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Love Poems About Sports or Sports Love Poems

Sports love poems and/or love poems about Sports. Read, share, and enjoy these Sports love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Sports Poems.

Poem Details | by Sydney Bates |
Categories: dream, first love, children, kids, soccer, sports, teenage,

Soccer Star

From the moment your foot first touched the ball
The look on your face said it all. 
This is what you were born to do.
Growing up, you would continue to play, you just knew
Soccer wouldn't be ready for you.

Year passed, and so did you, as you became a star.
The training you've had would take you far.
How far you asked? Championship Game, here you came.
With a minute left, you shot the ball hard and upset.
But luckily, Whoosh! The ball exploded into the net.

Poem Details | by kristen bruni |
Categories: sports

The Love of Hockey

The slice of the skates creates
An atmosphere of greats
They fly on the ice
Not the least bit of nice
A game of ego awaits.

Poem Details | by Nancy Jones |
Categories: sports,

I Love It

When the heavy-weights weigh in

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: love, sports

Boys in Blue

Football is my favourite sport
The two below are whom I support
Rangers and Everton, my teams
When they win I so beam
This game of games I import

Poem Details | by Roman Chebukin |
Categories: adventure, baby, baptism, beach, boyfriend, brother, cat, christian, computer-internet, confusion, dad, dance, flower, kids, forgiveness, january, life, lonely, loss, lost love, sports, success, suicide, teacher, teen, thank you, thanksgiving, tree, uplifting, wife, me, write, me, write,

Welcome 2013

Well we are already a couple of months in so i just wanted to say welcome. 
this will be a new journey for the both of us, so i hope it will be awesome. 
I will try to write more than usual this year, I promise. :)
What would help tho if you readers would send me topics and stuff to help me write about things cuz my mind goes way faster than my fingers and i cant think of just one thing. lol. so thank you readers. plz comment and tell me your thoughts.

Poem Details | by yohan mantilla |
Categories: confusion, happiness, lost love, love, peace, people, sports, girl, girl,


everyone want to be better
everyone want to be higher
all i wanted forever
a girl like her

everyone want the first place
everyone want to win the war
all i want is peace
and this girl to be warn

everyone want to be the best
everyone want get a reward
all i know is i'm not like the rest
but love a girl isn't hard

dedicate: to  - amy - the girl i always wished

Poem Details | by Bradley Cox |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, sports,

Friday Night Football

Team's playing with all they got
fan's a cheering
cheerleader's freezing
jeff and tonya sharing
blanket and coco
holding hand's and kissing
in the bleacher's
no one keeping score

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: heart, hope, humanity, imagery, love, sports,

Olive Branches

Olive Branches

The scorching sun descends
Upon withered lands with no rain
Some trees are old and brittle
When the olive branch is cut and proffered
Open arms and take a new path
Never be a destroyer
Of dreams and new ways
It is often offered only once
Never lose those golden chances
When a poet rides on donkey under palms
Heed the words and the psalms
Humanity is better with one heart
Than none at all

Note: Inspired by the Rio2016 Olympics, when the Lebanon’s team
refused to get on the same bus as the Israeli team. Sadly
a wasted opportunity, I am sure those athletes had more in 
common than what divides.

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: funny, sports,

For The Love Of Golf

As poor Bob left  to play the short nine
His nagging old wife began to whine
"Its golf or its me!"
"With that I agree!"
His lawyer told her just where to sign....


Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny, sports

Love Bowling...It Doesn't Love Me!

When I'm bowling I try not to fall
As my game plan I aim to recall
Well my form is so fine
Too close to the foul line
Seems my best shot is the gutter ball!

* For Linda-Marie's "Let's Limerick" contest

Poem Details | by Keith Relf |
Categories: adventure, fear, history, hope, inspirational, life, loss, love, people, political, sports, war,

The Undisputed

The Undisputed

 I usually prevail when mostly other have doubts,

 as my hostel rival friends taunt, boo and shout,

 when they know my mind is focus on that title bout.

 I took the stubborn champ to the limit with a reserve

 of deadly impact of fresh crushing blows therefore

 had the ruthless undefeated champ dazed, shocked,

 and lay resting looking at my dancing toes as

 I exit to go ending the big show.

 2/15/11 by Keith K. Relf

Poem Details | by christine a kysely |
Categories: inspirational, sports

Women Who LOVE Football - VERSION 1

Women Who LOVE Football
Live with PASSION
Are not afraid to FIGHT
Aren’t afraid to get DIRTY
Know how to put their GAME FACE on
Are always ready to EXECUTE their OPTIONS
Have a sense of PURPOSE
Are STRONGER than they think
Will lose with DIGNITY
And will always WIN with STYLE.

