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Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: anger, death, horror, humorous, love, slam,

To all the heart breakers -a ZOMBIE's valentine

Wouldn't you rather~

Wouldn't you rather be dead?
Maybe shoot yourself in the head?
Over my dead heart, I'd never want to be a zombie like you.
The sight of your limbs are rotten all the time.
All synonyms say of you looks like a 3 legged swine.
Go ahead and do us all a favor, 
hide and stash yourself away from all your neighbor
I think I'd rather have my eyes stuck with glue
So I won't have to look at you
When it comes to family friends, you ain't got none.
You're always gonna be called the lonely retarded one.
Who could ever love a face like yours.
not even your mother see's pass your gores 
No need for privacy when you pee
Go ahead and take a leak and drown yourself in the sea.
Don't think for one second you are irresistible 
Love making with a zombie is impossible.

Wouldn't you rather be dead?
maybe shoot yourself in the head

The time to kill yourself is at hand.
Slicing your wrist is what we recommend 
Cut your tongue off, don't want to hear you squeal  
Blood all over, your face is no big deal
A sword or machete will only pick up the pace
I wanna see your guts pop out your mid-waist 
Contaminated objects is a must
Anything to remove your face of disgust.
The easy part is the best
Once you are gone we will all feel blessed,
The flaw of your existence  
Is what keeps us all in distance 

Wouldn't you rather be dead?
maybe shoot yourself in the head

Close your eyes and die
No one wants to hear you cry
You said you wanted to be loved
believe me~ you're better off unloved
I say do yourself off
Anyways you've always had it rough...
Go ahead and scream
This is not a dream
Now see how you make me feel
All I want is for you to end your ugly ordeal.
I will praise this day of course
Knowing soon you'll be a rotting corpse.

happy valentine ~ TO: All My DEADBEAT X-es from Texas.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: dark, slam,


Pierced by shards of shattered glass Deeper and deeper you stab me With lies and venomous words Dissecting my heart piece by piece Crushed like the petals of a withered rose I’m dying … Scarlet blood seeps into my very soul Drip Drip Drip Into pieces and a bloody mess I scarified secrets; Secrets you tore and tore, Gracing a fake friendship, Trust tossed like a sweaty towel Now karma a poisonous snake You plea. To be on death row, decomposing Dripping into the night -- Silently fading and fading Stung by my viper lips, smiling grinning laughing Until you are no more A Poet Destroyer Collaboration Collaboration Celebration Contest 7th August 2015

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: adventure, crazy, cute love, fantasy, humorous, silly, sister, slam,



There you go again little Sly fox P.D.
Another game of tag and jeopardy.
Clever, clever, little fox so bloodthirsty.
Chaos roams through your veins of liberty.
You walk the ground, prancing around your hostility.
Marching down with the dignity of mis-guided anarchy.

I'm gonna hunt you smell end it well.
Hang you up from your trophy tail
Kiss your night one last farewell.
By morning dawn your foxy tail,
Won't live another tale to tell.

I'm gonna find ya' ~ pull your hideout from where you hide.
Smack you around in your everyday rebellious ways.
Thinking you can defeat my crowd with your lawlessness..
I don't need no hounds to track your unlivable Holy-mess.
You created a selfish character of kindness for the blindness.
You prey on the sheep's and linger on their wall of hopelessness
Your sinfulness grew from the boldness, and bitterness, 
Of growing up parent-less.
My dear Sly Fox are you on alert with your ears of nobleness.
Did you not hear me creeping while you were sleeping.

Sly fox the destroyer!

You are right, you are a mischievous game of hunt!
My trap is set and waiting for you by the river front.
Go ahead, take a drink, pull one last obnoxious stunt.
Run and run, as fast as you can!
You can't out run this one game of Skitty Skat fox hunt.....


Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: absence, angst, best friend, cancer, courage, cry, dad, daughter, death, dedication, emotions, eulogy, family, farewell, father, father daughter, fathers day, feelings, first love, goodbye, grief, heartbroken, heaven, hero, i love you, identity, inspirational, june, life, loss, lost, lost love, love, memory, mentor, miss you, missing you, mom, pain, parents, remember, sad, sad love, sister, slam, sorrow, soulmate, strength, tribute, urdu,

We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

Poem Details | by Kaitlyn Fox |
Categories: adventure, boyfriend, love, mystery, slam,

To My Ex-Boyfriend

And if I have learned anything from our love, 
it is that things do not break in even pieces.

The way I still catch you glancing in my direction
or searching for the words to start a simple conversation from time to time
makes me believe that maybe you left with a piece of me after we fell apart
And you can keep it
because I want to be the ghost that lingers in your heart
over the years and the many of miles that will draw us farther away from home.

