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Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: death, death, god, death, god, love,

A Near Death Experience of A Sweetheart

"A Near-Death Experience of A Sweetheart" Floating through a corridor between two different Worlds among white fluffy clouds and shimmering stars awhile wind unfurls racing into darkness: destination to death's door living in a heavenly kingdom.forevermore.. Traveling through deep tunnel as cold fingers touch walls of blackened essence creating thoughts to clutch quickly toward a bright white light of peace my soul and spirit being experienced soft release.. Rushing to a Paradise, landing on streets of gold seeing the Face of God so clearly to behold longing to embrace my dear departed family loved ones who had gone before to their final destiny.. Their captivating smiles excited my soul sharing love once more as was in their earthly roll but a huge white Angel stood between my track he spoke mentally "child of God you must go back. And yet, I was not sad but happy to have seen my precious treasured relatives cuddled by Supreme Being why? I questioned must I return to Planet Earth? Angel responed not your time to stay your purpose unfulfilled for God to cherish every day.. Suddenly transported through the tunnel smelling flowers a jorney taking minutes but feeling like hours and soon the sights and sounds ignited quiet hospital room while my loved ones endured possibility of doom.. My husband was squeezing my hand so tight I felt his love as my children sobbed so loud praying to above my eyes opened wide as I inhaled a breath escaping to my body while I avoided Death.. This near-death experience was an inspiration for another realm exists in utter fascination for now the message lives to enjoy both love and life have no fear for death is harmless and erases strife.. Hover close to God and always give Him thankxxx through trials and tribulations He relieves all angst Treasure every moment and anticipate the end a beutiful place is waiting reuniting family and friends.. Kisses and hugs replaced those solitary tears knowing what lies ahead extinguishes all fears please celebrate the gift of life in grateful attitude Eternity is awesome with unending interlude.

Poem Details | by John Gondolf |
Categories: love, romantic,

Sipping Cider with My Sweetheart

‘Twas in the spring we met just you and I; our love then bloomed and took off to the sky, and floated ‘mongst the clouds that drifted by as we enjoyed a new nirvanic high. And like a fantasy it set us free; in reveries we soared across the seas to white sand beaches lined with mango trees that ever gently swayed in ocean breeze. We spent our summer lost in paradise while sipping Captain Morgan rum on ice, and passions never ceasing to entice; just you and me and love, Babe, did suffice. But time, relentless time, has cast its spell; there’s no escaping younger days death knell, like pebbles falling down an empty well, and echoing the age in which we dwell. Although our days of youth did now expire, our love still strong and filled with much desire. We have our memories that never tire, as now we’re sipping cider by the fire.
November 18, 2018

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: husband, kiss, love, simile,

- Letter To My Sweetheart -


                                      With you in my life

                                       my beautiful wife

                              My feelings are deep and true

                               I will forever belong to you

                             Your voice is music to my ears
                          Or a poem by William Shakespeare
                      I felt like fireworks burst at our first kiss

              Oh, my sweetheart.hugs from your husband Chris

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Felicia Rickett |
Categories: love,


long blonde hair, clumsy
sweet to me
loves me, love him
missing him
far away, only dreaming about him
unknown to him
his known to me
only can hope he still does me
cause i do him
only can wait
just wait

Poem Details | by Sonia Walker |
Categories: love,

I Met My Sweetheart By the Moonlight

I met my sweetheart
by the moonlight
which made me love
him more when I reached 
to kiss his cute lips but
missed instead smooching 
his moustache as his eyes
opened wide as if a 
watered flower in a pot,
causing my dreams to wake
up laughing so loudly
that people on the street
heard my hearty laughter,
resulting in a rolling tsunami
upon the near shore

April 30, 2018

Poem Details | by Naji Almurisi |
Categories: best friend, emotions, girlfriend, love, relationship, wife, women,

My sweetheart

My sweetheart
Cover me
Be as textile of warm love
filling my breathes
Sing for me
Utter my words
Be as cloud of my heart
Raining my tones
Don't be like thorns of flowers
Wounding my dreams
You are the dancer of the first love
You are pulsation of the motionless sea
You are the light
You are the magic
You are the world of oblivion
My sweetheart
This is a pub and that is the place of worship
And this is my heart
Go wherever you want
Neither the night will ask you
Nor silence of eyes....

