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Love Poems About Sea Horse or Sea Horse Love Poems
by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: humor, life,

My insane life as a bubble

My life as a bubble began just then, 
When I appeared under this dazzling rip curl.
I was pushed deep down, then around and around,
Caught up in this wave of a swirl.

I feel beautiful, so round and unique, 
And I love my friend, the sea horse.
But I feel myself going up and I don’t know why,
Being pulled up by some other force.

I love my life as a bubble down here, 
Living in a beautiful, bizarre, frenzied insane.
I hope when I reach my heaven another wave catches me,
And I exist, down here, once again.

by Sristrikarta Vaibahv vilas |
Categories: anniversary, beauty, girlfriend, romantic,

Leaving Hands

     Leaving Hands 

 I feel like as,holding my hands
 by you,When i hold your ''WAIST''

 It behave like a fish swimming 
 in my hands with the care feeling
 by my fingers.
 Way passes with the great ride
 of a sea horse with the music of
 our life. 
 By the sense of your smell makes me 
 to catch air which fall on your face 
 When i hold your ''WAIST"

 So please never leave my hands 

 with love all 
 jagdish bajantri