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Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: august, beach, beautiful, cool, crush, deep, destiny, devotion, fantasy, feelings, first love, fishing, freedom, funny love, future, girlfriend, hope, i love you, i miss you, journey, joy, judgement, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miracle, ocean, people, places, romance, sea, sensual, simple, spiritual, water, women, world,


Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

Poem Details | by Maria Williams |
Categories: celebration, love, mother, sensual, sexy,

Fruit of Love - An array

Nature unfurls charms Loving emotions flourish Her cup runs over Exquisite passion Limbs entwined in sweet embrace Move in symphony Senses on fire Symphonic crescendos peak Cocooned in slumber Nature’s Miracle Blooming as she takes on form Grand Expectation
Footnote: A Happy Mother’s day to all Mums, Mums-to-be and Grand Mums for without you and the gift of love, this day was not possible. POTD 16th May 2017

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: appreciation, art, beautiful, romantic, sensual, sexy, sweet love,

Breathing, Soft Heaving Bosom Swells

Breathing, Soft Heaving Bosom Swells

Swaying rhythmic her hips
Tantalizing her lips
Blue casting sapphire eyes
Dancing under night skies
Such heavenly sweet trips
Docking side by side ships.

Breathing, soft heaving bosom swells
O' pleasures, past glorious bells
And Fated bounty was given
For then Love was in the liven
First kiss, gold coins in wishing wells
Sexual thoughts one never tells.

Swaying rhythmic her hips
Tantalizing her lips
Blue casting sapphire eyes
Dancing under night skies
Such heavenly sweet trips
Side by side docking ships.

Robert J. Lindley, 8-16-2018
Rhyme, ( Youth, romance and past treasures once found)

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: beauty, longing, lost love, lust, passion, sensual,

Her Brandied Beauty

Amidst wistful notions
   to revive his parched heart,
      he craves to be ladled with her ardent spirits,
         to be cradled... in the tulip of her essence.

Susan Ashley 
July 18, 2018

~ Tenth Place ~ 
An excerpt from: The Irony Of Fate (written July 18, 2018)
Submitted for contest: July 19, 2019
Contest: Arbitrium Divisa 3
Sponsor: Gregory R Barden

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: desire, fire, love, passion, romantic, sensual,


"Playing With Fire"

The heat of the fireplace
enhances the spark,
we know our love
will not fade in the dark.

We kissed amongst
burning candlelight,
your presence alone
brightened my midnight.

Nothing can extinguish
your warming touch,
a lasting impression
that meant so much.

Bound to be burned
As we played with fire,
we could not resist
and gave in to desire.

This kind of scorch
I was lucky to find,
and neither of us
ever seemed to mind.

We were both engulfed
by passion's flame,
and we only have
each other to blame.

November, 20th, 2013

Poem Details | by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: celebrity, deep, hero, inspirational, love, poverty, sensual,


They are not rich.
They have no car. 
They have no fat.
They have no dream.

They are not so-called educated persons.
They are not news.

They are struggling for existence.

They have not any exceed of life 
Which is poison. 

They live with their old parents.

They have innocent smile and intuition.

They created their poor house as rich home.

They are my celebrities.
But I am not communist.


Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, passion, sensual,

Fragrant Whispers

           Each word
           From deep within
           I heard


           The smell
           Of perfumed sighs

Form: Musette
Author: Paul Callus ~ 26 Nov 2014 
Contest: Whispers of a Muse
Sponsor: nette onclaud
Placed: 6th

Poem Details | by Teppo Gren |
Categories: girl, innocence, love, lust, passion, sensual, sexy,

Scent of her

It was a long desired pleasure to feel
in my caress the softness of her flesh,
the lust behind her wetness, and reveal
the warmth of passion within to refresh
that longing to fondle a girl in bloom;
to taste her lips, feel her bosom and sense
the natural fragrance of her perfume;
for eagerness in place of innocence.
Her charm lived in me as too did her scent,
the bitter-sweet scent of her lovingness,
love devoted to it’s ardent extent,
at last to leave behind the loneliness.

There remained no doubt that love would cherish,
renew hope for the heartbreak to perish.

T.J Grén

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: love, sensual,


Gentle flutters as we began
My heart responded to his hand
Sleeping senses stirred in the breeze
My low utterance of, "Yes, please."

