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Love Poems About Squid or Squid Love Poems
by Jack Ellison |
Categories: friendship,

Not In Her Genes

Kimberly who lives in the Philippines Fell in love with a handsome marine Got married had a kid Resembled a squid Think sea water was to blame not her genes (All in fun sweet lady) © Jack Ellison 2015

by A.E. Rivenbark |
Categories: love hurts, lust,


She was warm to the touch
Cold to the bone
A sheepskin clutch
With a heart of stone
Her gentle webbed hands pulling, she drowns him
And he’s seeking solace as she comes up for air
A Benedict Arnold over easy, she confounds him
He comes with a start and she with a stare
Deciphering what truth, if any human remains
She’ll speak dolphin, he’ll just wail
White squid ink on her nightie stains
Her love scribbled on a platypus bill of sale

by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: love



Love must be complementing
It’s not a “tug of war”
That each side, end of the rope going against each other,
Instead of complete understanding
Not of a perplexing or confusing…laborious labyrinth of love.
Wherein the center, there is a gravitational force!
At any rate, even the wisest war tactician fails
If not possessed with solid know-how, diplomacy and good judgment
Lovers or protagonists must sit conform to each other.
They give and take
Study the problem
Solve the problem and not attacking
And not a squid or guerilla tactics or hide and seek process
But to a sharp contrast:  to success
Rather than to a laborious labyrinth of love!

by Frank Cravein |
Categories: funnymay,


The smell of the blue sky, the sound of a hole
to think and make sense is not my role
Watch as a couch contemplates death
listen as a squid tries to make breath

I don't know why I know not why
enter the sandman.. pie in the eye
live my birthday, die my cast
touch all the lemmings as they hurry past.

sense isn't made, it's merely brought in
from the island of lezbos where no one can sin
money is flat and so are cards
now you deserve a kick in the nards

I may be loopy, I may be old
only thing sane in my life is "moulds"
first name is kelly and she's all mine
ya gotta love her all of the time.

by Jeremy Street |
Categories: baptism, love,

White Robes Black Nights

Hypocrital as this may seem, amid no way shape or form do we
Condone sin and quite aware, of the devestating impact these sorrows 
May impart upon another's life: dead zone mirrors waging war with themselves
Trench coat conspiracy revolving while raping, their childrens minds ? Poetic justice
In warped reality his gavel claims; high tide treason her founding fathers time's bench mark
Subdivisions, some will sell themselves for small desires and lose their dreams to rats....
Get caught in ticking traps ? Grab that squid with both hands and make a stash as nibbling
On your cheese please penthouse patriots appointed seeds; judicial flood gates ominus, of creeds.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: silly,

Not Her Genes

Kimberly who lives in the Philippines Fell in love with a handsome marine Got married, had a kid Resembled a squid Think sea water was to blame not her genes