this one fine day, In blossoming, plum coloured May, Fate introduced itself in the shape of a man. Never did his eyes wander away from hers, Inciting a pleasant skip in the beating of her hopeful heart. Words exchanged and suddenly there it was, A confession he lives in the very core of her dream. Soon she was there, Finally alive in the boulevards, soaking up the Parisian air. The mesmerising beauty of the same idea; The houses all the same, all equal, Executed so marvellously in cream coloured stone, Glowing in the saccharine sunshine of the day. The cafés where all her childhood idols spent their lives, Art greeting a person every step of the way At night he was by her side, As they indulged in red wine in the stuffy attic, Laughing away as she sang a lullaby. Fate gave her that, just for a while. Then took it away to be reasonable, Shielding her from the intoxication of this opulence, To encourage her to remember this fondly, So that one day she would return for more. 1st of May 2015

Poem Details | by Agatha Jetaime |
Categories: adventure, journey, love, lust, travel, vacation,

Voila part II

Can intimacy be labeled as de trop?
I don't thinkMy sister offers me critique
Of such silly actions! But I still crave more!
Our nights together were just majestique.

Before heading out we take aperitif
By the pool, in the hotel's lavish court yard.
My rocky passion serves me as leitmotif
In my love lifeIt's my favorite play card.

Dine and talkPerfectly at ease together.
I like so much  wishing you "Bon appetit",
With you my soul is flying like a feather.
You are to me more than a mere novelty.

Feel beautiful in a body so petit.
Your touch is oh so tenderDeja vu?
Strangers are familiarWe finally meet,
In former life we must have shared rendez-vous.

After dinner we head out to cabaret.
You quickly organize an old school taxi.
You stare, you can't take your eyes off my décolleté 
Feel incredibly desired, too damn foxy.

We're finally thereOne kitschy placeGarçon
Slowly serves cheap red wine to every table.
No one on stage but loudspeakers play chanson.
You were school graduate as I'm in cradle.

We expected to see a show of avant-garde.
Would like to occupy the place of your protégé
Wish of mine you note but simply disregard.
One day I'll dress exclusively prêt-à-porter.

Another caress of night we have in store
Waiting in bedFinally you knock"Entrez!"
All night we'll listen to music of the shore.
Ready to welcome you inside"S'il vous plaît"

Next morning, early rise and you have to leave.
Gave me sea shell and CD as souvenir.
Rest of my vacation I'm condemned to grieve.
Imagery of you streams softly like cashmere.

Too fast but it's time to wish you "Bon Voyage!".
Final heady breaths of your eau de cologne
I inhaleHate hotel lobby's entourage.
Time to finish that book by Jerome Jerome

Next five days I watch mind's movie-reverie
Of us togetherQuite soon I'll be en route.
Miss youWill I ever see you? C'est la vie!
Have a feeling that we said goodbye for good.

On the plane back home I write you, mon amour.
I hope you reach your so longed-for Shambala.
My poems about you are cri de coeur.
I'm homeNew life is hereOh là là! Voilà!

Poem Details | by Evelyn Rose |
Categories: appreciation, first love, journey, peace, relationship, vacation, word play,

purification vacation

i can see the limitations and the complications
of your fixation on forming the proper relations.
please don't let the temptations cloud your visions
or a better man.
translation, don't let lust be the causation
for this love's disintegration.
i never need your validation
or a clarification on this modification of love.
this is the purification vacation, baby,
just positive vibrations.
no altercations just relaxation.
this is the sanitation of love.

Poem Details | by Agatha Jetaime |
Categories: adventure, love, lust, memory, together, travel, vacation,

Voila part I

Both of us vacationed at the same resort.
Had rum vis-a-visMediocre story.
One night you offered me and friend to escort
To music bar du jourI won't be sorry.

We met when for both of us life was stable.
I was enchanted with velvet barytone.
Both me and you, we were so available,
Moreover, I was ready for engagement*.

We dined with wine and flamboyant cordon bleu.
From then on I realized we were en suite.
After long walk on the beach we sat down nu
In the crashing wavesYou tasted too damn sweet.

I shivered, you gave me embace and your shirt.
In your oceanview suite we showered tête-à-tête.
You're too good to be true, first to make me squirt.
Tried to leave few times, though due to etiquette.

We made love so passionately À la française
I let it go and I granted you carte blanche
I started dreaming we'd see Canal of Suez
While unconsciously expecting new life's punch.

With first rays of sun my eye sees your body
To me it is simply pure chef-d'oeuvre
Together with your mind you do embody 
IdealI'd exhibit you in Louvre.

Our tender sweet morning sex was Art Nouveau:
So pure, vibrant, new, delish, refreshing, chic.
While evening sex I'd classify Art Deco
It decorates my memoirs with awesome lick.

