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Poem Details | by Sharon Tideswell |
Categories: lost love, love, nostalgiaday, day, silly,

Tattered Jeans and Old T-shirts

That day by the lake,
tattered jeans and old t-shirts,
my hand in your back pocket as we walked,
your thumb
hooked over the top of my waistband.
It was hot,
...damned hot.

You tilted your hat at a silly angle and laughed,
I looked over and thought
...damned hot'

Smiles exchanged and then a kiss,
I think I melted inside.
We took turns walking backwards
holding both hands
drinking in the sight of each other.

Of course we fell,
you to the floor
and me...
completely in love.

Making a frame with my hands,
a captured moment,
'smile for the camera'
and what a smile it was.

Sitting together in the long grass,
both our hats at silly angles,
you made a frame in front of us,
as I kissed your cheek,
and captured a memory.

Images stored safely in my jeans pocket,
not the one with the hole,
that day by the lake...
it was perfect.

Only now I realise
one camera never worked.
The image of you, still vibrant
as that day,
but the one of us
you made with your hands
faded to barely a whisper.

That day by the lake
we both fell...
but only one fell in love

Poem Details | by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: funny love, silly,

The Shoe Store Bantering

She jiggled like pink jello into the store
with platinum blonde hair and red rouge on her face
the shoe clerk mumbled it must be 1950's day
watching her strut around with a hanky made out of lace

She said hi hon you know why I'm here
he replied let me guess, you wear a size eight
she said well if the shoe fits I might as well wear it
and maybe later if you get lucky you can be my date

So she scouted around and found a pair
and sat down with tight dress flair
he thought to himself I think I'm in love with Mae West
looking her up and down and at her chest

He gently took her foot and slid her old high heel off
his hand sliding up and starting to cruise
she batted her eyelashes and said oh keep it coming, she toyed
saying, why don't you come up and see me later big boy

With that he winked and slid the new heels on 
watching her walk around like Mae West
she said you know I know you like me big boy
but my eyes are up here and not on my chest

With that he gave her a long wolf whistle
and said you know I just can't resist
now stop acting your shoe size sexy
pulling her towards him giving her a passionate kiss

She whispered hon is that your gun
or are you just happy to see me
he said guess what my little chickadee
tonight you can be my Bacall and I'll be your Bogie

With that she left the store with customers galore
staring, whispering and looking aghast
he said out loud, come on..get a life...
I know we're a little kooky, but she happens to be my wife!


Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: adventure, crazy, cute love, fantasy, humorous, silly, sister, slam,



There you go again little Sly fox P.D.
Another game of tag and jeopardy.
Clever, clever, little fox so bloodthirsty.
Chaos roams through your veins of liberty.
You walk the ground, prancing around your hostility.
Marching down with the dignity of mis-guided anarchy.

I'm gonna hunt you smell end it well.
Hang you up from your trophy tail
Kiss your night one last farewell.
By morning dawn your foxy tail,
Won't live another tale to tell.

I'm gonna find ya' ~ pull your hideout from where you hide.
Smack you around in your everyday rebellious ways.
Thinking you can defeat my crowd with your lawlessness..
I don't need no hounds to track your unlivable Holy-mess.
You created a selfish character of kindness for the blindness.
You prey on the sheep's and linger on their wall of hopelessness
Your sinfulness grew from the boldness, and bitterness, 
Of growing up parent-less.
My dear Sly Fox are you on alert with your ears of nobleness.
Did you not hear me creeping while you were sleeping.

Sly fox the destroyer!

You are right, you are a mischievous game of hunt!
My trap is set and waiting for you by the river front.
Go ahead, take a drink, pull one last obnoxious stunt.
Run and run, as fast as you can!
You can't out run this one game of Skitty Skat fox hunt.....


Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: happy, humorous, love, silly,

Welcome to my Bio

Brenda Gail 
I am Compassionate, love and breathe poetry, humorous and a peace maker.
Sister of Patti Lynne, Paul, David and Beth.
I love children (more), I love to sing in a choir and have a song for just about everythingI love to make others happy.
I feel loved, appreciated and very blessed.
I fear not being healthy enough to make it to my son’s wedding, getting sick this winter and losing my mom.
I’d love to be able to travel again, walk around a mall, and would love to be in a poetry slam.
Living in the GTA Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Bio Poems

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: fun, funny love, giggle, humor, people, silly, tree,

Out Pops - a collab with Olive Eloisa Guillermo

Two poets who couldn't agree Raise their voices to their loud pleas One wasn't able to stop His zip open, out pops! Haha, it's a pea, not the size of a tree ©JAFraser and OEGuillermo 15.18pm, April 07, 2015

