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Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, earth, light, love, romance, romantic,

A Tulip Grows Under An Evergreen - Inspired By The Poets At PoetrySoup

Parrot Tulip
in vibrant intensities 
with unique undertones
of green acquirable only in a 
few forestsA ruby red swirls within 
its petals beckons awareness of those very 
strokes that live in the lustre of your shapely lips 
like fantasy realizedMirthful yellows in all those lacquers 
barely ever seen as one would scorch their eyes to gaze lastingly 
directly at the Sun - though I have been fortunate to witness identical 
iridescence in strands of your hair you unintentionally flip and like dainty 
fingers wave me on to move closer to your flawless frame - memorized easily.
fuchsia sparingly 
paints the flower they
say exists only in certain 
singular gemstones yet l know
this tincture for I have seen it in your 
cheeks when we play and laughOh your 
laugh how it fills me - replacing noise surfing
the waves of sound in the surrounding atmosphere.
How enchanting when your laughter there - dwells to
tickle molecules invisible to the eyes but felt by the human
heartParrot tulips with their soft myriad shades become stunning 
against a deep black backdrop which shimmers bright like your ebony eyes
Sparkle like your smile and I grin happily just thinking of you, just thinking of us.
white that also 
adorns the flower a 
special light effect I have
found in your complexion - dazzles
my mind each and every time I see you.
Parrot tulips a miracle of nature, a special
breed I admit are as remarkable as any offering 
that grows in our gardens but rarer still - you the flower 
I share my life withNo one, no thing, no life compares to you,
your approach - for every time I even think of you, the joy it brings
completes the meaning of my existence fullIf not for you no other delight 
would have that extra zest I feel from the sharing of your love and light always.
tulip oh 
what joy it
bringsHow the flower
draws these words from
meIronic how true allure felt
fills our glass so I thought I'd share
with you how it uplifts my days - knowing
confident in our love as one - you'd never resent
me speaking of an elegance other than yoursSo you may 
know - understand what the fibres of ones constitution compels 
them to writeNow - about a mystique other than the one you sport with
humilityFinally I have written a poem on aesthetics that does not mention you.
Just above and 
beneath the dirt grows 
riches unimaginableMade to 
be absorbed by senses recognizable 
only by a fewThey are free for the taking.
An appreciation, a love of a natural essence.
A flower, a person, romance you breathe incomparable
to anything real or imagined It alone are the wings we humans real and as precious as all else consumableHow lucky I 
am the magic handed out daily on these pagesThe people I could never
find anywhere else then hereI am in love with their words in love with them.

the   re    frain       
is a  par    r               a 
ot  tu lip                m
hid   d                a
en u                j
   n             e
   d           s
   e         t
   r      i 
r  r r  r
 o   o   oo
o      o o   o
    t      tt     t 
  s      s   s      s
r r        r   r
o  o    o        o
o  o        o   o
t      t          t     t
s   s        s       s

April 27 2015
The Gardener

Poem Details | by Pace INK-U-SCRIPT |
Categories: i love you, life, love,

H-E-A-R-T of L-O-V-E

               Oh how I love you.
             Cherishing each moment,
            for you have opened             
           my heart with your
           everlasting and precious 
            loveYet so tender;                 uoy evol I woh hO
            You place God                   ,tnemom hcae gnihsirehC
             first in your lifeAnd                 denepo evah uoy rof
              I love you more for that             ruoy htiw traeh ym
                Hold on to the other           suoicerp dna gnitsalreve
                  half of my heart,                   ;rednet os teYevol
                    for one day we                           doG ecalp uoY
                      Shall put them                 dnAefil ruoy ni tsrif
                        Together               taht rof erom uoy evol I   
                          As one                     rehto eht ot no dloH   
                            With                          ,traeh ym fo flah
                               God                       ew yad eno rof
                                                            meht tup llahS
                                                                   eno sA

Pace, G


Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: life, love, nostalgia, sad, seasons, time,

Spring Bud

                          shivers under  
                       a rug of loneliness,
                    a sleepy heart huddles
                   against such memories 
                 of togetherness and not of 
               goodbyes, hating to disperse 
               the fiery rhymes of your lips, 
                as well as the warmth of its 
                 sweat...tastes like red wine, 
                   then it beats...and beats
                     gently, as it envisions
                          you, in an early

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: first love, funny,

- Love Letter -

            I             *  *       *  *    To my darling !            
            I           *       * *       *                                      
            I            *       *       *                                          
            I              *           *                                           
            I                *       *                                             
            I                  *   *                                               
            I                   * *                                                      
            I                    *                                                    
            I                I just want to say: I LOVE YOU!             