It is time for breakfast of toasts, cafe au lait.
Sex and two fried eggs would get us through the day.
We converseTurns out we like Cirque du Soleil
I prayed to God that we meet again in May.

Right After breakfast we head down to the beach.
To swim, play in the waves, sun bathe and cuddle.
Your bum is as soft as golden autumn's peach
I find myself tangled in email bubble.

We lay back and look afar into the sea
At art of love and passion I'm débutante,
My head is left with short glimpses potpourri.
We are planning dining at a restaurant.

Before getting ready we both go upstairs
We love each other tender with so much might.
How will I live after tonight? Oh who cares! 
The moment is free of indecision,  fright.

* French pronounce

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: candy, funny love,


it was few weeks away
the hotel we would stay
it was nices
we didn't think twices
a largh bed
haveing sex was in my head
we checked in
 the bed just blend
we rock and sock
it was all night lone we got it on
thinking of it am still wet
it was

Poem Details | by Marilyn Newman |
Categories: beautiful, image, love, vacation,

Sweet Paris France

Paris the ideal place where a French kiss began
The country of romance and love
Love is a virtue we all long to endorse
Romance and passion come along with it as well
This country is full of beautiful place
This is an ideal place for a honeymoon
A romantic scenery just for the two of us
Perhaps a moonlight dance at a balcony
Where I can say I love you which refers to Je t'aime
A sweet verse I'll only share with you.

Here's a place I'd love to share with you.
It's the EffieL tower on Champ de Mars
I await for you high above the EffieL Tower
High above that tower I'll give you a french kiss
A passionate kiss I'll only share with you.
Darling look at this spectacular view
You can almost see the entire country from this view
If you look at a postcard you'll enjoy looking at the Effiel tower on an-
image while it's midnight you'll see Paris shine brighter than Las Vegas
While your on Champ de Mars take a selfie
Where you'll see a lovely stone wall which says Peace-
within all languages of the world.
I took a selfie at that exact location as well

Here's another place I'll like you to visit
Go to Palace of Versailles located Place d'Armes
There's a gorgeous palace with a beautiful garden
Deep within that garden I'll secretly give you another french kiss
Come inside the palace you'll see me wearing a long red dress
Here's a romantic verse I love you so much which refers to Je t'aime Tellement

Here's a delicious meal I'd like you to enjoy roasted chicken with fries
Located at thirty-two rue du vertbois place is called L'Ami Louis
A delicious meal you won't regret to enjoy
It was our favorite while I was there
It was delicious left me coming back for more.

Paris is indeed a country of love and romance
it brings so many people together.
Paris is a lovely country to explore every emotion which deals with love
Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world
Je t'aime

Poem Details | by sadaf syed |
Categories: love, anniversary, anniversary, day,

The Vacation - Part 1 of 7

I'm discharged from the hospital up and well
And to the world about the incident I begin to tell.....


Last week on a cruise we had set on a vacation, 
Jake and I for our anniversary celebration,
On which day the destination we had to reach
Was a holiday resort aside the beach.

That morning I sing and awaken him,
Create special anniversary moments on film.
What disturbed us was the knock on the door
Opened it not knowing what was in store.

Masked men barged in with guns and knives,
For a moment we couldn't believe my eyes.
Jake tried to defend me,I stood scared in fright,
And within no time they had held us tight.

They were soon getting us off,one by one
On some deserted island with no where to run.
How to get away?There was no clue.
Only God could help for our rescue.

I had thought this to be a day we'd cherish forever, 
Never expected it to be filled with terror.
Why had I planned for this vacation ?Why
Tears rolling down,I began to cry.

I hugged Jake and said that I was sorry, 
We were in this mess all because of me.
He consoled me, wiped my tear
And said that we'd get through this, no need to fear.


Poem Details | by Marty King |
Categories: funny love, vacation, winter,

winter vacation rookie

winter vacation rookie
still cutting on the air
woman thinks he is crazy
shakes her head as earth returns

heat now on
woman now content
funyuns being munched on
drpepper being gulped down

up the road we go
down the road we ride
snowflakes seen
eye big as saucers

yep, it is no longer summer
nope, the feeling does not change
yep, life is no longer a bummer
nope, things are no longer strange

winter vacation rookie
still wearing swim trunks under pants
woman thinks he has bumped his head
man reminds woman that the hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub

woman kisses man
man kisses woman back
woman gives man a fist pound
man squeezes woman's right breast for stress management purposes only

Poem Details | by MoonBee Canady |
Categories: adventure, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, love, music, nostalgia, people, places, social, uplifting

' Vacation Play ... '

Calypso, Bèlè, Limbo,  Reggae
And a Pool Boy, Called Lonny Ray
Margarita and Coolers, by The Bay
All With Umbrellas at Seaside Café’

