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Love Poems About Stars or Stars Love Poems

Stars love poems and/or love poems about Stars. Read, share, and enjoy these Stars love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Stars Poems.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade, beautiful, feelings, imagery, love, stars,

Beauty Can't Compete

When the last rays of sunlight start to die scarlet flames burn the sky, as clouds ignite. And while the birds roost, bats begin to fly hunting down elusive moths in mid-flight. Luna hangs high in an ebony sky spinning dreams into beams of golden light. And twinkling stars, like fireflies in the night confetti the heavens, dazzling the eye. Like gold filigree pinned to the darkness swirling galaxies adorn the skies above as shooting stars unzip the black of space. Yet, Man stands unabashed in His starkness, for cosmic beauty can't compete with love an emotion intrinsic to our race. (Italian Sonnet) Aug 7, 2018

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, baptism, beautiful, beauty, love, spiritual, stars,

Supreme Being

When you came to me the earth revolved then stood still
dressed jewel of purest sunlight circled in gold mere reflections 

Through the oceans wings sailing inside waves embrace 
we rise and fall drawing from a breathless air filled with Peace 

Caught up within the sparkle lustre that sings from an echo returning 
twinkling stars light warmly together ally an alliance between souls 

Captured brightly the spirit of eternal beauty brings, under glowing beams 
when we act together as one temple forever crowns the heart to Love

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: love, romance, stars,

Under the Stars - The Compound Word Verse New

The cobalt sky has many eyes;
they're brightest just before sunrise
as starlight.

Sprinkled amidst the indigo
we stop to let the sandman sow
his stardust.

Glittering `cross the peaceful night
we view a shooting star take flight;
we're starstruck.

The sky becomes a starlit show
as sea reflects its silver glow,
so starbright.

In awe we kiss and say goodnight.
I watch as you walk from my sight,
soft . . . starlit.


This lovely form was invented by my talented friend Margaret R. Smith

Poem Details | by hija de la luna |
Categories: love, nature, night, sky, stars,

Starry Night

his gaze -
starry night sky's
soft rays.

her face
caught the night light,
such grace!

hearts tossed,
perched on the stars -
words lost ....

hija de la luna
for nette onclaud's "whispers of a muse" contest

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: imagery, longing, love, moon, sky, stars,

Oh Luna

Oh Luna

Oh Luna, I am watching you 
     rise in eastern skies.
Your fullness fills my heart 
     with romantic thoughts
As I serenely bathe in your 
     charming reflective glow,
I know there are lovers every-
     where gazing in awe
Of your exquisite enchanting 
    allure causing hearts
To beat with a thrilling rhythm 
     of inner love songs
That captivate the heart and 
     soul, imbibing imagery
Of silent shadows and distant 
     stars that drape your
Indigo sky in shimmering star-
     light from light years
Passed, and as shooting stars 
     brighten night skies,
They are reflected as you are 
     in lover's longing eyes.


Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beauty, love, moon, rose, stars,

Ringing True

A moon smiling shines one golden glow
Holds my attention from far below

Ring around a rose her pearly white face 
Brings to mind a love one's embrace

Inside dreaming Heaven's opens door
keys the lips kissing explore

Faraway treasure star falling wishes grace 
Exploding emotions increases the heart's pace

Winking goodnight sweet angel holds 
Forever and always until the bells toll

Co.written couplets by Liam Mc Daid +Seamus and Maria Mc Laughlin

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beautiful, love, moon, stars,

When The Night Comes - The Lanterne Style

~When The Night Comes~ (Lanterne Suite) When night comes it's time to relax sleep too The chores are nearly done mark end of the day Night creeps in again and it's time to dream The moon shows thru dark clouds and stars brightly shine. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011
July.31.2017 “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Mark Twain- ~Author's Notes: The " Lanterne " is a Japanese form or style shaped like a lanterne.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, light, love, moon, ocean, peace, stars,

Silken Laced Moonbeams

Glistening diamonds sparkle 
within a thousand star lights 
wrapped into one holding the highest space 

Oceans of the night you flicker bewitching charms 
upon the crest of each wave under the moonlight 
your royal gaze mesmerizes

Reflections carried under intoxicating incandescent lights
transfixed adoration crystallized inside your heavenly embrace
where a spell unlocks feelings in a million thoughts

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: deep, dream, emotions, fire, love, sky, stars,

Your Name Love

Lost living among'st the shadows of dreams 
An echo softly holds a gentle stillness 

As a vision grows dimly lit holding flames 
From troubles burning within chambers deep 

I raise my eyes towards the mountain peaks 
Winds softly echoing your voice inside the rain 