Poem Details | by James Inman |
Categories: goodbye, humor, silly,

I'm Sorry My Love-An Almost Sonnet of My Deepest Admiration

Lying in the meadow on a long afternoon
I press soft against you and start to spoon,
but the lump at the base of your spine has now grown
(vestigial tail , I guess) presses hard against my places unknown,
so rolling you over and with gentle caress,
your yellow scaled elbow, I adore, I confess,
I trace the large bump on the end of your nose.
I just love the coarse hairs and, how subtly it glows.
You sniffle so sweetly, as never ending it runs,
as of lipstick, thick mucous coats your lips, and you have need for none.
So I lie next to you, of your beauty I want more,
admiring your features, almost all I adore                ...only one I abhor.

So, though shallow I feel, it saddens me greatly to know I must leave you
for the one thing I hate, I'm sorry my dear but your eyes are      just      too      blue!


Poem Details | by Onyebuchi Okonkwo |
Categories: depression, inspirational, life, lost love, love, sad, satire,

This silly thing called Love

Craze comes out of barrel of joy,
Joy, what makes you behave coy,
Coyness, a thing that would get a toy
From the soul, hands of a smart lil' boy

That his head bobs in saving his mother,
Mother, the filial original not really similar
Similar? To the father, rasp voice that quiver
From the garden of marital ruptureIt'ld linger

Over the elms of gut, ebbing with the tide
Of bliss endedNever should beings all hide
The love, warmth of familyFilial code to side
A broken china, a shattered shuttle that'ld bide

Brittle blissCome in the evenings and laugh
At the debris of the drum, a rumble of cough
Upon anodyne ruble of ruinFeed from trough
O! Love if you aren't lifeThen live quickly, rough.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: animal, silly, proposal, , sweet love,

Wordplay Extravaganza

Wordplay Extravaganza Sponsor: John Hamilton Bugs bunny was the silliest hare with such a bright future ahead, he wanted to give Lola something special, but he gave her a carrot instead. He pondered on a different surprise, and wrote Lola a sweet love letter, asking her to marry him, because of her his life was much better. He proof read his proposal and realized he forgot one very special phrase, so he clicked the caret button to insert a few sentiments then pressed save. All he had hoped for was that he expressed his love with his honest words, for he wanted to fill this day with rainbows with sweet songs from Tweety bird. The day flew by and night time arrived, that silly wabbit was nervous, he smelled her scent and watched her approach him, boy was he wordless! “My Lola, from Pensacola, I give you this twenty four karat gold ring, a three carat princess diamond placed gently above the gold and in between. Marry me, my sweet, I'll sweep you off your feet, I'd love to play with your hair...." She said yes, of course...and a few months later there was a family of baby hares.
Homophones used: 1carrot-A vegetable 2karat-weight of gold 3carat-size of diamonds 4caret-a symbol used to indicate the place in writing material which something is to be inserted 1Hare- a rabbit 2Hair- a growth of filaments forming a coat over the scalp of a humans head ~Date Written: March 18, 2016~

Poem Details | by Anna Hopper |
Categories: love, my child, silly, sweet,

Dear son

Too big for his britches, too small for his cap
Just the right size for mama's lap
He keeps me in stitches, the things he will say
"Oh let him stay little", I repeatedly pray
A little firecracker with spunk to spare
He walks in the house and strips down bare
Not a single piece of clothing, not even a sock
Demands to be naked, stubborn as a rock 
Bath time is the best if you'r ready for some fun
Not a dry spot on the wall by the time he is done
There is something about that boy that tugs at my heart
An emptiness inside, when we are apart 
His little blonde curls and sweet little face
A perfect little person, thanks to God's glory and grace
I love that he needs me and doesn't want me to leave
Lord knows I need him too, more than I need to breathe

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: childhood, schoolchildren, children, love, silly, , cute,

Kiddie's Corner

Good morning, good morning, girls and boys
I hope you brought your Disney toys

Gather round in a circle close
Lets sing about the ones we love the most

Mickey, Mickey, your so cute and small
We love you the best of all

Donald Duck with his ducklings three
Dressed the same are his family

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

Pluto, Pluto your silly and daft
You sure do make us laugh

It's time to count, lets have some fun
The Seven Dwarfs, seven back to one

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

Dumbo flaps his ears and flies
Pinocchio's nose grows telling silly lies

Let all skip to Wonderland
Holding Alice's hands, going hand in hand

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: child abuse, giving, i love you, introspection, power, silly, student,