Like Caribbean Pirates, Taking A Chance
Shaking Our Lala, Wining-Dance
Vacation Adventure, Love-Romance
Worth Every Penny of Check-Advance

Barbados, Tobago, Jamaica, Fun
Songs, Soca, Sand, Surf and Sun
Float To The Bar, in Another Run
Frozen Daiquiri, Screwdrivers, Coke and Rum

Xylophone, Steel Guitar, Cymbals, Steel Drums
Almost, Made Us, Want To Be Beach Bums
When Asked, Were We Happy, We Did Come ? …
… Yeah Mon,   Yeah Mon,   Yeah Mon,   Yeah Mon !

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: fantasy, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, history, life, love, music, passion, peace, placesme, me, smile,


I'd like to see Venice,
the city of eternal peace
to which poets and painters flock;
the sunset' hues are impressive at dusk 

I'd like to ride in a gondola,
and admire La Serenissima
while the venetian gondolier sings a familiar song
that everybody loves...row gentler as you sing!

I'd like to join the Venice Carnival, and be somebody's handsome groom,
on the most eerie night, when there's a crowd in the Marco Polo ballroom...
in the palace everybody wears a vague mask and a bizarre costume;
be aware of the friendly ones who, with charm, have the intention to lure.

I'd like to watch the luminiscent moon 
rise over the Dome of Saint Mark's Basilica at night;
and for once without a visible, depressing spot...
it should smile at me while I croon.

I'd like to embrace that lovely woman
with eyes as green as the grass of a meadow;
and will she recognize me and forgive me again,
or sadly remain a broken-winged sparrow?

I'd like to bask in the warm sunshine
as the huge Adriatic sky becomes a real light blue;
and under Il Ponte dei Respiri I will glide
in that gondola as she lies next to me with a smile so true

Translation: La Serenissima ( The Most Serene ),
Il Ponte dei Respiri ( Bridge Of Sighs ).

Entered in Linda-Marie Bariana's contest,
" Viva Vacation "

Poem Details | by Elton Camp |
Categories: funnyearth, love, may, moon, planet,

A Vacation to the Moon

A Vacation to the Moon

By Elton Camp

Those who, about such, seem to know
Say one day to the moon tourists may go.
Such excursions may commence
When enough will pay the expense.

Some people I am sure will love to try
To escape this planet and fly that high,
I’d prefer on earth to travel around
A whole lot closer to the ground.

According to what I’ve been told,
The moon is gray, dusty and cold.
I can’t even walk around up there.
Why, that place has not got any air.

The interesting thing I might like best
Wonderful sight, making up for the rest
One-sixth my weight on earth I’d be
That scale reading I would love to see.

Poem Details | by sadaf syed |
Categories: love, me,

The Vacation- Part 5 of 7

There were almost all of them,
For my disappearance each other they did condemn.
Then one shouted,"Here is her watch."
There started to look there and some that way did scorch.

But many of them looking around did stay put,
Peeping from the bushes I could see where they stood.
No one could have imagined that in these thick bushes something could fit,
I was surprised myself for having cover overhead and enough place to sit.

I was still for a while,
This seemed like a hideout, I found myself smile.
Now they were quite far away from me,
And from the other side people from the military facing the other way I could see.

If I'd move a distance, myself I'd save,
Jake will be so happy that his wife's so brave.
Silently then began to crawl,
Then the feeling that someone was heading here made me stall.

I peeped from the bushes again in that direction,
Someone beyond the trees caught my attention.
My love in search of me had come,
His life was in danger ,I felt so numb...

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: anniversary, beautiful, feelings, love, vacation,

Virtues Of Sand And Sea

Let’s take a tropical excursion
just you me and the odd mosquito.
But if your heart isn't into it
of coarse I will honor your veto.

Romance flourishes on the islands
amidst the virtues of sand and sea.
And we will rekindle passion’s flame
on our fifteenth anniversary.

Cupid armed with his bow and arrow
will aim for the center of our hearts.
And the sun will rejuvenate us
the instant our vacation time starts.

Twinkling lights piercing the dark of space
will confetti the night with glitter.
And we will make love under the stars
while the kids stay home with the sitter.

