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Love Poems About Sugarcane or Sugarcane Love Poems

Sugarcane love poems and/or love poems about Sugarcane. Read, share, and enjoy these Sugarcane love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Sugarcane Poems.

Poem Details | by David Smalling |
Categories: placeslife,

Central Village

Central Village, ah bitter-sweet your love
The golden sunset above
The black smoke of sugarcane burning
And the boy on Twickenham's mead yearning
Sometimes again like flocks of birds in flight
Across the evening sky
Memory comes winging at the edge of night
And old men only sigh
For all life treasures seem in the past, gone
And every new dawn
Is empty, but of the world's weariness. My pearl,
My diamond in the rough was she
The troubled, bright eye, beautiful girl
I did not know joy she brought to me
Despite your violent lanes, broken fences
You showed me life without gilt and pretenses

Poem Details | by L'nass Shango |
Categories: friendship,

Can you hear the rain

Jew, jew, can you hear the rain
The swallows have come home
There is a flood in the sugarcane
And he wonders where you roam

Jew, jew can you hear the rain
The mangoes fall from every tree
Children are dancing in the lane
And he keeps vigil and memory

Jew, jew can you hear the rain
The sun is gone, now gone for good
He smiles a lot, but laugh is vain
Hate is sweet, but love is good, is good.

Poem Details | by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: love, sweet, sweet,

Verses to You

As I  sit and watch the rain
Through the clear window pane
I can feel the music
Of the water running down the drain
Ecstatic I become down memory lane
You, so charming, so rustic
So funny and so smart

Strangers we are, strangely
Still, you inspire me
My whole being tingles and giggles
What are those feelings for?
Shall I go to the secret fountain
And let the hearty fairy
Know of my sweet pain
Which is just like a sweet tooth
Aching for a bite of sugarcane?

Where are thou?
For whom does thou heart beat?
My verses are here,
Eternal, in this temporal world.

Poem Details | by Vasudevan Desikachari |
Categories: valentines day,

A gift from Saint Valentine

                        Rose and jasmine may loose their

                        charm and enchanting fragrance

                         Honey may taste sour and bitter

                          Even season's sugarcane may
                          go dry and juiceless

                           But oh, my sweetheart

                           I know you 'll remain

                            my love of charm and virtues

                            And of unfathomable affection

                            A true gift to me for life

                             From St.Valentine!


Categories: lost love


I have walked 
through this road.
Yes, it was very 
I walked with my 
I both angry sun and 
cat-rat rain.
That same road 
without any pain.

On the road she 
hugged and kissed.
She protected me 
from hissed.
I steadily received 
no unhappiness.
Arm to arm to 
people's hardness.
That same road was 
filled with likeness.

But on a certain 
day,I earned love 
The wearing and 
weeping on this road 
I picked.
My companion 
announced our 
not of wish but to 
friend's appreciation.
That same road I 
wept for our 

Poem Details | by pummy sharma |
Categories: lost love, love, universe,

what is love

They say,
If character is lost

Everything is lost,

But what happens;

When somebody’s love is lost.

No one dares to comment,

No one will ever forecast,

Because definition of love is very vast,

Love is beyond caste,

Love is beyond state,

Love is beyond time,

Love is beyond country,

Love is beyond alpha century,

Love is like dust,

Circulating in the universe.

Love is in lover’s eyes,

Love is in lover’s sight,

Love is lover’s presence,

Love is in lover’s fragrance.

Love doesn’t mean always to get,

Sometimes it also means to lose.

Love doesn’t stop with separation;

It becomes more and more established,

Like sugarcane turns sweet;

With the running wheel of time.

Poem Details | by Diana Thoresen |
Categories: allegory, allusion, autumn, beauty, culture, devotion,

Full Hunter's Moon in Aries

The sugarcane is growing again, sun-fed.

The baby-ish sweetness of those fields invites one to hack forward with a surgeon's scalpel.

Imagine a piece of birthday cake taken to the grinding iron rollers of a sugarcane mill.

Sugar is love, but the sugarcane is sharp like a blade of iron.

Can sweet things be red and martial? Was the Lamb not born under the last light of the Ram?

I am tired of a cold steel dagger in my heart; I may well be a silly lamb.

Yet if my heart could bleed, it would bleed blue and Neptunian.

Or, perhaps, it's the sun of lavender fields blazing in purple,

That will bring our souls to the sea of starry amethyst.