Part 2 You Have to Whistle

Neither Tray or I take any guff from adults, especially adults in authority; it’s a result of having had the belt when you are young, thus learning you cannot trust your care-givers or anyone else.
In case there is any doubt in your mind here, every enraged child I have ever seen, every out-of-control –I-hate-the-world child I have ever spoken to had parents who were uneducated and insensitive and in complete ignorance of how the belt on a child will break their heartsEspecially if the parent waits to use the belt when she is already mad, and mean, and the wailing sobbing child feels the out-of-control parent is relishing  using  a big bad, welt-giving belt on them  oftentimes Christian parents, which is why I HATE Christians so damned much.
Lost my thought again.
Back on track now.
Tray finally said, “You’d have to dance.”
If anyone ever saw me dance you’d still be laughing, but I danced, and danced and danced some moreI danced around Tray and MrHell and the Detention supervisor and the Superintendent and the incredulous DARE Officer  Boy, did I dance.
I did the chicken dance, the Macarena dance, the good-grief-is -this- even-a-dance-dance.
Then out of breath, I asked, “What else, Tray? What else can I do to get you to come with me?” The reason a great counselor will ask a child such as belt-child-Tray, permission for every little thing, is that Tray, a belt-child, had so much power taken away at a young innocent age He is a heartbroken victim of parents who gloatingly used a belt, flyswatter, shoe, hairbrush, switch from a tree, or whatever to show the child how angry they were about something.
A little warning here, now, parents, if you do not want to raise a psychopath or a manic depressive or a child with schizophrenia, please do not beat your children A parent who shows a small child their angry-I-am-going-to-really-hurt-you side has lost all respect and awe and love whether they know it or not at the time 
Worse, their little child, an innocent child who has now had  the full wrath of an angry adult unleashed on them in a I-will-kill-you-sort of way, a child like Tray and I, who have had the belt and immediately felt a broken heart, the I- have-had-the-belt-and-hate-everyone-now-children are going to need to get some power back somewhere down the lineThey can do it in positive or very negative ways, and thank their parents, please, will you?
In the rare case you are slow, and do not fully understand what I am saying yet, at  the age of two or three years-old, belt children are completely powerless when their ignorant, uneducated, I-will-show-you-how-mad-I-am-parents with mean faces, are giving them the belt, sometimes putting welts up and down their arms and legs too
This added bonus reiterates to the now powerless heartbroken child that their parents, their heroes, the ones they loved and adored, are now monsters, who might be hiding under the bed or in the closet, and might come out at night and kill them next timeThe unexpected side lesson is, there is no one to turn to, you are helpless, and we can kill you at will Oh, by the way, pray to JesusJesus will help you with everything BUT your parents.
Belt children are hyper-vigilantThey are always waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something to happen to make Mom mad, so she will have an excuseThey make great detectives, but not yet because they are children The real lesson, the one you want to teach your child when she is young is: please understand you are no longer safeJesus cannot save you here  Your mother is mean and mad and powerful, and you had better do whatever you can to not make her mad.
Lesson learned, MomLesson learned.
But let me just say, now that I’m an adult and I can see what you could notBeating your child or children, is not the best parenting practices Being a spiritualist I have to ask, “These men of old, these men who wrote the Bible to keep their women in place with fear, these men who wanted their women to hope for a good life later on, but not now as it might be an inconvenience to them, Why did they take the six books about reincarnation out of the Bible but leave in “Spare the rod, spoil the child? What the hell, you MEN of old?  What the hell?
A big smile crossed Tray’s face because he and I have spent many hours together, and we both knew  that he was now going to demand I do something we both knew I was not capable of doing”Now you have to whistle,” he said.
I stuck out my tongue at him, making him laugh, put my hands on my hips and said in my best 8-year-old-girl imitation, “YOU KNOW I can’t whistle!”
He laughed then, and could not stopLoud guffaws of laughter, and I put out my hand, and he walked over, took it and we walked across that cubicle and I put my little “Go away and don’t come back” sign out, and we began to talk We talked about the belt and how angry we are, oops ….I mean how angry and hurt and heartbroken he is when his dad acts like thatAnd it made me sad, and I told him it’s not best practices for a parent to do this, and I told him I had never used a belt on my children, and when he grew up, he would not have to use it on his childrenI told him it’s okay to end the cycle of child abuse in his family, and he was amazed and said, “I would never hurt my children,” and we made a pact, and we hugged
The end of a very good day for usA very good day.

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love, humor, humorous, silly,

Reduced Service

I married the man who delivered my post... And now he delivers twice yearly at most.
4th April 2018 For Deborah Guenther Beachboard’s Epigram Contest

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: adventure, cat, children, friendship love, funny, giggle, silly,

Where Does My Kitty Cat Go


Where does my kitty cat go every day?
When I'm heading to school, is he getting away?
Or forgetting he musn't let strays in to play?
Where does my kitty cat go every day?

