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Love Poems About Smile or Smile Love Poems

Smile love poems and/or love poems about Smile. Read, share, and enjoy these Smile love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Smile Poems.

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

A Peaceful Smile

"Before the winds were born and there were signs of life,
 your beauty was already stirring inside my soul."

Star light shine down for me this night
for I may see just one more time
through hungry eyes
a solemn soul   still
in contemplation 

Strokes gentle in a sea of silk
reflected in a perfect way
showing beauty
unknown   still
seeing faults

Night carry your breeze to her side
blow away any guilt
leaving   just
visions    still
and a peaceful smile

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, flower, heart, love, peace, sea, smile,

From the deepest caves one name echoed

Smiling hotly you're the flame captured underneath 
burning with a sunrise golden gleam frosted

Sparkling within dewdrops crystals crash 
over oceans waves rise and fall to grace

At your feet adoring they kiss salt saluting promise 
kneeling upon the sand footprints hold ground held 

Those inside one thousand memories wrapped forever 
perfect jewel you are the pearl of a deep sea always crowned

Lustre of one rainbow washed clean cut perfect flower 
white lily from the heart of love you brought peace

Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: love,

Love Can Smile

Just breathe with me, its okay
our affection can live beyond pain and distance,
just breathe with me when you need a good kiss,
just breathe with me when there is struggle to be stoked,
just bleed with me when nothing else matters,
just smile with me when star light touches your face
let your heartbeat dance with me across time and space...its okay


Poem Details | by Brandee Augustus |
Categories: childhood, love, nostalgia, school, teenme,

His Smile Awaits

He was my very first daydream
I thought about him all the time
Something about him made me beam

Seeing his face was so sublime
Making good grades in class was a breeze
It was his smile that was my motivation
Liking him came with such ease
Every thought of touching him came with hesitation

All I had was the way he looked at me
Waiting for his glances became my prize
A chance encounter filled me with glee
I wanted so much to feel the warmth of his eyes
Thinking of him is a great memory 
Smiles like his have become few and far between

Poem Details | by Silent One |
Categories: romantic, romantic love,

Romantic charm in 4 lines - Your smile is my sunshine

I place petals upon each path you tread, so those chocolate brown eyes feel no pain. I promise to kiss away each tear you shed, for your smile is my sunshine in cold rain.
Silent One 13 February 2018 Example for Romantic charm in 4 lines contest

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: heart, love, trust,


Her smile thawed mistrust

Her looks opened his heart wide

Blooming are love's fields! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       02 June 2018

* This little poem was chosen as POTD. 
Thank all my friends for their gracious support and also
I thank the PS officials for the honor!

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beautiful, cheer up, courage, life, light, love, smile,


(Rhyme) Think of every thing That you can attain today Enjoy every dream you can And make it part of each day You don't have to be well-known or rich, To find happiness under the sun, You can smile now and be happy Even if there's no one there for you Celebrate life and appreciate yours, Each autumn, summer, winter and spring, Make each and every dream come true, Remember, you can accomplish it all too Don't let anything or anyone stand in your way, Live, laugh and love, with passion and learn each day. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2008 December,2014

Poem Details | by Hani Gholami |
Categories: angel, encouraging, faith, inspiration, love, simple, smile,

In A Second

In A Second, it could start.

The moment lightening shocks your heart.

It leaves you in disbelief.

Leaves you burned with love, a smile that lasts a week.

Poem Details | by John Loving III |
Categories: hope, love,

locked in a smile Part I

locked in a smile
are secrets untold
reality waiting for love 
to unfold
anxiously waiting are words 
that are kept
inside my heart
to an unknown depth
for unto you i give my eyes
for my eyes there is 
no greater prize
for unto you i give my ears
for each utterance and 
every syllable it hears

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty, love, smile,

Awaiting Your Smile

Singular snowflakes spread-out
blanket a dreary barren berm 
that overlooks the dormant meadow
bringing a brightness to fields of grey.

Smiles overcome me as I watch
the proud red-breasted robin 
pick at pieces of weathered brush
choosing just the right one
to comfort her nesting baby.

