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Poem Details | by Felix Abbey-Mensah |
Categories: love, visionary, wife,


The stars up yonder glitter in one accord
The fast moving clouds shaped like a blunt sword
The fireflies in the distance light up our meadow
Their lights cast sparingly on our corning glass window
Our mansion was carefully crafted and built
In the country side, it has this magnificent tilt
Made of expensive material and state-of-the art technology
It was a beauty to behold considering its unique topology
My wife lay on the third floor of an enchanting bedroom
Kissing and caressing sloppily her handsome groom
And voice-commanding the lights to give us some privacy
As we gradually climbed to technological ecstasy

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: desire, farewell, irony, loss, lost love, love, technology,



You were standing alone with your mind on your phone
And you never saw me as I walked on by.
You were staring deep into your screen and you never saw me,
So I just kept on walking on by.
With your head in your Facebook, I never got a second look
And I guess I missed out on the first.
You are so deeply engrossed that you missed me the most;
You love having the best phone and that makes you the worst.

With your head in the cloud you are never around,
So how can I compliment you tonight?
With your eyes never here and always there, 
It just seems to me that you do not care;
So I wave you goodbye and walk out of your life.

Now your battery has died and the power has been cut,
You finally notice me walking on by.
You think I really do like him, but he does not even notice me,
With that woman and a ring on his hand.
You have missed out on love
And it was all just because,
You were connected to your mobile phone, not this man.
So you never had the chance to connect to romance,
Or the love that I know you could have had.

(C)2017 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: anxiety, internet, society, technology, teen love, teenage,

We have a problem: Nude selfies replace romance

“Send me a pic,” he sent with a smile, 
“Share what you’re hiding away.
You’re a beautiful girl, not like the rest, 
And you’re never ever even afraid.”

“Hmm, let me think, can I really trust you?” 
She replied as quick as she could,
“Sure you can,” he sent, quick as a flash, 
“My intentions are all really good.”

So she slipped off her top, behind a locked door, 
And numbly stood all alone,
And sent this guy, a photo of her, 
Her confused body standing at home,

And this is their life, for new teenage years, 
Pleasure removed from the dance,
Intimacy gone, replaced with an image, 
Nude selfies replacing romance.

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: confusion, future, hate, how i feel, love, technology, truth,

Love-Hate The Internet

As a kid they said technology
would lead us to a better life,
and in many ways they are correct,
tech does many things right.
I suppose I was just naïve
to thing there would be no downside,
now I love/hate the internet,
there are a thousand reasons why…

I love that endless information
is just a single click away /
I hate that there is so much
that it overwhelms the brain.

I love that I can buy anything,
have it delivered rather quick /
I hate endless adds in e-mail,
trying to sell me something slick.

I love that every genre is there,
in every medium, and every type /
I hate that half of it hides viruses
that will steal away your life.

I love that video posting sites
bring old music to the crowds /
I hate the video ‘commentators,’
so inane, rambling, and loud.

I love that every point of view
has a place to makes its pitch /
I hate government and tech giants
always trying to censor it.

I love that every single interest
has a place to blow of stress /
I hate people acting like morons,
and then claiming they’re ‘oppressed.’

I love that you can meet others
who may share your predilections /
I hate that being ‘connected’
soon becomes a damn addiction.

I love that you can reach the world
from the comforts of your home /
I hate that this very same world
then never leaves you alone.

I love that a person can work
from anywhere on any day /
I hate that distance no longer
makes reality go away.

Of course it’s not like it is
ever gonna go anywhere,
we’re forever stuck in between
thankfulness and despair.
I guess the net will ever be
a both sweet and bitter pill,
I love/hate the internet,
and I guess I always will.

Poem Details | by KIRUPA JTM |
Categories: change, encouraging, home, love, nature, relationship, technology,

'Technology AND Human Relationship Poem'

Technology AND Human Relationship Poem

 It was on an April day When I was returning home,
 Earphones plugged to my ears, listening to Music in my cellphone.
 Typing Messages fast to my friends in Facebook
 While I, laughing Out Loud to their replies made other people Stare and Look.