A tempest rose deep within me
Collecting honey from a bee
Teased me with trailing fingertips
Prolonged kisses from tender lips

Seduction with the barest breath
Blind to all else, heedless of death
Such yearning needs must be sated
Desire for the one I mated.

Soft whispers of love as we rest
His head cradled upon my breast

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beach, beautiful, blessing, boyfriend, break up, culture, cute love, dedication, deep, desire, destiny, devotion, earth, environment, freedom, happiness, happy, heart, humanity, innocence, kiss, lost love, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, ocean, passion, peace, planet, poetry, relationship, romance, romantic, senses, sensual, silence, soulmate, spiritual, symbolism, uplifting,


is it the wave kissing the sand 
or is it the ocean
- deep from her heart
sometimes gently,
often hard,
but always with passion?

is it the sand kissing back
or is it the land
- happily losing ground 
with every kiss
to his eternal mistress,
the occupant of his soul?

is it this poem touching your heart
or is it our souls
- hugging each other
on a sandy beach,
wide and infinite,
day in and day out?

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance, love, sensual,

Seasonal Passion

You my love with a tender caressing touch.
I wait the seconds, minutes of eagerness.
Sweet feeling upon when our lips press.
Tastes of our tongues swirling so much,
Enhancing sensual ways that we clutch,
Our bodies and souls share such finesse.
Each time together, never any repress.
Our love is bound we have no crutch.

Everything I adore about you is mine.
Our souls entwined in sweet Bordeaux.
We climax together as wonderful wine.
We have captured charismatic glow.
As we share each other’s passion fine.
Passing seasons continue as we sow.

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: lost love, sensual,


Lie in a bath of foaming suds to dream
Thinking that I am in your arms again

Can feel your heart beating next to mine
Sinewy legs, round my body entwined

Hot kisses up and down my spine
Whispers of undying love divine

Such dreams so sensual refresh you as true
But I wake up and find I’m not with you.

Dreams so deep do release your pain
Only to feel them begin to ache again

Poem Details | by Allie Lusha |
Categories: love, sensual,

A Poets Lonely World Of Love

Love spills over
pouring from a cobwebbed heart
nowhere to go from where it flows
but in sensual empty words
touching strangers souls
Verses of passion escape
fuelling a fire that never glows
but smoulders in jealous embers
Romance and desire gushing
from every pore,dispersing like seeds
that blow in the wind falling into 
desolate places, with no chance to grow
No sweet buds blossom 
from the branches of love scrawled 
A lyrical raindrop kisses your cheek
A sonnet is your hearts beat
Penned caresses are all you own
A love so deep, yet all alone 

Poem Details | by Bob shank |
Categories: life, love, people, sensual,

Night Rider

Slowly she climbs aboard
through darkness of shadows cast
her noble steed awaits
anticipating the joy of being ridden 

through valleys and mountains
full moons glaring upon howling wolves
through waterfalls of sensual pureness
one can hear the breath of hoofbeats

always she rides at night
afraid of false impurities
never understanding
she glows in the dark.......

when you love somebody, nothing should ever be hidden, especially that which 
you give unto each other....Peace

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: love, passion, sensual,

The Fire Dance

Two naked bodies lying face to face
Conversing silently locked eye to eye
He gently pulls away from her embrace
In touching her exudes an ardent sigh
The rhythm of the moment had begun
Entangling arms and legs the stillness breaks
Like dancers moving gracefully as one
They share hot burning fires of give and take
As rapture comes she shudders in his arms
His perspiration falls like summer rain
Encore performance rings a new alarm
With tender kisses he assures no shame

The glowing coals are banked for warmth at night
Slow burning flame will rise with morning light

                 for contest: June 20 2016

Poem Details | by Michael Dom |
Categories: desire, love, lust, sensual, woman,

She is the liquid night

She is the liquid night The fluid obsidian chalice She engulfs me Her breath is frangipani It is the air I breathe She permeates me In her starlit vision In her saltiness She inspires me She is in lahara The gifts she bares She subdues me Her laughter is gold It is the sunlit day She uncovers me In her swaying presence In her sand strewn hair She desires me She is the fallow earth The orgasmic humus bed She gestates me Her touch is dewpoint It wets my thirst She precipitates me In her silken sweat In her pounding pulse She receives me Contest: Limerence theme

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: love, sensual,

In The Name Of My Lips

Only in thy ecstasy, let Thor-
The name of my weary lips rest
For mine soul, from long sleep 
Started waking sensual desires
To remember, O, how dalliance 
Inspired by flame, embraced us!

