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Love Poems About Space or Space Love Poems

Space love poems and/or love poems about Space. Read, share, and enjoy these Space love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Space Poems.

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: history, life, love, mystery, nature, science, space

Half-Lit Moon

Haze up in the heavens encircles this orb.
Half-dark, half-light, shines from above.
Twinkles of light appear to absorb.
Fractions of darkness within lighted glove,

Speaking to lovers held in each other’s arms.
Answering questions of science to some,
Floating around spreading blessed charms,
Listening close at times, hearing a hum.

Lovers for centuries, graciously, captured by,
Sweet serenity and magical mystery,
Others entranced with secrets, which fly.
From words written and spoken in history.

Satellite, orb, lady, they are all the same.
Mythical goddesses, gripped in flame.
These tales have spread so many games.
This object seen most nights has no shame.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beauty, dream, emotions, feelings, love, sun,

Lost In Loves Space

love the style of your morning kiss 
dancing lips deeply dazzling bliss

Catch you after curtain calls my dreams tonight 
until the sun kisses your eyelids with golden light

Beautiful in one's mind weakness sang a dream
just floated to you dancing upon sunshine beams 

Captivating ball of flames burning bright not the past 
radiating golden warm future holds destiny our torch shines a light everlasting

Holding inside believing crowning beauty silently whispers without sound 
Rising as night's tears leave a dew upon the ground 

Crystal blue clear the happiness within joy brings
inside every wish was your desire softly feathers touching wings embracing sing

Poem Details | by Delilah Ventura |
Categories: confusion, life, lost love, space,

Broken soul

 You've caused me, so many tears	
That our home
Is flooded
                                                 You stepped on me, so many times
			 That my heart
			 Is flat

		                                              You have lied to me, so many times
		                                              That my soul
		                                              Is broken

Poem Details | by Gregory Golden |
Categories: imagination, love, philosophy,

The Space Inside of The Rose

iridescent soul
inside of
the rose
lovers go
deep inside of the rose
is our destiny

Poem Details | by Alex Roberson |
Categories: absence, love, poetry, space,

Can't Have

Didn’t anyone ever warn you not to falling in love with comets?
The ones that come around and give a few brighter nights
Never being there for more than a sliver of your life
The magical 
Seemingly dreamy ones
That can never stay with you
The ones with paths in mind that will take them far away from you
Beautiful ones 
Far beyond your reach
that leave empty space in their wake
Giving you a sense of abandonment
That will take a while to shake
Didn’t anyone ever warn you not to put yourself through that ache?”

Poem Details | by Jill Martin |
Categories: angst, happiness, love, space,

Because . . . I Can

Either side of the bed is mine
at my whim

Coffee cups left in the sink
until there are

vacuum in the middle of the
for a Week

remote - Mine

of steamed broccoli and cauliflower

planting gardenias by the moon
music LOUD and interminable


I finally.

Poem Details | by jay del fierro |
Categories: adventure, imagination, love, universe,

Deepest space where love burns...

How our flame seems to burn
like a wildfire on mountainside
only to become coursed by the wind
changing directions to begin again

All of nature from a distance
across the rivers bank
can only stand in awe
in view of our flaming fury
burning with every touch
melting each to the core
as fusing the finest ores

I am your wick to your lantern
you are my deepest resevoir
of limitless oil....
you are my infinite universe
unexplored spaces
which I can't ignore
my venusian heaven of love...

You are all that....and more

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: life, love, space, time,

Love Is Touch

Sun, moon and stars, never meet

Poem Details | by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beauty, love, space,

Colliding galaxies

I become animal
with her
and animals
know no sin...

Dark and delicious
is she
knot of love
ever tightening...

We lay
watching shadows
on the wall
each others faces
she plays with my hair...

Erotic photons
we become
galaxies colliding
exploding into
a million pieces
crashing into one another..
~ ~

Poem Details | by Sheri Fresonke Harper |
Categories: imagination, love, space, time,

Frozen In Time-Space

You listened wrapped to the moon gauze falling from my lips
the day the wars began, assassins slipping from the shadows
to stab, along the SpinnerSails woven between the Lands of Holding
in the forgotten times where our hearts are amber-bound.
It is my fault. I wove the skein. You didn’t mean to be caught unaware.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, courage, freedom, happiness, history, holiday, hope, imagination, inspirational, journey, life, love, natural disasters, nature, pain, parody, passion, philosophy, recovery from..., space, stress, travel,

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part III

An azure ocean
Displaced by mighty blackness
The horizon dies

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, deep, devotion, love, memory,

Our Space Forever Held

Important blooming beautiful 
in you deep inside true
loving the time 
I spend in your company
please never doubt me in what 
I have said 
Really happily 
thinking all the time 
of you smiling so sweetly
dreaming in a sound of one sweet voice
kissing echoes warm softly surrender
Loving inside deeply cries
you are an noble maiden 
who dazzles across sweetly horizons
kissing moonlight thoughts faraway
Your light distant sparkling warmly
as the dewdrops fall silver
glistening a starlight love
Deep within this path standing 
golden sands we walk together
dream of dreams you dance with grace 
with great joy embraced for eternity

Poem Details | by karl marszalowicz |
Categories: journey, life, love, love, me,


Dear lord, what have I become? 
Reduced from a hulking mass
to the pulp in my love's drink
or maybe the orange itself squeezed dry

Ah, but while it all goes down, 
smooth for her, it is not my cup
these passing years have changed me 
 deconstructed me, I am softly withered 

The time to reform is upon me
I shall not pass it up, lest I offer my hand
straight to the reaper himself, I think not!
With every pulse there is a reminder to live

The harmonious choose to live committed.
Would it be to love or an asylum for the unstable
I myself have not figured it out
 But if you love me, give me space

Poem Details | by Michael Dom |
Categories: confusion, desire, lost love, prayer, romance, sorrow, space,

What words

What words, dear God?
For an idiom 
Or an idea
Of all that this means!