 At Home I am worse than is my usual routine,
 Watching Movies in Laptop While eating my Double bean.
 Simultaneously, aware of "Todays News" on T.V,
 I discuss with my friends' tomorrows plan......"Hmmm...YES!!.Shall WE!!?"-   Until-

 "PUT That Phone Down Atleast FOR A Second!!!!!"
 Ordered my Mom sternly tapping her fair folded hand.
 Not to test her patience, I went out , to the backyard-
 There my little sister called out," Buffalo, Whale....Goatie, DOG".

 I scowled and frowned taken aback by her words aloudWhere
 My face softened when she pointed to the clouds
 Together We saw them changing shapes
 We smiled when we related them to rhymes from tapes.

 We played, talked and pronounced words which were trickyUntil
 Famished, We went to the kitchen and made sandwich, A-MrMickey.
 Maybe..I should say NO TO Technology!!!!
 For blinding me from seeing and loving my dear family!!!??

 HUH!! But what do I see when I enter our hall!!!
 My family, crowded around the telephone making 'Phone Calls!!?'
 My sister turned on the 'Skype!!' to talk to her spouse?
 "What?" I Gasped,"YOU People ARE Into Technology, IN This House!!???"
 "YES", they Laughed"WE USE Technology TO Encourage AND Strengthen Human Relationships, Dear".


Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: addiction, april, best friend, computer, confusion, courage, culture, cute love, earth, emotions, encouraging, environment, fantasy, farm, feelings, funny love, garden, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, inspirational, internet, irony, july, june, kiss, loneliness, love, magic, me, metaphor, nature, parody, repetition, satire, science, social, technology, tree, women, world, youth,


follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: break up, computer, humorous, love, poetry, psychological, technology,

Robot Boy, censored version

So robots write poetry now Here's what I think of that.

Yer shiny enough, Robot Boy
Yer hard as a shard of rock
You never run out of energy
You and yer digital clock
Sex isn’t problematic
There isn’t an issue, you know
Just wipe you off with a dampened cloth
And then you’re good to go
I don’t love you, Robot Boy
You’re not my one and only
I keep you in the cupboard just
For moments when I’m lonely
But now a ghost in the machine
Has affected yer circuitry
Ridiculous algorithms making
Mechanical poetry
You’re hardly a Parker or Larkin
Your verse gets much worse with each byte
I have to tell you, Robot Boy
Yer poetry’s hogwash, alright?
You’re not making me juices flow
With yer hexadecimal rant
Where’s the amo amas amat
Amamus amatis amant
Where’s the chuffing soul in it
It’s far too formulaic
Give me an unexpected twist
And something a bit archaic
Oh, yer metre’s simply textbook
Get you with yer perfect pentameters
Adhering to all the rules of form
Within the expected parameters
There’s no chuffing joy in it, Robot Boy
In yer tedious black and white
Oh, you’ve cracked me one off one about rainbows (yawn)
Bet that’s an interesting write
It’s not like you want to woo me
You’re programmed to say it like this
There’s zero soul in yer empty words
That leave me as cold as your kiss
You’re not a poet, Robot Boy
Yer not Shelley, or Byron, or Wilde
You’ve never screamed in the wild winds
Or dreamed the world as a child
I’m just going to dump you, Robot Boy
Calculate that, methinks
‘Cos you turn me off with yer binary thing
And frankly, yer poetry stinks

© Gail Foster 2016

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, character, cheer up, computer, courage, culture, cute love, deep, desire, destiny, first love, for her, girlfriend, guitar, hope, i am, i love you, i miss you, imagination, inspiration, internet, loneliness, lonely, love, love hurts, meaningful, miss you, missing, missing you, nonsense, nostalgia, philosophy, places, relationship, science, science fiction, simple, technology, tribute, true love, wisdom,


teardrops appeared on my tablet
on both sides of the glass
mine on top
hers underneath,
shed from miles away

which was which
who was where
did not matter
any longer

real or virtual,
all merged into one 
- a brook of joy
running through the valley of time
destined for 
unchartered pleasures