Where does my kitty cat go when it rains?
Does he stop at the station and try to hop trains?
Does he drop by the airport to gawk at the planes?
Where does my kitty cat go when it rains?

Where does my kitty cat go after dark?
Does he meet all his friends to play ball in the park?
Do the fans in the stands tweet and neigh? Growl and bark?
Where does my kitty cat go after dark?

Where does my kitty cat go when I nap?
Does he borrow my clothes? Use my shoes? Wear my cap?
Do you think he's aware that the toes overlap?
Where does my kitty cat go when I nap?

Where does my kitty cat go when I'm sad?
Does he know what a terrible day I have had?
Does he nibble my nose to say things aren't so bad?
Where does my kitty cat go when I'm sad?

What will my kitty cat do when I'm old?
Will he switch on the TV before being told?
Will he sit with me too, watching stories unfold?
What will my kitty cat do when I'm old?

What will my kitty cat know, in the end?
If I show him I care with the time that I spend
and make sure I am there when he's needing a friend,
Kitty will know that I love him  .....The End!


Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fun, love, nonsense, silly, tree, vacation,


Fell in love with a coconut
The tree stood tall outside my hut
Love sublime at first sight
I thought I‘d have a bite
Lost both front teeth right on the spot

posted on January 17, 2019

Poem Details | by Wanda Daugherty |
Categories: absence, grandchild, granddaughter, grandmother, grandparents, i love you, silly,

Missing Kristen

Missing Kristen

Bright blue eyes that sparkle;
And gentle chestnut curls.
She dances through my heart strings;
My skinny baby girl.

So proud to be her Grandma;
Even though I'm kind of fat.
I chased her round my garden;
While she shouted, "I want that."

I miss her so this morning,
My skinny baby girl.
Though she's gone to Mississippi;
She's right here in my world.

She's in my broken what-nots;
In the pictures on my wall.
In the stains there on my sofa.
She's my baby after all.

My first beloved Grandchild;
Little keeper of my heart.
I am missing little Kristen,
Though I know we'll never part.

There's a bit of me inside her;
She's my Grandchild after all.
And  a bit of my dear husband;
And our families one and all.

She is so much like her Mother,
Yet also like her Dad.
Though she fractures my best china,
I will never call her bad.

We are always linked together;
By duty and by love
By the design of our great maker
Our Lord and God above.

Yet I'm missing my Granddaughter
Though she leaves me in a whirl.
My big-footed, darling Kristen;
My skinny baby girl

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, cheer up, computer, desire, destiny, devotion, emotions, encouraging, fantasy, feelings, funny, future, humorous, i love you, love, love hurts, math, meaningful, metaphor, miss you, mystery, passion, relationship, romance, romantic, sad love, school, science, science fiction, silly, social, sweet, teacher, together, true love, truth, uplifting, visionary, word play,


One is love, 
Zero is everything else

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: angst, boyfriend, child, children, cute love, dad, daughter, family, father daughter, first love, funny love, girlfriend, growing up, humor, humorous, innocence, irony, love, marriage, my children, parents, relationship, romantic, sick, silly, smile, social, society, sweet, wedding,

The Right Thing to Do

Written 7 March 2014

Bruce and Jennie, both were 10,
Had been playmates all their lives.
One day, Bruce proclaimed,
“Jennie… most good men have wives.”

He professed his love for her.
Jennie said she loved him too.
They decided that getting married
Was ‘the right thing’  to do.

So, Bruce went to speak to her father,
Who was doing yard work at the time.
“May I speak to you, MrJohnson?”
“Sure, BruceWhat’s on your mind?”

“Sir, I love your Jennie;
And Jennie, she loves me;
But we need your permission
To be married… to be “We.”

Impressed by Bruce’s courage,
He knew this confrontation must be tough.
He smiled and asked, “Bruce, are you sure
You love my daughter enough?”

Bruce’s face became stern, he said,
“MrJohnson, let me tell you…
I love Jennie so much…and she loves me.
We’re both sure it’s the right thing to do.”

He was moved by Bruce’s ardor,
But permission was not his to give.
So, quick as flash, he responded,
“But Bruce…where will you live?” 

“Sir, I measured her room;
Then I measured mine.
Hers is 40 percent bigger.
We’ll live there We’ll be fine.

If we have extra stuff,
We’ll keep that in my room.
We’ll keep our places neat and tidy.
You won’t even need a broom.

And both our parents can save money 
On babysitters too.
Even if you do things on the same night,
You’ll only need one sitter, not two.”

