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Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: butterfly, fantasy, heart, hope, imagination, longing, love, sensual,



I'm still alive and I don't know why?
My heart survived falling from the butterfly sky

Caught by the hands of destiny
With visions only I can see!

My love I heard your call
Wings of a butterfly broke my fall

Love motion is in the air, a love no one can compare
Indulging a look-a-stare- that we both share

Reminiscing our love made out of stolen hope
Awe~:*! To  them butterfly kisses that felt so real

Flowing like Amazing Grace, 
A shining light upon my face.

I traveled fast and far, longing to be in your arms
I desire, the warm sensation of your charms

Your safe love will help me carry on,
With the strength and bond~the love you set upon

Nothing is better than a sensual butterfly kiss
Beyond the sensation of heaven's pure bliss

Fluttering in the clouds aiming for the moon
A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I bloom!

Valued by the art of true beauty and its rarity
True love flapping in the midst of clarity

I entwine that I am yours and you are mine
Bonded together till the end of time

With the vision, my heart is no longer blind
Two broken hearts at last combined

I glide below to touch your lip.
Our lashes touch from tip to tip.

Caressing each other as our wings expand
Two hearts- kisses collide and land

Holding your hand reaching to the rainbow sky.
Kisses:*kisses:* like the butterfly!

Dedicated to *My Babe*

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: fantasy, love, passion, romantic, sensual, sexy, uplifting,

A Lesson In Love

"How to tame the madness"

As I sit here, with intense dirty desire,
Tonight I think of you (the moon and stars)
To you, I send a redolent saimiri kiss 
Read and breathe between fine lewd lines
Perfumed by the colors of the Enticing Equinox
Sensually, I create sweet serendipity

Inviting playful lips
Erotic wind and wild wanderlust
Streams like a river through time
I propose a good potion of wet lube
Take me to the furtive imagination of your soul
Embrace the tan and texture tonight
Touch the summer ripples riding high
Promiscuous and delicate, I advocate lust 
A quilt meant for deep and trenchant love
I shut my eyes to feel an Orphic flora floor
Stimulating a hot, sultry siren kettle 
On this night the tingle of passion penetrates
A hypnotic talisman that lets me, please
Inviting ----------- You


Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: emotions, i love you, love, romance, romantic, sensual, sexy,

Your Body, Your Touch

Your feelings in a group of touring innocence
travel up North towards trust and sincerity
in sweet submissive care like a carefully rubbed suede.
You put day light into your entrapment
for noontide to go nonstop.

Caress from yonder, massage from under
your skirts make appetite nonchalantly mourn
your legs present so nutraceutical to manly weakness.
If your bones are licked by wild beasts
the jungle would be protected by the ghost of sweet affection.
If the rains fall through the planes of your body
vapours of lust and desires will spring out of the Earth.

Your expensive flare, expresses you as a needed nougat
sliding pleasurably though wet lips in a greasy enjoyment of noodles
with aroma and taste capping up a nouvelle cuissine.
Night is dead from your day-long engaging chemistry
making the aggression of your nubile emission
in ration to any attempted resistance an improper fraction
when the night's light strike your contrasting body
for the creation of a mobile image so dark and graceful,
nature will sit down beauty for a serious interview.

Poem Details | by Maria Williams |
Categories: love, romantic, sensual, sexy, tribute,

SHE - In collaboration with RP - the Reluctant Poet

An Ode to Femininity and Romance -

The background music of this delicate poetic arrangement is intended to be played softly as you sit back and reminisce on romantic memories while creating new ones - Perhaps with a glass of red wine and - Oh! Don’t forget the chocolates.   

