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Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: life, love, nostalgia, sad, seasons, time,

Spring Bud

                          shivers under  
                       a rug of loneliness,
                    a sleepy heart huddles
                   against such memories 
                 of togetherness and not of 
               goodbyes, hating to disperse 
               the fiery rhymes of your lips, 
                as well as the warmth of its 
                 sweat...tastes like red wine, 
                   then it beats...and beats
                     gently, as it envisions
                          you, in an early

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: hope, love, nature,

The Promise of Spring - A Fibonacci

Kiss you
While you sleep
Lady dressed in white
And melt your cold heart  made of ice

Will rise
High into the sky
And fall as raindrops from God’s eyes

Buds below
Where now you will grow
With me - in the bloom of a rose

Author:  Elaine George

* Note:  This poem is a Personification as well as a triple Fibonacci

Brian Strand's 'Image Contest':     First Place
John Heck's  '12-in-one' Contest:  First Place

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: dream, love, spring,

Dreams Hued in Cherry Blossoms

She walks underneath the pink sunshade trees dressed in flowing antique white bridal gown. Un-dissuaded heart, to laugh, love, a peace drawn to fragments of leaves rustling around. The start of spring; radiant glow of pink. A fountain of cherry blossom petals trace down to the ground dressing the greenA wink of amorous scene of warmth of her grace. Enthralled by sensation of sweet scent tease, gold sunshine rays columns stand and solemn. Poetic strokes of emotions to please, a life draped in dreams hued in cherry blossoms. A blank canvas rich in true color spun in glaze memories not to be undone.

Poem Details | by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: beauty, heart, hope, inspirational love, muse, passion, tribute,

Merry Spring

I write when beauties step into my heart
and when the Muse unveils her very art.

I write when to a wonder, my soul leaps
and when the warmest of bliss is spilled heaps.

I write when Nature reigns and sends her scent
and when allured to my Self give vent.

That’s Euterpe of music and beauty
full, overflowing many a ruby.

And when poetry, a gift that beguiles
drifting, with no anchor, into the wilds.

And when in life, breezes merge with the storms
highest Selves emerge above bonds and norms.

And what is to the heart precious and dear
souls would linger in perpetual fear.

Merry pure hearts in the season of youth
friendly warm Spring, a reverie and sooth.

March 8th, 2019

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: longing, love, spring,

Breath Of Love

I hold my breath, impatiently
anticipating spring
and dress the sky delicately 
in stars your bright eyes bring.
Spring days are flushed with love’s warm glow,
the nights untamed by sparks.
Our rhythmic dance for two bestows
full moon to light the dark
I’ll never stammer for excuse
to ask for your soft kiss,
or with my words unkind bemuse
Our love means more than this -
the shady oak, the rose’s bloom,    
a waterfall’s cascade.
The beauty of a starling’s plume 
when near you seems to fade.
Your words are all the air I breathe 
In your embrace, I’m whole;
your love’s a thousand spring blooms wreathed
around my yielding soul.
In summer, winter and in fall,
I’ll seek your rambling heart,
but with a breath of love in spring,
we’ll never be apart. 

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, spring, , sweet love,

I Dreamed a Butterfly

I dreamed a butterfly in golden days when buttercups lay in the fields ablaze. It fluttered to my cheek, sweet love to bring. My heart was wont to burst and wont to sing. In breath of morn was scent of bluebell sprays. On blossomed blankets of the fields we’d laze, and into one another’s eyes we’d gaze, my love and I, as April had her fling. I dreamed a butterfly. Our bliss was as the spring, a fleeting phase, and brief’s the beauty of young lovers’ craze. As cruelly as a wasp, he left a sting - and all the lovely plans we made took wing, leaving mere memories of golden days. I dreamed a butterfly. 2/21/13

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: allusion, april, beautiful, books, celebration, longing, love,