By Naji Almurisi

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: love, passion

Sweetheart Dumpling—Marshmallow

Oh my sweetheart, charming and eloquent,
Honey pie, sugar plum, with sweet raisins,
So soft like cotton candy that just melts,
My apple pie with ice cream and cherry.
Sweet as glazed donuts filled with apricots,
Tasty sugar dumpling in lentil soup,
Delish as juicy mangoes freshly picked
My shaking jello mixed with nice yogurt.
Sweet lips like honey with a dripping comb,
Such chanting bedroom eyes enticing me,
Your crimson cheeks symbolizing fragrance 
Warm passionate breath stimulates my soul.

Such grander is my honey suckle doll,
Her charm turns me into a marshmallow!

© Joseph, 9/4/08
© All Rights Reserved

Joseph SSpence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is 
published in seven different languagesHe invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which 
focuses on succulent cuisines and drinksHe is published in various forums, including the 
World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; 
Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a fewJoseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for 
the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.


Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, places, heart, heart,

Spanish Sweetheart

My heart runs faster than elevated trains passing by.
It is all because this Spanish sweetheart has caught my eye.
As I walk past the rows of homes in Lower Kensington,
an attractive Hispanic girl has snared my attention.
With olive skin, and long hair as dark as a raven’s wing,
this sweet Chiquita is getting my heart ready to sing.
“A rose is growing in Spanish Harlem”, says Ben EKing.
However, I will stay in Philly to pursue this thing.
I know attractive women are found in a plethora.
There are so many to see here in Philadelphia.
This doll I have just found is now number one on my list.
She looks so sweet I wonder if she has ever been kissed?

Poem Details | by Denise Helpman |
Categories: heartbroken, high school, lost love,

My Highschool Sweetheart

We were high school sweethearts you were my dream come trueWe were
inseperable through and through and the love we shared for each other could
surpass no other We got engaged and my dream was true as my love for
you grew and grew We got married and you became a Marine and i became
your wife then we went out to California and started our new lifeWe were
so happy and life was so good We had our first child and what a joy i felt
so blessed he looked just like you The years passed by and we had our second
son he was so sweet so full of laughter and such a joyThen the years went
by and we drifted apart that really broke my heartI finally let you go hoping
with all my heart you would return but that you did not My love for you is
still in my heart there are days i miss you and nights my heart cries for you.
If only we had believed in each other more and not chosen to partHow I
Miss you So.

Poem Details | by Steven Siegel |
Categories: christian, feelings, happiness, love, song,

I Was Walking My Sweetheart By The Bay

 I Was Walking My Sweetheart By The Bay
Steve LSiegel
July, 2015
I was walking my sweetheart by the bay
On a warm sunny day
As we rode a long on this little old roadway
In the merry, merry month of May.
I kissing my sweetheart by the light of the bay
In little a brown Ford coupe on our way 
On a beautiful sun setting low today
We’re on our way to Table Bay.
My baby’s in my arms the tonight by the bay
A hungin and kissin by an evening-bay 
A bomb-fire to keep us warm by the bay
We want to live this a way, every day.
As the moon rises over the bay
I have my baby in my arms this a way
Till the earth won’t turn anymore our way} Chorus
As I walk my baby over this moonlit bay}…Chorus 

PS I have a Picture that was written for but can not put it on here.

Poem Details | by Candice Schumacher |
Categories: i love you,


Show me how much you care
Weep when I am not there
Enable my aspirations
Encourage my inspirations
Teach me the ways of love
Help me see the love above
Ease my doubts and fears
Allow my eyes to shed some tears
Remember I will make mistakes
Treasure me, don't let my heart break

Poem Details | by Michelle L. LeBlanc |
Categories: for him, husband, i love you, love, marriage, soulmate, valentines day,

My Sweetheart, My Love

"My Sweetheart, My Love"
© 2016 by:Michelle Lynn LeBlanc 

My sweetheart, my love, 
My confidant and best friend
I am so happy to have you in my life
Having such a love that never ends

I know we have had our bumps in the road
Especially these past seven months
But I am so proud of the progress we've made
Even when we were in such a crunch

The fact that you continue to try 
Means more than words can say
Even when I often bring issues up
And it kinda wrecks the day

I know sometimes I focus too much
On all the things that we need to fix
But I know as we press through our issues
We will resolve even these conflicts

I know I'm not always easy to deal with
Being over-sensitive and all
And I know you often feel powerless 
When you come up against my walls

But I want you to know that I'm trying too
And that I love you, oh, so much
You are my knight in shining armour
The one who melts my heart with touch

You are the star that brightens my night
The sun that comforts my pain
You have given me a reason to believe
That real love is there to gain

I respect you and honour you my husband
You are forever my dearest friend 
May we never lose sight of this love we share
For it's the one thing that will never end!