The cadence of her heart keeps rhythm to the music She sits alluring in the soft candle light Her senses so heightened but she ponders escape As butterflies flutter her stomach tonight SHE’s the mirror of all dreams Invisible strobes pulse as his aura manifests Eyes meet - energy spikes across in a mist Static shock she recoils as his hand touches hers At first she draws back but she cannot resist SHE’s the sculpture of natural perfection Warm embraces and moist tender kisses Twin peaks straining to break free from restraint Like coronas on planets - her circles a flare A consuming wild passion that cannot be tamed SHE’s the taste of pleasure and its themes Consensual yearning all inhibitions lost Outer trappings asunder - bare naked as created Petal smooth skin brushes skin - tingling sensations Intense tension of concupiscence now elevated SHE’s the rhythm of sensual orchestration Like the cleft in a smooth mound Caressed by the morning dew A flood of bliss and passion Crystal clear droplets accrue She’s the emotion of love’s fire Feathery strokes brush a valley of desire A precious pearl glistens in its soft silken fold Aching for release of an exquisite union With the sensually smooth bud of a single stem Rose SHE’s the personification of sensation Passion and love ignite flames of pleasure A tunnel of love bidding invitation To her rhythmic breath - the beauty of her charms Candle flames dance in perfect syncopation SHE’s the aroma of desire A pulsating Venus like the evening star She arches yearning to greet the risen moon In ardor of passion the lovers melt Climactic ecstasy close she purrs as they swoon SHE’s the song wafting from above Unbridled they move in perfect synchrony While deep from within warm spring’s release A joyous flood of bliss and passion To meet and to quench the explosive heat SHE’s the reason of loving stimulation In the gentleness of loves' creation Naked in the innocence of a newly born Lying languid and satiated like twin spoons nestled Awakes and looks at the glory of early morn SHE’s the epitome of LOVE The meaning of life - IS SHE
Acknowledgement: To RP (the Reluctant Poet), who refuses to be named and is reticent to be acknowledged as a brilliant Poet in his own right This poem is dedicated to his ‘SHE’ and all the SHE’s in the worldThank you so much RP for your contribution. (RP is not from Poetry Soup or any other Poetry site or publication) Footnote: ‘SHE’ - is an unashamed expose` on the beauty of female love and sexuality, the foremost gift of our primary instinct - the source of our existence A Gift - of pleasure bestowed on humans to be enjoyed with no boundaries of age or gender. A Gift - of joy unrestricted to only the humans whenever fancy takes, unlike all other species which is restricted to time of procreation A Gift - that owing to misguided conditioning of the ‘System’ and Religious agendas, is embarrassing for women to share and only appropriate to air in a sterile or clinical manner. A Gift - that is denigrated to veiled humor and has been disparagingly described in ugly words or actions A Gift - that because of the stigma of communication, has been the cause of many women’s intimate health conditions from time memorial. And Yet - it not considered shocking to speak openly about our gourmet delicacies, our overindulgent eating and drinking habits The topic elicits thought and makes one wonder - Why?

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: dream, heart, love, passion, sensual,

We Met in a Dream

In a dream, I went to him  
Hidden inside a wispy night 
Stars shining their twinkle lights
I sneaked into his slumbered thoughts

   In a dream, I went over to her
   Hidden inside a sultry night
   Stars shining, their erotic lights
   I snuck into her dream world dark

Of silken skin, my auburn tresses
Flowed like satin around his face
He stirred, he trembled as I traced 
My finger on his lips, his cheek

   Of silken skin and her auburn hair
   Flowing like honeydew around her face
   She stirred and trembled as I traced
   My fingers all over her bodice in lace

He opened his eyes to realize
I’m not a ghostly apparition
I’m that dream that he’s been dreaming 
His temptress, angel - his anything

   She opened her eyes as she surmised
   I’m not the phantom of her sensual nights
   I’m that dream that lives in her heart
   Her knight and savoir, that’s just the start
In my dream, I danced for him
Gracefully and unashamed
Illumined by a candle’s flame
Exposed before him as he stared

   In my dream, she danced and swayed
   Gracefully, unabashed nor ashamed
   Illuminated by the candles flickering flame
   Exposed before me, such pleasures to delight

