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Poem Details | by julie heckman |
Categories: love


Crimson lips, lovers awaken with a kiss
Creamy white skinned Goddesses resting
In a time where Socrates lusted after Sappho's 
Poetry and art.
The Grecian people worshiped her with
her beauty and exquisite proseOn the wings
of her art she played enchanting music arranged 
for immortality.

Golden chariots in fields of apples bold,
yet, solitary like one fallen from the tree, 
Sappho wrote her memoirs and music
while exiled, her death unspoken.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love, , sweet love,


Holding Adonis In another place and another lifetime, gazing into eyes that gazed back with passion. Kissing you, loving you and how you touched me. Summer’s moon watched us. Are you in the world, my sweet lover? Are you? Have you gone the way of the gods before you? Blessed was I to hold you so closelyI was holding Adonis. For the "Guzzically Inspired Poetry Contest" Sponsored by Craig Cornish

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: allegory, love, passion,

Veritable Love

                               Their passion  so unchecked--
                               He dried her tears
                               Before the sorrows struck

VAnderson-Throop 2015

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: appreciation, lost love, memory, true love, wisdom,

Yesterday's Shadows

Hell-and-gone, my dreams are the bane of angels
          Crimped with light, yet ceded to swim in shadows
               Darkened wings that tremble with aching portent
     Yesterday's heaven

I'm the fool that wandered the Van Gogh grasses
          Just a jest, with love made there in the meadow
               Callow flesh, thus burning for more than sunlight
     Merging in madness

Bright and light, on toe-shoes a girl came dancing
          How she twirled, with tempo to set my heartbeats
               Dark desires through waterfalls and the moonlight
     Joined at the marrow

Life did cleave us, bound to a course its choosing
          Washed and swept by fates to a distant shoreline
               Breaths and death left nothing to us but distance
     Partings, unspoken

'Leave them gone', those angels now softly whisper
          Broken dreams are nightmares so left unspoken
               Turn your head to sight your eyes on the moment
     Wisdom's sweet burgeon.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Sapphic Stanza With A Jux" Poetry Contest, Craig Cornish, Judge & Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: celebration, love, romantic love,

Influence of Chagall


Cradle garden faithfully, free her petals
 Pluck bouquet and playfully tend her, kiss her.
  Praise her beauty soulfully - stem and fragrance.
                                                  ~ Whirligig love her.

Sapphic Stanza with a Jux Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Craig Cornish

*Marc Chagall would often paint his wife flying
like a kite or balloon while he held her hand

Poem Details | by Roman Chebukin |
Categories: dedication, devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, inspirational, love, music, peace, romance, girl, song, people, girl, people, song, time,

No Air

A Girl and a boy both go to music school.
The boy and girl get an audition for a Record Label
The both go to the audition and both of them get the chance to go and record there own album
The audience loved them and all the judges voted for them both to win the audition
They both go back to there homes in the ghettos of Brooklyn New York City 
The boy was warming up for the Record Label by singingThe girl was also doing the same
They both take off at the same time from there houses
They both get on the same train and ride together
They both see one another and walk up to each other and shaking hands and nodding at each other as a signal to sing in the train in front of everyone
The boy pulls out a stereo out of his back pack and turns a a song and they begone to sing while all the people on the train looking at them and smilingeven all the gansters and emo's were looking with an aww
The boy and girl got so into singing together on the train that they got really close and personal, making it look like they were singing to each other
They touched each other and almost looked like they were about to kiss
The train stopped and they both stopped singing to each other
They both got off without saying anything to each other and went there own way's
The boy met up with his boys and went to the ally to smoke some weed before the recording starts, and the girl went off with her girls to do a touch up on her nails
Again they start walking to the studio at the same exact time and showing up there at the same time
The girl gets to the booth first and than comes the boy right behind her
Than the boy says, "wait am i singing with her"? and the answer was "yes".
The girl was already in the singing booth and the boy and his friends came and started laughing at her in the booth
The boy got mad and went into the booth to show his boys that she is hella good at singing
The both stand right next to each other and being hearing a melody comes out from the song No Air, by Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks
The girl started singing first and the boy followed right after her
The boys friends had there jaws dropped by the amazing voice that they both make together
The DJ had a smile on his face and everyone was stunned by the way they sound together
They both got really into it and started do what they did in the train
By the end of the song people were crying of what beauty they just heard

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love, passion, woman,

Impatient Lover

                                          IMPATIENT LOVER

                                    Rise up my love from rowdy camaraderie of friends
                                    longing am I for your rich
                                    Following the shepherd’s path
                                                                            I pause.

                                   Humming the tune of the morning dove who
                                       Celebrates the creation that is your
                                                                    Beloved smile.

                                        Scented with honeysuckle is my hair
                                     glistening in harmony with the almond 
                                        oil anointed on my skin.

                                      Leave me here alone no more.
                                      Cold grows the night, my love.
                           Howling are the wolves, scratching at the door.
                                 Join me in our moonlit home that crowns the hills.