MrJohnson was impressed with his logic,
But this marriage idea was no longer funny.
He smiled and said, “That’s good thinking, Bruce;
But what are you gonna do for money?

“Why, MrJohnson, I get twelve-fifty a week allowance;
And let me remind you, Jennie also gets ten.
Throw in our birthdays and Christmas cash….
Why, we might even have money to lend.”

Desperate now, he thought, 
“Next, I guess they’ll want a car.”
Then he asked, “But Bruce, what if you have kids?”
"Aawww," blushed Bruce..“We’ve been lucky so far.”

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: adventure, change, family, food, fun, love, silly,

Perfect Pizza

                 Perfect Pizza

Empty the kitchen of red wood trees and chairs 
Clear all phones and children from the room
Build a giant cooking space right there
The area must be six times larger than the one before
Place a big wooden table in the center 
When construction’s done the fun begins
Buy an oven ten feet wide and then you start
Roll the mammoth dough until it’s thin
And six feet in circumference
Pour 2 gallons of fresh tomato sauce all over 
Use a little basil for some flavor
Bake it until its crisp and let it cool
I like to add my naked wife as a topping 
Make sure she showers first
Don’t want no dirty pie 
I Place mozzarella and olive oil gently about her
And sprinkle Parmesan all over sweetie pie
Trying not to get any in her hair or eyes
Then roll the pizza around her like a blanket
Start at the edges first and eat it slow
When finished or satisfied
Lay back and have a coke
Save a slice for later
Smile and love that pizza pie

Poem Details | by Kimber Robinson |
Categories: anger, betrayal, change, cry, depression, desire, devotion, feelings, first love, for her, for him, girl, girlfriend, growing up, heart, heartbroken, high school, home, how i feel, i love you, jealousy, leaving, loneliness, lonely, lost, love, lust, me, men, miss you, missing, missing you, relationship, remember, sad love, sorrow, sorry, stress, summer, teen, teenage, youth,

Silly isn't it

It's silly isn't it?
That I could fall for you so easily
And you not give two shits?
You spoke your drunken words
And admitted to always loving me
It was the best thing I had ever heard
When we hung out soon after
And I left you with a kiss
I didn't think the feelings mattered.
But as we spent time apart
I realized it wasn't the same
You had won my heart.
I got drunk and spilled my words
And you said you still felt the same
I was happier than a bird.
We made plan after plan
You always fell through
I felt like a speck of sand.
You told me you were trying to get a girl
I smiled and bared the tears
I had hoped to be the girl.
You soon stopped replying
I started to break down
I was almost done trying.
But no not tonight
I got drunk and spilt more words
I hope I did what's right
I thought we were the perfect fit
I fell for you so hard
But, that's silly, isn't it?

Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
Categories: addiction, angel, art, beauty, best friend, career, caregiving, emotions, fantasy, feelings, girl, girlfriend, god, happiness, happy, heart, heartbroken, how i feel, husband, i love you, identity, image, inspiration, lonely, longing, miracle, miss you, missing, missing you, passion, remember, romantic, silly, simple, sky, stress, trust, valentines day, visionary, water, weather, world, youth,

Thirsty Feeling about Nature and love

A small poem “Thirsty Feeling about Nature and love” wrote by MrsMadhaviSuyogPagare

 “Thirsty Feeling about Nature and love” 

Seating nearby valley side,
Astonished by seeing a nature's serene beauty
Amidst Grassy hills,
zigzagically mounted on the stupefying homeland.
Pristine Water, Sliding from the highest peak,
Flowing in its own way,
Wondering about its challenging destiny.
Love the way you are.
I owe you for myself!!

Wind's whispered, Cheering in its ain way.
Chanting of music beats,
Recited with a soothing intonation.
Birds speaking eloquently..
Dazzling due to marvellous rainbow..
Love the way you are,
I owe you for myself!!

Amazing and enamoured environment aroused my emotions,
Feeling Shy to express.
Missing my dream person,my Mr.Adam.
Versatile persona where are you?
Come here and hug me.
Fuel me up with spirit.
Gift me a smile.
Until forever fades away, Endure me.
Love the way you are..
I owe you for myself!!

Finished dropping stones in water.
Gladly waiting for your arrival.
Testing patience is all enough now.
Wanted to feel the gist of love.
Desire to fulfil wish with pure heart and soul.
Auspicious moments provoking to capture 
Love the way you are, 
I owe you for myself

by MadhaviSuyogPagare.