If not then, or when
My soul resounds 
At a silent thought
Lights an eternal flame
Recalled at sacred hearths;

Within quiet chambers
Wounds would heal
Once dealt unwittingly
Now in privacy, thoughts
Wrench relentlessly
At souls adrift
Through time and space;

Words cut at passions denied
Allow this one impression
To swathe us
Dear God, what words?

Poem Details | by karl marszalowicz |
Categories: childhood, love,

Space, version 2

Between the ears of the greatest minds
Limits and laws do not exist    

Building roads and wrinkles to beyond
 Such brains are ripe with fascination

Where physical boundaries do not factor
Journeymen and women discover frontiers within themselves   

Forming the legendary, from the amorphous
They are contemplative, they are reminiscent 

Tireless and motivated I am just a rubbernecker  
Watching treasures without obstacles, by accident

 Eventually I choose to give them their space
Smiling back at them, they are our children

Poem Details | by Christian Guild |
Categories: for her, girlfriend, love, space,

Moon Landing

When I first saw you
That night I was running
You blasted me away
Onto the moon landing

90 degrees out in the desert
 (we were in the park) 
Cupid shot the arrow right through my heart
 (Light shown through the dark) 
Orion’s belt started glistening
As you took me on a trip to the moon, the moon landing

When I first saw you
That night I was running
You blasted me away
Onto the moon landing

You took my breath away
Just as they say
The puppy came out of me
And I just had to see…
The moon landing
The moon landing
The moon landing

Poem Details | by Hansteven Selfa |
Categories: love, love hurts, sad love, science, space, star, stars,


Our love is about
Two stars who belong
To different constellations
To the world
Watching us

Poem Details | by Kevin Clark |
Categories: love, universe,

Eternally bound like time and space

Eye to eye mind to mind

Lips to lips the heart is kind

Hand to hand with tongue and cheek

Embarrassing whispers make our knees week

Feelings together take there toll

Ill love you forever because were soul to soul

Side by side not close enough to sit

Walking together and our love doesn't quit

Lying apart joined always as one

Sharing the universe like the moon and the sun

Essence to essence and shadow to shadow

May our tears of happiness always steadily flow

Unbreakable bond staring face to face

Eternally bound like time and space

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, courage, dream, faith, freedom, holiday, hope, imagination, inspirational, journey, life, love, memory, metaphor, natural disasters, nature, philosophy, places, political, recovery from..., space, stress, travel,

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, dream, freedom, holiday, home, hope, imagination, inspirational, journey, life, lost love, love, metaphor, natural disasters, nature, nostalgia, ocean, on writing and words, philosophy, recovery from..., space, stress, travel,

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part VI

Water licks your feet
Far cry from the beating sun
Desert sand to sea

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: insect, lost love, love, marriage, planet, science fiction, space,

Call To Mars

Saving credits for a trip to the stars,
A cave at Alba Mons volcano:
Ancient secrets, flowing bars;
Greenish women, so Bueno;
Artifacts, old, Martian,
Calling me to hug.
Beetle auction.
Red dust bug.
Big brained,
Belonging to
Polka-dot fellows
Sexy ladybugs knew.
A rust-colored threesome
In waters that ran chilled and new;
But, air-thinned with delirium,
And a dusty marriage Mars did eschew.

Poem Details | by zineb laddioui |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, anniversary, autumn, beauty, brother, business, child, childhood, christmas, dad, dark, daughter, dedication, life,


Let's escape to space
& Leave the human race 

Space-love a new awesomeness
Forget the life & the gloominess

Kiss me, because I care
Even thought the life is unfair

I want to be a space-lover
Love you now, tomorrow & forever

Lest Live in a house made of stars
& drive spaceship instead of cars 

We feel the space-love in moon
I'll be yours, you'll be mine so soon

Galaxy, universe, stars & limitless
Screw the world, we found happiness.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, freedom, history, holiday, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, journey, life, love, metaphor, natural disasters, nature, nostalgia, passion, philosophy, recovery from..., space, stress, travel,

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part V

The English weather:
Rainclouds follow us from home
There is no escape.

Poem Details | by Christian Alexander |
Categories: absence, break up, forgiveness, girl, how i feel, sad love,

Bending Space

Bending Space

When the confusion is gone
When you stop running away 
When all the hope that you have
When it's the fear that you say
When all the lights are out
When all your thoughts are clear
When you find what you've lost
When your smile is pure
When your heart is for sure
When you look in your eyes
When you leave all your lies
When there's no more place to hide
When it's you you must confide
I hope it's you who's by my side..............

by €hristian Alexander 

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: art, faith, happiness, health, hope, imagination, inspirational, love, mother, native american, natural disasters, nature, religion, science, science fiction, space, uplifting, visionary,


~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sky's eyebrows white on blue juxtaposed... tears wave to wash away pain on cue" ~~~~~~~~ ~JSLambert © 2012 Poet TreeZ Publishing