                            Whistle, alert your lean strong hounds.
                           Bounding they will follow you home
                                Encircling us in safety for this
                                      our night of perpetual joy
                          where, as pups bay moon-dazzled,
                                   Together we will dream

                          With you each breath blossoms--exhaling date sweet joy,
                            Rise up to meet my craving,
                                 Forget the servant standing silent at the door--                                     
                                                     linger but a moment--
                          Thrilled and a-tingling 
                           I await our heaven-passioned joy.

                                     Entrapped forever by the breezes
                                                 good and ill     
                              Dancing in ecstasy we are feathers on the wind.

                                Twirling in sync as 
                                  each precious breath
                                      magnifies delight.

V Anderson-Throop 2014

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,


                  PLANNING ADULTERY

Heard his footstep spring upon the stair and stop--
Heard his hand upon the cold brass knob..and click--
Held her arms as open as her wandering heart could bear--
Heralded her fall...

Victoria Anderson-Throop
Dec 25, 2012

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, me, sweet, girl, kiss, me, sweet,

The Shoals

Walking, talking and skipping stones by the shoals
Caress, hug me  tender while shining bold eyes
Sparkle, playful promises until fall fades
Sensibility flew

Example:  Red cheeked boyfriends tenderly kiss me sweet mouthed
under Boulder coverlets winter springtime
hug me naked laughing & telling girl friends
gossip til autumn
RED cheeked BOY/friends TEN/der/ly KISS me SWEET mouthed
UN/der BOUL/der COV/er/lets WIN/ter SPRING/time
HUG me NA/ked LAUGH/ing and TELL/ing GIRL friends

        GOS/sip til AU/tumn

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: love, , Lullaby,

A Night to Remember

The dark; the gloom; the waning moon dost shine
The beast within the pounding heart unwinds
The night’s delight awaiting sunset
The girl sits all alone

The stars shoot by overhead up high
Crickets sing out a lover’s lullaby
A night to dream a fantasy of love
The boy takes her home

by Joe Flach for Craig Cornish's Sapphic Stanza contest.

Poem Details | by Nancy Jones |
Categories: imagination, love, music, , Lullaby,

Three Gems on Loving a Rock Star

“I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination”


Lavish locks sprawl pillowed in peace this morn.
Gently whiskered cheeks hint of last night's lipstick
Tensions banished blue grassy fiddling lingers
Let's take it easy

I'll make the omelets
while you get a shower, dear.
Oh? You'd rather play some more?
Alright, eats postponed.
Pounding rhythms drumming heartbeats
Satiation lullaby.

In stillness your breath meanders its way
through the vast concert hall of my naked 
vulnerability cooing minor
keyed assurances of something finer.

Rifts while integral to the theme render
our phrasing discordant at times yet
your hard earned skill in handling your fender
is spawning a wisdom I don't quite get

but it soothes and smooths, warms and relaxes
us both and though still stressed out by taxes
and injustice, fear and idiocy
frustrations from others unable to see

we remember our gift of harmony
and sing our twin souls free of enmity.


The three forms used to construct this poem are Sapphic Stanza, Sedoka, and Sonnet.
Written by Nancy Jones on the evening of August 6, 2011.
It was inspired by Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~ and her contest entitled “Three Gems”

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: love, soldier, war,


                                                      THE GLORY HUNT

                                  Heard the birdsong of delicate blush dawning

                                  Dreamed the soft breath yearning kisses of my darling

                                  Wakened to the flashing agony of wicked truth;

                                  Veiled my trembling heart in black.

                                 Rode old warlords down the path with swords a-blazing

                                 Turned the valiant head of my love with his thirst for glory

                                 Tried a secret warning in my desperate tell tale kiss;

                                 Dead he was before he left my arms.

V Anderson-Throop

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: christian, faith, love, truth,

Jeopardized Their Lives

They were righteous men who would risk everything for their king
They were mighty men who would sacrifice their own lives even
Only a chosen few had the heart to yield themselves so willingly

Jeopardizing their lives was complete obedience

Poem Details | by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love, me, time,

The Morning After the Night Before

My mind is still on your Grecian isle yet lost
Through time to another place where I exist
As Sappho sings her songs to me once more
And time unites worlds.

I dream as you lie beside me of rivers
Winding gently down your sloping hills, curving
Around the whispered breeze as you breathe, inhaling
Senses from my heart.

Awaken Aphrodite with discreet kisses
Placed in indiscreet places as sunlight calls
Revealing the night of cardinal pleasure
And whispers hello!

Poem Details | by Tracy Decker |
Categories: introspection, life, love,

see the sun

Waking feels like dreaming without the colors;
rising, I will move through the air like water.
When each passing thought is a question, you move
                                                                    farther, I notice

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,

LOVE'S MESSAGES sapphic stanza

                                             LOVE'S MESSAGES 

                   Hunted fiercely through the eye attacking ragg'ed crowd of din--
                   Sorted swiftly through the stone cold features--haggard face by haggard face--
                   Fought gut fear -- he’d read love’s secret message wrong again;

                   He glimpsed the boot clad foot that led her floating from the train….

