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Love Poems About Slam or Slam Love Poems

Slam love poems and/or love poems about Slam. Read, share, and enjoy these Slam love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Slam Poems.

Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: change, character, conflict, confusion, corruption, emotions, evil, fear, feelings, goodbye, heart, how i feel, introspection, judgement, leaving, lost, lost love, me, pain, parody, relationship, remember, sad love, self, slam, spoken word, storm, stress, time, together, truth,


Oh what a mistake I have made,
Traveled so far to end up this way.
  Not in a million years would I have guessed,
That this idea was truly not one of my best.
  Never had  known things had changed so much,
We for sure had fallen so far out of touch.
  So many different do's , don't , and bewares,
Actually has left me absolutely  scared.
  What a fool I was to ever believe,
That she would ever be in love with me.
  At my age you would think I know better,
You can trust this will be remembered forever.
  Oh what a terrible mistake I have made,
Wanting all these memories to just fade away.

Poem Details | by Anthony Scandrick II |
Categories: anniversary, baby, beautiful, beauty, caregiving, child, childhood, confusion, courage, dark, dedication, depression, devotion, freedom, goodbye, graduation, growing up, happiness, hope, humorous, lonely, lost love, love, mystery, passion, satire, slam, sorrow, sorry, success, suicide, teen, thank you, uplifting, write,

Dear Michelle

You almost had me,
I wanted you,
The way you stuck to me like super glue,
I was feeling you,
But I knew,
I could never have you,
But, the way you looked at me,
The way my body pleads,
We can never be,
Because I’m too old,
And your only thirteen.

Poem Details | by PYG's Whisper |
Categories: break up, pain, poetry, sad love, slam,

One More Time

Can you look up at the stars 
There you'll see my face 
Can see that look in my eyes 
It's begging you to come back again 
If you really can feel my heart 
You'd know that it's bleeding 
And all the scars are still open 
If i were you 
I would  find at least one reason 
To hold onto our love 
Just for one more time

Poem Details | by Ana Jaquelyn |
Categories: allusion, anger, growth, hate, heart, slam,

That's not love

Don't confuse love. Love is a feeling that will make you feel alive. Love is what you give, not what you get. Love is a strong word. 4 letters with a strong & beautiful definition. But what if you only feel love and the other person doesn't  feel "love" for you? Would that be One-sided love? Or when he  hits you & throws you in the floor after him coming home from work, Is that love? Or when you have a family & you guys are in court and she want to take your kids from you because she found you with someone else is that love? NO ITS NOT. LOVE IS WHEN YOU HAVE EACH OTHER ,LOVE IS THAT LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. LOVE IS YOU.

Poem Details | by Thabang ntsie Spaten |
Categories: deep, fear, pain, power, sin, slam, truth, world,

slaves of love

slaves of love in darkness
On curious views
In robes of patience
Feeding on fear 
Running in tears 
Seeking a leader Braver than Man
Day breakers summoned 
By outcomes of yesterday
Pregnant with life
On a journey to an endless tomorrows
Surrounded by joy and sin
Under force of mortality
Faith was dethroned 
Knowing seized concluding
Witnessing was a mouthful 
In age of miracles

Poem Details | by PYG's Whisper |
Categories: passion, poetry, sad, sad love, slam,

Shady Castle

My pain is invisible 
But my tears are burning my eyes 
One day I'll forget 
One day I'll smile 
I know someday I'll meet you again 
But today I'm crying your absence a river 
In my shady castle.

Poem Details | by Archontoula Alexandropoulou |
Categories: love, marriage, slam,

Just Because I said I Do

Just because I said "I do"
doesn't mean that I am through,

through with life before I met you
and the reasons to forget you.

On the night I knelt before you
signing how much I adore you,

it was more than words I uttered
more than sounds casually scattered.

Just because I said I do
don't forget that it was true,

just because others who've done it
had a second thought and shun it.

Mark me , babe, wives are still ladies
despite any amount of babies.

Just because I said I do
doesn't mean that you are through,

there is a long way to go
for me never to say no.

Poem Details | by Adrienne Theuret |
Categories: angst, slam,

Love Gone Wrong

Lover lover where do I begin?
Laughing at your predicament. 
Seeing you crumble. 

Lover lover why are you there?
Seeing you lying, breathing with no air. 
Do not dare to look at me with such despair.

Lover lover what can I do? 
There is nothing I can do.
Laughing at your self pity. 