I want to be the girl you think of late at night as you drive among city lights,
the one you think of when you hear your favorite song.
I want to remind you of all the little things you loved about the world:
full moons, bike rides, long road trips through unknown places

I want to be the girl that evolves into mystery;
a girl who may wander off to places you can not find,
but somehow she never leaves your heart
I want my memory to feel like the first time you jump into the ocean,
all the times you’ve blown out birthday candles,
your first time climbing a tree and seeing the world from a new height
I want you to feel like every moment of your life is a thrill, 
a possibility,
or an adventure
I want to be the girl who taught you how to live in a world that only knows how to survive

I want to be the girl you wonder about every now and then,
the girl you call late one night to see if she is the still the girl
who never keeps her feet in the sand;
to see if she is out chasing sunsets just like she said she would.

Poem Details | by Roland Fleming |
Categories: christian, confusion, fear, freedom, hope, jesus, life, lonely, love, mystery, pain, peace, slam, life, people, life, love, people,

Sickness in my Soul

 I’m in such a state of confusion,
I don’t understand what I’m doing
I know your there
And I know you care
But I can’t see you
I can’t hear you
I just don’t know what to do
I know your there in the stillness,
Waiting to heal this illness
There is a deep hole
A sickness in my soul,
Disease in the depths of my heart
 But How to fix it
I wouldn't know where to start
How it came to be
Is a deep mystery to me
 I know that I am broken
We all are in some way
But rarely are these things spoken
Rarely do I have the courage to say
The secrets kept within
The depths of my sin
But if I hide it how can it be healed
 How can the healer heal?
If I keep my heart sealed
What if I let down my shield?
Will I be attacked or disgraced
Or will I be embraced
I’m too scared to find out
To be found out
So I hide my face
I only let people see part of me
I only let people get so close
I don’t want them to see
I don’t want them to know
And so I end up alone
I’ve been to the bar, the clubs,
All the social hubs
But no one cares about my hurts
 Life’s all about chasing skirts,
Fancy cars and nice shirts
Or is there something beyond drunken nights, and flashing lights
Is there something really worth living for, an open door to something more?
An invitation to a new destination
A path to peace, a sweet release
A new life to claim, an escape from the shame
I believe there is, some days I forget
But my life isn’t over yet
Tomorrow is a new day
I can live life your way
With love and peace
With guilt and shame released
With a new heart
And a new start
A reason to live
And something to give
To this broken earth
Of invaluable worth
At my very core
I know I was born for more
Than to live and to die
Without knowing why
I don’t have it all figured out
But I know without a doubt
That the world needs love
And that love comes from above
Because human love is not enough
That is why there is a deep hole
And a sickness in my soul
But to me has been revealed
The way to be healed
Now I have a mission
A reason for existence
To bring healing to the earth
To the unloved, the broken, the rejected
And tell them what they are worth
So that Jesus’ love will be reflected
And this love will give birth
To many people being resurrected,
Redirected and completely accepted
To a wonderful and glorious rebirth

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: betrayal, dedication, depression, love, me,

Broken Love Slam

Broken Love Slam

How did it come to this
I told you by mail I wasn't piss.
You sure where acting all up into me
Now its over suddenly
You are more than a best friend
Opening my door with one touch from your hand
My thoughts of you are not easy to understand
hmm? Now your like whatever man
That is fine it was not my fault

Never in my wildest dream I ever imagined,
You could give me the best thought out of anything 
that comes along my way.
Happiness does not mean I want to posses everything
Happiness is the smile you bring upon my face
You do not have to be by my side to kiss me goodnight
Once you logoff it like the best conversation to ever ignite.

Do you not recall that one simple song.
"Don't know what you got till its gone."
The truth is,
I did not know what I was missing till I met you
How about that song,
"Every rose has it's thorn."
Just like the song (yes) it feels wrong.
Being many miles away and alone, 
I am not searching out for looks,
For what so at the end day he will be an empty book.
Better yet I was not searching to please my heart.
Now you filled it with smiles brought from  many miles apart
I can feel your smiles, 
that is why I always reply to you as My Sweet.

You might not be strong enough to believe in hope,
You edge walker makes me wonder if you are even human.
It's just funny how it took you to make my boat float.
Life lesson learned love starts off with many smiles
Buy the time I hit 100 smiles, 
you are all I am think of.
I will sure  miss them e-kisses, I will hold back the tears.
How about them roses, you would whispers in my ears.
I will end my broken love slam.
With the real message I left for you.
You are what you are, and I am who I am
Life allows us to pass the wrong ones first.
We both fell for eachother, now I wonder what the heck am I cursed.
  By: P.D.

Poem Details | by Jimmy Anderson |
Categories: dedication, fantasyslam, love, poetry, slam, i love you,

My Poetic Assault (SLAM)

A woman's scream was the only sound, and so I rightfully put on my crown.
Like a dream, P.Dlasted 11 rounds, but has finally been knocked down.....

Sidney you fought a good fight, but the crown has always belonged to me!
You're a poetic parasite, and have no business calling your write's poetry!!

I have a slithering tongue, sending poetic orgasms throughout your mind.
My words will have you sprung, giving you back spasms as I make love to you from behind!

My word-play is sicker than bird flu, having you beg for a shot of antidote.
I'm branded on your heart like a tattoo, pouring poetic anthrax down your throat!

