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Poem Details | by Dawn Drickman |
Categories: devotion, friendship, love, tiger,

The Tiger and the Dove

The tiger, majestic and proud
Fearless, strong and solitary
A predator by nature
Domineering yet wary

The dove, gentle and harmonious
Passive and apprehensive
A free spirit by nature
But always on the defensive

The jungles most perilous feline
Encounters the fragile dove
A most unlikely pair
Yet they have found love

Their journey will be a challenge
Obstacles in every direction
A never ending conflict
Between rage and affection

Each possesses, what the other lacks
Complimenting and yet taunting
A compromise of character
Is what they are wanting

She wants his intemperance
He wants her domestication
Together seeking a compromise
In search of salvation

The dove cannot tame him
Or dismiss his need for the hunt
She must accept who he is
Placing him at the forefront

The tiger cannot disengage her
Or deride her passion to nest
He must accept who she is
Keeping her abreast

The future lies uncertain
For the tiger and the dove
But they can conquer anything
If they just remember to love

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: cat, love,


He waits for chance to settle on my jeans,
This gentle relative of wild felines.
He starts to purr as he lands in my lap.
It is his preferred place to take a nap.
He paws my hand to get himself a pat,
Aware he is my beloved, pampered cat.
I know the routine, it's been well rehearsed
And wonder which of us will nod off first.

He looks at me with loving eyes of green,
A brilliant color not on humans seen.
We nestle down in comfort of my chair.
No place on earth a more contented pair.
Although my work awaits, I do not move,
For I too need a time of purrfect love.

By: Joyce Johnson
Written and submitted 9/21/14

Poem Details | by Allison Bickham |
Categories: animal, cat, sweet, love, sweet, tiger,

An ode to cotton

My little white fluff ball
I think all the kittens will grow
Soft and sweet
up to be healthy and strong the
Small and calm
way they should be when they
She is as sweet as candy
should beI think they will love
She plays all day  and sleeps all night.

Anyone who will love them
They are small but strong.
 I know they will have	great lives ahead of them
She loves to have fun 
Her small blue eyes glowing, tiger with his new owner 
Ash and Cotton with us
I love cotton just as much as the others.
She love her siblings 
She is small and loud		
I love her lots
She weaves between the gates
And runs after her brothers tail
I wish she was more quick.
I still love her with all my heart
Like I love ask and tiger her brothers
They are all sweet and they are like little rabbits.
I hope they grow up to be big and strong
My little angles they may seem now but
What about when they are older?

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: friendship, world, love, me, morning, tiger,

To Tiger, With Love A True Story

To Tiger, With Love (A True Story)

"My pen drips of sorrow and on this paper, I write each tear"

~gone without a worldly trace,
       I’m left alone, the world to face… 
            with one went my wholeness grace, 
                my treasure laid up in heavenly place…
~O my feline friend, my wholeness grace, 
        I’m left alone in the world to face…
              many days I yearned and did pace, 
                   missing your playful moods and face… 
~one year ago said Love, my grace, 
        very soon your absence I would face… 
             with one, was laid up wholeness grace
                  My Love said that morning to my face… 
“with your return Tiger will be gone,
        do not be alarmed, I do him no harm… 
             with your friend, there shall be not end,
                  wholesome grace is laid up for one in friend.” 
~I kissed the nature face of wholesome grace, 
       he meowed goodbye, later I would cry…
            as the dawn of grace later was to be faced, 
                 in sorrow, the human man would soon pace…
~I remember the morning as yesterday, 
        and the many ways we used to play…
             my neutered Manx possessed many pranks,
                   to him, I dedicate my wholesome thanks… 
~unique, you were wholesome, meek,
       your life to me was wholesome Love’s peak… 
             I hear his meow in wholesome ethereal Spirit, 
                  beckoning…beckoning… my soul bonds ever close to it.

                 My  Manx cat ‘Tiger’ is heavenly stored! This is a true story, believe it or not
My inner conscience said to me the morning of the 19 of July this year before 
I left to go into town, that Tiger would not be there at home when I returned  
for he would be taken and with him, my treasures would be stored in heaven
I said my goodbyes only half believing my sacred precept voiceSure enough, 
when I returned, my Tiger was gone without a traceSure,  the concept of 
the human mind could explain this paranormal phenomenon away
But this was my eight year cat’s first and only leave from home, 
whom I had raised from a kitten

Poem Details | by Brian Otoole |
Categories: age, art, beauty, bird, culture, day, environment, faith, feelings, garden, god, image, inspiration, jesus, love, music, mythology, passion, pride, sun, sweet, tiger, wisdom, woman, world, write,

Lady Una and the Lion

Walking in the meadow of life on that summer day

Where she always loved to be at Una  walked along the steady stream 
As she picked up the white Lilly flower and put upon her hair of gold (princess of love)