A-L  Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved       

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: hope, joy, love, peace,

- We Light Our Candles -


                        )(          )(           )(        )(
                        @          @          @        @

                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X
                         X          X           X        X

The First Candle
The first purple candle, on the first Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of HOPE

The Second Candle
The second purple candle, on the second Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of LOVE

The Third Candle
The third purpel candle lit on the third Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of JOY

The Fourth Candle
The fourth purple candle is lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent
It is the candle of PEACE
   * * * * * *                                                                                                                                                            
A Fifth light                                                                                                       
A white candle - It symbolizes Purity and Hope                                                
The Christ candle is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

Sun:) - A-L Andresen :) 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved                     

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: friendship, love,

She - Is Like a Bubble

                                                     is like a bubble
                                                a gentle floating kiss
                                             blown from an angels lips
                                          made from melting rainbows
                                        beads of heavens morning mist
                                        a floating ball of color schemes 
                                         and constant changing themes
                                         bursting into a twinkling down 
                                          scattering her joy all around 
                                              oh how I love the magic
                                                      of her sound

                                  For : my dear friend  (Johnette)- my inspiration

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: love,

- All You Need And Must Have -

                                                  Must have
                                           You are like a flower
                                          Beautiful and Elegant
                                          You must have water
                                                Need shelter
                                         from the wind and cold
                                           Are you going to be
                                           strong and beautiful
                                            You will need Love
                                              by gentle hands
                                               <@> *

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by KP Nunez |
Categories: dance, desire, dream, love, metaphor,


It was him, and immediately I felt the very moment he too, saw me as I entered the room I averted my eyes, seemingly not magnetized, yet his form continued to caress the corner of my eyes. My entire body was so attuned to his every movement, I sighed. Suffused with such warmth was I, knowing he was looking at me…alone. I tried to turn away, but felt the searing heat where his eyes touched my skin. I realized I was hypnotized, mesmerized by the power of intense attraction. Minutes passed by, I would catch again his eyes, staring, brooding. Overwhelmed by his presence, I felt such effervescence. Senses wired to all that was him, I was exulted to know that his eyes were as glued to me as mine were to him. Nobody, no one else. Him and only him. He moved, the second I floated to him. I stopped, time to catch my breath. Him whose strides came quickly to my side. Such panther’s grace, eyes holding my stare, he smiled. The wineglass in my hand trembled, serene not I, far from calm. Suffused with much warmth was I, knowing he was looking at me…alone. I turned away, and felt the searing heat where his eyes just touched my skin. Hand on my elbow, he silently led me to where the crowds were, to dance Such arrogance, I thought I’ve had enough as a child, of dominance Yet I, surprised, felt the rush of liquid fire through my veins with his large hand, warm and steady on my bare back. Alive were all nerve ending, as we went dancing through the night, I heard the loud sound of the wild beating of my heart. Suddenly…I was jarred, and from a dream, woke up I.
Kim Patrice Nunez DREAMS CONTEST - 10 th Place SPONSOR: ROB CARMACK 23 April 2015

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, life, lovelife, me,

An Offspring Of Love

                              You are,                                                   And I am,
                   The Body of Christ,                                       Of an earthly man,
            Purchased by His sacred blood!                       A sinner, living in iniquity!

       Pure and precious in nature                                  A presumptuous transgressor,
  True riches and infinite wisdom                                                    Of divine teachings,
Can only be found in You!                                            Of the Father--the Greatest King!

You are the light of life                                                               And I walk in darkness
To those who believe in righteousness                         For I'm led to falsity and deception
As they reside in Your blessed peace!                       By the sweet-talking parsons of lies!

You preached the gospel,                                                          I ignored your presence
To the GEM many came to listen,                               For my fixation was on seen things
But few are chosen!                                                         From which I gained nothing! 

