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Poem Details | by Silent One |
Categories: love, romance, romantic,

Tenderness of twilight

In the tenderness of twilight, calmness of the air, silently caressed her skin hearts floated like a gentle breeze. Illuminating her persona, naked moon reflected against the softness of her cheeks sweet whispers evoked several senses. Envious stars sparkled, transcending a galaxy of kisses, radiating against her lips and who was I to resist. Her petal lips, sang to me like a lullaby - my heart danced like a butterfly sensual souls serenaded sweet symphonies. Infatuated shadows gazed until sunrise, as embers intensified, embracing Earth's window of wonders a love was born into eternal bliss. I still see that night in her eyes; she always insists it was the stars, but I believe it was the moon.
17 October 2018 Silent One

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: lost love, love,


Rushes to the window with every pitter-patter but it is only the rain crashing into me trying to wash away my pain reminding of sunny days where the pitter-patter was the beating of my heart where love was never sought but happily was found my heart breathes feeling once more your tenderness pitter-patters run across the oaken hardwood floors and I see in her your smile your love your heart The rain and my tears fall yet I know most go a lifetime without true love but no not me my heart goes pitter-patter one last time butterflies float away into my soul and I remember I loved you

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion,

astounded by your tenderness

you may think you 
are exceedingly insignificant


your soul carries 
more warmth than
the sun bestows 
to the earth.

for I have been awoken by
the words spoken…by you

you may think I don’t
believe in you as I once did


your heart carries 
more affection
than an autumn day

for I have been satisfied and
I’m gratified…because of you

you encompass my very being, 
and I am astounded by your tenderness

July 6, 2018

Poem Details | by Nick Dylan |
Categories: love, me, sweet, love, me, sweet,


Touch would a finger to the elegant and smooth cheek
That shines from tears as apple leaves after rain
You weep with happiness, me and yourself do not sparing,
All trying to understand the mystery of the lines on the left hand..

Let me go through the forest of your hair
Lips, like a pair of black shoes
Order to enjoy crunch of brushwood of hair braids
And chocolate, spicy, as Savoy Truffle..

Inhaling aroma lipstick
And plunging into pond of eyes,
I hear as rattle waterfalls
Those tart tears, so that brings us together..

Bullet would make my eyes shot to their mouths,
Tongue-climber to conquer the top of dental ridge
Peninsula of tongue spread a carpet near a smooth gums
Fiery lava pours as rum, stalactites stringy saliva.

..You fell asleep, "Love" whispering sweet wind
The clouds suddenly vanished from the sky soul
And sweet to me in your arms this night leaving summer,
After falling in love with you, I fell in love and in life, and I can not be in a hurry. of my favorite works
please help fix any errors in it, I'm sure a lot of them(in the grammatical, lexical, spelling sense)

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

The Tenderness Of Touch

Some feel rich from worldly possessions Some feel rich from loving expressions The tenderness of touch That we crave so much That speak of love, these simple obsessions © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: beauty, life, love,

Tenderness of an Iris

She smiles with the tenderness of an iris A wonderful blush of mauve and lavender There’s not anyone I’d rather see than this One who holds my heart and is my real lover Her appearance is just like a full flower She holds my stare and has some extreme power To hear her sigh is like music to my ears I will always hold her close for all our years
Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by peter walsh |
Categories: best friend, dedication, for her, how i feel, love,

Exquisite Tenderness

Her long dark hair gracefully flowing
Her green eyes flash wickedly cold
Her truth shows behind her foundation
Her beauty so plain to behold
A beauty so plain to behold

She has placed herself high in her tower
Far away from the hurt and the shame
Where her soul is lost hour by hour
Where only her chains are profane

Is it love that her heart has forsaken
Can her wonder, the heavens replace
Is her world but a place torn asunder
How I long to see a smile on her face

In a world that has lost all its glory
For one so enchanting and young
What secret remains of her story
Lord, don't let her song go unsung

Her long dark hair gracefully flowing
Her green eyes flash wickedly cold
Her truth shows behind her foundation
Her beauty so plain to behold
A Beauty so plain to behold

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Frost |
Categories: beauty, emotions, love,

Touch Of Tenderness

Touch of Tenderness:

In the quiet of the evening sky,
My eyes caught the flutter of a butterfly.
Gliding through the silence of time,
Drifting with a passion that rhymes.