Poem Details | by Reynaldo Mast |
Categories: basketball, beautiful, beauty, confusion, courage, dedication, devotion, fear, fun, funny, happiness, happy, humor, judgement, love, me, memory, nature, nice, poems, poetry, silly, smile, time, trust, truth, words, write, writing, hair, me, hair, me, mirror, smile,


I will start with using my hand as a guide
And in the end I will open my eyes that I will decide

I consider to do this with one thing in mind
I will close my eyes and will imagine it blind
With no colors or fractionation of the light
Just plain me and a vision with my hand as my sight

My hair is very coarse and some what fine
What I just described is so benign  
I twirl my hair and make it bend 
And I will say its very clean not oily on the ends

As I press on my forehead I simply feel a distinct part
I notice from hair to skin it is very different from the start
The simple partings from hair not like skin
I am going to feel with my other hand and begin

The smoothness of my skin like years of water eroding a rough rock surface smooth
Not just that my skin is like home to years of stories like scars and attitude
And when I raise my eyebrows the wrinkles it makes is more so for expression
I did not notice it with certain ideas, thoughts, and emotions

I run my hands down to my eyelids I feel movement of my eyes trying to peek
Eyelids that I have, vibrates with some kind of fear, Why?, that I will seek
Just now as I thought about it a sensation ran through my brain
My eyes is the world to me and that is true and not insane

Myself portrait of me is through my touch for now
But to finish it I will have to open my eyes soon and how
I been in a trance full of so many ideas just with my eyes closed
I run my hand on my nose and lips and I smile who could apposed

The feelings in the tip of my fingers rub on my chin and jaw with care
I do notice roughness of unshaved velcro gripping hair 
I skip my ears so I will sneak a feel with my fingers I chose
I notice it is like my nose with cartilage, so I don't suppose

I will now open my eyes that I will use a mirror to see myself
My head is oval shape and my neck is like a stump, please help
My skin is very tan and my eyes are brown with my eyes I see
With all the description with my hands, one sure thing is the same and key

It is the description of measurements that is what my hands and eyes can see me
With a smile I am looking into the mirror and I can describe that I am happy
Myself portrait of me is such a way to get to know myself once more
I will never think it was a waste of time or a bore

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
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a really bad love poem

when you're in love you write really bad love poetry when you love a woman you want to relive with her every great moment you ever had both of them. clouds look like hearts, and a few look like ducks you know, quack, quack ducks. if you love someone, you walk into the wrong house you stain your tie during lunch you walk into people (a big guy peoples, he's not happy you run...really fast) to a man in love roses look perfect even if they're tulips ...sorry honey. you build a white picket fence with the pickets wrong side up when you love someone you take out the trash from someone else's house when you love someone you quit your job as a superhero you get rid of your trusty sidekick you give away your bat mobile you give your arch nemesis the bad news. you write goofy stuff, and mickey stuff too. i'm in love so i write really bad love poetry really? really! really? really, i'm in love, so sue me!

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
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If You Know

If only you knew…. And that’s the scary part—maybe you do! You’re a threat to my throbbing heart You’re a twinkle to my mind’s eye Just a damn lovable guy! In every sense of the word, you’re out of my reach I try to keep up with your tides— I’m on the wrong beach! You’re here I’m there… But no matter what—you’re still everywhere! In my dreams, in my hurricane of a mind Cursing the spell of your smiles in which I am confined Silly butterflies hither and thither—swarms of them surround Upsidedown, downtown, outback, homeward bound It don’t matter where—you’re there So. Check me out! Check me OUT! This hotel’s too expensive I’m getting way too attentive And afflicted and predictive and ADDICTED Trust me, one night of this magical nonsense is enough So if ya don’t mind I’ll just be grabbing my stuff Hitching a ride with whomever—gottah make the run Before I embarrass myself, senseless and outdone! . Okay. Here it goes. No, I’m not just saying this cause I was tossed off the road by some Pick-up truck chum! I just wanted to have some fun. You know me, I couldn’t just give in so easily But I’ll say, I’ve missed you since I’ve been away On this silly-willy road of keep-my-sane You’re still the only beach I wish to reach So if you know, If you have known all along. If we’ve been singing the same song. Then, just take me home. Yeah, yeah! You were right—I was wrong Marry me quick—just don’t tell my dad or mom!

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
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I Accepted the Potato Salad Because You Were Serving It

Yes, the time had allowed another opportunity to be near you,
Though well heaven knows whenever you are near my fear crunches my breath,
Leaving me starving for you, and wanting nothing more than to flee…

I stood in line, mainly because my family was there…
God knows I was not hungry at all…
Which is odd—I’m usually always hungry when I come to food gatherings
But there I was, my stomach swirling, and I looked out of the window,
And I saw you with the others, serving the food

My first thought was, great, here’s an opportunity,
And then the fear came—oh boy, what are you serving?
Are you serving something I like? 
Something I hate? 
So I closed my eyes and opened them again…
And I looked at what you were serving…
It was either macaroni salad, or potato salad; wasn’t quite sure at the time
I was more intrigued by how you presented yourself,
So friendly…so easy-going….so very natural and engaging

Damnit! The line is moving fast! 