And the daughter of a dander king
Una suddenly turned her head to the old orchard tree and begun to sing roman lullabies of joy

With tears of affection shed for the god who lives above the skies
At that moment she gazed back to the stream 
And there the lion stood so tall just like a king eyes wide looked to una 
As she went toward the mighty lion he went to her and utter'd thee words 
 I am a creature of pride with nothing to hide I am pure of heart true of courage with a mask of savage a mane gold as our hearts-

She became very happy and intrigued 
As she laid her gentle hands on upon the lion she spoke these words 
  -I love thee lion and by sun and moon I love thee freely as men strive for right;
I love thee purely in my old griefs and childhood's faith 

There a tiny lamb appears right next to her and the lion 
So small and graceful like a gift from god above 
The tiny lamb followed them further into the enchanted meadow sky as crystal blue and the wind is calm they drifted off strung into the world
To bring new love joy and courage to the world and spread good faith

Poem Details | by Ivor Davies |
Categories: children, family, introspection, love, marriage, passion, tiger,

Chinese Moon

I'm a Wood Cockerel
a Metal Tiger's my mate,
which meant for her birthday
five years I did wait.
Then twenty four years 
had passed on their way
till joining of species
on that happy day.

Tiger and Cockerel
fur and feather and fun,
in crowing and growling
they can't be outdone.
But nesting together,
at home in their lair,
this cock and his pussy
combine as a pair.

They’re totally manic
mammal and bird,
strutting together 
the pictures absurd!

Now that forty five years
has passed this pair by,
their children surround them
and non can deny,
that Cockerels and Tigers
though a different breed
found that love found a way
to propagate seed.

Together forever
under Chinese Moon,
there’s non now are saying
they’ll separate soon.
For a lifetime of living
they’ve shared with each other…
A Cockerel as Father
and Tigress as Mother.

Ivor G Davies

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: animal, horror, love, tiger,

An Animal's Attack

Last year I was attacked by a fierce animal.
I shot it but the bullet only grazed its skull.
I began to pray because I knew I'd be harmed.
That creature severed one of my legs and my arms.
The creature that attacked me was a ferocious tiger.
A woman drove up and luckily I was saved by her.
The lady's car scared the tiger and it ran from fright.
If she hadn't drove up, I would've died that night.
The tiger that maimed me had escaped from the zoo.
I fell in love with that woman and she loves me too.
When I was escorted to the emergency room, I had to be carried.
Even though I'm deformed, she loves me and we're getting married.

(This is a fictional poem)

Poem Details | by Sunita U.D Palawon |
Categories: confusion, cute love,

My Tiger

Walking  my Tiger  home  is  not  easy  

As  he bears not,  on  the  road  ,  those   sleazy 

A  story   funny   to  you,  it  may   sound  ,

Weird   way   to  my  destiny  I am  bound 

Dilemma  it is  for  me,  every   day  ;

From  my tiger,  keeping  others  at   bay 

Not  for  his instincts carnal,  do  I  mean  

But   for  his prized beloved   that  I've been.

A  tooth   for  a  tooth  ; an  eye   for  an  eye  ,

He  will   spare  not  even  the  harmless   fly  

One   eye   on  me,  ready  he is  to   fight  

Soothing  him,  way   back  , is  almost  a  rite 

The  village   powerful  tiger  fighter  

Misfortune, my lover is crowned, Tiger!

Contest: Walking My Tiger Home
Same no of syllables per lines.

Poem Details | by Elaine Ho |
Categories: animal, fish, i love you, longing, tiger,

Seashore: the tiger and the fish

You're a tiger in the jungle, elusive, strong and free;
I'd wondered how I'd meet you, for I live in the sea.

And though I'd dreamt that one day soon I'd be no more alone,
That it is you my heart awaits I never could have known.

I've seen the waters far and wide, the shallow and the deep,
I've swam with fishes just like me but none could my heart keep.

I've met the sharks, the dolphins too, the turtles and the rays,
I've been to every inlet, every cove and all the bays

I've even met the gulls who soar, who freely roam the skies,
They tell me nothing's there for me amidst their woeful cries.

And so I travel aimlessly, evading many threats,
From predators and jealous kin to massive human nets.

I find myself quite lost once more, no longer in the sea,
I'm swimming now in waters fresh, I think, where could I be?

But not much time permits to pass, I must keep self aware,
I've narrowly escaped the grasp, the claws of great brown bear.

This bear it seems will not give up, he swipes and swipes again,
I tire now and lose my strength, I fear I've met my end.

Then all at once, it seems to me, the danger is no more,
I'm rescued now and safe again thanks to a mighty roar.

This roar it bellowed loud and deep, and it had kept me safe.
I wondered who could be the one who'd rescued me, a waif.

As I look up I see above two golden eyes like fire,
A steadfast creature watching me, in orange striped attire.