You had your chance at romance, but had a fear for my love's atmosphere.
I gave you love in advance, but thanks a lot, you wanted no Lancelot, So bleep you 

A sick fate, you chose Nate over a poetic heavyweight, so I'll be seeing you later.
Checkmate, your poetry I've come to annihilate, destroying you like a terminator!

So as I raise the title high above my head for all Poetry Soup to see;
A poetic bloodshed it will be, if another poet wants to slam with me!!!

*My fellow poets, i hope you enjoyed this fun write I love you guys at the soup,
but it's time you guys recognized the slam champ;) "The Poetic Warlock"

Poem Details | by Kaitlyn Fox |
Categories: girl, love, slam, spoken word,

What I Was Too Afraid to Say Over Text Message

You were the first promise I was willing to keep,
my first hope that something could last forever.

You were the first time I opened up like a blooming flower
and gave you every piece of me,
every lie I’ve told,
every nightmare that kept me wide awake,
all of my hopes and dreams stored somewhere safe inside of you.

You taught me that there is no shame in unwinding myself 
into someone else’s arms,
that it’s time I exposed my gentleness that I’ve hidden beneath my thick skin,
for it hasn’t seen the sun in years

You were the first person I failed to find a poem in
because I loved you down to your bare bones and raw heart
and no metaphor could ever satisfy my admiration for every part of you.

You were the first time I wanted to belong to someone,
the first time I could read a thread of text messages like reading my favorite book,
my first kiss,
my first time getting butterflies after just hearing your name.

You were my favorite song,
my 11:11 wish;
a silly girl staring at a clock, waiting for the numbers to be perfectly inline 
so that she could wish to forever keep a love that already belonged to her.

Poem Details | by Steven McDonald |
Categories: death, inspiration, longing, love hurts, lust, slam,

The Great Gatsby -school assignment-

Nineteen twenty
A time of prosperity.
Nick the outsider,
Brought into this world of liars.

As He meets Tom and Daisy
He realizes this relationship isn't innocent & free
As Tom see's Myrtle, another affair.
Nick forced to be ensnared.

Invited to a party by Gatsby
He will finally get to uncover his mystery.
Gatsby asks Nick a favor
To meet Daisy later

Now with the pieces in place
This tragedy staring them in the face
With Jordan after Nick
Tom is figuring this out quick.

As Tom realizes Daisy's deceit
George realizes Myrtle's a cheat
With Gatsby falling for Daisy even more
For he couldn't have her because he used to be poor.

As he meets the girl of his past
He finally get's a chance at last.
Not realizing it's to late
He falls for her innocent bait.

While daisy appears innocent
She's actually rotten, Gatsby's just to ignorant.
Closer & closer to the end
The angels are about to descend.

Gatsby and Tom finally meet.
Without being discreet.
Daisy says she used to love tom
Now Gatsby's hope is gone.

Myrtle is killed by daisy
But the blame goes to Gatsby
As George snaps from his wife's murder.
His life is about to go under

As Gatsby relaxes in his pool.
George shoots him like a fool.
Gatsby dead and six feet below,
Yet only three bother to show.

(I got a 100% credit for the assignment; do you think i deserved it? It is supposed to be a slam poem so tell me)

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: angst, brother, cancer, cry, dad, daughter, death, family, farewell, father daughter, for him, friend, funeral, goodbye, heartbroken, heaven, journey, june, loss, love, memory, sad, sister, slam, sorrow,

Don't Cry

Please don't cry over my casket 
For I am not there 
Please don't cry at my grave 
My soul has been set free 
I know it's hard not to cry 
I've been down that road one to many times 

I have no more pain 
I have no more sickness 
And I would not change a thing 
As I walk threw the gates of Heaven 
Mom Dad our brothers and sisters 
Will welcome me with open arms 
Here I am free of that pain 

Don't blame yourself 
It was my time to go home 
This is where I'm supposed to be 
Don't dwell on things which you can not change 
I will always be in your heart 

I will always be watching over you 
When that day comes for you to come home
I will be there to welcome you 
With open arms
And walk you through the gates of Heaven 
You will be greeted by our family & friends
Who came home before you 
Until that day I will be watching over you

Poem Details | by k8 pterous |
Categories: gender, girl, girlfriend, humorous, love, youth,

an untitled slam poem that addresses gender and also being a lesbian

"Oh," she whispers, "but she's here with a boy!" Her words, especially the painted blue one, stick to her palm covering her lips and mouth, I lace my fingers through yours and this happens simultaneously on opposite sides of the room, we look at each other and smile, the suppressed laughter in our mouths a balloon blown so full it's about to pop,

It pops.

You're not all boy.

We laugh because she saw you from far away, she saw you and your hair that basically spells out either, 'lesbian,' or, 'boy,' across your forehead.

I look at your eyesI tell you: Jesus, she thinks you're a boy and she thinks I'm straight we've neeever been in this situation before.
We laugh.