I cringed at the thought of approaching you,
Even when I was following all the others;
And I knew you couldn’t be left insinuating-
Oh, that girl’s kinda weird and creepy…
I guess you’d only think that if I went to the table for the third time or something- 
But still, I was shaking with stupid thoughts

There was a problem though…
I do like macaroni salad… well, a little bit--I've never loved it
And I’m rather sick of potato salad frankly…
So if I refused the food, would you think it’s just another way to avoid contact?
Or will I give eye contact and smile at you, and say “no thank you”?
As I got closer, it was apparent it was potato salad…
And I begin to think
Well! Potato salad…it’s not that bad…let’s play it safe, shall we? Let’s get a little bit.

And before I knew it, I was where all the food was
You were talking speedily, happily with the others
About just everything it seemed… my ears heard blurs at this point
A lady offered me salad – I accepted the bowl and slowly put dressing on and looked up
And you smiled at me and said,
“Best potato salad in the world, right here.”
And I can’t remember if I smiled, 
But I most certainly lifted that stupid plate…
The lady next to you said, 
“and there’s another kind right beside it!”
I said quickly, “I think I’ll pass…” 
What she didn’t know was that I was trying to get the hell away before I vomited on everything and everyone...

I wasn’t hungry at all…
But one thing was certain…

I accepted the potato salad because you were serving it! 
And I ate it too… 
It wasn’t bad…in fact I could say pretty easily,
It was the best potato salad in the world

Right here….

You were… were….right there.

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
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Cup Cake

               Cup Cake

Your favorite food is cupcake, so is mine
I cover my wife Cupcake in layered chocolate 
The recipe is simple, defined with love and hunger 
She does not always use the sauna
An oven hot will do just fine
Baking for two hours at a time till she is done
Bent over, burnt a little at the edges, turned on her side
She does not mind the heat too much
But hates blenders for some strange reason
The recipe must be kept as follows:
Two cups of flower and one for her hair
One stick of butter rubbed tenderly along the thighs
Three eggs scrambled but not about the eyes and ears
A spoon full of honey to keep the glow
Place the aluminum pan inside the over
Centered,  then flop it in….but gently…must not forget the Mrs.
Set to 450 degrees to remove the grime and grease
Make sure the skin is tender to the touch
Sugar powder lightly on her body
Don’t forget the nose
Add cinnamon with a pinch and kiss
Caution!  Cloths could catch on fire and are optional 
Don’t over cook
We don’t want Cupcake to lose her looks
I like my cupcakes warm and sweet 
With a glass of milk, late at night, between the sheets

Created by: Earl Schumacker on 9/23/15 for Tammy Reams “Didactic Foods”- Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
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The Intensifying love story

The Intensifying love story by 
I simply adore you, my Mesmerizing 
As you are my first love.
Who lighted my heart with full of pride and 
Who ignited the ecstasy towards lovely life.
Who relieved my pains and took sorrows 
as boon.
You made me fall sick in your love when I 
see your madness.
I like the way,
The way you gazed at me and my smoky 
The way you smiled at my mystifying and 
enigmatic appeal.
The way you every time praises me.
The way you galvanized me and proved 
the meaning of life.
You are the one,
Yes, you are the one who aroused my 
feelings, my emotions.
Yes, you are the one who explored my 
passion of love, flaming in my charismatic 
Yes, you are the lovely treasure which god 
had baptized me.
Yes, you are the one who turned the page 
of my life.
Eureka, I found my true love!!!!
Bewilderedly I did not know, where is my 
love taking me to ??
But still I like the way,
Like, the way you clutched me into your 
Like, the way you kissed my palms.
Like, the way you hugged me, caressed 
Like, the way you rubbed your fingers on 
my lips.
Like, the way you tickled me on my neck.
Like, the way you squeezed my cheeks.
Like, the way you holded me up towards 
the sky.
Like, the way when you inspired me to fly 
so high.
Tears dropped from my eyes and the very 
next moment I realized that it is my 
sensational loveMy true loveThen I 
decided that no one had right to do this 
except youIf you want to know the 
reason?? If yes??
Yes, because I seriously fell in love with 
Yes, because you are the one to whom god 
had assigned me to.
And here comes the Swifted instance 
When, the moment you wore the golden 
ring in my finger and I was happily waving 
Just can’t forget the time when our long 
lasting friendship turned into lifetime 
It was just the blooming of two lover’s 
indicating the herald of the marriageIt 
means a lot for any girl in this amazing 
And yes, you will always find my heart 
topped with love showered only for you
For you!!
And till my last breathe, my heart beats, 
beating for you, only for you SUYOG!!
In fervour I wanted you to be mine forever, 
We both sojourned in each other soul so 
deeply that we just can’t wait for a single 
second, unless and until, we share what is 
running in our mindIt’s just because we 
are so much accustomed to each other 
I Love you, adore you, adore you forever 
my Love.

