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Poem Details | by Kris Walters |
Categories: passionurdu, longing, hope, love,


A dragon's scale reflects the rounds of time
her heart, the subtle beat of love sublime
a secret kept in smoke and ancient bones-
a tale best told in whispered lines of rhyme.

She flies the crystal skies in silent tones
a burning hope of love is all she owns
forgotten visions lost in endless tales
and buried deep beneath the cobbled stones.

Remaining true beyond the mystic vales
her longing for soul's kinship never pales
though crushing eras weigh upon her name,
her eyes still scan the blue where hope still sails.

The day will dawn when once again her flame
will blaze along the sky and one will tame
rebellious spirit, and her heart reclaim
from solitude's dark grasp to light's domain.

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: love, mountains, sunshine, wisdom,

Mother Nature

                  Mother Nature..

I see a mountain, wake me up there.
Tired of dreaming, no time to spare.
I will be flying soberly drunk.
I am just living, don’t ask me where.

There will be some light full of delight.
I am tired of darkness and night.
I will be drinking, drinking the dew.
Thanking the sunshine, shining so bright.

I am waiting and waiting to see.
Watching your sunset under a tree,
Seeking for wisdom, seeking your path,
Flying toward you, dancing with glee.

I am so lonely, sky is my friend.
Talking and smiling, so I pretend.
I will be seeing, you in my dreams.
Waiting and hoping how this will end.

Tell me where you are, I am abused.
Lots and lots of pain used and misused
Tell me what to do, I am so lost.
It is no wonder, I am confused.

4/16/2017    Haloo

* I named the painting " Mother Nature"It is acrylic on canvas.
I removed the painting so I can put a new one...

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: fantasy, hero, love, passion,

Her Fairy Tale Came True

Fairy Hills are gone, with his curse, ruined.
Can this hero be greater than her sin?
Did Father, forgive? He was her desire -   
Oh Tam Lin, of stories, you beguile again!                             
Woods are now suburbs, we are far from home.
Slip into their minds, creep behind their roam.
Past’s visions will be life’s reality.
Legend leads us where fool's hearts cleave and comb  

Climb into their world, leave behind your woes.
Hide ‘neath trembling leaves from past pains and foes.
Search their soulful tale, embrace ecstasy.
Taste the nectar sweet where flowers did grow.

Open light forbids you and I to share
intimacy of our skin warm and bare.
Like those lover's torn, l hold your heart and hands,
softened by light eyes under dark brown hair.

Oh just like Tam Lin, I’d save you again,
far from city's eyes, we’ll live in the glen.
A woman and a girl, I'm with child of yours,
standing brave with you, our love, I’ll defend!

Our lovechild kicking strong beneath my heart
is condemned by those who want us apart.
She connects our love, forbidden by two worlds 
as we plan our lives making a new start.

Fairy Hills are gone, with our curse, ruined.
Are we two heroes now greater than our sin?
I forgive myself; in our joy, I’m free -
With tolerance and love, doors will be opened!


Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: allusion, beauty, god, love,

Love is

                          Love is..

Alas people believe in stories and lies.
   They insist on the book written in disguise.
I am tired of teaching what the truth is
   How can you see the truth with those blinded eyes?

A thousand stories and none make any sense.
   The burning bush that was talking so intense.
Many thousand years has passed and we still kill,
   The seekers of heaven spend at great expense.

If you wanted to see his beloved face,
   the things you seek should be love, beauty and grace.
Polish your own mirror until you see love,
   the truth is love, the God is love, you embrace.

If you find beloved lover that you seek,
   The love will be the language that he will speak.
Make your heart as the target for love and peace.
   Without love, the strongest person is so weak.


Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: desire, irony, love hurts, metaphor, romance, trust,

Sweet Poison, Mine

"I love you" moistens on your lips
    I watch it, breathless, as it drips
        Coating, sweet, my foolish heart
            Now hopeless in its guileful grips.

Once, I trilled that phrase to you
    Unsweetened, it was naught but true
        Yet now there's bitter aftertaste
            That whispers sourly.of adieu.

How often have I played this game
    And uttered myths, the very same
        Fomenting, then, those like replies
            That light the apt and artful flame?

I feign to count them in my head
    Those subtle stories told instead
        Of placing faith in righteous love
            And by my honest heart, be led.

So, now the gambol's back to me
    To teach its cold inclemency
        Insuring then, the last guffaw
            Will not be wasted on a plea.

You drizzle damp, the lie again
    (It thus has ruined stronger men)
        I swallow deep, the poison, mine
            And tend my heart its last.amen.

