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Love Poems About Suffices or Suffices Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: nature,

My Rose Bushes in Autumn

Grown taller since May,
my rose bushes sprout blossoms -
yellow, pink and red -
bright remnants of warmer days
Now heralding fall’s glory.

(I don't have a garden really, so I hope this suffices!! I just love them)

For Black-Eyed Susan's 
Single Tanka Poetry Contest

Now for What's in your GARDEN? Contest #3 (Old/new)Poetry Contest 

by Robert Uy |
Categories: depression, lost love, sad,

Dysphoria - mourning

Passions from expression prohibited
Floods an entire being
As arms ache from longing
To nurture, to shelter, to embrace
What on this bed cannot lie
And what in this house cannot live
In lieu a distant view
Suffices to nourish
A parched heart's thirst, 
And dreams of what cannot be
Invades unguarded moments, 
While despondent poisons
From the radio spill
Infecting from ear to soul; 

To be human, 
A sin that cannot be avoided.

by Julia Cheng |
Categories: caregiving

to dirty soles

that never seem to get clean
even as I scrub you with gravel and
spittle you daily with complaints

you are content to knead the dirt
rejoice in it even every step
a sloppy kiss to newton

who ignored you
and courted an apple

but no matter these skies
of reaching hands and gaping mouths
it suffices to remember
they once joyously suckled on

you were love bathed softly
after the long dusty road
and sweetened with oil

I won't forget the old ways soles
held the string as we swept the sky

by Robert Uy |
Categories: introspection,


The sense of beauty pervaded
In the moment when admiration
Became a flutter of the heart

And it transformed into words
That spoke of emotions
And honesty.

And from such kindness
Obliging acts are gained or given
Albeit unnecessarily, 

Though most times it suffices
That admiration just like love
Seeks no affections returned.

by Nash Maramba |
Categories: life, love,

Love Life

As the ballast stables, to brace the core
Of railroad ties, ships, ... steadying bases
So moral codes tying the heart, must galore
To ballast our repute from toppling paces.

With divine, must we thrash a devil's creed:
Of Acerbic vows, Sarcasm and Fatal brawl
Such deathly weeds of a corrupted seed
Lest we die, must we cast in a blazing bawl?

The inscription love-life on a marble slate
If one chooses - would be a purest portent..
So with time craters of Hell would be shut
If vices would repent, would cap its vent

Love suffices by flailing discrimination
It's symphonic soothe, is a purest ration