© 2016 by:Michelle Lynn LeBlanc 

Poem Details | by Abdulkadir Abdulrahim |
Categories: love, heart, heart, me, i love you,

my sweetheart

I am always crying,
You went and leave me in down.
How can i get in to the morning.
Without you i dont know where am going.

You are the light that bright in my heart.
You are the star that shine in the sky.
Your beauty is alwayz dazzling in my heart.
But i love you still by the way.

And then i see nobody but you.
You have already attracted me.
And you know i can't do without you.
Stay with me forever.

You have already closed my heart.
And your heart is thrown into mine.
There is no way to be without your heart.
This is the way i will be seing you through 

The heart that cares.
It cannot stay without cares.
You are the best sweet.
I'm so proud to have you as a sweetheart.

You are my heart pride.
And you be my bride.

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: dedication, devotion, happiness, life, love, passion, romance, wife,

Thank You Sweetheart

My sweetheart I want to thank you For everything You’ve given me A heart of warmth With my two eyes That sees beauty All around me Especially when I look Into your eyes Your passion The bedroom is one place That has never been So special Also passion outside Beyond the bedroom You bring hope A life to live Worthy to live Beautiful hearts We have entwined You bring tenderness I thank you for this Your soft touch Sends me to tears of joy There’s a special kind of love With your grasp You have bewildered me With your beauty I love you with all my heart And I thank you For your returned love And for being mine
Entrant into Patricia Ellis's "Thank-you" contest

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: dad, love,

Daddy's Sweetheart

"Daddy has a sweetheart
And Mother is her name."
Daddy's best loved record
And I feel much the same.

As my daddy rocks me
He plays this little game.
He says, "Listen for it.
Just listen for your name."

"Daddy has a sweetheart"
And then these words I hear.
"And Joybelle is her name."
The words are loud and clear.

Only when he says so
Is my name sung this way.
My daddy's love will stay with me,
The rest of this long day.

By:  Joyce Johnson

 For"You're a Little Kid Again" Contest

I was very young when daddy would hold me, rock me and sometime I would fall asleep listening to the record magically say my name instead of my mother'sUnder three I believe I felt very loved as that child.

Poem Details | by Valerie Ann Thomas |
Categories: emotions, heart, love, magic, music, passion, romantic,

I Love You, My Sweetheart

As I lay in heat from the sun's rays at noon 
   I recall our special moment together...

I feel the warmth...
   The warmth that penetrates from your body to mine 
Uniting us as one

This feeling envelopes my entire being 
   Surrounded in a world of beautiful and wonderful things

Your enduring embrace 
   As we kiss throughout the night, 
Our lips so soft, 
   As the delicate petals of a rose 
That everlasting kiss

As you caress my body 
   With your warm, tender fingertips 
I melt in your arms from your sensuous touch

As we embrace each other 
   Our hearts beat as one
Became rhythm in sync 
   That was music for ours to keep

Forever I will always love you 
   For it was meant to be you and me

Poem Details | by Julie Alcin |
Categories: death, love, , sweet love,

Oh My Sweetheart, Clementine

Oh my sweet love, Clementine
I remembered when you were fine
But now you are lost for eternity
And you will no longer be with me

I miss your kisses and your face
I miss the way you lightened up the place
But now you’re very deep under water
All because you were no swimmer

Oh my sweetheart, Clementine
Do you remember when I was fine?
I drank some pills, though I was healthy
And now I have you right beside me

Poem Details | by JustcallMe Britt |
Categories: family, friendship, inspirational, love, love,

Carma Sweetheart

Through your poetry I’ve learned that you have so much love to give
I don’t understand it but I’m the same way
Abuse never suppressed it 
Neglect only magnified it
Our unbiased love is here to stay
Yes, we know what we want
And with our love that’s so blunt
Some people won’t tolerate us
But since we are all fam and on the same land
If we got it they do, too
What’s the fuss?
Back to you, my Carma Boo
I’m glad we can relate
Sometimes I cry and I’m sure you do 
It is our caring souls that pull us through
To hurt as much as we love
Is a danger in its own
Yet we take that risk for our planet
And we appreciate the ones that love us too
Because it’s just hard to find that, dammit!
I’m glad we crossed paths and pleased to know
Another genuine soul
Carma Sweetheart, never settle 
For a heart less than infinity karat gold! 

