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Love Poems About Tree or Tree Love Poems

Tree love poems and/or love poems about Tree. Read, share, and enjoy these Tree love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Tree Poems.

Poem Details | by Lynn Marie |
Categories: dance, happiness, heart, joy, kiss, love, tree,

cherry blossoms

atop worn weathered concrete
pink petals gaily gather
entice lovers strolling
fingers touch  mittens vanish.

blushing halo canopy
highlights cool rosy cheeks
tiny buds whisper passion
newly awakened  long sleep.

sky gleams dreamy hues
turquoise shyly taunting
button noses cold   rub
lips plump  part  wanting.

kiss  two hearts waltz  
more kisses  sweetest tune
cherry blossoms dance
sprinkle magic  love blooms.

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: fun, funny love, giggle, humor, people, silly, tree,

Out Pops - a collab with Olive Eloisa Guillermo

Two poets who couldn't agree Raise their voices to their loud pleas One wasn't able to stop His zip open, out pops! Haha, it's a pea, not the size of a tree ©J. A. Fraser and O. E. Guillermo 15.18pm, April 07, 2015

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: love, nature, tree, me, me,

Love Like A Mighty Oak

you dried all my tears
i stand proud now like the oak---
no weeping willow

your splendid branches
wrap me into your shadow---
shelter from the storm

wind blows me down
your light lifts me up---
might i dwell in your arms?

written January 28th,2013
for pd's Valentine contest

Poem Details | by harry horsman |
Categories: love, nature,


To feel the joy
of my transplant, caring hands
that touch my very soul,
the willing earth
where you placed me
blessed, by nature’s 
incessant role,
the warmth of your regard
like wine transcends,
when the feeling of love
surrounds me.
Oh to be here 
yet not alone, 
beneath the azure sky
needing your care, and those
rolling clouds to come on by,
to be a part of this
complex simplicity
sculptured I am, with in
nature’s moods,
yet here in this corner
of your life,
forever let this be
our sanctuary!

© Harry J Horsman  2012

Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: love

Willow Tree

High upon that willow tree
That's where I wanna be

We just go together like that
Just you and me

Way up in that willow tree
I met you on that sunny day
When the clouds were far far away

I love it when you touch me that way
How you run your fingers through my hair

Love is so crazy good with you 
And I really want to keep it that way

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: first love,

Beneath a Cherry Tree

She held my hand, beneath a tree
Leaning forward, a kiss so sweet
The taste of her, like Cherry Coke
Sunlit beauty a gorgeous smile
Beneath a tree a kiss so sweet

I pulled her near, wanting her close
Pretty brown eyes, looked into mine
As time stood still, my heart quickened
Gentle breezes lifted her dress 
A kiss so sweet, like Cherry Coke

Some memories, will never fade
Me just a boy, she was sixteen
A lovely part of yesterday
I lose myself there for a while
A gorgeous smile, she held my hand

A modified Eileenesque Poem.

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: love, tree,

A Southern Secret

Down south, Magnolia trees are everywhere
Broad shiny leaves adorn this evergreen
Each spring sweet blossoms permeate the air
Their smell and beauty add to any scene

Their flowers are as large as dinner plates
Red violet base that fades to pink then white
So soft to touch it quickens all heart rates
It's smell so sweet it makes the head feel light

And then there is the secret of the south
For me, I know it is my fav'rite part
A southern belle will kiss and make you shout
Because the scent inflames a lover's heart

If you want someone you love to propose
Bring them down south where Sweet Magnolia grows

    by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by Michael Harman |
Categories: introspection, life, loss, lost love, love, sadme,

The tree and the trigger

When you pulled the trigger
you came to me and tried to love me
ask my forgiveness,
it made me cry, it was so cold
I shook with your suffering
I drew you in the afterlife
alone and crying with gods light
asking you to come
Your remorse, 
your shame, a mistake,
you had so much to give
i painted two trees
one that was dying
the other was dead
the tree loved you
amd misses you still

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: love, nature, tree,

Weeping Willow

The weeping willow wept and withered.
Lovers swore their love, carving hearts.
Initials replaced her perfect bark. 
Pains of loves or lost loves embarked.
Each time young lovers sat beneath her bows,
She watched kissing and tender touches.
Then, out came the knife … OUCH!