I watched his eyes as they devoured
Mesmerized with every move 
He tried in vain to speak my name
Pleading with those smoldering eyes

   I stared into her eyes as they devoured
   I, mesmerized with her dancing eyes
   She tried in vain to shout out my name
   Pleading with those melancholy eyes

As I seduced and tantalized
My soft, feminine, sensual power
Brought him to his knees 
In helpless desire

   She seduced and tantalized
   Her white lace and sensual prowess
   I was conquered and on my knees
   Helpless to her magical touch

In my dream, he couldn’t move 
Motionless, a man in chains
Powerless as I came near
I laid my breath upon his skin

   In my dream, she silently lay
   Motionless, enticing my desires
   Powerless as I knelt before her charm
   I laid my kiss upon her sweet moist lips

As I breathed in to know his scent  
The mix of pheromones and cologne
Made me lose my self-control  
Tasting him with every kiss

   As I was consumed by her flowers scent
   Rapture mixed with perfume brought my descent
   I have lost all self control
   Tasting her with kisses my only goal

Loving him with every touch 
Taken by his solid form
'Twas in this dream that I discovered
I have no desire for another 

      Loving her with every touch
      Taken by her seductive sways
      Twas in this dream my heart rests sure
      I have no desire, for any other

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: feelings, love, relationship, romance, senses, sensual, sexy,


A DAMSEL ENCHANTS FELICITY Aurora breaks, Cinderella damsel enchants felicity, gliding halcyon-- implanting jazzy kisses, languorous murmurs Nectared opulent press quakes reactions. Succulent tissues urge virginal wanting: xerothermic, yearning zenith! _____________________________________________________________________ *** xerothermic -- adapted to or flourishing to environment that is hot and dry halcyon -- care -free CONTEST NAME: 10 OR LESS LINES Contest Sponsor: Rob ~~2nd place~~ Olive Eloisa Guillermo 2:28 pm, September 23, 2015

Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: passion, sensual, words,

Indulgent Love

Like melted chocolate,
words dripping
from his velvety tongue
rippled to her heart;
she tasted their rich flavor,
inhaled the aroma,
succumbing to
emotional intoxication.
She craved for more...
Seduced by luxuriant words,
her defenses weakened,
by an irresistible urge
to bathe in love’s indulgence.
Opulent pleasures
caressed her thoughts.
Each syllable drew a sigh
Her wish: to be sated
His unspoken promise: to fill her
with abandon – to thrill her.
She no longer dared
inhibit the demands
her soul was making;
this was hers for the taking.
Warning signs: DENIED! 
She tasted the sweetness
gratifying her cravings
in his indulgent love.


A Collaboration between Paul Callus and Eileen Manassian

Poem Details | by Jay Loveless |
Categories: beautiful, love, sensual,


Tender are your words,
And though they drown my silence,
It is those sultry touches in the sweet night,
That draw the curves of my soul on my skin,
That I crave and desire just now.
Lightly you pick up my heart,
Your tongue whispering spring breezes,
To fill my wings with flight,
And I wish your lips upon my throat,
To fill my voice with soft cries
How gently you pluck the strings of my harp,
I croon and sway to your song,
Melting in your arms against your skin,
I long to feel your warmth so deep inside,
That I recognize your pulse within my ribs.
Tender are your words,
And though they drown my silence,
It is your touch in the night that I desire, just now,
Just now, and every night after

Poem Details | by Darren White |
Categories: boyfriend, i love you, men, romance, romantic, sensual,

Over The Moon

He curls his lithe frame around mine.
All arms and legs, a fluttering heart
As a little bird’s, frightened but brave.
I kiss him, he tastes like oranges,
fresh strawberries, and courage.

I smile the sun into his green eyes,
Braid starlight in his curls, lick salt
From his skin, the shore our bed,
Lapping waves our spectators,
Soaking us until he curves his back
In roaring blissI carry him
Over the moon into the sun.