Whistles echo out of the rustic kitchen
where a steamed up copper kettle sings
waiting patiently to pour into perfect tea.
The first sip commands my attention and
wraps tightly around me, leaving a feeling
like your precious smile on a cloudy day

Quietly I sit absorbing the peaceful morning
like the baby robin in anticipation your return

Poem Details | by Teppo Gren |
Categories: feelings, first love, girl, innocence, smile,

Eyes that smiled

The smiling eyes and manner of life’s joy,
enough to melt the hearts of foreign girls.
So soon, and with a surprise to the boy,
enchanted new friends, alluring love‘s pearls.
Not one, not two, but three, in place of two,
left far behind in time, and in distance.
Novel joy in virgin land, embraced to
beleive in love’s forthcoming existence.
The eyes that smiled, enticing tenderly,
innocent maidens of youth to snuggle,
against the cheerful boy who so gently,
would embrace, hold tight in a warm cuddle.
Sweet was the virtue of being smitten,
innocence of the three girls from Britain.

T.J Grén

Poem Details | by Teppo Gren |
Categories: innocence, lost love, sad love, smile, sweet,

Pure love claims

As you brushed my love aside, with such grace,
you will always remain a part of me,
in my mind, in my thoughts, in my embrace,
with a place in my heart always to be.
Now when our looks steal a moment, you smile,
letting me know my effect lives in thee,
fulfilling the dreams vision, for a while,
hence for me to feel, for my eyes to see.
Strange friends past, present, forever to be,
sharing the awareness of love‘s virtue,
to remain apart, for the souls to see,
what love’s pleasures and treasures to pursue.

Knowing that the sweet purity remains,
feeling the innocence, as pure love claims.

T.J Grén

Poem Details | by Raymond Tarin |
Categories: beautiful, care, character, emotions, feelings, girlfriend, happy, love, marriage, smile, wedding, wife,

I ''Lost''

When I love you I'll show it,
When I show it, I mean it... 
When I mean it, I'll say it... 
When I say it... Well... You win...

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: dream, fire, heart, heaven, love, star, sun,

Venus You Smile Away To Beautiful

Hold me at peace 
In your sunlight grace
Precious drops on a pearl
of one star that twinkles
I reach out to touch you love
Inside the fire shoots an arrow
Through the heart
Where dreams of you live forever.....
.....And in this blessed heart
Forever heaven's song singing
The fire within a burning sun
In my sky your star more divine
Love's fire eternal
An arrow strikes deep
The fire rises to consume
Ever the heart dreams of you

A Collaboration By,
Liam Mcdaid.
Michael P Clarke.

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: friendship, love, passion,

Her Smile

her head rests softly
on my chest with such grace
with warmth from her smile

© Joseph S. Spence, Sr., (Epulaeryu Master) 8/27/08
All Rights Reserved, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Senior Advisor, to Founder of Motivational Strips
Ambassador De Literature
Noble Star of Literature 2018
Living Legend of the 21st Century
Pentasiv B World Friendship Poetry Featured Poet 2019

Categories: forgiveness, inspirational, life, lost love, love, world, farewell, farewell, smile,

Will You Come to Say Goodbye

when the last breath of life
is gone and my lips are as cold as the dog’s nose
when my friends gather 'round
for the farewell party
will you return with a smile to say 

there will be flowers from those
who cry when I'm gone
and lots of tears from those I left in the world alone 
and I know some will have fun at the farewell party
but will you return with a smile to say 

don't be mad at me for wanting your goodbye
and dying for the smile we shared 
this you need to know as true
when my life in this unfaithful world is through
I'll go away loving you still

Poem Details | by Anthony Clifford |
Categories: i love you, love, poems, smile,

Meant To Be

A thought, a smile, a heart, beats wild. A breath, a blink, no time to think. A choice, a bet, sunrise, sunset. A question, no answer, a sound, your laughter. A chance, call it fate, no choice left to make. You're mine, I'm yours, hands of time, set the course. Can't do, can't say, can't try, can't see. Just know, it's you and i, and were forever meant to be.
By aclifford

