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Love Poems About Tiger or Tiger Love Poems

Tiger love poems and/or love poems about Tiger. Read, share, and enjoy these Tiger love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Tiger Poems.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: cat, love,


He waits for chance to settle on my jeans,
This gentle relative of wild felines.
He starts to purr as he lands in my lap.
It is his preferred place to take a nap.
He paws my hand to get himself a pat,
Aware he is my beloved, pampered cat.
I know the routine, it's been well rehearsed
And wonder which of us will nod off first.

He looks at me with loving eyes of green,
A brilliant color not on humans seen.
We nestle down in comfort of my chair.
No place on earth a more contented pair.
Although my work awaits, I do not move,
For I too need a time of purrfect love.

By: Joyce Johnson
Written and submitted 9/21/14

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: animal, horror, love, tiger,

An Animal's Attack

Last year I was attacked by a fierce animal.
I shot it but the bullet only grazed its skull.
I began to pray because I knew I'd be harmed.
That creature severed one of my legs and my arms.
The creature that attacked me was a ferocious tiger.
A woman drove up and luckily I was saved by her.
The lady's car scared the tiger and it ran from fright.
If she hadn't drove up, I would've died that night.
The tiger that maimed me had escaped from the zoo.
I fell in love with that woman and she loves me too.
When I was escorted to the emergency room, I had to be carried.
Even though I'm deformed, she loves me and we're getting married.

(This is a fictional poem)

Poem Details | by Mitch White |
Categories: africa, love,

Tiger Tails

We are intertwined and insane and I don't even mind
Running you down is bliss, then we pause with a hiss
You excite me as I gain on you, we are two of a kind
Fire in your eyes makes me roar as I close, then miss

You run around me as I give chase without a corner
We turn to scratch and claw in an everlasting roll
I pin you down as your fangs tease at my jugular
Growling as you escape me, your tail fluffed and full

Something in our souls ravishes our instinctive goals
Deep in the den is where we both want this to end
Free of the hunger dulls, we embrace our inner roles
Tangled tails and broken nails, we lay down to mend

for you: 8\22\13

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: love, love hurts, romance,

Tiger Lovely Spring

lovely tiger's spring
my beloved hurts and bites
handmade so sweeter

Poem Details | by Jesse Jones |
Categories: imagination, introspection, life, lost love, love, mystery,

Untitled #336 / Swan Tiger, savages, and heaven

Dream of Swan Tiger.
Dream of savages.
Dream of heaven.

Poem Details | by Alice Woede |
Categories: depression, fear, love, tiger,

Part 2, Scratches

I lie here waiting for the endless stream,
Hoping no black tiger dreams
Night came and went, comes and goes
No human comfort makes its show.

Black tiger scratches in my mind,
Hoping one day love he’ll find
But my supple mind has no love left to share;
Black tiger’s sharp claws meet air.

Poem Details | by Scott Young |
Categories: analogy, deep, heartbroken, love hurts, pain, sad, tiger,

Wild Animals

We  keep  our  hearts  locked  away  in  cages
deep  down,  away  from  the  light 

We  keep  them  caged  like  wild  animals, 
not  to  be  trusted  in  the  presence  of  others

But  like  wild  animals 
we  cannot  keep  our  hearts  subdued,
they  cannot  be  tamed. 

It  takes  only  one  person 
to  open  the  gates. 

In  one  simple  moment,  we  drop  our  guard
and  our  hearts  break  free.

Truly  terrifying  is  the  fact, 
That  people  don’t  understand  wild  animals
and  fear  what  they  don’t  understand. 

Poem Details | by Jesse Jones |
Categories: confusion, introspection, lost love, mystery, social,

Untitled #334 / Swan Tiger

“How do you spell your last name?”
“Zwanziger. It’s like Swan Tiger,
but with Z’s instead of S’s and T’s”
Ah! Swan Tiger! Swan Tiger!
This will be my first novel.

Poem Details | by Anna Sander |
Categories: animal, betrayal, earth, feelings, love, moon, tiger,

Tiger Moon

Oh, Tiger Moon!
Burning wildly in the night,
Can you feel the jungle air,
Beating rhythmically tonight?

Scars lashed upon your brow,
And beaten upon your chest,
Shine bright over the darkness,
And put your soul at rest.

Release your gentle glow,
Let it caress the earth with love,
Soft whispers I will feel,
Lost in endless wonder from above.

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: cool, crazy, cute love, i am, love, tiger, truth,


I told you I go crazy
Sometimes some places
About you or me or we

I told you!

Poem Details | by jessica dawn |
Categories: caregiving, friendship, happiness, love, sister, song-teen, thank you, love, me,

tiger and pooh

me and you, we're like tiger and pooh.
friends till the end, but the end were still friends.
your like my sister before any mister.
ill love you til the day i die.
with god in the sky as my witness he'll see
yo are the other half of me.
your their when i'm sad, crazy or mad.
you know when to cry with me or just sit silently.
help me get up when i'm down,
get rid of my frown.
i cant live without your smile,
ill walk the extra mile
to talk with you a while
like a scared little child.
this thing between us
its something to hold onto.
it proves how much i love you,
just like tigr and pooh...

Poem Details | by Bo Lanier |
Categories: love, night, tiger,

Moonshadow Castle Curse

Sitting here in this red velvet room 
overlooking the sea...candlelight 
strikes the piano keys and like a tiger 
on the run here I go again moving in 
for the kill casting another magic spell 
on you by force of will...can't you feel 
the magic just across the moat and the 
many crimson hills...well and can't you 
see the towers turning and burning as 
the night sky turns blue...I try not to 
take it to heart where it concerns you 
but I still do... only you can quiet the 
storm in my heart baby and end the curse, 
the curse of Moonshadow castle's tragic 
love story!

Poem Details | by David Brown |
Categories: animal, best friend, love,

Tiny Tiger

My tiny Tiger,
 Your body like a second heart
 Beating against my chest

 The intense rhythm
 Of your pulsing vibrations
 Are serenity itself

 Is it deepest pleasure
 Or comfort and peace
 That I sense in your shuttered eyes?

 Or is it a mere reflection
 Of my own contentment
 In taming for these brief moments,
 My tiny Tiger

Poem Details | by Dawn Delaney |
Categories: love,

Man of a tiger

The man of a tiger 
he is a fighter
A man of a lion
who saves me from dying
on his heart I knock 
hard like a rock
I want to get through
if its the last thing to do
I will shovel in the snow
you already know
to stand out in the rain
with not much to gain
only to find
that hes not really mine.