April 5, 2017 
Copyright © Darren White

Poem Details | by colin mitchell williams |
Categories: love, sensual,

The Fountain

The Fountain

Where have you been my love

Did the hours slip from the pools of your thoughts
To go wandering heights in vacant skies

Did they capture their images on high
As you floated through the siphoned mist of your dreams

I stood on the golden rim

Where comes this shimmer quiet in your eyes
Did the blessed heavens kiss away your sadness

Flushed you seem with a new coy brilliance
Coquette by your demeanour disregards my question

I drank from a sacred stream

This sleeping softness sensual pressed to warmth
Pervades the corners of your mouth; teasing brigands

Have those loose moments retaliated their freedom
And gathered the snippets of lust once again into ragged ball of passion

I lay naked in the dust

The tip of your finger is playing upon a pharyngeal string; my love
Purring cat you are stretched bare skinned on a Persian rug

Your playful whispers intone in those exquisite curves
Flexing white porcelain opening of slow swan wings

And I held the source spring of my heart

Impatient now edges the tangled slides of your auburn curls
This gesture turns your shoulder; from behind lowered lashes you look

A predator’s toy in scratching claws lays its throat willingly bare
Ready to be devoured by a single word; of love

I stepped from the golden rim

Your palms carry the visions you have seen entranced
Coursing through your touch with eclectic imagery

There is a moment of succumb, of slavery, in you, my love
Relinquishing all but dignity, proud, honest, capitulation and senses devastation

I drink from the eternal fountain



Poem Details | by Chris Green |
Categories: love, moon, sensual,

The Evening Blushes

Crystallized moon beams,
fractured light of endless desires
shimmer on you as our eyes meet
beneath a canopy of gemstone brilliance
Pearl buttons glisten as fingers touch
and your smile grants permission, 
leaving me breathless

Serenity of the night serenades
our hearts in silent yearnings
Your skin, sweet of perfumed nectar
scents the evening in aromatic siftings 
A sultry sigh floats wispily to the heavens
as we lay entwined on feathery grass
exploring each other amidst whispering winds

City lights twinkle, reflections on the bay,
unaware of our love, our moment
Leaves trickle to earth like tiny wings 
as I gaze upon your silhouette,
mysterious against this velvet sky
Still beauty falls like summer rain
drenching my sight with you

A full moon stares down smiling,
happily enchanted by our movements
The distant horizon mirrors us,
lingering upward at your charm,
feeling every pulsation of affection
Blissfully seeking deeper meaning as
you gaze down in hypnotic peering

Harmonic exhales sing in a sensual duet,
echoing through tree lined vistas
Increasing in tempo, you fall to my lips
dampened by melodic rapture
Fevered vibrations rhythmically sway,
while constellations dance,
effervescent patterns on an ebony abyss

A shooting star trails your murmured gasp,
comets collide within, intensely exploding,
illuminating our endless dreams
Simultaneous sensations glisten,
ecstasy quivers in stardust sprinkling 
on our hearts as the evening blushes 
in the shade of love    

***Note: Ok, this will be my last moon themed poem for the night:) 

Poem Details | by Chris Green |
Categories: love, sensual,

Slow hand

Slow hand

Drizzle coats the billboard 
sitting on that desolate stretch of highway
waiting for someone to read
or at least hide behind, parked car, back seat
steamed windows, sighs just above a holler,
a collar unbuttoned,
casual abundance with the radio on
seeking a Clapton tune
as nimble fingers
show the difference between a slow hand
and a destined position,
where rain doesn’t matter
because it is just as wet inside
though hotter than an August day,
perspiring in the friction
when love hits the four way flashers
blinkers accelerate, left, right, faster, 
names are called, tears are cried
and the road home now beckons
just as advertised

Poem Details | by Chris Green |
Categories: love, sensual,

When comes the dawn, when comes the sun


Dreaming of moonbeams
in Chantilly lace
Wishing the smile
aglow on your face

Leaving the day
in the early behind
Something much more
now appears in my mind

Holding you close
till our skin tingles wet
Searching your eyes
so to never forget