This beast he has the largest fangs and claws - sharp like a blade,
And yet, as I look into his eyes I just am not afraid.

A moment froze, we both are still, our spirits now connect,
His weapons borne are meant for me, for I he must protect.

The sun it sets, we've spent the eve our hearts entwined in song,
And yet we know the truth draws near, it mustn't be prolonged.

For you, my dear, you dwell on land and I swim in the sea,
And how could you or I change lives? It simply cannot be.

As I depart to swim away I feel I cannot cope,
But then a thought has dawned on me, and now I feel some hope.

For how we met was not by chance, and we are all we need,
The land it meets the sea year-round; only once was my heart freed.

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: love, love hurts, romance,

Tiger Lovely Spring

lovely tiger's spring
my beloved hurts and bites
handmade so sweeter

Poem Details | by Mitch White |
Categories: africa, love,

Tiger Tails

We are intertwined and insane and I don't even mind
Running you down is bliss, then we pause with a hiss
You excite me as I gain on you, we are two of a kind
Fire in your eyes makes me roar as I close, then miss

You run around me as I give chase without a corner
We turn to scratch and claw in an everlasting roll
I pin you down as your fangs tease at my jugular
Growling as you escape me, your tail fluffed and full

Something in our souls ravishes our instinctive goals
Deep in the den is where we both want this to end
Free of the hunger dulls, we embrace our inner roles
Tangled tails and broken nails, we lay down to mend

for you: 8\22\13

Poem Details | by Jesse Jones |
Categories: imagination, introspection, life, lost love, love, mystery,

Untitled #336 / Swan Tiger, savages, and heaven

Dream of Swan Tiger.
Dream of savages.
Dream of heaven.

Poem Details | by Alice Woede |
Categories: depression, fear, love, tiger,

Part 2, Scratches

I lie here waiting for the endless stream,
Hoping no black tiger dreams
Night came and went, comes and goes
No human comfort makes its show.

Black tiger scratches in my mind,
Hoping one day love he’ll find
But my supple mind has no love left to share;
Black tiger’s sharp claws meet air.

Poem Details | by Scott Young |
Categories: analogy, deep, heartbroken, love hurts, pain, sad, tiger,

Wild Animals

We  keep  our  hearts  locked  away  in  cages
deep  down,  away  from  the  light 

We  keep  them  caged  like  wild  animals, 
not  to  be  trusted  in  the  presence  of  others

But  like  wild  animals 
we  cannot  keep  our  hearts  subdued,
they  cannot  be  tamed

It  takes  only  one  person 
to  open  the  gates

In  one  simple  moment,  we  drop  our  guard
and  our  hearts  break  free.

Truly  terrifying  is  the  fact, 
That  people  don’t  understand  wild  animals
and  fear  what  they  don’t  understand

Poem Details | by Jesse Jones |
Categories: confusion, introspection, lost love, mystery, social,

Untitled #334 / Swan Tiger

“How do you spell your last name?”
“ZwanzigerIt’s like Swan Tiger,
but with Z’s instead of S’s and T’s”
Ah! Swan Tiger! Swan Tiger!
This will be my first novel.

Poem Details | by Ian Minto |
Categories: life, loss, love, sad, me, me,

rest, tiger, hurt

from birth you’re taught to fight and kill
to always get your prey.
you track and stalk, but be still
lest she get away.
and though you check the wind for scent,
oh, you must be clever.
for still you stop to shade your eyes,
because nothing fights forever.

so rest, tiger, hurt with me
and let me stroke your fur.
for just as sure as you can growl,
i know that you can purr.

and yes, you’re strong! and yes you’re proud!
and yes, you leave me speechless!
but know this, my fierce, fierce friend,
like me you have a weakness.
your teeth are sharp, your claws more so,
you’re bred to rise above.
but what i chase is sharper still,
and nothing hurts like love.

so rest, tiger, hurt with me,
and let me stroke your fur.
for just as sure as you can growl,
i know that you can purr.

i wont ask much, i promise you.
who cares how this will end.
for here, and now, i’m hurt more
by those i called my friends.
so share your shade, and share your seat
with this foolish stranger.
i’ll play nice, one more time,
though i know the danger.

so rest, tiger, hurt with me,
lets watch the sun just swell.
and you can growl, or you can purr.
but i will talk of hell.

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: cool, crazy, cute love, i am, love, tiger, truth,


I told you I go crazy
Sometimes some places
About you or me or we

I told you!

Poem Details | by Anna Sander |
Categories: animal, betrayal, earth, feelings, love, moon, tiger,

Tiger Moon

Oh, Tiger Moon!
Burning wildly in the night,
Can you feel the jungle air,
Beating rhythmically tonight?

Scars lashed upon your brow,
And beaten upon your chest,
Shine bright over the darkness,
And put your soul at rest.