And, oh, that waitress that one time said, "thank you sir," when you handed her your credit card, her words overflowing with poisonous flirtation, spilling out of her mouth along with a biohazardous receipt, Her fingertips brushed yours as she handed it to you,
She didn't knowPainful ignorance.
After she left, you asked, "So is she a lesbian? Or..."

I didn't have the heart to tell you that she thought you were all boy.

I also didn't have the heart to believe the waitress didn't know she was feeding us poison.

you acted like it was nothing, but I, like, internally growled or something because the only two people who are this protective over someone else are moms and girlfriends.

She whispers, "Oh, but she's here with a boy!" and the blue word caresses our cheeks like your thumb and mine, currently participating in some sort of passive aggressive thumb makeout session because that's a nervous habit we have when we hold hands
And we have the words "boy" and "lesbian" written across our foreheads, so it's a good thing I focus on your eyes.

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: africa, art, rap, slam, spoken word, , literature,

Why i hate Rap haters, but love Poetry

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
Poetic lifeguards use applause to save lives
When you see rap flying far from poetry's interests


Fasten your seat-belt and enjoy the bloody verbal battle
In sessions poetry speaks in tones of a crying soul
Rap is built on concrete rhythms mixed with first bricks of venomous alphabets
Rap is an angry poem
Rap is poetry 
but poetry will never rap like rappers air polluting words to poet their ideas
I mean, if rap is literature, 
why has it started so many wars between ideas

Walls of belongings in the middle of fear
Appre-ciate and question things

Blind words can see the difference
Why has rap created rivals in many societies
Haters hate us 
While poetry stinks of welcoming joints
Modern rap has a stench of juvenile points 
I played this word game in my head
Ones or twice 
I lost to a bunch of middle fingers spider webbed on the roof of my creations
Haters, my mates 

Rap can be spoken in sign language
Both animals eat words and poop spoken rhythms
Both body languages undress opinions in different approaches when speaking crises
Poetry's violent approach comes from humans who speak to teach
My poetry likes the anxiety of a beat

I hate material rap haters
I intend to seed Africa’s womb with baby words to grow poetry in your rap choices

Art cannot be written off, long as there's soul in that flash, there's life before trash
I recently adopted a second born skin
My child is a shield blocking weakness of my bones to animal views
My meaning is behind the lens of my third eye
I wish i can share my visual thoughts in a language 
louder than the sound of a broken TV reception
Brake the eyes of stillness
I wish i can walk my words of metaphors injecting needles of knowledge
With no fear 
My missionary position
I intend to seed Africa’s womb

(c) Raymond Ngomane

Poem Details | by Sabina Nicole |
Categories: death, depression, dream, love, music, pain, recovery from, sad love, slam, song, sorrow,

Sad Song

I dreamt of you again last night,
I held you with all my might,
Tears flowed from my face,
As I yearned to never leave your embrace.
The smell of your skin,
The taste of your tears,
That moment was treasure,
But, treasure was a dream.

Waking up is agony,
Waking to this tragedy,
Waking to these bitter flames,
All these faces with no names,
Waking to a sad, old tale,
My heart’s in prison without bail,
Waking from eternal bliss,
It’s your love I truly miss.

If dreams were reality and reality was a dream
I’d sail right to heaven to be redeemed
I’d walk on the water with you by my side
In eternal bliss we would forever abide
But dreams are just streams of healing at night
This wound has been one of the hardest to fight
And I’ll keep dreaming of you till the stars have no light
For you were my baby but the times weren’t right!

Waking up is agony,
Waking to this tragedy,
Waking to these bitter flames
All these faces with no names,
Waking to a sad, old tale,
My heart’s in prison without bail,
Waking from eternal bliss,
It’s your love I truly miss.

BY: Sabina Nicole
Remembering: Louis James :(

Poem Details | by ronnie dolph |
Categories: abuse, addiction, slam,

For The Love Of Meth

 you got a face that only a mother could love
and it screams for the love of meth
if you counted your teeth by twos 
you wouldn't make it pass three
you have that fresh, " I haven't showered in weeks" 
mixed with that cheep truck stop bathroom cologne
but I guess you have to pay for that habit somehow
the last job you had was hustling a fix
taking your cut off the top,
cashing in your foods stamps for some of that cheap white rock
while your kids go unfed, 
you're shacked up with the landlord,
because your rents pass due and the government stopped your checks
what a life to live, you think you got it all
Man I think you got it wrong..
Nobody believes your sob stories anymore
you cried wolf about nine to many times
after round three I washed my hands clean
and threw in the towel
It wasn't easy but even Tyson lost some battles


Poem Details | by PYG's Whisper |
Categories: art, love, poems, poetry, slam, war,

