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Love Poems About September or September Love Poems

September love poems and/or love poems about September. Read, share, and enjoy these September love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other September Poems.

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: beauty, care, creation, imagination, inspiration, lonely, love hurts, metaphor, nature, rain, sad love, september,

Gentle Summer Rain

She writes about Fall's beauty in the rain 
The falling raindrops' dance ascribing thence 
Bespoken verse that lightens her refrain 
before the time they met - her steps commence. 

She listens to the soft and rhythmic thrum, 
her love turned to escape and cloudy string 
Where nimbus mistletoe fell, tears to become 
Their kiss of Autumn was symbolic ring. 

The first light cotton mists with summer rays 
While skyward cheerful laughs adorn the land, 
their ceremonial dance diffuses grays, 
affectionate embrace, where dreams expand. 

Upon September's sky the raindrops gleam 
With half of hidden Sun to laugh and beam.

--------- 8-29-13

Poem Details | by Heather Ober |
Categories: love, nature,


Trees reach like glowing embers
to singe the autumn skies.
Leaves burst with blinding colour
like sparks that spin and rise
Then a breath of weightless fog
moves across the silent lake
where trails of molten clouds
fill the sunset's smoky wake.
The harvest moon emerges
like a second burning sun
to fill the sky with button-stars
that morning pulls undone. 
Sunlight floods the gardens
to melt the morning dew.
This is where my heart resides
since September gave me you.

Poem Details | by Jack Taggart |
Categories: lost love, seasons, autumn,


As Autumn ignites,
The leaves burn with ember glow.
They fall like ashes.

Poem Details | by Lynn Marie |
Categories: emotions, heart, i miss you, loss, love, september, soldier,

four years

lying in the tangled white sheets
hair mussed i can still feel your touch
where you loved me and i loved you.

your scar on the side of your cheek
a piece of shrapnel embedded
you said you'd come home in a week.

it's august now  come september
four years exactly you've been gone
your heart forever within her.


Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: autumn, celebration, cheer up, cool, destiny, earth, encouraging, environment, feelings, green, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, july, june, love, meaningful, memory, motivation, nice, november, october, planet, seasons, september, summer, sun, sunshine, tribute, uplifting, weather, wind, winter,


fall, the trickiest of them all, 
is pretending
to have fallen in love with summer

taking her to dinner each evening,
giving her the room 
to play during the day

summer, the purest of them all,  
has fallen for all that
surrendering slowly her joyful soul

little does she know 
perhaps sooner than before
she'll fall out of favor
once winter, the eternal lover of fall,
makes that call.

Poem Details | by Karla Deal |
Categories: i love you, love, nature, romantic, seasons, september,

Autumn Whispers

Autumn Whispers

It's almost September
A time to remember
The welcoming of Autumn calling my name
Such a welcoming game

Colors of the leaves bright yellow and red
The sounds of the wind dancing in my head
Crisp chill in the air...wind blowing freely thru my hair

I long to be with you this wonderful season
Falling in love with you was for a reason
Gazing into your eyes of blue
Remind me of the reasons why I fell in love with you

Walking hand in hand down that long mile
With you by my side makes me smile
Being with you all day long; in each others' arms where we belong

It's a reason for it to be in September
Because being with you forever 
Is a love to always remember

Poem Details | by Jesse James Forster |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, dark, depression, grief, heartbroken, how i feel, introspection, loneliness, lost love, metaphor, november, pain, seasons, september, sorrow,

Giving In To The Gray

Overwhelmed with fear I whispered into the rain
Disarming defenses, Giving in to the gray 
Tearing down all of my shelter within my hollowed decay
While this echoing silence gave every tear drop a name
They begin filling the voids with mundane hopes for a change
Heaven will save me from this hell and blue skies will reign
Lazily lay in green grass watching clouds drift away
It's all but a deflated dream now that the colors have changed
My thoughts have become restless noise of uncertainties rearranged
Damning all of my emotions, lies decorated with grace
Now I stand with a hardened heart in the sobering autumn rain 
I'm disarmed and defenseless, Giving in to the gray

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: autumn, eulogy, lonely, love, passion, september,

Saint Stephan

Was born a saint
That dreamed died at two
In the morning 
Never very good at tying me shoes
So now I am older, three times the devil
As I dream to see where life leads me
I close my eyes
To escape the desires I never touched
She called me a Romeo, yet I never kissed
The love felt I was certain was bliss
So I walked away
No more waiting, for silly moment’s lost
Played all my cards, and all hearts gone
And now I dig with grave thoughts in mind
For as I stare at the hole below
I see where Saint Stephan
Died at two

Poem Details | by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: autumn, love, september,

Sweet September

You touched my hand 
and I shivered.
Love gained, in sweet 

Poem Details | by Julie Smith |
Categories: french, happiness, love, magic, memory, september, song,


Dancing through the streets of a French little town
The old church shimmering yellowish brown
The September night sky and my brand new dress
I can't wait to see you and I'm feeling fearless

Poem Details | by Karla Deal |
Categories: autumn, for him, how i feel, i love you, romantic, seasons, september,

Autumn Calls

Autumn Calls

Autumn calls...
when suddenly the leaves fall.

Autumn calls...
when the colors are amber, orange and red,
and the sound of a child's laughter
dance in my head.

Autumn calls...
when the air feels so crisp and clean,
and I feel so serene.

Autumn calls...
when you wrap your arms around me,
and you keep me safe from harm.

