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Poem Details | by Samuel Marlatt lll |
Categories: beautiful, first love, passion, sound,

Sailing on Sentiment

The crystal clear image
of her face tattooed
on my inner eyelids.

Delicate blonde hair;
snake bitten lower lip—
tender gaze of pacific.

Memories inscribed in jet black ink--
my anchor when tides would swell;
breath of ocean breeze- the hurricanes eye.

Blue irises you keep
remind me of those
summer sunsets.

Evening constellations—
what cinemas
they were.

Vocal cords could harmonize an angelic
melody of sopranos singing in perfect unison;
even slurs that spilled in your slumber.

Again last night I dreamt of bliss—
wishing you'd been there
for my ecstatic expression.

Our retinas reunited;
the song of ours
was playing again.

Awakening only to find this
barricade I built between us
remains anything but a dream.

Poem Details | by Robert Uy |
Categories: destiny, love,

An Afternoon in February: A Lady's Sentiment

A riddle she could not decrypt,
    He was; and t'was the reason why
To him, her Love she would not give.
    Perhaps she would, someday, in time.

Poem Details | by Shining Bright |
Categories: love, rose,

sentiment of a rose

speaks in silence
volumes of the heart
for the giver
the warmth and eternal love 
fresh in the morning dew
 a rose  presents
a blooming bud
of a glowing true love

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: devotionchristian, christian, love,

"Heart's Ultimate Sentiment"

Heart essence perfect
One copy of Agape
Love’s own DNA


a·ga·pe [aa g? pay] 
1	nonsexual love: love that is wholly selfless and spiritual 
2	christianity Christian love: selfless love felt by Christians for their fellow human 
3	christianity Christian communal meal: a communal meal held by a Christian 
community, especially in early Christian times, in commemoration of the Last Supper 
[Mid-17th century< Greek agape "brotherly love"]

Poem Details | by Abi Morgan |
Categories: lost love, love,

Empty Sentiment

Some say that love is dead,
But can that really be so?
Is it an idea, a thought in your head?
Or an emotion you outwardly show?

They say that love is no more,
But is that really true?
Must you ask for it, implore,
Or does it come naturally to you?

I heard that love has been destroyed,
But is that believable?
Is it simply redundant or unemployed?
Or a state that’s unachievable?

It’s said that love is in the past,
Old-fashioned and out of date,
But do we all just move too fast?
Perhaps we need to stop and wait.

I watched as love was laid to rest, 
And I suppose to see is to believe;
We buried it dressed in our Sunday best,
A love we bereave but cannot conceive

Poem Details | by Nicholas Hazelwood |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, words, world, me,

The Artistry of Sentiment

I could speak of the meaning of love and make its vitals food for words but that 
would tarnish its real meaningI’m not in my own world anymoreI’m in a world 
of combination and careHer words engulf me into an abyss of mystic nature 
and leave me pewter to a hammer of lustHer body sways with willow-like agility, 
nurturing the air with a smooth melody sung by her hipsVibrant waves of 
happiness seep into my pours as her smile pulsates flashing beams of joy 
toward meHer eyes as delicate as glass, display an asymmetrical balance 
between elegance and enchantmentA vine she is, inside my body, spreading 
her angular roots throughout my soul, synthesizing melancholy into passionI 
have grown weary of sorrow and it’s multiple followersThere is a new light and 
a new reality were sunsets burn into lovers eyes and crickets sing ballads for 
liberated affection.

Poem Details | by Darren Garmer |
Categories: beauty, inspirational, love,

Fidelity of Blue Nebula Sentiment

When my being is the focus from her glance
I am swooned with adoration as if under the magic of the full moon...
As I look into her enchanting blue windows of the soul
This one is embraced by unconditional loves serenity dance...

Surpassing the bliss of her lips reciprocity; knowing her eyes divine generosity...

Her inner beauty flows like that of a mountain stream as her eyes arise in the morn from her angel blessed dream...
Beaming the frequency of compassion, loyalty, balanced sensuality...
Uplifting all others self value; giving goodness to humanity...

Surpassing the bliss of her lips reciprocity; knowing her eyes divine generosity...

Opening your heart fully receiving the gaze of purity
Sets one forth on the path free from vanity...
Worship this sacred blessing; cherishing the warmth given freely to thee
Eyes of the goddess teleport my attention to a new realm of timeless love...

Surpassing the bliss of her lips reciprocity; knowing her eyes divine generosity...

Poem Details | by Adam Kinsley |
Categories: allegory, desire, dream, imagery, lost love, metaphor, sorrow,

Vehemence vs Sentiment

You crawl beneath my timid heart
Deploying feeble desires
I speak with vivacious eloquence
But, I have not changed my reasoning

Or, lack there of

I dive, head-strongly, into the same folly
Dreaming dreams I've halfheartedly dreamed before
With vehemence as my blind witness:
I stab at the sands, to search for sentiment

[The sentiment I had unnervingly hurled into the sea]
There is nothing to gain from this redundant Intention
Crestfallen, it follows me, with all of my lost chances
And, I have Run...out of places to peddle my Love

Or, lack there of...

Poem Details | by Dr.Hemant Vinze |
Categories: life, love, song-teen,


Written in my eyes is a poem,
Of reflection of your sentiment,
That you cannot contain
And I cannot conceal!

Poem Details | by Dr.Hemant Vinze |
Categories: family, friendship, life, love, music, passion,


Written in my eyes is a poem,
Of reflection of your sentiment,
That you cannot contain
And I cannot conceal!