Release your gentle glow,
Let it caress the earth with love,
Soft whispers I will feel,
Lost in endless wonder from above.

Poem Details | by Dominique Ryan |
Categories: love, tiger,

tiger man

see the thing is what he does
is try to show me some tough love
im like a tiger in the fields
and im starving for a meal
im going to to catch you watch me boy
im going to  catch you watch me destroy

ive got my scars and ive earned my stripes
im going to make you mine right through the night
hes my tiger and im the prey
he likes to protect me night and day
hes my tiger with looks that could kill
with a deep roar and a powerful thrill

watch my paws im not gonna claw
i want to stroke your face i like to chase
he purrs louder as we touch nose to nose
feel safe in his arms when he doesnt let go
can see domination in his eyes
he knows im his and that he is mine

my tiger man

Poem Details | by Marqese Dabbs |
Categories: fantasy, love,

Dragon Yang, Tiger Yin

A koi rising up the river of ascending
Reaching the highest honor
Shedding scales to transcend to a great beast
He flies with a roar of courage, breathing fire through the clouds, with righteous fury spewing
Divine yang
The symbol of distant glory
Stripes baring camouflage
Claws and canines to lash out extreme force
She burns bright in the forest of the night
Immortal hands and eyes
Glamorous Yin
Dragon and Tiger attraction, magnetic personalities
Mutual power of dynamic, giving way to irritation
Lover’s combustion bond
Dragon yang meets any provocation
Tiger yin lays to her impulsive mercurial ways
Two signs of a burst of energy
A brash and courageous Dragon seeks out Tiger’s love
Possessing compassion and understanding
Zodiac strong forces binding
Feeling appreciated and desired, they will always be in perfect infatuation
Yin and yang

Poem Details | by jessica dawn |
Categories: caregiving, friendship, happiness, love, sister, song-teen, thank you, love, me,

tiger and pooh

me and you, we're like tiger and pooh.
friends till the end, but the end were still friends.
your like my sister before any mister.
ill love you til the day i die.
with god in the sky as my witness he'll see
yo are the other half of me.
your their when i'm sad, crazy or mad.
you know when to cry with me or just sit silently.
help me get up when i'm down,
get rid of my frown.
i cant live without your smile,
ill walk the extra mile
to talk with you a while
like a scared little child.
this thing between us
its something to hold onto.
it proves how much i love you,
just like tigr and pooh...

Poem Details | by Bo Lanier |
Categories: love, night, tiger,

Moonshadow Castle Curse

Sitting here in this red velvet room 
overlooking the sea...candlelight 
strikes the piano keys and like a tiger 
on the run here I go again moving in 
for the kill casting another magic spell 
on you by force of will...can't you feel 
the magic just across the moat and the 
many crimson hills...well and can't you 
see the towers turning and burning as 
the night sky turns blue...I try not to 
take it to heart where it concerns you 
but I still do..only you can quiet the 
storm in my heart baby and end the curse, 
the curse of Moonshadow castle's tragic 
love story!

Poem Details | by David Brown |
Categories: animal, best friend, love,

Tiny Tiger

My tiny Tiger,
 Your body like a second heart
 Beating against my chest

 The intense rhythm
 Of your pulsing vibrations
 Are serenity itself

 Is it deepest pleasure
 Or comfort and peace
 That I sense in your shuttered eyes?

 Or is it a mere reflection
 Of my own contentment
 In taming for these brief moments,
 My tiny Tiger

Poem Details | by Dawn Delaney |
Categories: love,

Man of a tiger

The man of a tiger 
he is a fighter
A man of a lion
who saves me from dying
on his heart I knock 
hard like a rock
I want to get through
if its the last thing to do
I will shovel in the snow
you already know
to stand out in the rain
with not much to gain
only to find
that hes not really mine.

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: death, evil, how i feel, life, love hurts, me, passion,

How I tamed the tiger

How I tamed the tiger

How I tamed the tiger that burns inside of me.
It was not a conscience quest to change,
Life just ripped it out for all to see.
I have only emptiness inside my chest
And all that is left to wait for is death.
This is my only recognizable form,
For human being has never been my norm.

I just don’t understand people.
I only know of loss and evil.
Those who claim to love, but don’t.
I could fall in love, but only if I helped them cheat and ignored my soul;
So I won’t.

Alone I remain, wishing for flames,
To once more spark inside my heart,
But the ignition switch is broken, like my art.
All is dark where light should be;
There is a tiny light which exists inside of me.

I cannot laugh at comedy, because I am so tragic.
I no longer believe in cupid’s magic.
I only believe in the inevitability of the end;
Happiness stolen by ex-girlfriends.
Take one soul, have an affair,
Repeat process without a care.

Love is stood over there,
And I am silent, unmoving, uncaring, and she is unaware.

(C)2018 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.