Entering slow
on the cusp of the eve
Kissing your whispers,
feeling you breathe

Quenched of the fluids
abreast of the turn
Fueling the heat
as my world it does burn

Soft in the grass
neath the dark twilight skies
Here in my arms
ever drenched in your sighs

Longing the taste
of the wind on the night
Taking a path
down the avenue tight

Spreading the seams
of this ecstasy true
Dancing to songs
of this time, me and you

Sultry the skies
and the star shine above
Sweet is your fragrance,
deep is my love

Till morning finds us
together as one
When comes the dawn,
when comes the sun


Poem Details | by colin mitchell williams |
Categories: love, mystery, sensual,

Laughing Atmospheres

Laughing Atmospheres

It floats in the morning dew
Settles with diamonds
On cobwebs who
Catch dreams on their threads

The sensual quiet of dawn
The grass blades are whispering
To the sifted chanting
Of being One

In a glittering pool
The sea
Dances every possibility
Day bright answers to the
Shafts brilliance of the sun

Calling loud
With its perpetual anthem
Loud call
To the rest of the world

And here it comes

The daybreaks begin
Leaping from my chest
It seems
Rushing to laughing atmospheres
On white bathed angels
Wings expand

Sends me out
Higher than the light
In my eyes

Gathering to the quintessence
The beating monument
Of my heart
Single holds on to intense
Shudders delight
Through every sense

I am soaring skies

I see her eyes

Left unbound to the anchoring ground
Hear the word
The catapult of love
Universal soundings climax 
Beneath the eyes of God
When we both were created
As one

She holds my cheek
And the ghostly press
Of lips meet
Confess my soul
To the indomitable
Of love

And the orchestral designs of morning
Send this rockets emotive
Powered to pinicles
In a cavalcade chords
Goes racing

Climbing every space
My spirit
Has loosed upon the chase
To its welcome home
For such an exuberant ride
All on its own
Takes it place
At her side


It is there
Where I belong
You see
Every atom
And concept of me
Has always been
Since God created us
As one

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: deep, fantasy, how i feel, love, lust, senses, sensual,


NAUGHTY & NICE I want to explore your womanhood. I want to take your mental essence to higher plateaus. I want to kiss you in the most sensual place. My desire for you is driving me crazy. No need to worry love the time has come. I am yours for now and beyond. Here I am standing before you. I am yours to adore. Give me some sex. Make me wet. I am yours to fulfill. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let us make love in the moonlight. My body yearns for yours. Your body yearns for mine. We are both dramatized to captivate each other minds. Give me some sex. Come to me with your fine ass. Make love to me between these satin sheets. Please me. Shh, say no more. I am yours. |_____________________________________________| Penned On November 17, 2014!

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: desire, fire, love, passion, romantic, sensual,


"Playing With Fire"

The heat of the fireplace
enhances the spark,
we know our love
will not fade in the dark.

We kissed amongst
burning candlelight,
your presence alone
brightened my midnight.

Nothing can extinguish
your warming touch,
a lasting impression
that meant so much.

Bound to be burned
As we played with fire,
we could not resist
and gave in to desire.

This kind of scorch
I was lucky to find,
and neither of us
ever seemed to mind.

We were both engulfed
by passion's flame,
and we only have
each other to blame.

November, 20th, 2013

Poem Details | by Dan Kearley |
Categories: desire, kiss, love, night, sensual,

Passion Awaits

Beneath an amber shade with a translucent hue. Two hearts are joined as one under the light of the moon. Fireflies glowing, within distant sight. Landscaping beauty, on this cool summers night. Crickets are chirping in the fields all around. Not a word can explain the melody, of this hypnotic sound. On a blanket, under the stars that sparkle from above. In thee essence of the dew, I lay with you here my love. Our hearts begin to flutter from a long embrace. Upon the softness of your lips a warm kiss has been placed. Making love in the field, until the new morning sun. Then naked, hand in hand together we will run. Our passion, we will renew from all the earth has to give. In a moment set forth, from this time we now live.
Dan Kearley:12-4-14

Poem Details | by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: candy, fantasy, for him, husband, love, sensual, sweet,

You, Me, and Candy

Love is the essence.