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: abuse, computer, funny, health, love, social, technology,

on the fancy package it came in

on the fancy package 
it came in
it did not say
that smoking this 
might  be bad for your health --

in a dark corner of the room
I lit up my iPhone
smoked it 
and felt

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: age, change, desire, identity, image, love, technology,

Texting Selfie Sonnet

            Texting Selfie Sonnet

Quiet girl in text heaven, knows what to do, it’s true
As long as dainty fingers dance along the keys
Loves advances will be locked, like a snap shot for you
Camera ready phone so picture perfect, in steady peace

Certain is the depth of her wanton desire
What, with somber quirky smile, furled eye lashes
Flashes and kept words alive, breathing across the wires
Every thought typed, lifts spirits high, in ready fashion

Those lovely labored hands will never grasp such matters
Only love long distance on the line will be so kind
A keyboard to replace the warmth of human chatter
I wait forever to make you mine

The hope of every person is to rise to picture self
One last selfie, texting and aging on a shelf

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: fun, funny, love, technology,

Re-cycle me

When its thought
To be
All over 
Put me through a cross
Cut shredder 
And store me 
In a cardboard shoe box

When the technology is right 
Re-cycle me 
As a vanilla ice cream pop
With a dark chocolate cover
To be eaten 
And loved 
Just one more time

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love, humor, humorous, technology,

Phone Sex

I am lying in bed
With my lady 
Ready to voyage
to hades

when she whips out
an  iPhone
named Teddy
sometimes Freddy 
once Eddie

she texting and tweeting  
her friends on line
or reading  
romance novels and 
books on how and where to dine 

she ignore me
that’s fine
me biding my time
waiting patiently  for  sex
between the  texts

Poem Details | by Shan Vitor |
Categories: crush, love, sweet, technology,

Behind Her Keyboard

I'm falling,
Like the bangs on her forehead
And when she blows it up
It's me that's being blown away

Such pure white skin, I can't resist
To near a reasonable distance
Enough to see her deep in her soul
Enough to muster a normal conversation

Because to me she is
A star in broad daylight
A nightingale in chaos fields
A butterfly in my garden of thoughts

Blurry it may as I do this
Yet this is my only way of expression
How one day I hope she reads this
As I type behind her keyboard

Poem Details | by Alesha Roche' |
Categories: adventure, art, black african american, dedication, love, passion, love,

human technology

I love the way you love me
            the way you hate
I love the way you open your eyes
            the way you close them
i enjoy your company
            peace of mind
i enjoy the absence of your soul
            as well as tardy
I do this all with the will of God's good grace

Poem Details | by Rhoda Monihan |
Categories: boyfriend, girlfriend, home, i love you, love, relationship, technology,

Love Is Blind

You don’t see the defects,
You only see the muscle,
And when he is accused,
You cause a kerfuffle.

Adjacent to beauty, truth,
That youth so lively and vital,
Vibrant with colour spread,
He speaks with his amble

Two sociology’s merge, 
Into one lovely scene,
And technology assists, 
With where you’ve been

Having only conversation, 
Through looks and kindness, 
Facilitated by still silence, 
Interspersing strong keenness

Bed lying open to anyone,  
Enclosing only the two of you, 
Glueing that modish freshness, 
That expects to act and do.

Poem Details | by Dalton Moss |
Categories: destiny, dream, for her, love, science fiction, technology, time,

Notes From The Future--A tale in two forms, free verse and rhyme

“I am in a desert place in my life
I had this dream the other night:

Comfort came to me in two forms
Dark and Light
Remembrance and Anticipation

There was a sweet taste,
Not on my tongue but in my heart
And a soft touch soothing
But sublime

My mind saw this scene from two angles
Left and Right
I perceived a choice between two women
One I have known before
The other I would know

I was standing
My back to a wall, facing an open room
From my left Dark approached me
She put her face to my face
And her body right up against my body
As we sank to the floor kissing
It was odd—but familiar.