The Brilliant Spring

Crazy wind whispers 
Into the ears of ‘champa’
A light scented Indian flower
Trees are full of them now
Your love in each and every bough

The breeze is cool 
Because it is spring
Because it is south wind
Because everywhere is hue
Because it is warm with you

Blue hills and green plains
My room at sixes and sevens
Red bellied wood peckers drumming
Rhythm in feet nimble
Your twinkling eyes with dimple

Our roads are tremendously red
Ashok Palash and Gulmohar
They call it flame-of-the-forest
Love in red supreme
With you in extravagant dream

Books in eloquently colorful blurb
Beauty steps in every curve
Invitation in every nerve
The spring below and spring above
Your healing love 

Goes away alas the days
Of dance in soul in warm sun rays
Goes away your ocean gaze
Life in a twilight haze
Your beautiful craze

Ah if I could have turned the clock
Holding your hand in a Gulmohar walk
Only our hands and feet would talk
Around the clock  arm in arm
In your beauty and charm

Alas that is not to be a thing
Our time is as short as the spring

March 18, 2016
Butea Monosperma or Palash is a species of Butea native to tropical and sub-tropical parts of India and Asia.
Saraca asoca ( the ashoka tree, literally ‘sorrowless’), belongs to the Caesalpinioideae subfamily  of legume family, of Indian sub continent.
Gulmohar  or Delonix Regia, grown in many tropical parts of the world, called FLAMBOYANT in English, is a striking sight for its vivid red/vermilion/orange/yellow flowers and bright green foliage...Wikipedia

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: beauty, love, spring,

A Song To Spring -Contest

     The joyous scent of living
          That leaps from life's perfume
     Spring murmurs its beginning
          From hope and dreams in bloom

     The choir of color sings of thee
          With hues in rich new verse
     As if this song was meant to be
          From rhymes all well rehearsed 

     As petals graced with morning dew
          Rise softly towards the sun
     So in Spring hope doth renew 
          Its perfect Love for life begun.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: devotion, inspirational love, prayer, religious, river, spiritual, spring, water,


sung buddhist prayers
released afloat spring rivers
    a skyward mist

Submitted on March 5, 2018, for contest HAIKU, THEME: WATER  sponsored by MICK TALBOT

Poem Details | by Ravindra K Kapoor |
Categories: life, love, spring,

April's last Flowers

April's last Flowers

I was watching carefully
The last stems 
Of April's Red flowers
Which were spreading their beauty and smile 
Unconcerned with the destiny 
That after April 
There would be almost no such flowers 
Of red Lily
For another one year.01

The flowers were smiling
As if, it makes no difference to them
Whether, they would be here or not
When the hot winds of summer 
Would try to wither and make dull 
The beauty and grace
Of every human face
As often they succeed in withering 
The beauty of flowers and life 
That exits and breath
Without the love drops of life giving water.02

The last flowers of April 
Were also unconcerned 
That they would shrink and would get dried
By the heat and dust of summer
In the days to come 
When the scorching Sun would 
Burn the Earth, Sea and Water
To create the wonders of rains 
For thirty lands and sky of the earth.03

What a great way to live life 
Was prevailing 
In these smiling last flowers of April
Alas! If only humans can understand 
How to live a life with the pleasure of love
And get lost forever 
Without the worries of tomorrows.04

The flowers were enjoying 
Every moment of their existence 
With the butterflies and black bees 
Which were hovering on them 
Since day one 
And were trying to please and praise them  
To win their hearts 
Like men praise and please the women
When they want to attract and win their heart05

The hovering butterflies and bees too
Were trying to show their love 
To all the beautiful flowers of April
Before the alluring beauty of these flowers
So that these alluring flowers  
May allow them to come close and kiss them
In the flowering season of spring.06