Your presence is flavor.

I'll savor you "Now and Later."

Your sweetness is one,

of many candies,

not just good night pillow mint "Andes."
I'm a "sucker" for you,

like an "Everlasting Gobstopper," forever true.

Even if there's "Mounds" on the "Rocky Road,"

we'll "Crunch" it out and keep our oath.

You gave me a "Ring Pop" and I said, "I do."

You're forever my "Sweettart" and I love you.

You know I'm shy, but a great romancer.

"Red Rope" me in, like a "Jolly Rancher."

Let's make it "Good and Plenty,"

as true love's meant to be.

We'll start with "Hershey's Hugs,"

then we'll twist into "Kisses."

Doesn't that sound delicious?

I'll lick your "Necco,"

as you tickle my ears.

My "Snickers" are so hard,

I'm brought to tears.

I'll "Rollo"-ver and purr like a "KitKat"

while you tenderly rub my back.

"MrGoodbar," you're way above par.

You make relaxing easy, 

like bendy "Laffy Taffy."

You give me "Red Hots" with your fingertips.

""M"mm "&" "M"mm," are upon my lips.

Take me to "Mars," in the "Milky Way,"

Take me anywhere, as long as you stay.

Call me "Baby Ruth," or whatever you please.

Call me your girl, or a playful tease.

You're a little nutty, my funny "Almond Joy."

When it's "Reece's," I'll play with your toy.

You're not so shabby, fancy "Sugar Daddy."

We'd make great "Sugar Babies."

Maybe with lots of practice,

we might have "Twix."

We'll name them "Mike & Ike,"

or something we both like.

You're such a "Big Hunk,"

and I love "Whoppers."

Let's make this night one of many non-stoppers.

(Candy names were originally in bold instead of quotations, but it didn't transfer over 


Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, romance, me, sweet, emotions, love, me, sweet, cancer, sensual,

Dear King-

# oi KING Mandalay

Influence by the element of air,
You had me at love’s first stare.

Ruled by the element of your water,
Emotions no one can slaughter.

You call upon me like a charmer,
Awaken me out of my outer body armor.

A cobra memorized by your romance,
With a trance of my belly snake dance,

I love your built confidence,
Flirtatiously lost in a hypnotic trance.

Sending a kiss to your sensitive toy,
One day you will be my silly boy.

Your dots fill up my sensual desire,
My passion adds burn to your fire.

I will add water to your thirst.
Motivate me; energize me, until I burst.

While the moon changes your mood,
Your key turns on my womanly jewels of nude.

All my emotions are out of control,
You roll me with the sweet dice of your soul.

A deep erotic ritual to feed the need.
Wanting more arousing the power of my greed.

I will aimlessly satisfy your pleasure of lust,
A loving environment absorbing the devils exotic dust.

Symbolizing our emotions and likes on the same level,
Your Cancer sign comes all twisted like a Tasmania devil.

Influencing the justice with my right hand muffet,
My Libra sign set on two strings like a puppet.

I will shove the love in to everything we speak of,
Secure my bloom with the wings of a dove.

Spoil me with your pride, and charisma of your heart,
Fantasize the beauty of the nature of our art.

Longing your slight touch with a hint of aggressive,
Around you I bury myself in the world of imaginative.

Your sign and element your gift thrives on me.
I exchange the feelings only you see.

Observe me; connect me, until you got my balance,
Have me, love me, and give me all your romance.

All though your ego gets in the way of truth.
My sweet love;-)  you are still the one I choose.

By: P.D.