44 words
Written for ONE of FIVE-70 words or less - Poetry Contest Sponsored by Laura Loo

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fun, love, nonsense, silly, tree, vacation,


Fell in love with a coconut
The tree stood tall outside my hut
Love sublime at first sight
I thought I‘d have a bite
Lost both front teeth right on the spot

posted on January 17, 2019

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: humorous, identity, imagery, mystery, nature, symbolism, tree,

Love Nuts

When coco de mer trees were found
Their nuts had most people enthralled
They all thought they looked erotic
So "Love Nuts" is what they were called

Still unknown how they reproduce
Explained in some of the wild tales
On stormy nights, the female trees
Are approached by uprooted males!

Viewing this mating process though
Would cause you to die or go blind
Seek not shelter under male trees
They might come at you from behind!

Poem Details | by Jacob Jones |
Categories: for her, hurt, love hurts, nature,

The tree that stood to the wind

Beaten and Battered
Still standing tall
I'm not the being I was before I took my great fall

They said don't stand to the wind
no you shouldn't dare
sometimes the wind will caress you but most of the time she doesn't care

She held me close
but intensified with a loving quiet rage
the wind she's like that, her intentions often hard to gauge

She's always there
she'll whisper and let you know
more often than not she's there for a moment then must go

She left part of me standing, the rest shattered on the forest floor
She's much more powerful, so she let me know
Because here I stand broken, never again to be whole

Poem Details | by Paula Swanson |
Categories: family, happiness, holiday, love, love,

Tree of Love

The soft warm shades of twinkle lights, reflects, muted, from love worn orbs. Serenity it does afford, to all our weary souls and hearts. Each decoration is a part, to the testament of years rewards. They glow richer, as love absorbs. Sweet memories, they do impart. Paper, glitter, from a child's hand. Delicate hand blown glass Angels. Beneath a star that rests above, popcorn and cranberry garlands, tiny hand painted, silver bells. Thirty Five years of Christmas love.
For the contest: Holiday Hearth Sponsored by Linda Marie

Poem Details | by Mohamed Salih |
Categories: africa, cousin, creation, feelings, happiness, love, wife,

The Deep-Rooted-Tree

It never falls never drys,greens forever
Whenever it extends,it grows moreover
Our love is like that tree,greens forever
On the deep rooted tree,friends forever
Each bird sings fruitly ,And sends clever
Each leave drops water and rains lever
We runabout  as pilgrims every year

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: addiction, april, best friend, computer, confusion, courage, culture, cute love, earth, emotions, encouraging, environment, fantasy, farm, feelings, funny love, garden, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, inspirational, internet, irony, july, june, kiss, loneliness, love, magic, me, metaphor, nature, parody, repetition, satire, science, social, technology, tree, women, world, youth,


follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

Poem Details | by Michael Jordan |
Categories: holidaychristmas, christmas, love,

The Lighting of The Tree

In our little town all is as it should be
We gather down at the Christmas tree

Us simple folk are not too greedy
We all bring gifts to give the needy

Light the tree and sing our songs
As everyone seems to get along

Especially bright this time of year
Everyone has Christmas cheer

I love the lighting of the tree
The entire towns hospitality

How everyone shares their love
Giving thanks to the Lord above

We live what Christmas is all about
Come on over and check it out

You’ll find love flowing abundantly
The night we light our “Christmas Tree”