Poem Details | by Rozanne MILLER B.S. |
Categories: adventure, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, passion, wedding,

TO MY SWEETHEART.Will you Marry me?

Life is good,come share with me.
Love is free, come share with me.
Laughter is healthy, come share with me.
Please come live, love,laugh with me.
All my love you have,Please Marry me.
You could live,love,laugh,till eternity with me.
We could enjoy our lives as a family.

Poem Details | by Donna Newton |
Categories: family, happiness, husband, love

Sweetheart, Sleep Well

I meet you here every night
just to feel you hold me tight
we snuggle to each other's form
we keep each other safe and warm

This is the place we share our love
and silently thank the Lord above
for giving us children to kiss goodnight
and seeing us through to mornings light

And this is the place we go to dwell
it is our bed so sweetheart sleep well.

Poem Details | by Daniel Miltz |
Categories: love, , Lullaby,

Love My Sweetheart

Love My Sweetheart

Dec 22,  2016 • By daniel miltz •

I love my Sweetheart so jillion, I pray
Golly heart renders for her 'til the dimmet of day
The night kiss when her's away
And I fall before you 
Singing a soft lullaby-loo 
Hug, caress 'til day's dawn dew

Her beauty is a great please
Wondering mind 'til her sees
Feeling is all I do with an ease
Moving, remembering, loving do
While waiting for the moment cue
For her to say "I love you"

Poem Details | by Chittaranjan Dey |
Categories: love, birthday, birthday, poetry,

Linda Marie The Sweetheart Of Poetry Soup

Happy birthday to you, Just because you are Twenty/thirty/forty or sixty, Don't despair my dear Linda-Marie The Sweetheart Of Poetry Soup. So on this very special day I would like to request Administration, Poetry Soup To re-consider your appeal. Because you are a special treasure For all that you have done, May the love you have shown to others, This is the time to return to you multiplied. May this birthday be your best birthday. One after another candle on your cake, Be glad that, you have strength Enough to blow them all out. Write on please, sweet heart of P.S, Happy birthday to you. ____________________ Chitta

Poem Details | by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: dance, love, romance,

Sleepwalk, Sweetheart

original lyrics
Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny

Sleep walk
Instead of dreaming
I sleep walk
'Cause I lost you
And now what am I to do
Can't believe that we're through

Sleep talk
'Cause I miss you
I sleep talk
While the memory of you
Lingers like a song
Darling, I was so wrong

The night
Fills my lonely place
I see your face
Spinning through my brain
I know
I miss you so
I still love you
And it drives me insane

Sleep walk
Every night
I just sleep walk
And when you
Walk inside the door
I will sleep walk no more

*****my lyrics****** Dance the Blues Sweetheart, does our love need a fresh start? I'm longing for new music that grooves the best of the blues Dancing, in the moonlight, romancing as you sway with me. The magic that proves we still got the moves. Jazz, real jazz, that lifts our tired, dried-up souls to remembrance with style. As we nestle together; two hearts with too much to gain, yet for a while. Motion, is not lost on the ocean of long years out of touch. Dance the blues, with nothing to lose.
written October 8, 2016 for John Hamilton's Write Me a Song contest

Poem Details | by ugenteraan manogaran |
Categories: lost love, lovelove,

Oh Sweetheart

Oh sweetheart,
How could I ever evince my Love for thee
in this freezing Love winter could not even walk free
Im just awaiting you under this vast ancient tree
Where we used to date in the frigid morning at three

With the buzzing artful sound of a bee
and the sweet taste of a hot coffee
I do a marriage proposal, will you agree?
please accept so I drown in the sea of glee

Oh sweetheart,
Even by a mistake if you turned down my proposal
Black would be the colour of the apple
No more glossy shall be the crystal
Between Angels and God shall blast a quarrel
And the Demons shall be forever immortal
Open burning will it be in every jungle
On this Earth, shall the buildings crumble

Oh sweetheart,
For me, you, in this world are the most precious
No more you, no more meaning for christmas
You became the pure brightness
For my world's evil darkness
Be with me and shall the story become endless....