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: february, first love, food, kids, friendship, vacation,

the scent of sonnet

The scent of sonnet

I was watching a TV program of Hercules Poirot the heroine in 
the plot had no tits and wore an evening dress with aplomb…
Clearly, she had not sat on a carpet
in the forest of spring where the animal of love roams it is
green as spring grass has a pink underbelly looks like a purring
cat or a puppy that softly barksIt droplets of scents
that make lovers enamoured for a day or so sadly there is
always a tomorrow of regrets for some

If the woman with small tits happens to sit on a carpet in
the glade she will fall in love and pad her bra 
and that is ok, why should she not enhance her lack this
bagatelle when there are tringles of love in the air
and if this does not help there is always divorce much a lonely
the man is satisfied with a triangle

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: depression, heartbreak, loss, love, love hurts, lust, vacation,

How A Cowboy Loves, Part II

...The last day they rode slowly back,
still giving each other naughty looks,
a love affairs go, theirs was intense,
truly one for the record books.
Merrick hesitated to leave her side,
then Clarice looked him in the eye,
said,”I have something I have to say
before we bid farewell for good.”

“I know you probably think that we
could be a truly wonderful thing.
Much as I wish this could go on,
I know what the future brings.
I must return to responsibilities,
but thank you for making this fantasy…”
With that she reached into her coat,
and slipped on a wedding ring.

She kissed him softly on the cheek,
then drove away rather quickly.
Merrick’s mind reeled from it all,
left him feeling unsteady and sickly,
But he had a week off ahead,
and spent most of it brooding in bed,
when not sleeping he was at the bar,
sitting silent, and acting quite prickly.

But Merrick had to pay the bills,
so he pulled himself out of his slump,
went into the ranch for another tour,
hoping none would see his blue funk.
Boss said,”Got another requesting you,
paid in advanced for weeks one and two.
Show her the sights, nothing to it,
I tell you, this one’s a slam dunk!”

Merrick wasn’t really feeling it,
but he kept that to himself,
he saddled up Sun Down and High Fiver,
preparing for a two-week spell.
The job was the job, he had to go,
even if his movements were slow,
perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad,
he supposed only time would tell.

A car pulled up and out of it stepped
a platinum-haired beauty sublime,
Merrick stopped dead in his tracks,
his words he was trying to find.
She said,”HiMy name’s Dani,
I hear you’ve got a horse for me?”
Merrick stammed,”Y-yes, I do.
Are you ready for a good time…”

Poem Details | by sadaf syed |
Categories: love, me, me,

The vacation- Part 3 of 7

Part 3

I woke up,someone pulling me up I found,
Everyone were panicked,chaos all around.
A terrorist said,"If authorities don't want to carry out our will,
We might as well show them,we won't back out to kill."

In a flash, realized that my life was at stake,
They had decided,non other than me to take.
As Jake struggled from their clutches to break free,
He said,"Leave her alone, instead take me."

They sneered, "We want their seriousness, so well,
We need a lady, go to hell."
Jake grew violent , so loudly he did shout
And with a blow to the head they knocked him out.

Then everyone became quiet,there was no sound,
He fainted,fell to the ground.
Whatever happening wasn't right,
I kept on looking at him,until out  of sight.

I thought as they pulled me away,
Was this supposed to be my last day.
Was as sad as I could be
They tied me over to a tree.

They kept on talking, I closed my eyes,
In front of me, flashbacks did arise.
Then there came to my mind,his one line-
"Without you,dead is the world of mine."

Poem Details | by sadaf syed |
Categories: love,

The Vacation-Part 2 of 7

Part 2

No idea of what they wanted till night befell,
Then the reason I heard them tell,
Money and else what they please
Is their fellow terrorists' release.

We knew that the government couldn't agree on a demand as such
Which troubled us all so very much.
Wasn't sure of what next they'd do
They were many hostages here,not just a few.

Out in the cold with just fire heat,
Thankful we were when given something to eat.
Jake sarcastically said"What a romantic night,
Let us have dinner by candlelight.

I gave him a look,he was so funny,
My laughter got everyone staring at me.
We spoke and spoke till late at night,
Forgetting our situation,enjoying the outdoor sight.

He told me as on his lap I lay,
"Would I let anything happen to you?No way!"
Though he seemed cool,I knew he was worried deep,
Closed my eyes and in no time drifted to sleep.

Poem Details | by sadaf syed |
Categories: love, me,

The Vacation-Part 4 of 7

Though the chances of me escaping were slim,
I would do anything to be back with him.
In his life,sadness I didn't want to arrive,
So I was determined to do whatever I can to keep myself alive.

The terrorists were on to some video preparation,
Perhaps to show my murder to the nation.
They wanted cameras and things for what they wanted to do,
And disappeared saying, "We'll be back for you."

I stood and would sneak away but
If only this cloth would get cut.
My mind was blocked, everything seemed dark
Until I felt a sharp rough part of the bark.

Used all the energy left in me,
But it took so much time and I wasn't yet free.
I heard them coming back, again I'd be trapped,
A one last attempt and the cloth just snapped.

In tall bushes, a few feet from there I thought to stay,
To distract them,took off my watch and threw it the other way.
Before coming in their view, I stayed low,
Seeing me missing they made a huge row..