Every time these symbols of love
The black bees, butterflies and 
Even the little black tiny bird
Were coming close 
To kiss and to touch the petals of flowers
They were charging with a new energy
After getting the love drops 
From their beloved red flowers
And they were flying 
More and more high in the sky
Perhaps to touch the those lofty heights
Which can only be seen 
When nectar like love drops
Creates its magic on these searching lips
Filling it with the energy of love
Which get reflected in every new flight 
Of these beautiful creatures
When they fly from one flower to another07

And I was watching silently
With a Camera in my hand
While witnessing  
The last of these April flowers 
To catch the glimpse of 
Any of these memorable moments.08

Their silent game of nectar and pleasure hunt
Continued in that bright sunlight
As more and more new creatures
Were coming to please and to win their beloved
Standing there with its ravishing beauty 
So that, they may welcome them
With a smile and beauty 
And may allow them to taste 
The nectar of these red beauty and love
Which starts pouring it's magic 
With the approach of April 
In spring every year09

Ravindra K Kapoor
Kanpur India 2nd May 


Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beauty, lonely, love, mirror, romantic, song, spring,

Singing Blue Blazes

As the snowdrops nod happily when you kissed my soul warmly love
laughing in the cold spring air so stirringly beautiful flutters wings of a dove 
The daffodils yawn awakening to new life or so it seems 
sun beams smile inside a thousand songs sweetly my dream

Birds singing freely dawning tunes deep heartfelt desire  
you are amazing one faraway flame kissing beats on fire

Poem Details | by Deepanshi Chaudhry |
Categories: love, nature, philosophy

Ode to Spring

Through a fluttering veil of luscious hues,
Fair Lady coquets with the majestic Sun,
As the wicked Wind caresses her tender cheek,
The harshness of Winter all undone.

Sparrows perched upon the towering trees,
Whistle sweetly at the colorful array.
Fair Lady hums and sways in warm ecstasy,
As the wicked Wind drifts away.

The sinful Sun glows after a wearying day,
And spans its gaze upon the fields of fruit.
Fair Lady drowsy, lies upon the prickly grass;
The darkness envelops as all goes mute.

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick |
Categories: love, spring,

Spring Showers

Soft sunlight streams through Nimbus clouds A sign, a foretaste of coming spring When hills and fields bring forth rich foliage From humble green grass to royal heather Flaunting peacock colors to honor the day As clouds release their crystalline drops Lovers’ laughter echoes as they run for shelter B’neath the old willow tree, they stand; lost in warm embrace Soon, a hush will fall as sweet jasmine floats When hungry lips taste the first kiss of spring ~*~
4/4/13 Note: For Russell's "Spring Showers" Contest

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: love, spring, sweet,

Sweet Spring

Spring and romance birds and bees touches and kisses beneath the trees Life and love flowers and glee two as one In sweet jubilee Forever and endless passion and steam candles at midnight lost in a dream With diamonds and emeralds letters and pleas my sweet one and only I taunt and I tease... ________

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: love, passion, romancespring, spring,

Your cherry blossom lips

My fingers' tip-toeing on  your  face
 stopped at the softness of your lips,
   moonlit night guided my lips
       to your cherry blossom,
       a gentle Spring breeze
           melting like wax
               engulfed us
                with pure

© kashinath karmakar 2011
by:kashinath karmakar( 20th March 2011)

Placement:HM ;(March 2011)

Contest :Nonet me a Spring kiss

Sponsor:Michael JFalotico


Placement: 2nd;(June 2011)

Contest:Whatever Next

Sponsor:Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Pandita Sanchez |
Categories: love, romance, spring,

Love in Spring

Love in Spring (10-Word Challenge)
Steal away with me my Beloved One, to rendezvous under a radiant sapphire sky, where brown skylarks sweetly sing their incessant songs in dulcet harmony, as they fly over idyllic, rolling meadows, welcoming spring and young lovers.
There at the old hollow, upon a soft bed, freshly spread with a plethora of tender, forest green ferns, wait I impatiently to share delightful moments of unbridled felicity, as our hearts and bodies sensuously entwine, spinning our own chrysalis of love.
Though this rhapsodic bliss may seem evanescent, titillating memories of this exquisite tryst, will ever invade our dreams, and like a mystical spring talisman, sustain our hearts… for a lifetime.
01-24-2016 10-Word Challenge by the Silent One plethora - evanescent - felicity - rhapsodic - idyllic dulcet - chrysalis - radiant - sapphire - talisman