Poem Details | by connie pachecho |
Categories: howl, romance, sensual,

Love On The Riverbed

Love On The Riverbed

He pitched a tent on her banks
Her teeth clenched as pegs dug deep
Campfire sparks, heat's erecting 
The winds howling in lost flight

connie pachecho


Poem Details | by Debra Squyres |
Categories: dream, lost love, sensual,

Dreams Downy Touch

Her pillow heard the sighs 
as her dream elevated her high... 
above the grays into the blue 
where billowing thoughts of you reside

Tangled in sheets of what had been
wrapping her tightly in thoughts of when
a gray rainy day meant sleeping in
caressing in moments that lovers spin

While the pillows crease of dreams delight
scores the face of her missing plight
Each downy feathered touch reminder
makes her world a little bit kinder

©Debra Squyres  
2014 12/31

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: introspection, love hurts, metaphor, passion, sensual,


Exquisite throes

     You feigned forgive

          Such shining sand

               But sans a sieve.

While your intent

     Was double-down

          You kissed me deep

               To watch me drown.

A phoenix flamed

     Availed and cursed

          Thus meant to quell

               Your fiery thirst ...

But molten ire

     So coolly poured

          Is hell-and-gone ...

               Your hellish hoard.

* SECOND PLACE in the Premiere Contest 120" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Sponsor. *

Poem Details | by Priya Yanambaka |
Categories: beauty, deep, desire, longing, love, passion, sensual,

The topography of your body

Like solving the mystery of a stranger,
The topography of your body unwinds,
Letting me outline your smooth hands,
Reflecting an endless journey of  lies,
Carried by the curve of your shoulders,
That stops me to plunge deep inside,
Your heart beats resting, 
Breathing and believing,
In my passion, so tender,
Filled with devotion  and surrender,
Will calm down the ocean in your eyes,
Changing the game like an urban spy,
You  tiptoe with smooth innocence,
Unlocking doors to my every defense,
And lead me to the   planet of sensuality,
With the topography of your body.

Poem Details | by Collin Wolfer |
Categories: emotions, games, i love you, sensual,


You make me want to scream. 
You are clouding my brain. 
Your hair is thin. 
Your back cannot be seen. 
Beautiful... loving you is my sin-- 
Five hours that have been-- 
So slow, so painful, desert ridden. 
You are a permanent stain. 
It's not your fault-- 
That you won't go away 
It's not your fault-- 
That you are clouding my brain. 
I still love you. 
Every minute without you is pain. 
It's only been three days. 
I can't stop thinking of you. 
You make me want to scream, 
Because you are clouding my brain. 
Stop playing me like a game-- 
Before I go insane.
These antagonistic games remain the same.

Poem Details | by Daniel Cheeseman |
Categories: passionlonging, love, me, sensual,


Fill my night with your smile
Lay my side and rest a while
Press your flesh close to mine
And let me sip of love divine

Planting kisses on your breast
Of honey and starlight blessed
Tongue to trail that velvet skin
And release desire deep within

Pore to pore in sensual flow
In rhythmic moves feel aglow
Let inhibitions  leave the soul
Free passion, make me whole

Take this kiss from asking lips
Take my love in longing sips
Take this nectar from my loin
Take the fire as we join

Amidst the stars the word it spreads
Loves sweet odour will fill our heads
An angels chorus to fill the heart
A love profound and never part

Poem Details | by Jane Bowen |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, love, passion, philosophy, uplifting, longing,

Sensual Need

Passion has this unyielding power
Filling our desired need
Entirely so free of greed
Like the sun beaming on a flower

A wanting yearning aching urge
Bottled up hidden as we grow
A fairy tale we crave to know
A longing for our love to surge

Magnetic chemistry silently implores
Creating a desire burning deep
Sizzling kisses no longer meek
Lovers curiously eager to explore 

Passion an undeniable emotion
Always lending us what we crave
Being adored by a heart so brave
God blessed us all with this devotion~

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: dark, desire, love, lust, passion, poetry, sensual,

Surreptitious Breaths

Silken linens scented of 

  last night's rendezvous,

     still wafting midst

         reticent moments, 

cognac and aromatic

   candlelight burning 'neath

      surreptitious breaths, 

  as we unfurled

     sultry seduction's poetry 

              'tween clandestine shadows