Poem Details | by john loving iii |
Categories: lovewords, love, me, sensual,

Two Halves of The Whole

Secret kisses in the dark make endless night seem bright;
Endless kisses from the heart, my mind and soul's delight.

I alone know the gift you bring of rose-resplendent light;
Alone I know the things you bring, that bring my smiles to life.

Soul-safe in your arms, and this darkness sinks from sight;
Holding you, caressing you, our spirits one in flight.

The colours you bring, hues of rhodonite and rubellite;
The songs you sing, soothing vibrations through indigo night.

A loving word, a tender touch, colours burst and ignite;
A look, a smile, a certain style, I crave with all my might.

A love inspired by the sensual words that you write;
Loving you could mean, to me, there is no wrong or right.

With our words combined poetic vision takes flight;
With our words entwined lovers' hearts unite.

The warmth you bring, a click, a love that feels so right;
The love you give, a click, comforts me every night.

Sending messages with my keys, hoping to excite;
Receiving messages from your keys, our hearts unite

When you touch me in tranquil amethyst twilight;
When moonlight touches us in the grey and blue of night.

Co- writen for the contest with John H Loving III and Charlotte Puddifoot

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: august, beach, beautiful, cool, crush, deep, destiny, devotion, fantasy, feelings, first love, fishing, freedom, funny love, future, girlfriend, hope, i love you, i miss you, journey, joy, judgement, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miracle, ocean, people, places, romance, sea, sensual, simple, spiritual, water, women, world,


Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

Poem Details | by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: celebrity, deep, hero, inspirational, love, poverty, sensual,


They are not rich.
They have no car
They have no fat.
They have no dream.

They are not so-called educated persons.
They are not news.

They are struggling for existence.

They have not any exceed of life 
Which is poison

They live with their old parents.

They have innocent smile and intuition.

They created their poor house as rich home.

They are my celebrities.
But I am not communist.


Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, passion, sensual,

Fragrant Whispers

           Each word
           From deep within
           I heard


           The smell
           Of perfumed sighs

Form: Musette
Author: Paul Callus ~ 26 Nov 2014 
Contest: Whispers of a Muse
Sponsor: nette onclaud
Placed: 6th

Poem Details | by Angel fire |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, romance, sensual,

To look at you

To look at you…  by Steve Hudson

Woman come alive at my touch
Respond to the caress of my hand,
Be yourself and more,
A mystery shrouded in wonder you are,
Surrounded in deep love and beauty,
I pursue you in fearless abandonment
Giving you my all
Captured by your eyes, your hair,
The curve of your body in sensual pose,
You were designed to draw me in,
Into the place of togetherness 
To live as one in physical, in spirit and emotion,
Let it not be at my hand, the downcast of
Your disposition, 
Let it not be at my hand the ordinary way of living
Nor the routine of every day boredom
But adventure and passion at every turn,
Embracing this union in daylight,
The way we embrace each other in the throughs of ecstasy at night,
Noble creature, delicate and bold
Take this hand today,
The way you took it yesterday,
And let us walk in sacred unity for the Glory of tomorrow

Poem Details | by James Kelley |
Categories: for her, love, metaphor, romance, romantic, sensual, spoken word,

Smoke Signals

If words could envelop fire,

I’d whisper softly into a quiet

note and let the pyre in my

lonely coffer spill out it’s smokey dispatch.

Letting pathos glow inside carrion’s beat,

I would endeavor this note reach a messenger

with quick feet, so that you would read it before

I became nothing more than a ruin,

damned by it’s own occasion.

I would speak with a gentle urgency,

through teeth like embers of brimstone.

" Let not your tender humor steer you

in a direction that would wilt us both

Fan the flames that have consumed me,

It’s a burn that fuels our passion

I love you and the pain that you bring,

you are the brightness in the sky,

and the darkness of night.

You are the sting of broken flesh,

and the sweet release of blood that flows.

You are the healing of my blackened benevolence,

and the anger in my wisdom.

You are my second eye, 

and my heaviest anchor.

You are the spark,

and the kindle.