Poem Details | by Roman Chebukin |
Categories: adventure, baby, baptism, beach, boyfriend, brother, cat, christian, computer-internet, confusion, dad, dance, flower, kids, forgiveness, january, life, lonely, loss, lost love, sports, success, suicide, teacher, teen, thank you, thanksgiving, tree, uplifting, wife, me, write, me, write,

Welcome 2013

Well we are already a couple of months in so i just wanted to say welcome. 
this will be a new journey for the both of us, so i hope it will be awesome. 
I will try to write more than usual this year, I promise. :)
What would help tho if you readers would send me topics and stuff to help me write about things cuz my mind goes way faster than my fingers and i cant think of just one thing. lol. so thank you readers. plz comment and tell me your thoughts.

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: adventure, animal, april, autumn, baby, beautiful, beauty, business, caregiving, child, childhood, cowboy-western, dad, dance, dark, death, dedication, devotion, dream, easter, education, faith, family, flower, food, happiness, happy, life, love, miracle, mystery, people, rain, science, seasons, summer, thank you, thanksgiving, tree, tribute, uplifting, work,


The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

Poem Details | by Nudershada Cabanes |
Categories: love, nature, snow,

Snow and The Pine Tree

Snow and The Pine Tree

Snowy white pine tree
beneath the palest blue sky
firmly stands waiting

for the sun to shine
as he softly kiss the snow
before letting go

time to part has come
thawing has arrived for the snow
but her touch lingers

her memory lives
in the heart of the pine tree
winter world of love

sweet and gentle snow
slowly melts under the sun
her fingers slipping

its time for the spring
to dance with the pine tree
till she comes again

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, introspection, love, peace, , Lullaby,

An old oak tree

She stood beneath an old oak tree, 
And peered up to the sky,
And her hand reached up, through the leaves, 
As it sang a lullaby,

To the silent ghosts, and to her soul, 
To all within its care,
And made everything one, within its reach, 
The green, the cool, the air,

And they became a rainbow fountained love, 
A fountain of harmonious shade,
Pouring serene from under this tree, 
In the tranquil it had made,

She stood beneath an old oak tree, 
And as soon as she'd arrived,
It sang the sweetest song to her, 
Now her soul has been revived.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: christmas, faith, hope, love,

Oh Wonderful Christmas Day - The Tree Style

~Oh Wonderful Christmas Day~ (The Tree) Day Of joy Filled with love Celebration Birth of our Saviour Time of cheer and good will World proclaim His majesty Christ is Lord and King eternally D A Y OF JOY Christ Jesus Came today Sent by Father To bring us all joy Died for your sins and mine Rose and lives now in Heaven Christmas time is all about Him C H R I S T JESUS Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010
December.11.2015 "The Tree" is a poetry style created by Dorian Petersen Potter, aka ladydp2000.

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: funny, love

My Very Own Tree Stump

He really was as dumb as a tree stump Carried all his weight in his big old rump But I fell for his line And made him all mine 'Cause he was as sweet as dear Forest Gump

Poem Details | by Mohamed Mansouri |
Categories: love,

My Love Is a Palm Tree

My Love Is a Palm-Tree Who’s she? A palm-tree lofty head to which the morning sun first pays homage before it falls on earthly faces; Who’s she? A palm-tree shapely bosom where overnight dew into manna grows; Who’s she? Twain palm-tree open palms grace-fully fanned for a homely hug; Who’s she? A palm-tree whose sweetest freshest sap quenches my sirocco thirst; Who’s she? A palm-tree to whose sight I owe my seeing; A palm-tree to whose parts I owe my all. Tozeur, January 2002

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, marriage, relationship,


Too many ferocious thunderstorms, my darling,
We had to endure, during our lives 


We learned, into gentle rainfall them to turn, for  

To water love’s tree that now thrives!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      05 MARCH 2015

Poem Details | by monique brandt |
Categories: lost love,

The Lone Tree

Like a lone tree
I am sturdy by myself,
But my leaves still fall like tears for you.