One charmer who cast such cunning spells 
Through a galaxy where time dances with the stars 

Spirit of eternal peace and love falls uniquely pure 
Into the arms of your goodness a picture develops 

Drunken soul of a sailor sings to the night sky
Lament of a seagull cries eternally over waves 

Poem Details | by White Wolf |
Categories: absence, love, moon, stars,

Always on my mind:

Silhouettes dancing in a midnight moon, As the stars join in with their twinkling lights, Hearing their melodies playing in tune, My spirit is soaring with glee gained heights. I turned to face where you would be laying, To find darkness instead of you was there, Then I found myself amidst of saying, How much I loved you and always would care. Hollow these sentiments without you near, This darkness now filled my every thought too, Only the moon and stars above were clear, For in truth, this heart still doth ache for you. So alone I am with the stars tonight, With you on my mind but not in my sight. /|\

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, heart, kiss, love, star, stars,

Held Adoring beautiful

Under a blanket of stars surreal 
sparkling diamond crystal cupid strikes home 
golden arrow over oceans wavering crumbling seas kneel 
Light crested dove presence of an angel 
floating love upon your halo crowns Grace 
wings dance opening with a fluttering pulse skipping beats 

Where the spirit tango's into a pearl's sparkle 
unfurling wild steeds crashing salted baited breaths escape  
kissing the echoes of one's soul completely captivating eclipses 

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: beauty, love, religious, stars,

Perchance To See

     Within my view, behold such rare a sight
     From beauty's glint felled heart doth race to flight
     Love's warmth takes stage bathed in its shining light
     That raised fates hope to such a wondrous height
     Impossible to still the "ifs" that might
     Must too bare shown such stars from heavens night
     Nor from this poet's pen with such pleasure write
     Only Grace from God's hand could gleam so bright.

     Monorhyme Mania-Contest
     Sponsored By John Hamilton

Poem Details | by Raven-Simone Levy |
Categories: hope, love, day, hope,

Be my stars

Be my star, 
the twinkle in my life
the little light to my darkness
the diamond in my sky

Be my shooting star,
 take my wishes and soar with them
take my dreams and aspirations and keep them
take my heart and hold on to it

Be my star,
the shining in my life
the bright smile on a dark night
the hope in my day that turn to nights

Be my shooting star,
take my joy and save it for me
take my love and preserve it
take my life and be apart of it

Be my star,
the remaining of warmth and a clod night
the hope that day will never come, because of fairs of losing you
the reasons for my existence
Be my star, My shooting star!!!!

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: beauty, fantasy, love, moon, stars,

Night Fantasies

     Such golden galaxies of heavens light
     Treasured footnotes kept unto my care
     Hope's silhouettes that shine each night
     But that by God's Grace did let us share

     We danced through each gilded beams caress
     Away to such distance we'd dare not guess
     Entwined in arms our hearts closely pressed
     From pleasured love that sought nothing less

     With each full moon's glow I'm carried back
     To one nights life lest be swept by time
     So sure this hearts echo will never lack
     No truer passion found from any rhyme

     Memories gathered from beams of light
     Shall prevail forever with loves sight


Poem Details | by Eric Urbas |
Categories: love, sky, stars, , Lullaby,

The Lullaby of the Stars

Its a Cold night,
and the sky is clear.
The Stars give light,
in this area so grand.

For there is nothing out here,
for just the Stars above.
Nature seems to peer,
right into our hearts.

The animals settle down,
for they have done their day.
They are into their nests or dens.
Resting with the ones they love.

For the Stars above,
is singing them this lullaby.
A lullaby of lights and blasts,
for it dances in the heavens above.

The sky is so inviting.
For I've taken the call,
and I shall ask you,
Would you stay and listen,

The Lullaby of the Stars,
with me?

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: longing, love, stars,

Stained Glass Dream

It saddens me to gaze upon the stars
I see them blinking, fighting back their tears
Reminding me our distance is so far
Their numbers are the days without you near

Assembling pieces of my scattered thoughts
An image comes to me in stained glass scenes
Subconsciously I gather shards embossed
Create a picture of you here with me

Then suddenly a sign from fate appears
A shooting star takes flight across the sky
I close my eyes and wish that you were here
To stay with me and never say goodbye

I think about the happiness love brings
Then go inside to dream my stained glass dream

   an original poem by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, beauty, heart, love, moon, stars, wisdom,


ah. the notes are in the poem section and the poem in the notes section. Huge prizes to the first 3 who can tell me what the poem says!!! :)

Poem Details | by NWANDO OBIANYOR |
Categories: friendship, love, passion,

Written In The Stars

If loving you is wrong
I don't ever want to right.
If loving you is a sin
I outrightly reject righteousness.
If loving you is disobedience
I give in to mutiny.
If loving you is folly
I swear I detest Solomon.
If loving you is madness
I deny not my state of lunacy.
If loving you is an error
I want to keep this mistake.
If loving you is death
I am a living dead person.
But if loving you is life,means life
Believe me...
The state of my heart,
This outpour of my emotions,
The lovely looks in your eyes
And this ranging fire in our hearts
Was written in the stars... .