Victoria Anderson-Throop  2013

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love, romantic,

LOVESTRUCK Sapphic verse


                               Saw the eagle turning of his hero head

                               Saw the whisper of a smile upon the lips for kissing

                               Yearned for a night without a dawning;

                               Silently he nodded while sat I with folded hands…..

Victoria Anderson-Throop

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: heart, life, longing,


                                              LOVE IN THE FRAGRANT DAWNING

                                  Heard the birdsong of delicate blush dawning

                                  Dreamed the soft breath yearning kisses of my darling

                                  Wakened to the flashing agony of wicked truth;

                                  Veiled my trembling heart in black.

Victoria Anderson-Throop

Poem Details | by Tracy Decker |
Categories: angst, life, love,


Certain, certain be when a heart is breaking,
banish doubt and conquer the simple truth: that
love does not defer to the circumstantial
                          (nor to my logic)

Poem Details | by Tracy Decker |
Categories: angst, life, love,


Falling in the beauty of graceful silence,
wanting but the echo of lover's glory,
mourning for the death of the passing hours
                  under this darkness...

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,




                                     MEETING HER TRAIN       Sapphic Verse

                    Hunted through the eye attacking colored crowd of din--
                    Sorted through the stone cold features --face by face--
                    Fought the fear that he’d read love’s message wrong again;

                    He glimpsed the foot that led her from the train….

Poem Details | by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love

Xanthous Yellow (Sapphic stanza)

I fell in love amid the xanthous yellow
as clarions of daffodils awaken
in the gently warming winds of April's song
to the springtime air.

As soft as the breeze she took hold of my hand
and led me to places only lovers see,
draped in faded charms of cherry tree blossom
my heart came alive.

In her kiss, a tender moment of rebirth,
the empty soul I was stirred into being
my transition in her loving embrace
a heart’s destiny.

Poem Details | by john anusie |
Categories: caregiving, life, love, prayer,

The Candelabra: For Mummy Precious Richards on her Birthday


Euphonious today is the tone 
And though tomorrow is shrouded , unknown,
I trust it holds a blissful opaline pod
And to this repose a prayer to our Lord and God.


Some court are songless and dark
Some have lost their Eden park
But I saw a songbird over your window sill
And you sat cushy on Croesus seal
Away, away from fears,away from tears.

Your place is among the stars
Where the twelve streams of Elysus 
Flow; God has made you 
 A salt to this nation,
The candelabra of the world!

Choice birthday greetings to you.

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: life, love, love,


Booze I love to take to forget about them
Pain and failure make me to feel dejected
right from time I hated to see oppression
       love is so treasured.

Poem Details | by Tracy Decker |
Categories: angst, life, love,


Waiting only forces the old wounds open - 
suffer, silent, pray that the guards will falter,
standing vigilant at mistrusting doorways;
ego, their master.

Poem Details | by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: fantasy, love

Eos byncio a Adwaen Ca 'm enaid

Eos byncio a Adwaen Ca 'm enaid
rabid affection tearing emotional 
fences to concious choice of her intention
amau 'm cara 

Lost in valleys that call for destiny's song
amid the Black mountains and crystal cascades
the only places where truth of her beauty 
shall reign 'm cara

Poem Details | by Mick Talbot |
Categories: love, muse, words,


MY MUSE ****************** My Muse, looks to the stars, for me, not herself. I have the passion, the words I am failing. Turns, whispers in my mind of treasures, loves wealth! My words availing... *****************

Poem Details | by rob carmack |
Categories: funny, girlfriend, humorous, loss, love, memory, relationship,


Every past that perfectly colors letters,
haunting losses beckon the predecessors,
utter names in passion or greeting, makes a
furious girlfriend.

Written: 01.16.19
Contest: Sapphic Stanza with a Jux
Sponsor: Craig Cornish

Poem Details | by Michael S. Johnson |
Categories: care, love,

Those Darksides Of Love

                                    Those Dark Sides Of Love

                        Is when your love fades into a blackened fate
                       And seems to feed the dark sides of your hate.
                       A dark side is when you experience those actions,
                       That are known in a time of an emotion.

                       If caring for someone is to be felt,
                       Then that love or emotion can melt.
                        Melt a period of love's flame in a heart that cares,
                       So that tomorrow can adhere to whims they share.

                       Sharing an caring to achieve a goal to the soul,
                       Caring so that love hears the message and the goal.

Poem Details | by Kunda Chamatete |
Categories: courage, emotions, lost love,

Climes Of The Heart

The first nimbuses have sighed, fresh winds but not meadows 
Brooks are brown but composed 
It's yet another season to plough our barren love
Sowing between sheets...

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