 You saw the emptiness in my heart                        I was touched by Your noble deeds
   And that You gave me invitation                              That I accepted Your call, gladly! 
     To be apart of You!                                         And later, I found the truth in You!

            You are in me and I'm in You! And thru the Holy Baptism, I am redeemed!
            And I became a true ChristianIn one spirit, we share our firm conviction
                To those who seek the long and treacherous road towards salvation!

                     Sharing our gifts from Heaven could change one's life, forever!
                        For great fortune is ours, as we make life better for others
                            And for them to be called into the Supreme Church!

                                    For truly, I will abide in the Holy Scriptures,
                                       To constantly praise and worship God,
                                           For I am, sure and without doubt,
                                                An offspring of His unselfish
                                                       And everlasting

Poem Details | by Winged Warrior |
Categories: christian, god, love,

All Roads Lead to Christ-Shape Poetry

                                                    I    V    I
                                                    I    V    I 
                                                    I          I
                                                    All roads   
                                                    lead   to
                                                    stand still 
                                                    before His
  --------will, as clouds of grey drain their spill,for all roads lead to Christ.--------
   >>>  Mountains spread their peaks for when He speaks, the    valleys  <<< 
  _____ bow before the circulating creeks…    For all roads lead to Christ.______
                    His                         truth displayed                  within        
                      the                       roads      laid                    And                    
                         His                   Angels are on               parade,
                            For               all roads   lead       to Christ.
                                Love      and light on   queue  
                                           within    our   view,
                                             as His   heart of 
                                              heaven  comes  
                                               through…  For 
                                                all roads lead 
                                                  to    Christ.
                                               Children    play 
                                              along and cherubs 
                                             dance with    song
                                            As the bird's   chirp 
                                           with joy all day long…
                                            For all roads lead to 
                                             Christ.The crosses 
                                               boldly bare  His
                                                love we     all
                                                 share,    And 
                                                 we send our
                                                  For all 
                                                 lead to 
                                              We look 
                                               the sky 
                                               and ask 
                                               why,for our 
                                               sins he had 
                                               to die,for 
                                               all roads 
                                               lead to 
                                               I     !     I       
                                               I     !     !
                                               I     !     I     

Nov.14.2018 Shape Poem Poetry Sponsored by: Eve Roper Original poem... All Roads Lead to Christ Raging waters stand still before His will As clouds of grey drain their spill… For all roads lead to Christ. Mountains spread their peaks for when He speaks The valleys bow before the circulating creeks… For all roads lead to Christ. His truth displayed within the roads laid And His Angels are on parade… For all roads lead to Christ. Love and light on queue within our view As His heart of heaven comes through… For all roads lead to Christ. Children play along and cherubs dance with song As the birds chirp with joy all day long… For all roads lead to Christ. The crosses boldly bare His love we all share And we send our pensive prayer… For all roads lead to Christ. We look toward the sky and ask the question why For our sins he had to die… For all roads lead to Christ. Placed 1'st...thank you

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: father, inspirational love, snow,

Daddy's Snowman

Snow was falling outside with easeWinter came early with a deep frigid freezeI knew not what to do outside except make, a snowman with my daughter down by our lakeSo we gathered a pile of snow and rolled it in a ball, and still very vastly the snow began to fallShe was having much fun I couldn’t tell her what I knew, that daddy was sicker- for his cancer grewI watched her build that snowman with a smile, because being so happy was just Ella’s styleA tear fell and froze upon my cheek, for it had been such a long weekWhat do you say to a little girl who doesn’t understand, why God would let daddy slip right through her handI gave her a scarf to keep snowman warm, and just then there was a terrible snowstormWe could not see nor walk very easy, for it was so cold and so very breezySo I asked her to come inside for some hot cocoa or tea, because it was time to tell her about her daddyI sat her down at the kitchen table, wondering if comprehension she was ableI told her the news and she started to cry, she couldn’t understand just whyWe prayed right then and there with each other, knowing we needed no one except one anotherShe told me to look outside at the snowman we built, but my mind was confused and my heart covered in guilt. I finally looked and guess what I saw! Daddy was out there and we were in aweHe was standing in the cold weather for his sweet daughter, because love and laughter he always taught herShe got her camera and snapped a photo for her scrapbook, maybe next year she could open to take a lookSo now when the Winter comes and the snow begins to fall, my sweet daughter says that it’s when her daddy does callFrom heaven he knows she will always remember that wonderful day in DecemberElla never forgot that day when daddy’s strength was terribly low…yet he went outside and played in the snow.