* FIRST PLACE in the "Love Poem" Poetry Contest, Heidi Sands, Sponsor*

Poem Details | by Rebecca Larkin |
Categories: angst, depression, love, sad, urdu, love, i love you,

I Must Go

---inspired by a story character of mine
Losing reality, losing my mind I try to stay with you but I'm falling behind This fate's going nowhere I'm left hurting inside Tomorrow's not coming What are you becoming Nothing is out there Pain and suffering forthcoming Nowhere to hide, I'm on my own Feeling so empty and alone Your hatred shines bright Your heart, a deadened stone This pain you inflict upon me Hurts greater than I'll ever let you see But still I love you so Though I know you can-will never love me I just hope you know That even though the love I want from you will never be so I'll always love you But now, before it hurts anymore, I must go...

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: love, love hurts, pain,

Love is pain

                             Love is pain… 

The love is light, delight, if you have it, awesome flight.
No kiss or touch you need, all that you need is your sight.
When you look, all the look will be the kiss and your touch.
All tomorrows will be your one and only tonight.

Being enslaved to my love and heart until when?
My heart always demands to control until when? 
Once if I find a knife, I will cut him in pieces.
Hope I have strength to hide him in a hole until when?

I rather live and not have any pain in my heart.
Why do I need the heart, when nobody shares its part?
Regret that life is passing everybody so so fast.
If you don’t have the love, out of the heart, pain will start.

What is this heart that has four different chambers in?
One is for love, the rest pain, it’s always has been
If I'll be born again, I want to have no more heart,
I do not mind muscle, bone, and live in my skin

The love that hurts, is not love, it is painful burn.
If you survive the pain, you definitely will learn.
Let me have pain again I want to burn one more time, 
What a nice pain it is, I positively return.

9/9/2017 Haloo        ( Love and Romance )

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: christian, faith, feelings, how i feel, imagery, love, religion,

We're Never Alone

While watching the sea breathing in and out
nagging truths lap at the shores of my doubt.
And I search the sky for traces of God
amongst trillions of stars scattered about.

Walking upon the same sands martyrs trod
I view their restrictive beliefs as flawed.
For I do not believe in damnation
or else the concept of love is a fraud.

Morals form the soul’s primary foundation
sin is yielding free will to temptation.
And these thoughts cascade like unceasing waves
as I contemplate hell and salvation.

Obsessed by what may lie beyond our graves
we willingly become religious slaves.
And seek guarantees scared of the unknown
reassured by the belief Jesus saves.

I cannot comprehend God on a throne
or that we are born with sins to atone.
For I believe that God's eternal love’s
unconditional, we’re never alone.

Poem Details | by Ahmad Reshad Yahyaie |
Categories: funny, urdu,

Oh Love

They do it without realizing,
They don’t really have a clue,
Reading between the lines,
Is something they just can’t do.

When there is an argument,
They think they're always right,
No matter what we say or do,
They didn’t start the fight.

They blame it on our hormones,
And never take the rap,
If they call us moody *****es,
Then they get a slap.

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: bereavement, death, lost love,

Eternal Breath

Your eyes closed in sleep eternal, a once beating heart still.
Enduring each day’s morn, I shall suffer all my days until
I draw in my last breath and reunite with you in the stars,
to bathe in your caress once more, draped in silvery twill 

Oh, divine moon shall direct my steps on the trodden path
of heartache and spare me another lashing by death’s wrath
in the loneliest dark of nightAs restless sleep comes, I dream
of heavenly breezes and the finality of time’s aftermath

Without your presence, each heavy-laden day brings moments 
of despair and flashes of blissful memoriesTearful laments   
rise to Heaven and flood the ears of paradise in joyous 
praiseThe angels’ rejoice for you sparking my selfish torment

Eternal breath, I beg for your welcomed visitThe hardened 
earth no longer spins and cannot absorb my tearsPlease, pardon
me, oh LordRelease me from sorrow’s shacklesHow I long    
for the freedom to once again dance in true love’s garden.              

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 11/10/13
for Gail Angel Doyle's Eternal Breath Contest

Poem Details | by Bessie Kolb |
Categories: baby, beautiful, birth, change, children, daughter, children, for her, how i feel, i love you, mother daughter,

Baby Girl

Yesterday it seemed like it'd been forever ago
And today it seems like it was only yesterday that you came home
You were so small and so beautiful
It was amazing to raise you and watch how you grew
But i still wanna hold you and sing to you like i used to
And i need you to still need me like you used to
I know that you have what it takes to make it in this world
And the strength of an army and the courage of a soldier to take it all on
But in my heart i'm still so afraid to let go, i don't want you to be gone
Because i couldn't take it i would miss you like crazy
And i would give any and everything to you no question
My whole world, my first love, a true blessing

Poem Details | by Bessie Kolb |
Categories: loveurdu, prayer, self, love, self,

For You

A new feeling I've never felt
You smile and my heart melts
Reasons of self unforgiven
Forever grateful for each 
moment I'm given
You keep me calm with serene 
When times were rough you 
loved harder
Forever indebted to your 
driven loyalty
What I've been searching for 
you complete me
True love the ultimate sacrifice
Two souls unspoken 
You win I surrender
No motive pure intention
I admire your ability to remain 
Uninterrupted for hours 
I envy your self motivation
Defying all odds of self 
An answered prayer cast upon 
my life
To see one another through 
each others eyes
I promise you forever because 
I mean it
My promise only last forever if 
you keep it
I would be honored to become 
one with you
To know you to hold you 
because I love you.