From my right came Light
(Dark had already gone)
Light put her face to my face
And her body against my body
As we sank to the floor kissing
And it was right
Each consuming the other.”
Dark is a woman I knew—years ago
Light is a woman I had yet to know

Dark needs no light, for her countenance seen
Dark is lit up by my fond memory

To see Light I’d need hope, and it came in a vision
It took a great while, retrospect acquisition:

Committed recall to the blank white of paper
Returned to my eyes again, many years later

Gave chance to bestow, my mind reels at the means 
The future made known to the man, it would seem

No notes from the future, squeezed backward through time
Piggybacked upon muons*, the old paradigm 

It came by cigar with some gulps o’ the brandy 
Wouldn’t suffer invention, no technology handy

Through membrane not diodes, transistors or chips
Premonition the cargo, time-transient ships

Time seeps and flips back--bits of data it brings
Knowledge bestowed in ethereal** dreams 

The upshot of this story? Light’s my destiny
And I’m happy to say that her name is Tammy.

*The time traveling muon
**extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world

Poem Details | by Derek Ortiz |
Categories: inspirationalhome, home, life, love, technology, time,

"Digital Flag Coming Undone"

You stand waiting everyday for new incoming, you see the technology  standing your life
like a god, waiting for you to betray and your done, every man holds a passion for new
devices and new weapons, for then they cry jail for whom they killed, we all know this is
wrong, yet we love to see our hands full of misery and pain, breathing a life into
machines ain't funny, but every time mom, dad, granny, brother or sister are about to
leave to heaven or hell, oh you grab their soul by signing papers and putting their faded
and wrecked life into a machine, breath in and out they still gonna die, why is it so bad
to leave them rest forever in grave  than putting them inside a room alone in a disordered
depression for they to keep on dying slower and slower, now you love technology right?
Then why when the soldiers went to war they died in dozens like pigs because of our enemy
have enough technology to kill them all, i saw in my country every time a soldier died
their family went crying and desperate screaming "Why?" Why you think they died? Because
god let a big missile fall on him or them? Selfish indeed...

We are letting it get to our head, we are making valuable starts go to waste, in this days
people do not go home very happy if they don't get what they want, i know how a man fights
for freedom and is not this way, the flag is striking us with it same ambition of fatal
destruction, i wish we can all go home one way  or the other, alive! But the streets are
recklessly running in circles on same hell, same vision, is not like before that death was
the last chance, now no one is afraid of dying, that's why people are killing them self's
and killing others, we need fear to coats us again? Or accept our system has blind us to
for money? We been sold for priceless try outs...

I just wish the end comes better than i see it coming.

Poem Details | by derrick foster |
Categories: black african american, dance, happy, innocence, love, people, technology,


she's in the whoosh
feel her span through time
it's all relative
across dimensions
and into space
bigger on the inside
smaller to the seeing eye
walk around her 
you'll see
but step inside
and the venture begins
she's an old girl
stuck in the form of boxy blue
past her prime yet still as sturdy
she'll dematerialize at will
speeding through rifts 
explore her corridors and discover her anew
enter other realms, pasts and futures
she's been at the beginning and to the end of time
her companions many
yet the one who's steady is a mysterious man
one called Dr
but no one knows Who
except her for they've been together through ages
only to get to say hello toward the end
she's a reliable old girl
who's traveled many worlds
she's seen thing and heard tings
you'll know her by the sound of her whoosh
as she comes and goes.

Poem Details | by Flora Mae Gudez |
Categories: cute love, love, technology,

IT In Love

When I installed you to my life, 
My heart went packed of love, 
Like a ROM in full memory
I was initialized and formatted,
Yet you remained saved.
Just a nanosecond, 
I became your cursor 
And you were my mouse.