Love Is A War

There is something that I can't understand
Something blinds me when I look in your eyes
It makes my heart tremble 
Can't help it I'm sweating
Wanna run away but my body seems frozen
Oh don’t you know?
Love is a deadly virus
Once colonize your veins
You become addicted
And if you wanna give up
You have a contract to sign up
Leave your heart and go
Or take it with you broken.
If I have to choose between life or death I'd rather die in your depth
At least you won't forget about me until your last breath
You might say I'm cruel
Oh baby I don't wanna play the fool
Love is a war I can destroy the world to get ya
And even if the sky explodes over my top
And the ground is shaking under my foot and the waves swallow my bone
My heart will never stop beating for you
Yeah love is a war that I don't wish to lose
Love is a fray between fear and valor
Either take the risk till the end or forget about it and move on
But since I've fell for you your love is nourishing my blood
And there’s nothing else I'd care about
Cause baby I love you and I will never stop fighting for you
Here in my valley there's no white flag above my door
And in my head it's now and ever or let’s die together

Poem Details | by Chris Boskovski |
Categories: betrayal, blue, color, confusion, corruption, crazy, cry, dark, evil, farewell, fear, girl, girlfriend, hate, horror, how i feel, i love you, jealousy, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, poetry, sad, sad love, slam, suicide, symbolism, woman, world,

Put a bullet in my brain

Put a bullet in my brain
as the rain sweeps her out of my arms
and places her into another's.
Put a bullet in my brain
for I don't want to see love slip away
please end my suffering,
for I don't want to dare see her in the arms of another man.

I fear the tear that slips away from my soul
and touches the ground with a splash
as she is washed away by the lashed memories of the rain,
please, someone put a bullet in my brain.

I can't bear to see her with another man
laying in his arms
as he charishes her beauty
just like I did to her.
As she smiles and laughs at his jokes
my heart would not bare the sorrow and pain
that would tare my heart apart into pieces of tainted love.
Please tell the rain to stop,
as the pain grows when rain comes down,
please someone end my suffering,
put a bullet in my brain
and stop the rain
that washes away every memory of her.

Stop saying you miss me
and just kiss me
for I can't take the pain
of the rain that takes you away.
Kiss me and stop saying you miss me
for those are useless words to me.
Love is where it's at, so show me.
Don't go with him, he'll treat you wrong.
Love and laugh with me till the break of dawn
as we yawn the long night away.

Kiss me and don't say you miss me.
For if you go away from me,
I couldn't bare to take a tear and waste it away.
Tears, sweet tears crying for you,
doesn't that mean anything to you?
I ask you, stop the rain,
stop the pain and put that bullet in my brain.

Let the red blood flow from my temples.
Let the plow dig my grave,
for I can't bare to see you with another
in his arms, him kissing you, where I kissed you.
I can't take it, I have to make it,
make that pain go away.
Prayer didn't help, God turned a blind eye
when I came up and said why!
Put that bullet in my dome
and when I lay in the coffin, looking at the roof of the church
you come and kiss me, and then you can really say
that you'll miss me.

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: best friend, brother, care, childhood, cry, dad, death of a friend, dedication, emotions, family, father, feelings, friend, friendship, growing up, heart, heaven, inspirational, journey, june, life, loss, love, love hurts, memory, mentor, parents, remember, sad, slam, son, sorrow, tribute, uplifting,

He Loved You

He loved you too, you know
Loved you like his very own
In away you were
You came into his life as my friend
Through the years you grew to be my brother in arms 
Along the way you became the son he never had

He loved you as a friend
He loved you even more as a son
A son he never had
When things began to spiral out of control
You stayed when so many others ran away
You helped when I couldn’t

You meant a great deal to him
You never looked at him differently 
Nor did you treat him differently
You stood by his side
When he fell, you stood by his side and mine
You were willing to help me fight his battle for him 
You were there from the beginning 
You were there until the bitter end
Always remember my friend, my brother
He loved you more than you’ll ever know

Dedicated to close Family friendHe loved my Daddy just as much as I did/do.

Poem Details | by Kable Brown |
Categories: feelings, lost love, moving on, slam,

The Dark Side Of You

The days grow longer as my heart gets colder but my mind grows stronger
I am no longer what I use to be
My mind is set free
Let come what may
For the memories of you I let fade
Caged for a while but now I can smile
Oh, don't look upon me you foolish child!
I'm above you now you can't level with me
I've seen your true colors, they are ones of black and green
The black stands for the emotions that you keep inside from all ones who have hurt you and the ones who told you lies
The green stands for your need of things which you do not deserve to have
But you wait upon these things until they fall into your hands
Your a wicked man taking things that don't belong to you
Like my heart you stole from me and later tore it in two
And who is you of which I speak?
The one strong of body but of spirit is weak 
I seek you no longer because now I am stronger
But you are still cornered by the emotions you hide
One day their  going to come out and eat you alive
And for this reason I sigh whenever I think of you
The feeling you hide cause you to be blind and therefor not seeing the hurt you caused me inside
But I will not cry over what you did to me
Happy you should be now that you are free but happiness you will not find 
Until the day you let the dark side of you free sad and unhappy you will always be

Poem Details | by Sabina Nicole |
Categories: love, slam, spoken word,

the passion fruit

There stood a tree 
Bare and alone
Many storms had left it torn.
The branches wept
The leaves were gone
No more birds sang their song.
But far above
Their hung a fruit
Passion drenched through the roots
It hung forlorn, barely connected
Many passersby’s assumed it was defected.
But then one day
A man walked by
Fascinated, he let out a sigh
Where did it come from?
Surely it did not fit in here
How was it being nourished in all this gloomy fear?
He held it in the palm of his hand
And smelled it’s ripeness, longing for it to land
But as he pushed it to his lips
It began to drip, drip, and drip
The essence of its juice made his hands begin to bleed
For it was a forbidden fruit he had to leave
Baffled by his reaction
To this ravishing satisfaction
Startled by this moment of unusual pleasure
He knew in his heart he had to leave it forever.
He wiped his hands on that verboten tree
And mournfully knew he had to let that fruit be.