Autumn calls...
I'm SO in love with you!!
And that is the most beautiful call of all.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, introspection, life, longing, love, rain, romantic,

September Rain

September Rain Staring Out the window At Septembers’ rain The rain stares back Looking inside my pain By nightfall I shall be insane September winds Carry me away To autumn dreams Where kisses exist again

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: love, nature, seasons,

September Love Endless

O' my September song of grace Lay your withered petals at my feet Hear not the coming of silence For glory falls with distant rain In each moment as change consume May we celebrate each breath anew For a love echo in splendid warmth As firelight taunts a harvest moon ___________________________

Poem Details | by Jun Gonzales |
Categories: bereavement, flower, grief, lost love, night, sad, september, sorrow,

September Flowers Sadly Bloom at Night

September flowers sadly bloom at night
Whose subtle fragrance quickly pass away
In light their vestal beauty hid from sight. 
Confused at being planted by the way
Those treading sorrow's path at twilight weep.
Because of grievous troubles had been spent
And lost a treasure that they could not keep.
Did gain much consolation from their scent
He wipes their tears with petals soft that finds
A secret grief whose heart of those exclude
The hollow words of such offend the mind
Late flowers bloom, kind fragrances exudes
   September flowers do reveal such light
   They truly weep who do so well at night

Categories: bereavement, death, love, mom, mother, september, wind,


When you left us
The window was open
There was a single star in the sky
Wind was breathless
A sudden cry ripped the darkness

That night was a book’s last page
Frayed by time and solitude
A lamp was burning in the corner
To thicken the whispers of coming souls
We were speechless 
Touching my mother’s feet
Lean and wilted 
By thousand years ‘march.

September, the cruelest
You did not know the weight of pain
One’s heart endeared 
And cried in a land
Islanded by silence.

Poem Details | by njeri hunjeri |
Categories: child, love,

I love you September

I love you so tender
Now, before and forever 
You are always my splendor 
You always give me the wonder 
I like you like no other member 

I love you so tender
Even in the hot summer 
You are my heart's warrior 
For life, me and you together
Everytime with you it gets better 

I love you my little feather
Dancing up in the air so clever
Innocent with that pure laughter
Your energy each day is stronger
You are the love story that never ends in a letter

I love you so tender
   My little feather
     In any weather
       In every passing hour

Poem Details | by Jerry Wells |
Categories: anniversary, baptism, beautiful, best friend, bible, school, september,
















Poem Details | by ron ryan |
Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection, life, loss, lost love, love, sadbeautiful, beautiful, me,

Mid-September Blue

when everything was possible
when everything was new
when my heart beat out of my chest
and found it's way to you
when skies were emerald green 
and trees were powder blue
hearts everywhere were seen
you said it was because of me
i said it was because of you
your eyes reflected gold
they told me stories
that were never told
i hung on each and every word
i remember everything i heard
in the background, a blutiful bluebird
Everyday was Mid-September Blue
when you showed me a better me
and I showed you a sweeter you
Mid-September Blue
was such a beautiful violet hue
the most beautiful view
that I ever knew

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: anniversary, brother, daughter, death, family, father, girlfriend-boyfriend, history, husband, life, loss, lost love, love, mother, people, places, political, sad, sister, son, wife

That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven Hundred and fifty victims Murdered, Rest in Peace My entry into Nathan's 9-11 contest

Poem Details | by kj force |
Categories: beautiful, brother, childhood, inspiration, love, philosophy, september, sister,

September Sister of Mine

On a sunny yet cool September morn...
A beautiful baby girl was born...
She weighed in at a perfect number nine...
And the best part was she was now a Sister of mine...
Life thereafter was awesome for me...
Cause life was filled with love you see..
We both learned from each other... 
Cause,,we were now Sister and Brother...
The years have passed and we’re now in our teens...
We are both on the same page..or so it seems...
You have high aspirations in Life , as do I...
So I wrote this poem to verify...
As your Brother I do certify...
We both will ,. in LIFE... succeed...
Using this Philosophy...

Poem Details | by Ioan Rusu |
Categories: lost love, nature, sad,


in the end of September
when leaves are crying
in the wild wind,
lonely on shore
I remember you.

Life has many ways
and there is nothing to say.

Running on sand
early in the morning
I am only waiting
The sunrise.

Another day will comes
and I know
that I will love you

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: betrayal, sad love, september,

Our Hurricane

Gales and gusts,
cyclones of mistrust-
tempest abhor,
our twisted lust.
Squalling wind
gone insane-
since you've left,
my life's a hurricane. 

Wretched wailing, 
sleet and hailing- 
fervid moments...
this idle bailing.
Vile storm,
unsafe and warm-
bitter weather
in late September,
your hurricane is 
all I remember.

for when we met our stars aligned, 
and in a glance our love defined-
we are beauty and passion combined, 
but now you're gone...
                         a hurricane designed. 

September 12, 2017

Poem Details | by Moon Flower |
Categories: destiny, emo, love, september, visionary,

Live for Today

Won’t slip from Mind’s eye of yore Won’t let foil The cull I’ll make Live for truth Not for figment Just leave the past behind 09.05.17

Poem Details | by Cheri Teng |
Categories: loss, lost love, pain,

Teardrops in September

As sunlight's beauty dies,
I hide in this cold corner,
And love lost is remembered.
An uninvited memory from yesterday
Brought tears in mid-September.

Cherie Dionson

Poem Details | by Gloria Cervantes |
Categories: death, loss, love, sad, prayer, me,

September Morning

My prayer was heard
you will hurt no more
The Lord took you the next morning.

My heart aches
my soul quakes
I lost you that sad September morning.

My eyes cry
I constantly sigh
since our last goodbye
I will forever be mourning.

I seek you in my dreams
holding me again
stay with me till morning.