(November 28, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved, 

Poem Details | by Josef Rau |
Categories: devotion, happiness, hope, love, romance, sports, endurance,

I need to get in running shape

She's a runner.
That's why I can't catch her
That's why I can't keep up with her

But my endurance is improving,
Maybe I can match her for a mile

A mile is all I need,
One little chance

But she runs everyday,
And more than once

If I try to run with her
What would she do?
What would she say?

Do you think she would just leave me in the Dust?
Or do you think she would coast on an easy stride?
It's worth a shot.
Would it be a race?
Or would it be just a fun run?

Chasing her does include a lot of bumping elbows,
And all the dirty tricks.
Because I'm not the only boy after her.
It's a big race.

A race I must win..
For Happiness
For love
For her.

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: sports

Sports and Love

No more games to play-
The season, over and done
Ready for practice

Begin a new year
With no losses, just true skill
Welcome fanatics

Poem Details | by Le Sony'r Ra |
Categories: angst, happiness, love, political, sports, teen, thank you, travel, urban, visionary, wedding, work

Come Nightfall

Everything glitters at night
Moonshine will pull all that you own into question
Like daylight never could;
You’re a coward
I’m a ****** and a fake
And I can’t think of one reason 
Why I deserve the shirt I’m wearing
I wish it were a tourniquet
So I could glimmer
Glitter in the light of the world
Like everything does
come nightfall.

Poem Details | by Johanna Hartnett |
Categories: friendship, horse, joy, love, passion, simple, sports,

A Tribute to Galloping

As the feet pick up my body volts forward
Half seat telling him to keep going
The wind curls up throwing itself at me yelling slow
Trees towering around me
With every few strides the branches reach out to hit
Faster, faster
Picking up our pace we fly towards the waiting field
Grass so green it invites us forward
As a team we take the last few strides at the speed of light
Pushing myself forward my teammate takes off across the field
The sky folds around us like a blanket
Blue as the ocean and larger than life
No resistance and no stopping
The world is as free as us

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: children, dance, feelings, love, relationship, sports, youth,

Skater Love

He was thin, wore jeans and a beanie,
She was short, tattooed, black hair.
Skates board his thing,
Rollers skate her bling,
Defiant young kids without a care.

It was after the crowd of skates left,
And streets had emptied away,
Rollers skate her bling, 
Skates board his thing,
A wet June night had stolen the day.

Absorbed by her eyes and she by his,
They balanced as one on skates,
Skates board his thing,
Rollers skate her bling,
And keys opened those sweet love gates.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: break up, first love, funny, humor, love, philosophy, sports,

Shaken Not Stirred

"Truth be Told," James Bond opined
Over a pint of Guinness
"Love is just a consequence
of bouncing balls in tennis!"

Poem Details | by christine a kysely |
Categories: sports

Gotta Love Wisconsin Football

Gotta Love Football

All Wisconsin Women Do

Beer, Brats, Lots of Cheese!!!

(January 15, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Jerry Wells |
Categories: basketball, best friend, christian, love, miss you, sports, word play,











Poem Details | by Katherine Livingstone |
Categories: adventure, life, lost love, love, sad, sports,

Playing with my life strings


Thats what you do,
Down my viens and
Through my heart.

Your skiing.

Dodging my questions
Colliding with mysery.

You must be.
Are you racing my blood?
Daring my pacience?

Dangerous sport.

Poem Details | by Donald Reith |
Categories: sports, love,

The Playoffs

Like a Thrilling Joyride

by Bonnie and Clyde

 The Playoffs are Do or Die

How High Can You Fly

Way Up in the Sky then CrashDive,

One Minute your Kickin' Dem to the Curb 

The Next, You love 'Em as You Love Your Wife

 One Moment In Time

 Let It Be Mine

 then We can Dine with Fine Wine 

and Remember Havin' The Times Of Our Lives.

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: love, sports

Smooth Players

Just like football, I am strategically played If you make a pass, you may stir my interest But a tackle is sure to incite my defense Smooth players with golden words Linemen who carry emotion, not pigskin These are the ones who score Touching only my heart as they cross the goal line
*For Kristen’s “Football” contest

Poem Details | by doris lee |
Categories: passion, pets, science fiction, sister, song-sports, thank you,

i love u

i try to sit next to you.
i try to talk to you but i just cant.
i try to join your art class.
nothing seems to work.
i wish i could just say i love you.

Poem Details | by kody oberhauser |
Categories: sports

love at first roll

Easy way to fall in love
Racing quickly just above

Look around the world is blurry
Just relax there is no hurry

But be carefull you might fall
And trust me thats no fun at all

Try it once and you will know
Skating is the way to roll..