Poem Details | by Miriam Bell |
Categories: family, love, sister, wedding, sister, sister,

My Sister

My sister Sharon is getting marry and I’m a brides maid I said can I say a speech but she said nay My sister is a lovely girl even if I say so my self and I like her faunas he’s got fine health So there’s my speech I love you sis and I hope you like this

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: hope, love,

Beating heart

                                       Heart                     Heart
                                    Is beating               Is beating
                                  Sending hope and    promises.....
                                     pumping    ideals and   ideas
                                       reducing  life's  stresses.
                                          ready to look for love
                                             to accept to take..
                                                   for always..

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: life, love, thank you,

- Yes - You -

                            APPRECIATE WHAT YOU ALREADY  HAVE

A-L  Andresen :)

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: beautiful, bird, happy, inspiration, love, muse, words,

Soar Like An Eagle


                /\                                                                    /\
               //\\                                                                 //\\
              Soar                                                                Soar
             through                                                          bravely
              out my                                                          filled in 
                universe                                                     passion
                 and I shall                                               and love 
                   set you free           ********            with all thy
                     I’ve ached for      * O\ __ /O *         mightTake 
                       moments of       *      \/      *       flight under 
                         clarity without *                * the twilight with
                              responsibility                my love tonight.
                                May the breeze fill your spirit and may 
                                    your spirit rise aboveYour spirit is
                                       so mighty floating like a dove.
                                          You always deserve joy
                                           in life so be kind to all
                                       those you meetBe all you
                                     can to strangers and you shall
                                    always land on your feetStay
                                      strong, fight      keep  your
                                      head held so     high and fly.
                                            /l\                   /l\
                                 \_/\_/ / l \  \_/\_/\_/  / l \  \_/\_/
                                                     Be you.

December 27, 2016

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: smile, uplifting,

- Love Are Growing -

                Do you have a small teddy bear
                A soft sweet teddy bear
                Your very best friend
                A best friend can be compared
                with a sweet and soft teddy bear
                The years go by, they are still there
                The teddy bear is a bit shaggy
                Your friend has wrinkles 
                and some gray hair
                          *  *       *  *                    .even
                        *      *   *      *                         .more   
                        *       * *       *
                         *       *       *   
                           *           *
                             *       *
                               *   *
                                * *             

  - A small "hug" poem - 
       A-L  Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Dan Kearley |
Categories: faith, love,

The Wine Glass Of Love

                                     The wine glass of love
                                      Will  it  ever overflow
                                      Have you drank of  it
                                      Do  you really   know
                                      It's filled  to  the rim
                                      With   precious   love 
                                      And    understanding
                                      So  take  just  a   sip
                                     It's not too demanding
                                      And follow your heart
                                        With this gift for it
                                              Was given
                                                To you
                                            Sad Times
                                    When you feel so blue 

Dan Kearley:

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: love, romance, love, me,

Flower Of Love

                    will open my          and speak in
                I                     mouth                       rhymes,
                 parable,idioms       rhetoric,and proverbs
                 to describe my love for you and present-
                 you this flower:Love is affectionate and
                  passionate,It is wonderfully delicious                                                    
                   making  it  ideally  auspicious;  It  is 
                    decent with a fine accent.As water
                     strikes the rock , so also it does
                      to the  heart of the  callous , it
                       flies  like  an  eagle  over  the
                        globe with honey wings,that
                         soothe the soul and body.
                          If love makes me a fool;
                           leave me in tomfoolery
                             &let naivety capture
                              my entire being,It 
                                is  better  than
                                  gold, shines
                                    more  like
                             LOVE  IS ETERNAL

Dedicated to PD on Valentine`s day 
A Red Rose Flower For YOU......

