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Love Poems About Crown Of Sonnets or Crown Of Sonnets Love Poems

Crown Of Sonnets love poems and/or love poems about Crown Of Sonnets. Read, share, and enjoy these Crown Of Sonnets love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Crown Of Sonnets Poems.

Poem Details | by Jimmy Anderson |
Categories: faith, inspirationalson, me, love, me, son,

Walk With Me

Walk With Me

       I said, "Look at the mess I've made."
He said, "Take my hand and don't be afraid."
       I said, "But I feel so ashamed."
He said,  "I love you son and you're the reason I came."

       I said, "What about those dark days ahead?"
He said, "My love will be nourishment and keep you well fed."
       I said, "I'm not brave tell me what to do."
He said, "Believe in me and I'll carry you through."

       I said, "Okay Father, teach me to be a man."
He said, "I love you my son now take my hand."
       I said, "My soul is Yours for eternity."
He said, "I'm proud of you my son, now walk with me."

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, death, eulogy, father son, love,

Too Brief, The Flame

There lies my heart,
          Quite ragged, torn -
               My father passed
     This brumal morn ...

How ruthless came
          This face of death,
               Warm on my cheek,
     His last, soft breath ...

Yet blessed, was I,
          Thru grand design,
               To walk him home,
     His hand ... in mine ...

Oh treasure, sweet,
          The folks you love -
               Too brief the flame,
     Burns life, thereof.

I love you, Dad ... I'll never know a better man, in every sense of the word.

Poem Details | by Kevin C. Martin |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, child, christian, daughter, faith, father, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, god, happiness, happy, heaven, hope, inspirational, jesus, life, love, passion, peace, prayer, religion, religious, son, spiritual, teen, thank you, uplifting,


God has a plan,
And it is out of my hands.

Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: baby, birth, child, love, mother, son,


You came to me on angels wings
Your smile was so divine,
I looked into your big blue eyes
Not believing you were mine.

With skin so soft and hair of down
You came to me that day,
And as I held you on my breast
You stole my heart away.

Sweet child if you could ever know
The love I felt for you,
As the years flew quickly by
That love just grew and grew.

So I’ll just quietly watch you grow
Into a man my son.
I want you to know what a privilege it is 
For me to be your mom.

Written by Brenda  Meier-Hans
Gautami Phookans Contest:
The Sweetest Touches of Verse

Poem Details | by James Peranteau |
Categories: love, son,

Your golden hug

In each others arm’s
tightly embraced
with the warmth I receive from
no other…

these words from the depths of
his little heart,
past his precious lips:

“ I’ve been waiting for this Pops”

“What’s that son”,
while still wrapped in his warm grip
was mine query…

“Your golden hug Pops…
your golden hug”

as off to school he did trot

Poem Details | by James Peranteau |
Categories: father, love, son,

My man

"Am I a man

"You are

 Spider man
 Iron man,
 And when 
 I am old and frail son;

 I pray,


His smiles and hugs
could not be bought

Poem Details | by James Peranteau |
Categories: happiness, love, son,

In Noah trots

In my arms,
in the depths of mine heart

In the shadows,
in the bright

In the pastures,
in betwixt the trees

In his thoughts,
inside of mine

In Noah trots
into Pops life 

Poem Details | by James Peranteau |
Categories: father, son,

Noah counting love

I woke this morning
yes this morning
and felt the warmth of love
‘pon mine forehead
and my face
and my ears 
and my nose

I woke this morning
yes this morning
and heard the warmth of love
close to mine forehead
and my face
and my ears
and my nose

I woke this morning
yes this morning
and heard his words of love
“Don’t worry Pops
I washed my fingers before
I counted the wrinkles on your
your face 
your ears
and your nose"

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: brother, daughter, father, history, husband, life, loss, lost love, mother, people, places, sad, sister, son, wife

Marble in Columns on Green

On a slope graced with green
White marble stands in proud salute

For beneath these engraved pillars of memory
Lie the resting places of heroes

A solitary green fir looks down
As if sheltering the lost and the taken

So many names, from all walks of life
A father, brother a girlfriend or wife

On a sunny day, they glow radiant like their lives
On a dull day, they stand out against the greys

For the living, life goes on 
Tomorrow is another day

Poem Details | by Maggie Mae McAfee |
Categories: happiness, love, son,


My heart shaped ruby wishes to be loved and excepted,
Shining brightly for a single affection by one adored man,
Noticed and caressed has given the luster gleaming joy.

Entry~Catie Lindsey~Stoned Contest

Poem Details | by Victor Apeanyo Jr. |
Categories: lost love, love, sad, son, song-sympathy


A place still lies
Lonely and untouched
Every night it cries
Seeking for its walls to be patched

A place still lies
But dead in its self
With broken memories
And an empty shelf

I struggle to find myself
In the midst of all the strife
But above me a cloud of darkness
So thick, full of sadness

The place will still lie
But not utter a cry
It shall continue to die
Because no one asked why

Poem Details | by Carol B. |
Categories: faith, health, love, mother son, pain,

Night Light

Balloon tears raining havoc
While doubts cascade freely
Paddling through droplets of glass
Her life force drifts through endless passages

White lights reach out to embrace the waves 
Shield her from perpetual anguish
Worry only dims the path bestowed
Faith exhibits a lantern lit

Poem Details | by Roykinsha Richburg |
Categories: family, life, love, mystery, peace, son, song-uplifting, weddingme, love, me,

If You Only Knew

If you only knew how i felt about you
You wouldn't treat me like you do 
If you love me like you say 
Why do we get to arguing everyday
I guess thats the way love goes
No one ever really knows 
If you want me,take me
It's the only way you'll get me maybe
I have a lot of things on my mind
But you seem to have me in a bind
That doesn't mean you have me on lock 
That just means no one can block 
The love i have for you is power
It just don't come and go in a hour
You got some really good i guess you think you do
But only if you knew

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: christian, father, forgiveness, introspection, love, son, spiritual,

Truth Above All

What should I write about?