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: lost love,

Love Eternal

Never will I forget love gone away,
Your beautiful memory I will not betray;
Endless and unbroken my eternal weeping,
I will never stop coming with a rose bouquet.

Always in my mind you come creeping,
Till the end this sorrow is for my keeping;
Timeless and unfading this is a love divine,
Forevermore darling, of you I will be dreaming.

Sometimes, in my dreams we entwine,
One day it seemed your hand was in mine;
And you kissed my hair and red lips so sweetly,
This Valentines Day I will drink your favourite wine.

Never will I let go of love felt so deeply,
Always remembering how you loved greatly;
Sometimes, I think of meeting above one day,
With my heart bleeding, I trace your name lightly.

February 10, 2016

Poetry/Rubaiyat/Love Eternal
Copyright Protected, ID 16-755-489-0
All Rights Reserved Written under Pseudonym.

Poem Details | by Nigel Fox |
Categories: love, urdu, lost, lost, lost love, love,

On Entering Heaven

Welcomed around me the half dead in lost love writhing in ecstasy
I myself now in the place of the past of dreams devoid of such chastity 
Well met seeing my lost love beautiful with chestnut eyes and soft such curved hips
In dreams devoid of vanity I will and now just serve myself so handsomely

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: natureurdu, blue, love,

Place at the Lake

there lies in lovely mountain glen
protected from the harsh north wind
meadows of such gentleness speak
volumes of love from those therein

provide life with abundant scope
promising peaceful love and hope
cradled beneath snow covered peak
food for bird, man and antelope

the Fraser fir, long is its shade
among the trees deer parade
hidden beyond a pristine shore
lies this protected alpine glade

the call of whippoorwill and dove
perfect blue of blue sky above
a home among all this and more
I’m sure, also filled with His love

© Apr 17 2011 For John's contest

Poem Details | by Bessie Kolb |
Categories: love, urdu, love, me,


I miss smiles in the morning time
I miss laughing until I cry
I miss long conversations that last through the night
I miss the ease in the fear of facing the unknown
I miss hearing the music of love in a moan
I miss the secrets shared between two sacrificed souls
I miss you laying beside me and keeping me warm
I miss the closeness of falling asleep in your arms
I miss the syncing rhythm of two beating hearts
I miss the desire of the feeling that somebody needs me
I miss the passion of somebody wanting to please me
I miss the magic of the love that I still believe in

Poem Details | by Bessie Kolb |
Categories: lost love, urdu, heart, heart, love,


I know how it feels, I been there before.
Don't wanna go to sleep, don't wanna wake up all alone.
I still want you.
The nights seem to last forever, seems the darkness never ends.
Tired wet eyes meet the sunrise, the heartache rebegins.
I still miss you.
First breath of the morning barely reaches the lungs, first glance in the mirror burns down to the soul.
I still need you.
Silent night, the lights go offThe heart starts longing, the tear drops start to fall.
I still love you.
It’s crazy how your image still takes my breath away, how my heart still pounds in desperation when I hear your name.
I still want you.
I try to clear my mind in the still of a moment but before I can do it your memory takes over.
I still miss you.
I need a familiar face, I feel so aloneThe worst pain you can imagine and it can't be consoled.
I still need you.
As the sun begins to set I can feel that sunken breathI’m forced to hold my composure until I'm alone in bed
I still love you.

Poem Details | by Bessie Kolb |
Categories: time,


The silence is killing me, I would give anything just 
to hear you
My body shakes from the fear that if I don't feel you 
I'll lose you
I just can't seem to keep my head together, I don't 
understand it
It's been years since love has touched me, I'm off 

Poem Details | by vivienne blake |
Categories: break up, depression, lost love, recovery from,

Rubayiat of Lost Love

Hopelessness attempts to drive me under,
despair to take me down, break me asunder
but loss of love can never quite defeat
or drown, or mercilessly leave to flounder
for I am not yet ready to retreat
or cede to your demands  nor yet entreat
your mercy, plead with you for one more chance
pander to your ego, giant conceit.

This feisty lady’s finished with romance
You have already led her quite a dance,
offended her, disgusted her with love.
She will no longer give a second glance.