Poem Details | by James Inman |
Categories: first love, romantic,


I was strolling I was sitting in the park alone on on a lazy a cold bench afternoon, throwing feeling the crumbs to sun on my the pigeons face and the thinking of sadness in how lonely my heart they seemed when I saw you. Our eyes met and it seemed like the world stopped, just for a moment. I blushed Your eyes and turned sparkled green my eyes iridescence, from you, as you turned embarrassed your head, by my thoughts your cheeks You were so flushed warmly, handsome "Was that huddled in for me?" your long I just kept overcoat walking too with the wind afraid to talk to tickling your hair such a beautiful girl. Then like lightning it hit me I turned to you and said, "Hi." How funny it was, like it was meant to be, as we spoke the same word together. I sat beside Your smile you and we warmed me talked for as you awhile as if laughed at we were my silliness old friends, and I felt but more feelings I listened to that I had your sweet never known voice as you before It was gently touched like my world my arm, was new, and I felt the joy of you, and knew at that moment you and I were meant to be. I would give my life to you and our minds, our hearts and our souls would be forever entwined.

Poem Details | by Bill Lindsay |
Categories: love,

Borne By Love

                                                      to go
                                                             take me,
                                                              free to be
                                                             at liberty,                                                                      								                 my spirit 
                                                            on the waters
                                                                 to be borne of
                                                                      the power neath
                                                                            my strong timber,
                                                                              take me where’er
                                                                              you will, until the
                                                                            air of the mistral
                                                                        is spent and the
                                                                     clouds bid me
                                                                  cease …
                        your unfailing love has borne me aloft
                          but without you by my side, I am
               …………at the mercy of the depths …………………

         by Bill Lindsay
	 October 14th 2015 
         For the contest, Creative Layouts, sponsor, Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: love,

- I Love U -

                                     (¯`·.·´¯) (¯`·.·´¯)
                                      ×°× ` ·.¸.·´ ×°×


          xx                  Always            xxx        xxx     Forgive
          xx                xx        xx           xx        xx       xxx
          xx               xx          xx        xxx        xxx      xxx    
          xx             xxx          xxx         xx       xx        Xxxxxx
          xx               xx          xx            xx    xx         xxx
          xx                xx       xx                x   x           xxx
     In  Perfect           Harmony     And    Sweet         Dreams

                                        xxx            xxx
                                         xxx          xxx
                                         xxx          xxx
                                         xxx          xxx
                                          xx           xx
                                            x           x

                                           *  *       *  * 
                                         *      *   *      *
                                         *       * *       *
                                          *       *       *   
                                             *           *
                                               *       *
                                                 *   *
                                                  * *             

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: april, love, night, passion,

Tepid Tryst - Five Letter Words Only

  Humid April night
    Lover, first sight

         Ideal woman shape

           Sheet, coyly drape

         Sheer, fancy gauze

   Yours Truly, cause

  Crazy angel lover

   Shine under cover

     Knows every trick

        Night heat's thick

            Skin's silky touch

              Tempt lusts, dutch

              Spicy candy mouth

           Slide lower, south

        Tepid torso treat

     Savor syrup, sweet

    Fiery urges, fresh

   Love's lucid flesh

  Feels beget sighs

   Zeal's ardor flies

    Even's wheel turns

   Lust's flame burns

  Wine's bloom, blush


~ 1st Place ~  in the "Fem Bogstaver (Dutch)" Poetry Contest, Rhoda Tripp, Sponsor.

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: dedication, family, friendship

A Heart Full Of LOVE

---------------------------------!   !   !                      !   !   1
                                        !               !               !               !       
                                      !                    !           !                   !
                                    !    BARBARA        !     !  BARBARA       !
                                   !       LENORE         !  !    SHARON          !
                                  !     “ MOMMY”             CAROL                !
                                 !             JILL               CAROLYN            !
                                            RHODA              KAREN              !
                                  !       CHARMA         LINDA-MARIE        !
                                    !                    MICHEAL                 !
                                      !                  RUBEN                  !
                                         !                 RAUL                !
                                             !               ALL              !
                                                  !         POETS         !
                                                       !                    !
                                                             !           !
                                                                  !  !