Just like the soft reach of a  lovers reception,       
The wings dance with gentle precision              
Changing the butterfly`s pattern,               
To a dance with the pulse of passion.

The wings create soft sounds of emotion,
Singing the notes created for devotion.
When the lovers heart reaches the line,
Created by the wonders of time.

Gently the butterfly closes her wings,
Floats on all the enchantment she brings              
Touching the breeze with gentle affection,
Ending the dance with tender perfection.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: love, pets, cat,


On a bed softer than fur and whiter than daisies,
the tenderness of a lovely cat cuddling
her two kittens while they're sleeping...
is a vision we won't forget for hours, or even days!

Imagine a loving  mother being part of her kids' dreams 
as they lay asleep...doesn't that cat do what she does?
Isn't it an incredible surprise to see tears in strangers' eyes...
when they realize that felines and people share the same feelings?

And we looked at cats as domestic pets:
with pretty eyes and furs of every color with a meow
so gentle that was distinctively theirs,
but this misconception ought to change now;
we must appreciate them much more,
and welcome them through our door!

Poem Details | by little known nothing |
Categories: love,

Oh This Tenderness

Oh this tenderness 
The beauty of you amazes me
As I undress in the sun
Shining through the window
Curtains fluttering in the breeze
This Spanish villas part of me

Your eyes as slender 
As an irresistible lover
Watching the silk fall from my hips
Taking me in your arms as this
Is bliss

Years we have waited
To meet once more
Thousands of hours
Hundreds of days
A million thoughts have kept you alive 
In my head
Turning over all that was said
Tiny snippets of memory kept me in this eternity 
Needing you back with me

Now the dream is reality
Undress in front of me
Lay upon my body
This warm familiarity 
I have acted this out in my mind
A million times
Lightening flashes inside of me
Then hush

If only I knew before 
Life after death was
As this

Poem Details | by Durlabh Singh |
Categories: introspection, life, love, romance



On tentative waves of tenderness
We would go forward in attendance
Where softness in the dawn counts
Some flirtation of sunshine after dark.

Today the journey is short
Beyond tediousness of mordent expressions
Resting in the airs like some sovereign sounds
Crossing thresholds of the neglected lessers.

Stone statues allured by the shades
Clad in grey wearing trousers of the mist
Doleful expressions in quizzing of heart
Frequency of failures in a wistful start.

Poem Details | by L.Ruby Meyer |
Categories: caregiving, dedication, devotion, friendship, love, people, uplifting,

My Quote on Tenderness

Treasure and retain above all else, the tenderness of ones heart.

Poem Details | by Serge Lyrewing |
Categories: care, emotions, feelings, heart, i miss you, kiss, love,

With all my hungry tenderness

With all my hungry tenderness
With all my heart (just let it speak)
I’ll give you long-awaited kiss
I will embrace you on the peak
of pleasure when I’ll meet your glance
in our very secret place.
Please, do not look another sense,
Please, do not look the other ways.
Just come; just hear my inner voice,
I’m empty; fill me with your care,
The skies are playing us as toys,
But we won’t say that it’s not fair.
Because you give to me your kiss,
Yes, you embrace me on the peak
of pleasure with your tenderness
With all your heart – you let it speak.

Poem Details | by Julie Mckoon |
Categories: break up, confusion, for her, for him, girlfriend, heartbreak,

Tenderness love forgotten

Once you see her 
you want to kiss 
her, as she passes 
you by, like a leaf falling 
in to the watery lake, 
of tears and pain, 
with her tender 
heart that's been
shattered, as the sun 
sets you, try not 
to follow her, 
but you can't 
resist her tender lips, 
with her tender love, 
she has given to 
you, so you try 
not to think of 
the past, but its 
not so easy, 
to forget, as you 
have to walk away, 
to say good bye

Poem Details | by The Brooklyn Six Project |
Categories: happiness, inspiration, inspirational, life, love,

Girl, There Is Sweet Tenderness

Girl, there is sweet tenderness 
We always have loads of fun 
Every moment is golden 
Together we lay underneath the sun 
Girl, our hearts beat as one 
We deeply cherish each other 
Always walking hand in hand 
Let us make this last forever

Poem Details | by Nina Foster |
Categories: loveme, love, me,

Touch of Tenderness....