By Sabina Nicole

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: anger, angst, betrayal, cancer, cry, dad, death, dedication, emotions, evil, family, father, father daughter, fathers day, feelings, grave, grief, hate, health, heartbroken, how i feel, june, loss, lost love, memory, pain, parents, people, sad, sad love, slam, sorrow, truth,

I Hate You Cancer

Dedicated to my Dad who lost his short battle w/ Colon Cancer on June 18,2013

I hate you Cancer
Your vile evil and cruel
You don't care who you hurt
I'll never forget that day
I'll always hate you for it

Your heartless Cancer
You took someone important from me
Someone important from others too
Took people who didn't belong to you
I hate you for it

You disgust me Cancer
You had no right to take him from me
He mattered more than my very own life
I hate you for taking my Daddy
I hate you for taking others too

I hate you with a passion Cancer
You took part of my heart with him
You took part of my soul that day too
I hate you for it
I hate you I hate you I hate you

I hate you with every fiber of my being 
Go back to Hell where you belong
I hate you, others hate you
Your not welcome or wanted here Cancer

I hate you more than his doctor's
I hate you more than God
I hope I get to witness that day
Witness the day you fall
And you will fall Cancer

You're gonna lose the battle one day Cancer
I'm gonna laugh and dance around your grave
You'll finally get what you deserve 
And you'll never be able to inflict your disease on another soul

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Placed 8th in Poet Destroyer A's  2013 "PINKTOBER" Contest

Please Support a Cure for Colon Cancer & every other type!

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: abuse, addiction, africa, anti bullying, slam, spoken word,

Love Slogans

Love left them hanging in the air
They sang slogans
They rained tears though pain was blur and cloudy,
Bully and partly cloudy
Illusions got glued in their slogans
Their love was outrageous and bouncy 

Those short tempered lovers 
Sang songs for their drunken worries
They saw no pain though love was forever sour and chained 

Pain buried himself under pleasurable bedroom eyes
Resurrected on sunny knights with no weight 
Measured their smiles 
And he found odd numbers in their cupid time zone

Days when pressure became their treasure 
Pain snitched in the dark and paused on bedroom eyes
Eyes that vacuumed lust 
Previously crowned lust 
that never lasted long enough to grave all rust 
They sang love songs in anger
On and on they sang courage amplifying worries

Their jaws were breaking laws
Our jaws are breaking laws

I long to save them from this lost in translation watchwords 
I am you in this Poetry
Never wash your face before my words
Remember my seeds
The fruits planted on concrete brains
Left to grow strength and passion
Building castles of hope 

Love seeks more woods and light to walk its blindness sometimes
The defensive jelly 
Smoothly rubbed to take away skin value
Chocolate statues lost in the streets of love
 Singing worried slogans

Their jaws were breaking laws
Our jaws are breaking laws
Pointing blames with no hands and fingers
They swim out of the ocean 
The ocean of tears that make killer waves in passion
Like fish 
They could not breathe 
Trouble was or is their home
They sing gospel in their drunken love

Their jaws were breaking laws
Our jaws are breaking laws

By force they speak jumpy jaws
They are meant to hurt,
burn and kill gender laws
By force they chisel their hips to diesel all body postures
For no reason
By force they sing gross slogans of love
In jumpy jaws
They get stark inside antagonistic love
In jumpy jaws
Pre-rehearsed parent-hood
Love left them hanging in the air