Poem Details | by Luther Seahand |
Categories: love, romantic, spring,


The finest day of spring
petals dance on sudden gales
counting every one
before the sinking sun
fly, fly little wings
like love that never fails.
Shadows begin to wake
to a chorus that is the night
crickets fiddle, slow
warblers whistle, low
shine, shine velvet moon
till last you fade from sight.
Hear the sea in song
where the swallows play and die
starlight in the haze
flicker fireflies, ablaze
stay, stay gentle dream
beneath the candles in the sky.

~ Luther Lynton Seahand ~

Poem Details | by Taylor Graham |
Categories: loss, love, music, words, song, language, spring, april, language, love, science, song, spring,

Langue d'oc, a Micro-Paradelle

Your love song lapsed into ancient French that April day.
I only understood the words of spring and heartsore
lapsedOnly love and heartsore, I understood your ancient 
words of the spring-day song into that French April.

You fabricate my pauses into repetition, silence speaks
of ages strung to rhyme in love’s difficult service
you strung into pauses in service to agesFabricate of
love’s repetition, rhyme speaks my difficult silence.

We practice tedium of vows till language breaks apart.
As if art should aim at science, rigorous, quantitative,
rigorous language breaks tediumScience vows a part of 
quantitative practice till we should aim “as if” at art.

Till we lapsed into languageAs your ancient ages only
fabricate quantitative French strung to that difficult
practice, science speaks of tedium and understood rhyme

The spring in service of love’s rigorous vowsApril 
pauses, heartsoreYou and I, apartIf love should aim 
my words at day, repetition breaks into silence of song.

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: appreciation, life, lost love, memory, metaphor, nature, spring,

Spring-tide - Memories On the Breeze


Always things that juxtapose,
Life never flows as smoothly as a gentle rill 'round a stone.
Brief notes of harmony, torn asunder by a cacophony of chaos,
Turmoil the norm.reality the chill that bites the skin..

Brackets of the sated curiosity, and the known of all unknown,
Turn like the shutter of an eyelid, weighted by contemplation to the inner sway..
The depths of a soul, stripped of intention or care..
Spirit oscillating in the course of thoughts random, churning,
Bustling to introspection by memories on the breeze..


Spring-tide, I know you're here..
I see branches bend and dance, caressed by the hand of the wind,
Like tender fingers through a loved one's locks, golden..
Soft tendrils of invisible energy tickle the blossoms like sprites,
And they giggle in soft response, so I know, you're here..

I see the sun Demi-détourné on the wave tops,
Like a million gold coins, spilling, and I know you're here..
I hear the belly laugh of a baby drenching the day in innocence,
And giving my worries their due and just dismissal,
And I know you're here..

A sweet serenade of "peepers" cloaks the twilight in softened dreams,
The music of wistful longings hushed by an evening mist,
An essence of brokenhearted sunsets, burning in the heavens,
And splashed with trembling starlight..
Yes, I know you're here..

Souvenirs of love pressed into the pages of life,
Such as the petals from a first-date rose, long since wilted,
(Along with the memory of the love they expressed),
By the gently torn and frayed offenses of affection, lost..
Melancholy, but sweet.oh, I know you're here..

Swirls of wonder and promise buoy my spirit, anew..
Glorious aromas and impulses flood my senses with expectancy,
And like the flawless and vestal dreams of a child,
My hopes are born sun-ward on diaphanous wings, sure..
And I know, you're here..

Yes, Spring-tide..