Poem Details | by Cameron Boyd |
Categories: girl, i love you, kiss, love, lust, smile, technology,

1000 percent

a text is little compared to an email, 
where you really have room to say something.
even better is a hand written letter,
with all the scribbles and stains
and faded coffee dribbles.
which in turn is little compared to a call,
where you can hear the trembles 
and nuances,
in the voice of the person
who thought it would be nice to hear yours...

better yet is a conversation
with the person in front of you,
face to face,
mouth to mouth,
and skin to skin.
with thoughts ever glowing,
flowing off the tips of tongues
like two twin transcending waterfalls
cascading together to make lake him and her.

and when words aren't available...
a kiss will do...
a kiss will do with so much love from me to you
and you to me
that it's all i'll need to know i am where i'm supposed to be-
inside of me
and next to you.
and if you don't get this,
read this,
hear this, feel this,
or know this even exists
i want you to know one thing...

there's a kiss for you,
there's a kiss for you on the edge of my lips
and it wont go anywhere
until i see your swinging hips walk my way.

and that kiss on the edge of my lips that wont go anywhere until i see your swinging hips will be there because you're mine and i love you
and what's mine is yours and yours is mine.
and if you're 100% mine girl,
then i'm 1000% yours.

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: heartbreak, love hurts, relationship, romance, technology,

An internet date

Your emails were a riot of allure,
Potential bloomed with every word I read,
Our common ground would bear fruit, I was sure,
Our future life unfurled inside my head.

We fixed a date on Saturday at five,
I readied you a spot within my heart,
We metWe talkedThe conversation thrived
From every sentence grew a perfect start

That night I dreamt of all that would come next,
Considering I’d met my perfect match,
Then Sunday morning - crash - in came a text,
It turns out that I wasn’t up to scratch.

The future I had cultivated - gone.
Fall downStand upBrush offLog inMove on

“A First Date” Contest
Sponsored by Brenda Chiri
February 2018
6th Place

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: life, love, peace, technology,

No medication

No medication

No more medication, no more sedatives.
No more manufactured state of bliss, 
Is needed here for I have found my peace.

If all you bring is negativity,
Then keep your thoughts away from me;
For your negativity can no longer hurt me.

For I feel nothing for you anymore,
Whilst feeling everything for her, the next girl.
She is naturally kind when she goes au naturel; 
All I want from you is that you go to Hell.

There is nothing like TV to kick you in the teeth
And bring you down to your knees, down to reality.
Watching romantic comedy movies,
Is no longer possible for me.

Life is a rollercoaster with its ups and downs,
But you enjoy the ride sometimes, when love is in the air.

It all happens in an instant,
Blink and you will miss it.

(C)2016 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: faith, goodbye, home, journey, love, love hurts, technology,

I'm coming home

I’m coming home

Been gone so long now, I don’t remember the day I set off.
This flying visit became a journey and I’m sorry that it took so long.
Our only conversations have been by phone and video.
I hope your love for me is still burning bright when I do arrive home.

If you became lonely, like I did while I was away,
I hope you stayed true like I did;
Ignoring all the interest that came your way.
I believe in you; I hope you kept the faith in me too.
My belief in us is the only thing that helped me to get through,
To the other side of what seemed like forever.
It seems so long since we last kissed.
You give me a place to long to come back to,
When you tell me I am missed.

You have always been there for me, even when I had to leave.
I would have liked to have stayed there with you,
But we don’t always get what we need.
Life is not always in our hands;
Sometimes we have to go so we can return.
The light of our love has never gone out;
My passion for you still burns.

I’m coming home to be with you soon.
Look out for me in the red light of dusk.
I’m letting you know that your love is a harpoon;
You shoot your love into my heart and pull me back to you.
I will be there soon…
I’m coming home to you.

(C)2017 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Diana Bosa |
Categories: city, creation, cry, love, music, song, technology,

Singing The Song Of Rust

It's happened on your last watch
In a lonesome salvage yard, 
she - who was raised by machines - like 
an electric shadow on a hopeless, desolate street in Berlin, 
was risen by 
the taste of your swallowed tears as bitter as gall, 
the music of your careless heartbeats singing 
its own song of rust, 
exhaling radiowaves for picture and thus 
bring you into life again 
by reshaping the man - from the sounds of wind chimes 
and piano accords - who you were 
more than half a life ago.