© Raymond Ngomane 

Poem Details | by Brittany Larson |
Categories: break up, love, poetry, slam,

I Thought You Loved me

When you told me you didn't love me
I didn't know what to do 
I didn't know how to react
Because I remember what it felt like
When I thought you wanted me
I remember when you took me
To what I thought was our first date
I remember smiles and laughs and midnight texts
A bright little light hidden under blankets 
As I lay awake in bed waiting for your reply
It made me feel like a child again
Staying up late and doing something I shouldn't be
Doing something that I know would only end in trouble
I remember the first time you held my hand
I remember when I thought this
This is what love really is
I remember the exact moment I fell for you
When I thought you caught me
But in reality you were just letting me fall
Deeper and deeper and deeper
With no intentions of saving me
With no intentions of telling me no
Because you were attracted to me
You told me this
You showed me this
I remember the first time we 
I want to say made love but that wasn't really it
So I remember the first time we had sex
It was something beautiful
Again I thought this, this is what love feels like.
I remember meeting your family
Your mother and father smiling and telling silly stories
Your brothers asking questions 
As you cooked a meal for us all
That was my favorite memory
You started to take me on more
I remember red robin, Polaris, late night movies and cedar point
I remember when these started disappearing 
When you stopped trying to cover up lust with love
I remember tangled bed sheets
And messy hair
I remember sleepy eyes 
And a soft voice saying "you're beautiful"
I remember me believing you
Thinking that you meant it
I gave you my heart
Because I realized you actually did find me beautiful
But that was all you found
My beauty blinding your judgement
Thinking my love was lust 
You thinking I wanted this too 
Because there doesn't need to be any 
Love in attraction
You can give away your body
Without the person wanting anything else
I don't blame you anymore
It was an easy mistake to make
I mean girls give sex to get love after all
And men give love to get sex
I remember the day you told me you didn't love me
I remember the day you told me I was beautiful
I remember the day I lost my ability to love anymore
Because I gave away my heart to a man who had no intentions of giving it back


Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: confusion, faith, life, love, on writing and words, pain, relationship, sad, slam, me, me,

Who Are You

 How dare you take advantage of me like that ,
Leaving me stranded with no way to go forward or back.
   Using the friendship that we had led me to believe,
That there was trust and honor between you and me
   How you layed me aside and left me for dead ,
You have caused these hateful thoughts inside my head.
   Never could I have done this to any man , 
I can see you have no concious so I know you can.
  There just one thing I really want to say  about this ,
It's been a long time since I have made a clinched fist
  You have no idea how much hurt you have caused,
It won't be me you'll have to face That's up to God
   But you will regret mistaking this kindness for weakness girl,
Bad Karma will surely consume you this is my word.
   Yes you were able to catch me completely off gaurd ,
Never again because now I know who you are

Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: change, character, conflict, confusion, corruption, emotions, evil, fear, feelings, goodbye, heart, how i feel, introspection, judgement, leaving, lost, lost love, me, pain, parody, relationship, remember, sad love, self, slam, spoken word, storm, stress, time, together, truth,


Oh what a mistake I have made,
Traveled so far to end up this way.
  Not in a million years would I have guessed,
That this idea was truly not one of my best.
  Never had  known things had changed so much,
We for sure had fallen so far out of touch.
  So many different do's , don't , and bewares,
Actually has left me absolutely  scared.
  What a fool I was to ever believe,
That she would ever be in love with me.
  At my age you would think I know better,
You can trust this will be remembered forever.
  Oh what a terrible mistake I have made,
Wanting all these memories to just fade away.

Poem Details | by Charley Davidson |
Categories: gender, girlfriend, identity, love, poetry, slam, integrity,

Love is Love

Tingles run from the tip of his nose to the tip of his toes  
His body starts to panic & secretes  
Pearls of salted water on every inch of his being  
That soon enough will show through his clothes  
He can feel his heart pounding in his chest  
The blood running through his veins  
The pounding in his brain  
He wants nothing more than for their fingers to intertwine 
And walk down the street hand in hand  
If his palms could just, in this moment, not sweat  
Showered, shit & shaved 
Dressed elegantly, yet not too fancy 
Dressed as a man should, protecting his integrity 
Showing his power & authority 
By being behaved and showing off his masculinity 
Sparks fly 
They both have twinkles in their eyes  
Time, when they're together seems to pass them by 
When comes the time for the first kiss, 
They both feel the anxiety  
Their arms wrap around each other, 
It comes naturally  
Their lips touch  
And lock 
Her lips are so soft  
They fit perfectly with his 
People pass them by and give them a glance 
Most feeling joy or even envy 
No one seems to be going berserk  
Over a public display of affection  
Between a woman & a man 
He gets to feel all those things & not be judged  
He gets to walk down the street with his girl holding hands 
He gets to kiss her in public and not be criticized 
Why can't I have that? 

When I get ready for her,  
I shit, shower & shave 
I dress elegantly, yet not to fancy 
I dress like a man, not like a woman should 
I am behaved and showing off my masculinity  
When I see her, 
I get tingles from the tip of my nose to the tips of my toes 
My body starts to panic & secretes 
Pearls of salted water on every inch of my being 
That soon enough will show through my clothes 
When I hear her voice, 
I can feel my heart pounding in my chest  
The blood running through my veins 
The pounding in my brain 
When I'm with her, 
I want nothing more than for our fingers to intertwine  
And walk down the street hand in hand  
If my palms, in that moment, could just not sweat 
When I spend time with her, 
Sparks fly 
We both have twinkles in our eyes 
Time when were together seems to pass us by 
When I kiss her for the first time, 
We both feel the anxiety, 
Our arms wrap around each other, 
It comes naturally 
Our lips touch 
They lock  
Every time I kiss her I think to myself, 
How her lips are so soft  
And how they fit perfectly with mine

Poem Details | by Samantha Parlato |
Categories: absence, anxiety, depression, emotions, first love, slam, suicide,

Who are you

Who are you?