Always things that juxtapose,
But your presence in each day's circumstance
Gives reality its touch of magic..
Like dew on the first daffodil, the joyous press of your prospect
Alights on each consequence and consideration..

Your leaving was but ephemeral..
Still, my guileless heart knew even then,
In the wistful and keen, umber ache of Autumn,
That you'd be here with me..
Yes, I know.oh, I know to my depths..

That you're here.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Your Best Free Verse 2018" Poetry Contest", John Hamilton, Judge & Sponsor.

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "July Standard Contest" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Maya Kaabour |
Categories: lost love, love, natural disastersme,

Spring Clean

You wiped me out
The day
I was exhaled by that indigo storm.-
You stared at me with
A frown sown to your forehead
As I lay on your fingertips.
Like dust in a dark old attic,
You disposed of me
To spring clean your life.

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: analogy, love, spring,

Love's Spring

     her love
     was no less tender
     than the first bloom of spring

     teardrops on her cheek
     glistened like morning dew

     I wondered...
     how is it possible that I am 
     the only one that noticed

     what more could she be to me

Poem Details | by Daniel Human |
Categories: flower, nature, spring,

Flower love

How the flower
Bobs and weaves
Sharing tea
With some bees

How the colour
Nods and sways
Breezy coolness
Sunlight rays

How the scent
Softly dances
Perfumed nose
Loving glances

Poem Details | by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: color, dream, love, sensual, spring,


“Come Spring – drench me with your colours”, you whispered
And then you started unfolding the secrets in front of me
Under the azure sky and amber sun
Your ivory skin dazzled my virgin eyes…
I want to paint your neck and your eyelashes in mauve
I don’t need to colour your crimson lips and jet hair
Let me draw marigold over the origin of elixir
I am going to paint your hands and legs with platinum
Let emerald play all over your body
And fuchsia be bloomed here and there
When I have completed my job, you called me to come closer
Amazed by your angelic beauty I was approaching …
In the middle, I stumbled and fell on the ground
Oh! My nose!
While opening my eyes, I found myself on the floor of my bedroom
Oh! My God!
I fell flat from my bed and it was a dream…


colours : azure, amber, ivory, mauve, crimson, jet, marigold, platinum, emerald and fuchsia.

Poem Details | by Bobby Mielke |
Categories: loss, lost love, nature, seasons, heart, spring, heart, me, spring,

December to May

The land still held in wint'ry grasp.
Against the chill my breath did rasp.
When for a moment my eyes did see,
A fair maiden dancing nakedly.
Nary a stitch nor thread on her wond'rous shape.
As she beckoned I could naught but gape.
When she spoke her voice was a melody,
Promising things that I only dreamed.
I went to her in bewildered awe,
And this is suddenly what I saw-

White roses tangled in her flaxen tresses,
A thousand poppies at her feet,
Fairies danced in diaphinous dresses,
With sunlight was the scene replete.

On she led o'er field and meadow.
Where she trod the spring would show.
With love and joy my heart did swell,
For this maiden had rescued me from winter's hell.
For hours we laughed and sang and such.
I would gasp and tremble at her every touch.
Not once did I think to inquire her name,
Nor did I ask from whence she came.
We rested at length 'neath a stately oak,
And this I found when I awoke-

Gone was my maiden and the spring she brought,
Frozen were the fields and meadows,
Simply a dream, or so I had thought,
Yet clasped in my hand, a single white rose.

I return each day to this lonely place,
Hoping to glimpse my fair maiden's face.
Low does the sun sink in the winter sky,
When I turn home with a tear in my eye.
For once again she has neglected to show,
And left me this wretched ice and snow.
Yet I musn't believe that she does not care,
Lest I should let my heart despair.
For she will return again one day,
Turning as she goes, December to May.

Poem Details | by Mutemwa Gideon |
Categories: lovelife, love,

Flower of spring

I see a life that has come from the heavens
A life with the heart and soul of a goddess, squeezed in the body of a queen.
She walks amongst us.
Amongst dark, confused, vile two legged creatures.