Poem Details | by carlos kipkoech |
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Why I Fail In English

Ten minutes past time she enters,
She's too beautiful to be a teacher,
Her favorite short skirt exposes her thick thighs,
Lips red and pouting, she's a killer,
Right away my concentration flees,
Her and me far away at planet Jupiter,
With a bungalow and two exuberant kids,
I just wedded my teacher at Jupiter,
And it's Only within fifteen minutes,
Don't worry,Maybe we'll fix and visit earth later,
Bell rings,and she ends,
Only to notice,I didn't even open my locker,
Am back to Earth,not with her,but with several boys.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
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Puppy-Favorite Poem Contest

Favorite Poem Contest
Sponsor:Judy Konos

                                                 My sweet 
                                      mate                        love 
                                    soul                             brown 
                                saliva                                    and
                             drip                                           black
                          ears                                                soft 
                         floppy                                                   as 
                        wag                      PUPPY                   snow
                             tail                                               walk
                                  nose                                  park                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
                                  wet                                 fluffy
                                  collar                              as      
                                   red                            cotton
                                     kids                       petting
                                         from             glances

Written By: Laura Urbaniak
Date:October 3, 2015

1st Place Winner



Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
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How To Have Sex

Begin by swinging from chandeliers when home
Wear matching multicolored harlequin costumes
Equip yourselves with harmonicas and bazookas
Keep lubricants and trampolines near by for safety

Practice lunar landings in your room to
Resume your activities in the great outdoors

Do sex outside in a car when retired
Bring a partner and spare tire as required
Avoid police if so inclined
Drive eighty miles an hour at all times
Watch out for sharp curves if they object
Narrow mountain roads are watching
Keep one eye on the road while inserting 
Headlights and moon glow set the mood
Never use puppets when in an auto
Open highways are always open to suggestion

Mating should only occur in mid air
Eat oysters raw when in flight
Climb to greater heights
Use Airplanes for best results
Jump from wing to wing
Wear a parachute and a pirates patch
Use only one to avoid catastrophes

Take lessons from cartoons 
To find out who you are

Leave farm and zoo animals out of the equation
Milking a cow is taboo too… Don't do it!
Wear rubber gloves if you must

Position yourselves to be lazy
In opposite directions for safety 
Never have sex face to face
Back to back is better jumping on the bed
Apparatuses are optional
To be avoided by amateurs
Watch out for babies!  (They snore)
Never run over them
It's against the law 
And down right crazy

Pregnancy can be fun too
Instructions are on the dashboard
But first you must buy or rent a car
Before you floor it

Poem Details | by Kelly Crenshaw |
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Bail Me Out Please One More Time

Well I was just trying to reach the other side
Couldn't swim 
So I tried to fly
But I lost my wings
And if you don't mind
Could you bail me out please
One more time?
Ten years old at the swimming hole
That ol rope swing took a part of my soul
Grabbed that rope but I couldn't let go
I fell off and broke my toe
They laughed at me when I was ten years old
Well I was just trying to reach the other side
Couldn't swim 
So I tried to fly
But I lost my wings
And if you don't mind
Could you bail me out this
One more time?
17 in my daddy's truck
A settin there working my courage up
She was bout to say yes when the sheriff pulled up 
It happened to me man of all the luck
Well I was just trying to reach the other side
Couldn't swim 
So I tried to fly
But I lost my wings
And if you don't mind
Could you bail me out maybe
One more time?
At 24 I was outta my mind
All strung out
And running blind
No place to go and in a four way bind 
I'd gone too far and crossed the line
Well I was just trying to reach the other side
Couldn't swim 
So I tried to fly
But I lost my wings
And if you don't mind
Could you bail me out just 
One more time?
When He called to me
I just couldn't let go
I thought I'd gone too far
And lost my soul
But He held on tight
Love made me whole
He bailed me out even when I couldn't let go
Well I was just trying to reach the other side
Couldn't swim 
So I tried to fly
But I lost my wings
And if you don't mind
Could you bail me out Lord
One more time?