Poem Details | by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: desire, dream, love, night, passion, stars,

In My Heart Your Song Is Ever Singing - Valentine's Collection

(Valentine's Collection)


Within my heart, you lie in sweet repose,
your gentle breathing tells me that you dream,
my Valentine, in dream you are my rose.

In blissful dreams, you are ever the theme,
that lights my heart with hopeful happiness,
as we do walk within the stars that gleam.

In peaceful thoughts together we progress,
our passion burns as fire across the sky,
love's desire we shall now come to express.

Now luna's comfort we share as we fly,
through God's timeless sea we both are winging
deep in our exultation, we do cry.

To love's temple all our love we're bringing,
in my heart, your love is ever singing.


Poem Details | by Iris Blade |
Categories: beautiful, love,


He’s beautiful.
Laying across from me,
Eyes a confused green.

I know his skin is soft
Because in one moment,
He placed a coin in my palm,
And I had the 
Overwhelming desire
To run my fingers
Through his hair and

I know
I can’t help myself
My hopeless romantic 
Tendencies have 
Taken ahold of me.

And him, he’s just
Simplistically hopeful
And so am I.
I can see the good in him
And he sees the good in me.

And I think,
I don't know but I want to
I think 
Hidden in the dark,
We could outshine the

Poem Details | by Vanessa Ponce |
Categories: love, garden, love,

Book of Stars

In a summer's noon of night
In search of vastness height
A love affair began through the hourglass
While a shooting star shall pass
We wished for innocence again
As we breathed our inner zen
Embracing under the velvet sky
Above the garden that we lie
His sweetness upon my face
I doubt I shall erase
The rolling tide of summer breeze
In a simple kiss of please
His hands perish upon me
Opens his eyes for me to see
Entering our garden of Eden
Our sanctuary to the end
In our hand you shall find
A love affair so tightly kind
In a serenity not so far
But only in our book of stars.

Poem Details | by Lisa Ricci |
Categories: love, romance,

under stars

"under stars"

another night rolls and all is well
engaging is the sky sparkling bright
the outdoors become our hotel
it calls to be part of her world

once we take a front row seat
unveiled is a night of wonder
unveiled is a time to share
we look on as earth and sky meet

off within such a spell
ignited are we together
engaging in enchanting elegancies
alongside the stars shines the moon
alongside the moon is her spotlight
morning grace arrives soon

endless illumination just for us
impossible becomes possible
on such a night of nights
under stars all is right

December 2018

happy holidays to one and all
may this day find you well

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: flower, garden, love, night, stars, summer, together,




Aromatic perfumes of magnolia and roses
Wafting along the evening midsummer breeze
The magic begins as the garden gate closes
And we sit side by side sharing complicit ease

Submitted on May 25, 2019, for contest MAY PREMIER 8 ANY 4 OR 5 LINE FORM sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

and on May 5, 2019, for contest SUMMER QUATRAIN sponsored by CAREN KRUTSINGER

Poem Details | by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: kiss, love, music, romance, romantic, romantic love, stars,

Symphony of Breath

Our composing begins when
your lips envelope mine
and the extent of your breath
trails down my spine.

In the shadows of night
where whispers nibble,
through winded thoughts
our kisses scribble.

Your air lifts me as high
as a zephyr glides,
with a symphony of touch
like trombone slides.

The beats of our hearts
pulsate like drums
beneath an audience of stars
with echoed twinkling strums.

Nov 3, 2019

Introduction by collaboration Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Silent One

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: happiness, hope, love,

Without The Dark We Wouldn't See The Stars

The skies light up with hope and joy tonight.
Past dues are paid with pieces of my heart.
I've tunneled through and finally seen the light.
This love delights me with a brand new start.

Without the dark we wouldn't see the stars.
And starlight led you to my broken door.
Erasing pain and healing all my scars.
I know now what this heart is beating for.

The music of your kiss is all I sing.
A paradise on earth is where I live.
Fragments of the moon are what you bring.
Peace deep in my soul is what you give.

from the quote "Without the dark we wouldn't see the stars"
written October 15th 2013
for contest "Write with your heart:12 lines"