Lover lover what is wrong?
Do you seem to not like the handcuffs?
Incredibly I do, seeing you there vulnerable. 

Lover Lover do you not see?
You belong in the ground. 
That is were all lovers are found.   

Poem Details | by Windyann Plunkett |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, growing up, life, love, people, sad, slam, wife,

Thoughts That Grow Louder

With a whispered thought comes a dream
To be above the shame and guilt
Of losing pride in what would seem,
To most, the whole of what we built.

With a quiet thought comes the fear,
And shadows close the doors of reason.
I see racing frames of pictures clear, 
Rendering unbearable deeds of treason.

With that clear thought, I stand corrected-
So much love has come and gone,
But I, alone, must stay connected 
To what I know and where I belong.

Poem Details | by Joy Wellington |
Categories: lost love, sad, slam,

Gone Almost Forgotten

Sometimes when my mind's lazy I think of you
The times that happen are getting quite few

Wreaked havoc on my heart 
What the storm did in its path

Sadistically rape my love
Then offered a black dove

Forged a degree to get by
A degree you have to lie

How does knowledge make gold
When there's a hole in the shoe sole

Shame on you big professor
You play my money and me a sucker

Me the poor illiterate woman
Fed clothes and shelter the educated man

Poem Details | by Sarah Casey |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, break up, lost love, slam,

What I wouldn't want to relive

flash back a year,
how about even further
am I still hypocritical ?
how about a hypochondriac
look in the mirror, who's the hypocrite
who would start every brawl-
and yet you were never sick of it
loved watching me fall
some sick game of manipulation
then jealousy peered in-
the length of the duration
was insane 
a clearly misjudged partnership-
and I'm without a reason
without an intellectual explanation
through every single season
what I would kill to forget that mistake
give my heart back full support
instead of cherishing the memories with dr. jekyl
and put the ball back in my court.

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: black african american, devotion, faith, forgiveness, happiness, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, love, passion, peace, recovery from..., slam, social, teen, urban,

A Peek Behind the Fence

Ignorance is a crime caused by putting up fences if we'd let go of the voices inside our heads and eliminate fears discussions would arise peel the blind folds from our eyes share real stories told without disguise encouraging progress could be made with concerns of what we've learned rather than what we are paid a fulfilling life is people based sharing giving looking out for others one human at a time despite our differences the truly rich way of living

Poem Details | by Rick Berry |
Categories: lost love, love, passion, romance, sad, slam

Casualties of Love

Casualties of Love
Check the victims report
Broken hearts, pain, ice cold
Check the newswire
Filled with heartbreak, desire
Walk away, never look back
That’s how it’s done, no emotion
Don’t forget to look in the mirror
It’s a reflection of your life

Poem Details | by Greig Turnbull |
Categories: anxiety, black love, change, growing up, silence, slam, time,

Shadow Life

Shadow Life

And the reaching
And the feeling
And the drops 
from the ceiling

On my head
On my shoulders
Weight of the 
world boulders

And the mornings
Not like night time
Offers brightness
But no lifeline

The mind calms in the dark
When it’s silent, 
And the silence is stark

And the reaching
Out for something
With this old feeling
That it is nothing

To cast no shadow
See no path
Clear my eyes in the light
As it rushes past

Poem Details | by Justin C. Morgan |
Categories: forgiveness, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, lost love, love, recovery from..., sad, slam, song-time, me, hope, me,

What The

Being afraid of me is your cage
Nobody expected my rage

With my actions so unclear
The meanings are not here

I've only to regain again
What is lost now and then

Not to be more unclear
I hope to meet again dear

This I trust must not last
Or we could be a thing of the past

Come away and pull me home
I never really meant to roam

Still your my one true hope in life
Being more than this loving strife 

Being afraid of me is your cage
Nobody could expect my rage

Poem Details | by Anashe Bartonia |
Categories: allegory, confusion, dedication, faith, family, fantasy, father, friendship, happiness, hope, life, love, music, mystery, passion, slam, song-teen, thank you, uplifting, urban, work, emotions, me,

My Friend The Piano

You carried my emotions from the start
Each emotion bound in the small black note
Each one coming straight from my chilly heart
The music you make is my antidote
Through the preludes my comfort softly lay
By way of mazurkas my soul does fly
But to divulge you must learn how to play
Although learning is not a piece of pie
Piano brings emotions around town
You have the power to bring my heart up
Or throw me on the floor and beat me down
There are hard times when I just want to cup
My hands in my face and rock back and forth
And think Piano is a friend of worth	

Poem Details | by Jamila Strong |
Categories: art, funny, lost love, slam

I'm Not the One

I don't believe you
You total bastard
Because I didn't give you any
Because I didn't let you get down with me
You wanna walk around with a frown
Treating me so cold and rude
I ain't a piece of food
You chew on and spit out
I don't give a damn if you pout
You think the thing between your legs makes you a man
Check this out you can have fun with your hand
I'm not the one to be treated like dirt
Go ahead and throw your game to another skirt
So go find that store and pick out your whore
And remember I'm a lady with class
When you lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas
I hope you get a rash on your a!!
But I'm not the one!