 I get a rush, Im on a natural high,
I get so shaky , when youre nearby.........

 I really love being with you,
please dont get me wrong, Its just a feeling inside,
a feeling thats strong.........

 You're special to me and have a special place in my heart,
thats why I cant stand it when we are apart.........

 We can't be together all the time, I know
but I'll always have you with me in a place 
where others can't go..........

 You make me happy when I'm sad,
and smile when I'm blue,
You should know by now , that 
I really Love you...........

 There are so many things that I'd like to do,
and say,
It could take a lifetime, 
Lets get started , okay?


Poem Details | by David Brown |
Categories: dedication, love,


Soft heart, 
tender soul
guiding gently, 
making whole

Always ready,
loving touch
asking little,
giving much

Patient one,
soften's landing
healing hands,

Poem Details | by Sandra Elliott |
Categories: love,

Loves Tenderness

 Falling so deeply into love's sunset
Sunburst of laughter never to upset
Enjoyment of loves tenderness is my advocate

Time approaches ever so fast, for loves last embrace
Burning desire only for lovers paradoxes
Taken so fast in your strong arms of grandeur

For each question is how long can lover's endure
Together we will glide through out each detour
Only to find their is no others touch so pure

AuthorSandra  M Elliott

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passionlove,

Our Tenderness Flows

In lacy black
She invitingly lures
The love of her man
Strong and pure
On our bed she lies
As i see through the black
Her curvaceous body
Shows no lack
Enticing in pout
Her lips glossed
She draws me in
I'm about to be bossed
My hands wander
Over her black attire
While the man in me
In furnace desire
Our souls meet
Flesh to flesh
As her breasts stand proud
Through the lacy black mesh
Bodies impressed
As we join at the hips
Lips to lips
As our loving grips
In rhythmic sway
Our tenderness flows
As my love for my love
Internally grows
In explosive delight
Her body arcs
Our love this evening
Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark

Poem Details | by Gregory Golden |
Categories: imagination

We Ask For Love And Tenderness

Love, as sweet  
This flower 
That blooms from
In return,
Only ask for
Love and tenderness
Each leaf and stem
A place in
This universe
We make this 
Sacred covenant

Poem Details | by The Brooklyn Six Project |
Categories: love, together,

Girl, There Is Nothing But Sweet Tenderness

Girl, there is nothing but sweet tenderness 
When we hold one another so dearly 
We have a love that is pure and true 
Let this be forever sincerely 
With all the heat and passion 
Our love will shine on through 
Walking together hand in hand 
It is simply just us two

Poem Details | by Valentina Iljina-Pechenova |
Categories: love,

The Unique Tenderness

I feel the unique tenderness
In this morn, with all my innerness,
With each cell and piece of my body,

I value all the summer’s scents,
As I know of blossom's evanescence,
And it being subtle and naughty.

The unique tenderness interwoven
With my chocolate feelings flowing
Towards you brings much wondrous doting…

P.SOn the dawn I saw in the dream as a surreal artist painted by tossing and stressing in black and milk colors too many dots of different thinness and fatness, and he called it "The Unique Tenderness." Really, it was seen as the subtlest themeEarly in the morning, I tried to translate it into the language of poetryDo not judge me strictly for my plagiaristic clumsiness, as my poetic amorphous amorousness allowed me and couldThanks

Poem Details | by Serge Lyrewing |
Categories: assonance, emotions, feelings, poets, sensual, sweet love, sympathy,

Softer than tenderness by Osip Mandelstam

Softer than tenderness
your pretty face,
More white than white, of course,
your little hand,
It's far from world your walls
and native land,
It's unavoidable
your sweety bliss.

From sweety bliss, of course,
you are so sad,
And fingers these are warm,
they are so warm,
And quiet sound and tone,
speeches are unworn,
And distant eyes of yours
within my head.

P.SThis is my translation of poem by Osip Mandelstam