In her lies the music of eternity, the conqueror of death.
Life and love storm in her blood, striking bolts of lightning to my heart.
The language of the blue fire flames from her voice
Burning the sound of beauty and serenity to my soul.

She is the flower that holds the magic of spring
Blooming once in a millenia.
Her petals of crystal reflect the colours of the rainbow
And releases the fragrance of the spirit of life's pureness
She blows a breeze from space to my soul.
In her I have seen the secret of life, love and eternity.

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, nature, spring,


divine drops of joy satin kisses melting hearts spring~time licks her lips

Poem Details | by Jasmin Shear |
Categories: inspirational, life, love, seasons, time, spring, flower, flower, spring, sun, time,

Healing Season

Autumn came this summer
on a cool winter's day
Then spring walked in behind her
Then spring soon danced away:
A flower grew beside her
from a freshly fallen pile of snow
And the petals fall onto the ground
shortly after the winds blows:
As quickly as the seasons change
so the same, time does pass
and the memory of frozen ground
is soon your bed of grass:
The time which a flower bares it's bloom
or clouds share their summer rain
Quickly passes with the shifting winds
As it guides away your pain:
My lover spoke just as a friend
As a stranger, then took my hand
As one beginning drew to another end
the setting sun made me understand:
The Earth is not that far around
The sun rises in the day
And as quickly as the lightning strikes
The storm can roll away.

Poem Details | by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: daffodils, dance, desire, green, love, music, nature, spring,

Spring Sensations

Rubbing it's eyes, the year wakes in yawn.
Hibernating winter last it's gone.
'Hello, my dear Spring', "Good Morning".c'mon.
Advent of the vignette....embraces the dawn.

Look!..A child has just learned to walk..
His excited to knock.
March and April and roll and rock.
Woodpeckers make home.....patient round the clock.

Clothes of Primrose, Lilies....Daffodils and Tulips.
Petals unfold blushing buds....hiding in eclipse.
Burgeoning vibes of love...nature in partnerships..
Orange Yellow Green and Purple drips.

In vernal color of wild music,...nature is a gypsy.
The hymns of hummingbirds...cuckoo chirps...crispy.
Cadence of bass and treble...the breeze.soft and tipsy.
Oh Sensuous Spring !....."I Love Thee"..
               Won't you now kiss me?

Dated 6th November 2018
Seasonal or Unseasonal Poetry Contest
Sponsor Kim Rodrigues

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: lost, love, spring,

Spring - You Sly Fox

Would that love’s touch return on the morrow
ease the coldness of such separation
soft kisses adrift on sunsets aglow
reflect the light of iced desperation.

Temptress or tyrant - lover’s decision
hot tempered vixen – cool, distant player
love in the distance - lust in rescission
hornswoggled by smooth, fast talking soothsayer.

Spring, you sly fox, you two timing cheat
melting the frozen, fueling sun’s blaze
announcing the offspring before lover’s meet         
writing love letters in wordless essays.

Sadly the lovers cannot comprehend
Spring’s but a means – to a flowering end.


Submitted to – Spring Is In The Air – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Emile Pinet

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: beautiful, flower, garden, night, romantic love, sky, spring,


O'er feathery clouds adrift a kite 
'Neath sway lavender gardens that invite
Embracing warm rays of spring sunlight
Pining for sweet afternoon delight
With glass of wine lovers reunite

O'er dreamlike blissfully scented sight 
The moon tiptoes up the sky so sprite
Till she gains apex above in height
Whilst I close my eyes to say goodnight
I tender my love dulcet good night
Spring lavender garden dreams take flight

Submitted on March 8, 2019, for contest WK2 MARCH 2019 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND  -  RANKED 1ST

and February 18, 2019, for contest GARDENS sponsored by CHANTELLE ANNE COOKE