Poem Details | by Allan Kazembe |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, cute love, love,


Sweetheart, sensational and marvelous to see
 as some calm and serene wafting waves on the sea

 Sweetheart, of thrilling and compelling steps
 whose slow steady pretty pace, sensation in hearts shapes

 Sweetheart, of a charming sexy stare to catch
 whose smooth and soft sexy skin is superb to touch

 Sweetheart, the identical twin sister of Aphrodite
 the splendor you would never want out of your sight

 Sweetheart, of a calming voice as gentle winds
 whose cute elegance, clumsiness in prison binds

 Sweetheart, the one you can modify on and on
 the grandeur any rational male would want to own 

Poem Details | by Lydia Nyongesa |
Categories: addiction, death, friendship, love, nature, pain, society,

The sweetheart you were

You broke my heart
You made my world fall apart
You made me cry
You made me realize truly
That when all is said and done
Grief is the price we pay for love
I tried to make things right
A million words could not bring you back
Neither could a million tears
Wanting you is hard to forget
Loving you is hard to regret
Because it was a lesson
Sometimes memories are worth the pain
Sometimes I just have to hold my head high up, blink away the tears 
And pretend that everything is alright
Am afraid to care too much
For fear that history would repeat itself
You never cared at all did you?
Exactly one year and three months down the line
I made a choice to finally let go
Coz time is passing out fast
I got to move on too
I cried tonight sweetheart
Not because I miss you
Or I even wanted you
But because I realized
That I’m going to be alright without you

Poem Details | by Bethany Chipperfield |
Categories: death, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, loss, love, romance, sad, war, me,

Dear My Sweetheart,

Sweet as your gentle kisses were I cannot recall, 
For now my sweet, keep naught white but my pall, 
Listen not to my ghost who haunts men’s eyes, 
But whisper to me now, whisper your goodbyes.

I have nothing more to give but my holder, 
Do not keep our flame alight, please let it smoulder, 
We can be no longer, just you and only you, 
It is fair and denying that, would be untrue.

Never wonder, never dream of being bound again, 
My mind has gone, for I am bane, 
I wish it were different but my sweet, 
I dare say never once more shall we meet.

I hold to you my candle, it's flame is weak, 
Let it keep alight, let naught drop nor leak, 
Understand my wishes, and put your heart at rest, 
I love deeply, let me end my quest

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: dedication, devotion, friendship, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, passion, thank you, upliftingprayer,

Linda-Marie The Sweetheart Of Poetry Soup

The Joy of Jesus she cries out

a poet
and a dreamer
a mother
and a dedicated wife

a flower blooms from within a sacred dream of possibilities
with pen in hand passion is birthed profound
she has been blessed with a special gift of spiritual insight
pushing forward into a realm of  a new beginning 
her loving words seem to take flight in an adventurous vision 
each day her beauty touches our lives
She is so special and kind 
protecting each with love and a prayer of belief
she is a loving guide with inspiration spilling free without a cost
under her wing she has placed me since the pen reached out to the paper

a poet 
and a dreamer 
a mother 
and a dedicated wife                     
Linda-Marie, thank you for this time
may God wash you in His eternal light

Poem Details | by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: dedication, love, peoplewords,

Linda-Marie Bariana (The sweetheart)

Linda is lively, lovely and laudable
Intelligent, interesting and incredible
Nice, nifty, neighborly and noble
Darling, decent, and desirable
Amusing, alluring and admirable

Marie is meek, mild and memorable
Active, ambitious, aspiring and affable 
Resourceful, responsible, and reliable
Inspiring, indelible and indefatigable
Experienced, exemplary and educable

Bright, beautiful and un-believable
Accommodating and amenable
Reasonable, rich and respectable
Incomparable, intriguing and invaluable
Accountable and amiable
Neat, noteworthy, and nimble
Apprehensible and appreciable

~All the above words are not enough to describe the “sweetheart souper!”
Please don’t quote any on the words out of context; I used the words based on the positive
meanings they have~ just playing with words!

Poem Details | by Jeremy Street |
Categories: angel, baby, father, love,

Ok Baby, Be A Sweetheart: But Don't Be A Fool

Coming down the world turned over and Angels fall without you there....