Poem Details | by Brittany Andrews |
Categories: childhood, confusion, daughter, death, depression, family, father, fear, forgiveness, funeral, growing up, life, lost love, sad, slam, time, fear,

The White of Your Eyes

As I look at the whites of your eyes
I feel horror, fear rumbling inside me.

I grind my teeth together when I see you walking.

I fear you, I fear when you talk, shout, when you raise your hand.

I'v always feared you, but no more.
The fear I had of you I turned it into courage.

Now I no longer fear you.
I laugh when you raise your hand, when you shout.

Cuz the only thing I see you as...
Is a dead man walking.

And now your in the ground where you belong.

( If you may PLEASE comment of Mail me. Sorry i havn't been on in a long time... ALOT has happened this year to me)

Poem Details | by PRISCILLA willis |
Categories: allegory, angst, anniversary, death, faith, loss, lost love, mystery, people, recovery from..., religion, slam, visionary, war,


Bones of rotting timbre mimic 
morgues of truth
Pleading memories of oaths to rigor 
mortised youth
Snide sacrosanct hides under 
shrouds of pride
placing careful snares under 
gleaming stares
These selective few
they ingratiate you...
Even the doubtful  few
These ephemeral ghosts clapping at 
unspoken jokes
Wheezing from their throats to 
laugh as they choke.

Poem Details | by Juli- Michelle |
Categories: lost love, satire, slam,

Think Twice Before You Break a Heart

HERE is the heart you've broken
hallelujah is the song that you sing
yes, i get it, you're rid of me
oh but boy, you're missing one thing

did you remember that you gave YOURS to me?
of course not, you don't remember at all
if you want it, it'll be smashed at the bottom
off the same cliff you let mine 'fall'

Poem Details | by Joy Wellington |
Categories: lost love, recovery from..., slam,

How Dare You DS

How dare you proclaim sanctimonious innocence
 Innocent you may be as the cheese house rat
 Evidence in the stench of your unrighteous fat
Try to paint a picture with your vain empty words
 Man looketh on your outward pretence appearance
 God knoweth the hidden secrets of your vile heart
How can there be forgiveness for no repentance
 I cannot look past your self-contained righteousness
 Nor dare I hope you will see your selfimposed perfection
I held you up high on a I-so-esteem you pedelstal
 Boy did you give me a sudden unexpected love drop
 I feel the cold air of your indifference wisp past my heart

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: funny, love

"Give Slam a Ham"

I know little of poet, Sam Slam,
But give him a slice of poet I am.
Of the prime directive,
I am over protective,
So slam your gums down, here comes your ham.

For Anti-Slam Limericks
In Honor of: Carolyn Devonshire
Placed #3

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, forgiveness, introspection, love, passion, philosophy, sad, slam, teen,

Poet Trees --for sale

Poet trees
             don't think
                       we cry ink...
        eyes pink;

to brinks 
of Disgrace;

trace mirrors
whole selling fears
we die here

are sold this way 
       cut ties 
             with lies here
and Buy Here

Poem Details | by SLS It Is Rife With Ambiguity |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, fantasy, fear, imagination, introspection, life, loss, lost love, slam,


It feels like I gave away all of my soul
All in false hopes of saving his own

And what now have I left to show for it all?
There’s nothing left but nothingness

Alone with my thoughts once more
Alone with what I can’t ignore

I have far less to react with now
Far less to feel with, you see
there’s less me

Ever as deplorably far from normality
As I can possibly be

Poem Details | by Letitia Alvarez |
Categories: life, love, people, slam,

Drama King

Fire, fire burning out of control. 
It started like a dimly lit candle
A spark went astray
It grew and grew
Until it raged out of control
Lives were lost along the way
Those who survived moved on
To better their life
The rest left behind
Broken hearted
Still no clue did they have
It was their own fault