You are my Queen.”

-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: emotions, hyperbole, love, passion, romance, sensual, sexy,

This Fury-Fiery Moment of Hot Sensual Love

This Fury-Fiery Moment of Hot Sensual Love

This fury-fiery moment of hot sensual love nourishes us now,
As we move from a caress to razor-close, then to lover-close,
Intertwined as one in a true tempestuous storm sparkling afire!

We share such a white-hot passion with a boundless fiery desire,
Blending us deeply in a fury-fiery emotion of love’s true inspire;
Bringing us to this apex with lust as love and love in lust’s hour!

This magic moment melds our passion into a true alchemy of love.
This prized-perfect passion purrs us now into satiated contentment,
As our hearts bask-bright in a fury-fiery moment of sensual desire! 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – May 19, 2016

Poem Details | by sarah seraphin |
Categories: love, passion, sensual,

Moistened Lips of Love

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Moistened sensations within the wetness, of her tingling tongue

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Swirling euphoric kisses upon my breast, tamed by her love...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Set aflame as she bites their firmness ever so gently; sensual feeding ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pleasures as I quiver aneath her softened fingers velvet touch

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Caressing these dreams within my melting marshmellow thighs

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dew, upon her tender tracing tips; the petals, of her bloom...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Silkened treasures as she journeys through my warm beating heart 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Crimsons rose, falling deeper into her love; her cherry lips, tasting my own ~ 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

...“Moistened Lips of Love” *

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, i love you, kiss, love, romance, romantic, sensual,

Soon To Join Two

Amidst this greenery and purple heather Azure blue skies grace our naked souls Beneath the Cullins on the Isle of Skye Two in love sharing adventurous goals On our tartan blanket facing each other Noses in touch sharing kisses aplenty Rapid they are in teasingly smother Tongues now fence, complimentary Wandering hands on porcelain skin Gracing, caressing, she sighs as I do Arching her back, her breasts in rise Pert to the air, this soon to join two Slowly in kissing crawl, to her lips I Caressing undulations, blushing she Our eyes meet, for they tell no lies In loving clasp she welcomes me Rhythmic we are in this rustic place Seismic groans of wonderment cry Skin to skin of loving abrasions Two fused astride my manly thighs Gyrating hips in sensuous grind Internal flows await their desire Passionate kisses now frenzied Fusion of two in wanting transpire

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: emotions, feelings, i love you, love, romance, romantic, sensual,

The African Glow and Beauty

So slick, so brown, baked and bright colour and flesh, bordered by voluptuous curves. You’ve made praises of you beyond a man-made stuff; on you alone, craft, art and sexuality, together mold. Your every action, movement and word are sprinkled with little erotic flakes. The provokers of nature-bending desires cling unto your waist like colourful beads. Chocolate steams coming out of your inner refuge give sweetness like pieces of sugarcane in coconut water. Converting every attention towards you to the longing of a voracious chew. Heightened temperatures and senses make any soul cough when seeing your bare carrying soft elements so bold. Sight of you is honey for passions so tough, they consume, exaggerate breath sounds and never grow old. Sketches of you even from amateurs are never rough and the layers beneath your skin are the purifiers of Gold. Matured and serious young adults have faith in love but to your passionate affection, I’m a complete extremist.

Poem Details | by Teppo Gren |
Categories: girl, innocence, love, lust, passion, sensual, sexy,

Scent of her

It was a long desired pleasure to feel
in my caress the softness of her flesh,
the lust behind her wetness, and reveal
the warmth of passion within to refresh
that longing to fondle a girl in bloom;
to taste her lips, feel her bosom and sense
the natural fragrance of her perfume;
for eagerness in place of innocence.
Her charm lived in me as too did her scent,
the bitter-sweet scent of her lovingness,
love devoted to it’s ardent extent,
at last to leave behind the loneliness.

There remained no doubt that love would cherish,
renew hope for the heartbreak to perish.

T.J Grén