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Poem Details | by James Inman |
Categories: lonely, love hurts,

The End of Love

We lie together, you there, me here. I reach for you and you, melting into your pillow, pull away turning slowly, your message is clear, there is nothing, just emotional disarray. Under the darkening sky I whisper to you, the words but an echo in the fading light. I listen to the clock tick, our lives askew. The dysphonic sound echos our plight. The more I love you, the less you care. My passion swelters, my anger flares, but with melting indifference, you just lie there as the hole in my heart continually tears. Your love a landscape of stark indifference as time melts slow into the night. Me, I'm lost, somewhere out in the distance, and you, just out of frame, hide in plain sight, time melts slow into the fading light.
05/07/16 Based on Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory"

Poem Details | by lucas ongawo |
Categories: anger,


      hatred and love

She took me in, inside her heart, out of the raging storm of solitude
Dragged mePierced my tissues with the horn of a unicorn….

I levitated at daybreak and floated to the middle of the night
I felt the wind and the fire and the ice and the weird heart throb…

Sweet when she made me laugh and bitter when she was hurt
It literally tasted that way in my tongue- the touch of a perfect love…

She hates me....
Insults me

She makes me
Hate myself so..

And now I am a show for the town to watch, lone walker, paces undefined
And mostly taken down by my untied laces; the ground- so hard- embraces me…

That hydrogen that carried me through my gleaming days and lit my nights
Has ran out, syphoned from me by the love of another man, or money?, no difference.

That’s what, I didn’t have
Or provide, long before our love had hit its core, she lied...

That’s what I hate
Like I hate her

That’s what I hate
Like I do myself now.

And i never thought id hate that much
I guess i never knew love that much...

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: angst, girlfriend, love hurts,

Some Girl

Sure that she was a real pearl,
Many calls, always no answer, 
Would have sung in the streets for her!
Would have jumped off a bridge for her.

Guess not really in love,
Or just not into me sick of, 
Erasing  my effusive calls,
Or yet again too much schmalz.

well that's the very sad end
Of my going off the deep end
For some girl I soon forgot,
Wish could say was distraught!

Poem Details | by Tasmina Hayat Khan |
Categories: anniversary, betrayal, change, depression, devotion, husband, lost love,

Lost Love

Since morning I’m calling you, no answer!
Who’s the hell that has kept you busy, indifferent?
How could you forget to wish me damn lover?
The roses are drying up waiting for you, nonchalant!
Please pick up the phone, you damn betrayer,
At least you could act of remembering this day, pretender!

Putting on your once gifted gown
I’m watching the clock again and again
You ought to come by this time
I’m bored, feeling fully dejected!
I can still remember, you used to meet me
After office, just at seven without fail
Those days have gone, now we’re married
The love rose dries up without your care
I’m the only part that remained the similar.

Gardening whole day, I make roses bloom
You go to office, I remained home alone
I send you daily lunch box, packed with roses
The thorns daily reddens me, none to care, or notice
At night when you try to make pokerfaced love
I feel pain on my aching, blooded finger.

Have you ever noticed my black circled eyes?
When you are done, you snuffle soundly
My haunted love keeps me awaken
In the morning you’re always at a rush
The whole day passes by waiting….

The dusk moon rises always but you, only at fortnight
While returning home, you stop by at friends’ bar
Ignoring someone is waiting at home, with dinner
At midnight you return home concluding all energy
Bare, emotionless and adopting a robotic panache.