                          HAPPY VALINTINE”S  Day  TO  MY SOUP FAMILY

Poem Details | by Just James |
Categories: love,

Vortex of Love

love bleeds into me and now becomes life 
 Light fractures into rainbow’s  not  hate 
   Warm rises  from  my  lonely black  
     Rain summers life from past cold  
       Old  tear  filled  eyes  now  dry 
        Soft dreams make me young 
              Single    was    hard       
                 Two now pair 
                     We’re one 

” spiraling effect” of vortex by antonyms in following line 

Poem Details | by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: holiday, imagination, love

I Drink to You

                       I can tell you how much I feel about you,
                          how the sun and moon are just objects
                            compared to you, how the bluest sky
                                pales to the color of your eyes,
                                   how the fires of hell are but
                                        flints compared to the 
                                             fires within me.
                                                      I can
                                              you do to me
                                    but I would rather show you.

Poem Details | by GeorgeKenneth Martin |
Categories: love, time, time, time, wine,

The Sands Of Time

.....I give you my all through the sands of time 
.......As your hearts rhythm beats with mine 
............Your face reflects my touch within 
..............As the sifting sands pour within 
.................You fill my arms forevermore 
...................Lips of wine wanting more 
.........................As time sifts through 
...............................A sky of blue 
.................................Two hearts 
.....................................A star 
................................Does shine 
.............................On lips of wine 
.........................Our bodies rubbing 
......................Our hearts start blazing 
..................Firey flames make you mine 
................As I give to you my eternal kiss 
...........You start shaking in a shivering bliss 
........Then your hearts rhythm beats with mine 
.....As I give you my all through the sands of time 


Poem Details | by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: confusion

Can Perfect Love Engender Fear?

I searched for

              That could
The love I felt for the world
And all its kindhearted people
But all I found was a book written
              By men
              To have a
              I was truly
              Ability to
              Why some
              Are truer
              When left

Poem Details | by Mark Trichet |
Categories: lost love,

The Shape of Love

Last night
The shape of love 
Made from the creases of bed linen that
I now smooth with an arc of my palm,
Gather and dissolve in an instance, whilst
Last nights’ secrets giggle in the shadows
To wait out the dawn

Yesterday as we ran barefoot 
Through the surf; painting our noses with the foamy
Brine, me brushing the taste of summer from your lips all the
While watching your eyes watch mine
- I could feel the drum beat of your heart
That changed some small little part
Within me
Even as I sit here in the dark, your
Goodbye no longer ringing in my ear, the memories
Slow, unwilling to fade along 
With the suns last, sad flush 

They say nothing lasts forever

Although love is not nothing

Love is the sand I shook from your towel
The dry salt I wiped from your brow and
In the words I failed to tell, yet
Women came and went – mostly
Nonetheless I can still feel the drum beat of your heart
Here - as I smooth with an arc of my palm,
The creases of bed linen
Made from the shape of love

When a man loves a woman (man only contest) - Poetry Contest

31 August 2015

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: friendship, imagination, love,

To All Poets - MY HEART

                                         l  l  A                                       G  e  h 
                                    t                      e                  r                       t
                               h                            v              o                           f
                          e                                   o         u                                 o
                         P                                     L     p                                      t
                         o                                                                                     r
                         e                                          I                                          a
                           t                                   THANK                                   p
                             s                                    YOU                                  l
                               a                                                                          e
                                  t                                                                     e
                                     P                                                            F
                                        o                                                       I
                                           e                                                 :
                                              t                                           P
                                                   r                               u
                                                         y                  o
                                                               #       s

Poem Details | by gilberta kime |
Categories: happiness, love, heart, heart, love, may,

A Look Inside

                       A woman's                                       heart is a time
                 capsule of truth only                      she knows the secrets
            for which lies inside only             she can tell you which one
          holds the key to the heart of     her soul not just any man may
         enter and some men who enter may never leave you become 
         one she'll always hold you close never to release the love she
           carries never to open to just anyone it takes a strong women
            to hold such a secret so close without speaking a word of it
             this is a place for which a women may keep the memories
               of a lost love or even a love she wishes could be but has 
                 fear for what may happen so here is where she keeps 
                     hope alive that maybe some day she may find the 
                          keeper of the key to unlock the secrets which
                            she has so longed to reveal to the world 
                               but without the love she so desires 
                                   her heart is where she will turn 
                                         for it is the one true thing
                                               she knows are you
                                                  the keeper that 
                                                      holds the