Truth, that is all!

But there is mine,

and then His of course:


though we are inclined
to weakly compromise;
change only when 
uncomfortably pressed;
(having tilted, after being lavishly blessed)
wipe the slate clean
reluctantly, for forced
by self-created 
negative circumstance
to heavily lean--

His love is faithful
regardless our fault,

Divine Witness
the crucified Christ.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: christmas, home, love, mother son,


the best gift of all ... my son comes home for Christmas I’m counting the days! 12-09-17

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: how i feel, i love you, mother son, moving on,


You’re my world You’re everything to me Motherhood It’s been a joy you see Ever since you were born I’ve been so proud I can’t help telling the world out loud When you left it was hard to let go It’s not easy being mum you know When you call I hear your voice I know you’re fine, so I rejoice You’re my world You’re everything to me Precious son You mean the world to me Dedicated to my amazing son who is the light of my life ‘You’re my world’ is a Line used from the song Lyrics sung to the tune of 'You're my world' Gren’s Evergreens #4 Cilla Black Sponsored by Teppo Gren 7/7/18

Poem Details | by Christy Hardy |
Categories: hope, life, love, school, son, time, time,

One Day

I watched as his tiny hands held the crayon,
first time homework, and I wanted to help,
but I knew this was his challenge, not mine.
In time he would figure things out on his own,
and one day, he would be a daddy, with children
of his own.

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: love, nostalgia, son

Gone Fast

Finally here!
Life had begun nine months before,
when a miracle took place in the womb.
No details, just one sperm fertilizing one egg.

Now to finally see light.
Big eyes staring at me.
Him wondering!  Me wondering!
What are first thoughts?
Who can say but God?

Here, you hold him!
But he's awfully small.
So cute and almost bald.

So many wild roller coaster rides.
Who would have ever thought
that he would be the Greek God that he is today?
So chisled and fine.
Any model would be jealous.

After that what??
Life's like that!
Did that happen yesterday?
Or has it really been twenty years?

Poem Details | by Sarah Torrey |
Categories: family, love, son, innocence,

Gentle Innocence

Have you ever watched a child sleep
The Innocence that radiate from their little faces
It's enough to make you weep

What dreams that must float through their brilliant minds
The Magic, the place
Or maybe it's a faery spell of a gentler kind
One that shows them the things that we as grown ups cannot see

I lay a wake and watch him dream 
I watch as his eye lids flutter
I watch a peaceful smile glides gently across his tiny face
Oh how I wish to be in that same place
Where that gentle innocence fills you with such a warm embrace.

Poem Details | by James Peranteau |
Categories: love, son

Who needs a mirror

How gentle his baby
his darling gaze at the

My 99.99 flow thru the
oh Jehovah,
who needs a mirror
when you have provided
this wondrous

Who's blessing is this 

I for him,
or him
for I

Poem Details | by Antwan Woodberry |
Categories: family, love, son, mother,


Kylarr when I look at you I see me
I see you grownin up
I see you have my soul 
I see you want your Daddy
I see you have my childhood
I see your mother eyes 
I see your mother lips 
I see you happy when you and my soul bonds together four ever
I see you in my head 
I see you is Godchild
Antwan H Woodberry

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: father, god, inspirational love, love, son, spiritual, wisdom,


I know that God
would not create me
Less than perfect
(a Good Father
always wants best
for His Children,
more than Himself
when possible)--we evolve
in Love

and as understanding
matures we grow in Spirit,
Mind, Soul and Body—
nearer His Likeness

We are substance of
God—nothing existing
outside His Being,
and Immortal….

Poem Details | by TAMMY REAMS |
Categories: beauty, child, daughter, first love, love, mother daughter, wedding,

My Daughter and Son-in -law

So beautiful they are in their hearts soul and mind
Sweet laughter and logic they will never leave behind

Each one as unique as a precious gem
Of a special love that only they can give

Their minds on an endless flight
Will always soar high and out of sight

As the stars start to light the sky at night
and you see a star flash that has gone by

Remember the love that I give you
To my daughter and son who will always be one.

T Reams   for my sweet daughter Amber and son in law Adam

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: character, children, christian, community, dad, daughter, dedication, desire, devotion, emotions, faith, family, father, father daughter, feelings, forgiveness, friend, friendship, god, happiness, how i feel, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, jesus, life, love, marriage, memory, mom, my children, parents, religion, religious, sister, social, society, son, success, teen, today, together, trust, uplifting, urban, wife,

The Family That God Gave to Me

The Family That God Gave to Me I think about the family, that God gave to me... And think about where they'll spend eternity! I think about the good times, that we've had. And the trials we've faced... Both good and bad! God helped us to overcome adversity together! And proved his faithfulness... Today and forever! He showed us the Godly path, that we should follow... And promised to be with us! Today and tomorrow! He's proven how much he loves us! And how much that he cares for us! Thank you my lord, for all you do! Where would we be? If not for you? You've proven yourself over and over again! Thank you so much, for being our friend! By Jim Pemberton

Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: child, happy, love, memory, passion, son,

Precious Stones

Little boy with heavy pockets 
Make my eyes pop out their sockets.
Every stone your eyes find shiny,
Whether big, however tiny.
You swoop them up, your pockets full
Every stone has magical pull.
Your shelves all lined with precious stones
You polished as you brought them home.
Before you go to bed each night 
You feel each one holding them tight.
Then as you sleep snug in your bed
Precious stones sparkle in your head.

Anthony Slausen’s Contest 
Precious Stones and Gems