Poem Details | by Gerry Mattia |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, lost love, nostalgia, philosophy, uplifting, visionary

i smile now

i think of the
i crossed
to bump into you
i smile now
because i realize
that until you lifted your head 
to see where you were going
you could never
see me coming

Poem Details | by Kelsey Kopec |
Categories: life, love, sad, song-teen, uplifting, people, people,

Behind The Smile

You see her smile, and she seems alright.
But what you don’t see is that she is crying inside
You think if she is sad, why doesn't she shed a tear? 
Maybe showing emotion is her biggest fear. 
She doesn't want people to see something is wrong. 
All she wants is for people to think her heart is strong. 
She doesn't want to know what others might say, 
If she just broke out in tears one day. 
Just remember what goes up must come down 
And a smile can easily cover up a frown. 
This girl, if you cannot see, 
Is no one other than me. 

Poem Details | by Jason Crump |
Categories: art, confusion, death, lost love, love, me, smile,


As I wake every morning to the sound of no you
My heart falls away.
I need you in my arms
My life
My soul has no reason to stay
Youll never know how much I love you
Youll never see your place in my heart
Youve touch me like only angel could
This is not your fault
I still dream about you every day
and wish to have you in the worst way
But we are so far apart.
So as I lie down tonight I think only of you
Your smile and your love
has made me a foul.

Your smile has made me.


Poem Details | by Robert Sebastian |
Categories: dedication, depression, hope, inspirational, lost love, love, passionme, smile,

Close To Perfection

When I am around you I can feel the truth
You begin to speak and I can only focus on you
No pain no sorrow and no regrets, Just you
Your eyes are like the peaceful forest of nature
Your smile is the smile of an angel sent down to earth
Your voice is like the wind in a dream, so peaceful
And your kiss is the most beautiful thing that I have found
I cannot reach out to you anymore
You will never again let me see you in peace
It hurts to walk a step closer, as I see myself farther away
Do you ever notice me looking your way
You are the only one that I see...

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: lost love

Another Broken Smile

Visions of the past
Devour my very soul
Hopes and dreams, now void
Forever, takes it's toll

Memories that were cherished
Fade away like mist
Promises of the future
Forever, now dismissed

Another broken smile
Takes it's rightful place
With the tears of your rejection
That's streaming down my face

Forever, now entombed
With misery and pain
Reminders of what could have been
Never to be obtained

Imprisioned by my sorrow
Haunted by my past
A love that wasn't meant to be
Was destined not to last

Poem Details | by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: baby, love, smile,

Celebrating A Birth

Isn't life a joy beyond imagining 
When a child is born to us?
Can there be any greater happening 
When families become a chorus?
Oh sweet melody of life's golden symphony 
Pregnant seasons birthing spring 
Nothing can compare to the cacophony 
Of a baby when first she sings.
Look: she smiles, she beams,
Her eyes seraphic twinkle, deep blue-green,
Enchanting, magically enticing, endearing, 
Urging her mother to a hug, a kiss
Soft as the early sun on her puffy cheeks.
Captivating, she melts the heart,
Then strikes, straight at the delicious milk 
Of her mother's full sweet breast.

Poem Details | by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: beautiful, love, smile, wife,

Ten Lines, Five Words


Your smile is so bright
It lights up my night

The radiance of your face
Causes my heart to race

Your kisses are like honey
They make my life sunny

You're one of a kind
You make my life shine

God made you so divine
And I'm glad you're mine

31 March 2019
For the contest sponsored by Lu Loo

Poem Details | by Vic Terano |
Categories: adventure, feelings, i miss you, love,


when you're alone
thinking that I'm gone
don't you forget
the place where we met

where you already knew
that you didn't have to feel so blue
when my eyes were only set on you

and when you caught my stare
I told myself that I don't care
I had to go and talk to you
without knowing what I'd do

those twenty feet
I felt so incomplete
my heart raced hard
I felt so avangarde

you looked too fine
for me to call you girl of mine
you were like a Bordeux '59

then when I sat down 
next to your chair
your hair
fell on to my hands
and I started my demands 
for your
just a little smile..