When the lights are off and your heartbeat is dense,
Do you question your time or space or this everlasting sense?
Does your mind run wild with these blues and pinks, or these yellows and greens?
Or are you overcome with black?
Do you see yourself in tomorrow’s shoes or have you fallen into the gap?
We stop and go and stop and go,
But never once do any of us really stop or go.
You fall into your sheets like it’s the last place you’ll ever be,
The only place you never want to leave.
With you it was home, 
But now it’s a sorrow of memory
In the time it takes to fall asleep, it feels like eternity.
My dreams run wild with the presence of you and anomaly
You have me so far into my head, you make my body weak
During the day my eyes fall heavy, but in the night comes the anxiety.
I fight and fluster these feelings against gravity
Its solid rock, I sink to the bottom of the sea.
I see the world carrying on without me, drowning in this history.
Moving on never seemed to be an option when our only promise was don’t give up on me.
I gave you every drop of me, from day one to day 1,460.
You held this light to my face, you burnt me.
I fought for your attention and you deserted me.
You gave no other option but to fall numb to this hurting.
I reminisce the nights we got tied in the sheets, 
The sweet love that I thought was holy.
These thoughts have soured and feelings have fell, 
Knowing of you with her, and her and her.
There’s nowhere for me to compare, 
But to be the girl of thin air.

Poem Details | by Mel S |
Categories: life, love, nature, slam, upliftinglove,

The Courage To Love

It takes courage to love
you see, Love is more than a 
bond shared by two beigs uniting their 
profounded and passionate affection towards 
another person
Love is more than Just doing things on your own, 
thats whythey inventerdthe word unison and as we 
unite as one
the fairy tale that starts with a once a upon 
a time & ends with with happily ever after has begun.
When you Love your creating new beginnings because
as the days of sadness are a thing of the past
you want to be the person who looks upon
the sky and says at last 
I found my Gift From Above
Sky is the limit and to live doesn't just mean 
your alive
perfection is what i am trying to strive
this thing we call i am just taking it for a test drive.
When your in love your heart tends to send messages
through Morse Code
That you would only understand 
and when your brave and courageous
you begin to understand how to love 
we only live once
love is the teacher
its your choice if you want to be part of the atttendance.
The feelings of love can ve found no where else
No glamour 
No glitterr or extreme wealth
This Materialisticworld to which we aspire cant give us the 
true love our hearts desire
certain hearts have certain expectations 
but their are times when you look at love 
and ask yourself, will love tell me the truth 
or will it be the liar.

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: absence, anger, angst, betrayal, cancer, conflict, confusion, cry, dad, daughter, death, depression, emotions, evil, faith, family, farewell, father, father daughter, feelings, god, goodbye, grief, hate, heartbroken, how i feel, hurt, identity, jesus, june, leaving, life, loss, lost, love, me, memory, missing, pain, parents, prayer, religion, religious, sad, slam, sorrow, spiritual, urdu,

Tell Me

I'm lost hurt and angry
Why did you take his life
I want, No I need to know
Tell me, Tell me why
I deserve to know

Haven't you done enough to him
What'd he ever do to you
He suffered his whole life
Suffered more than anyone deserved
Tell me, Tell me why you did it
I have a right to know

Why'd you let him born to them
Born to worthless parents
Parents who didn't care
They threw him away like garbage
Pawned him off on someone else
Tell me, Tell me why
Explain how you could do that

You gave him Polio
You let others treat him like disease
You took away the full use of his legs
You warped his hand and foot
Tell me, Explain to me why
I deserve to know

You let others think he was crazy
You let it go on for over year
You didn't stop it, Why
Tell me, Give me your reason
Answer me God, Help me to understand

You go and make matters worse
You gave him Cancer
You didn't give him a chance to fight back
You just jerked him away from us
Tell me, Tell me how
How you could be so cruel

How can others not question you
When others do it, It's murder
But when it's by your hand
It's your will, Their fate
Tell me, What makes you so different
Your no better than the demons knocking at the door

You heard me beg and plead
You know I'm not afraid to die
I was willing to carry it all for him
I was willing to take my Daddy's place
You didn't even let me say Goodbye
Tell me, Tell me why I couldn't take his place
Answer me God, you owe me that much


Poem Details | by Justin Taylor |
Categories: love, slam,

What is Love

What is Love?
MAN I don't know!
I mean girls say it to me all the time, but I just blow off their emotions like smoke.

What is Love?
MAN I don't know!

I mean when you prove it to me the caterpillar I call my intestines goes into their Cocoon 
And metamorphoses into a butterfly that in my stomach flies.
It has me feeling like a buffoon.

But I've always been misperceived by Love.
The Misperception of an Erection has me heading in the Wrong Direction.
Now I'm moving with Aggression, and Repenting for my Transgressions.

Praying for my Acceptance back into these once Promised Heavens.
And then my Phone Rings.

The voice says, "Babe I'm Pregnant."


How can I Accept the Present of a Baby when Love isn't even in our Presence?
All from a single 4 Letter Word with 2 Vowels and 2 Consonants.

Falsely Used
Wrongly Accused
And Considerably Abused