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: black african american, caregiving, celebration, character, dedication, inspirational love, technology,



GARRETT AMORGAN birth outside Paris, Kentucky
Inventor of Smoke hood model day respirator
Hair straitening combs, stop lights
Things for sewing machines
Yes! MrMorgan invented that

by James Edward Lee Sr.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: heart, love, missing you, nature, romantic, technology, writing,


How many lovers
Pen in hand
Sat on this park bench
Inspired by the kiss of this same sun
Enjoying a breathtaking moment
In spite of their heavy heart
Writing a love letter to their beloved
Separated for any number of reasons
Obligation, tragedy or even war

When I close my eyes
I could be in any era
Today we email, tweet or text
But back when things were more simple
Things were a lot more complicated
The letter was by far the most romantic
When all is said and done, it always will

Posted in March, 2018

Poem Details | by John Northcutt Young |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, emo, love, technology, words,

c u b 4

digits, emojis, abcs
compose a code
an irregular ode
void of literacy

cursive, capitalization, punctuation
go old school
immediate mass communication
has no rule.

how we connect
changes with time
words can’t reflect
your heart and mine

Poem Details | by Maryna Tchianova |
Categories: beauty, community, culture, education, humanity, spoken word, technology,

Sacred and profane love by Titian - 1514

Sacred and profane love by Titian - 1514

Love divine 

How it burns when it falls from the sky - 
how it hurts when the water is done
How it rains with the words half-denied, 
When the world looks for fabulous suns

How it aches when the feeling's away
from the roads that are fast and are clean
How it roars when the lights are insane,
how they fatefully touch our skin

How I pray for this love not to fade,
How I look for your eyes in the woods, 
How we crave for emotional shade, 
In each other we find our roots

Profane love

When the touch dumbs us down - 
when the shadows arise, 
When in passion we drown, 
when there's evil disguised

When your kiss, black as night, 
slowly turns on my key, 
when your arms, full of might, 
burn my fragility, 

When we're fruitful and hot, 
when we're lost in our dreams, 
When we're tied with love's knots, 
So profane we might seem


(c) Maryna Tchianova, Ukraine

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: heart, imagination, lost love, love, romance, technology, truth,

Searching for love in an endless vacuum

The female heart is complicated.
Love comes and goes and we are left deflated.
When all that we want is to always be loved,
Sometimes we are,
Sometimes we are not…enough.

The heart of this man is not to be trusted,
According to the mistakes I have made; those days I have wasted.
The reality of love does not compare to the idea.
People are forever passing through relationships, like they are years.

The wonders of love are so rarely seen,
That some people truly believe that romance is all just a dream;
Some would say that romance has become extinct.
Those are the people who have never seen,
The heart that beats inside of me.

If I believe, then there must be others.
If I keep the faith 
And do not measure my self-worth by the quantity of lovers,
But rather by their qualities.
Maybe one day I will find the true love that I seek…

Maybe this is all stupidity,
But I believe in love.
So you go ahead and do as you please;
I will remain as one, alone,
While you are all left searching for love,
In the depths of your phone.

I may be lost, but I am better off,
If all you have is a profile.
I want a love that is worthwhile.
I want to be loved, not just loved for a while.

Feelings change, that I understand,
But can you please tell me,
What is the point of a one night stand!?
Go ahead and feed your ego…ego…go.
I will happily watch you go away with so-and-so.

You do not even remember their names,
Because in the end they are just a name
And nothing remains of that night but a memory.
Are all your memories not just the same?

Getting drunk, having fun,
Mistakes made, but we have no shame!
You are not to blame for generation change,
But I am living a different way.
Real love, real feelings.
Real stories on every page.

You see me lie 
And still you smile,
“Oh what about the little green men that you wrote about!”
I had no doubt that you would mention them,
But they were only ever spoken of in jest,
Lest ye forget,
The contradictions that I swear I never said.

(C)2017 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: desire, drink, home, humanity, love, money, technology,

A designer life

A designer life

We need food, drink, shelter,
Warmth and comfort.
This is the end of the list.
I am done with it.

The medicine is free.
The hospital’s a delight.
The bills are paid; I have a light.
Nicotine is optional; as are gifts.
Money is a concept, we use to live;
But when you do not want or need anything,
You are only holding onto empty pieces of paper.
I did not vote for this.

You buy things you do not need,
With money you do not have,
To impress the people you do not like.
Music is free.
I do not watch TV.
Love is free…
A design for life.

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