Written and posted 29.8.14 at

Poem Details | by Andrew Joppa |
Categories: body, break up, depression, love,

A Brief Eternity

Few things have done more damage than love,
Maniacally pursued as if a gift from above,
There should be a moment we tire of its abuse,
And with courage attempt to rid ourselves of.

The choice to leave this heavy yoke is of no use,
It is one from which very few can be set loose,
Still we choose to go on praising this curse,
Scanned writings will not mention loves misuse.

We are afraid to admit this ultimate joy is adverse,
And is nothing but a cruel attempt to rehearse,
Our death as if we’re naught but a beast,
To be used and discarded as evolution’s hearse.

To admit this about this transcendent part of our feast,
Lured with honey then mocked as love ceased,
As we bleed with only the agony love can bring,
We rise, dust off and go forward but decreased

Oh I know how wonderfully love makes us sing,
Til crushing words come, “I’m moving on, taking wing,”
But then, with objective eyes, you can finally see.
Your love is uncovered as a rather common thing.

These former loves cannot be souls who together are free,
For friends depend on values with which they agree,
While love exists without any fit for the glove.
Its “perfection” ends,  t’was always the way it just had to be.

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: life, love,

Give Me A Chance

Though I`ve left the stage of unemployment,
I`m yet to achieve  full  accomplishment,
I toil to do better by not being a mediocre,
But,yet my skill and strength receive disappointment.

Feel ashamed that I could not even woo you-my love,
due to status that is not ordained  from  above,
I made several advances which have been turned down,
yet,my heart tinges for you for being a lovely dove.

Give me a chance to show you that I`m amiable,
though my present state may not be acceptable,
I cherish you more than jasper and sweet myrrh,
Allow me to treat you like a queen that is invaluable.

I planned to be a rich crude oil merchant in the past,
but due to my dad`s death, this idea did not last,
I`m working so hard to break away from this incarceration,
For not being where I want to be makes me wane so fast.

Poem Details | by Peter Rangus |
Categories: lost love, youth, , sweet love,

Pomegranate garden

Outside the city where the pomegranates grow, Rays of the sun there in yellow red glow, Grass wilting brown which is fanced by the stone, Whispers to crickets: »Our time here runs slow.« Outside the city where the pomegranates throne, Whistles are born in the shadows they've grown, Water is scarce and by hot sun consumed, Pomegranate's taste still to all men is known. Outside the city where the pomegranates bloomed, You were and I by our sweet love perfumed, Problems in city were locked far away, We were by moment so joyous consumed. Outside the city where the pomegranates say, »Moment has passed dear, and she went astray.« I'm in theirs shadows in warmest July, Wondering what caused our love to decay. Outside the city where the pomegranates die, I'm standing up throwing my youth awry, Story is shifting to city aglow, Pomegranate garden I wish you good-by.

Poem Details | by Bonnie Jennings |
Categories: urdu,

Poetry and Love

A satchel of poetry rests over my shoulder
A silver pen, parchments and paper, and a journal
Laying them, next to the wine, on the blanket, next to you
And you are Mars to me, and I Venus

Poem Details | by Roy Christian Jr. |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, passion, urdu, love,

If I Say

If I say that I love,
would you know it's from the heart?
If I say I miss you,
would you believe from the moment of part?
When we are together
I want it to be forever!
You know when I say I love you
That it's really true.
I just want you to know my love for you
is really true.

Poem Details | by Kai Michael Neumann |
Categories: lost love,

Janky Wretch

Janky Wretch

At the nearest traffic light
stood a car with all its might
Porsche or some other tool
souped up initially a pretty sight

Than I thought ‘no what a fool’
such a posh car is never cool
driven near a township shack
where ragged beggars work for gruel

Of course the vagrant is on crack
or petrol fumes to get a whack
against the odds of hunger pain
and all he has for clothes is sack

The janky business left some stain
waiting for pennies stood in vain
the needy soul ashamed and poor
and soon the driver drinks champagne

29th August 2016

Poem Details | by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: faith, health, hope, life, love, urdu, dark, dark, joy,

Long and dark may be the tunnel

Dark are my days, darkened with pain Light and joy has flown down the drain All for a cause of an unexpected zeal Meant for a heart to be captured, my captain! Dark may be my days, dark are the nights Amidst the agony, the coming days fill me up with frights Of what use is living in emptiness, in void If blank seems the mere existence, once the object of my delights! Days are forever bad, luck seems so sad With fever, it would seem fortune is clad Love meant to the enjoyers of doom The awakened, devoid of love, are among the myriad! And in the darkened depth, I smile Amidst the dark doom, I cross the mile For submissive to a fragile fate, I have experienced the holiness in good style! Saved from the swampy marsh My Life meant to be one so harsh Yet joy to be my ending reward For treading the dark tunnel can be truly dullish! Love, Love, remains the miracle Love and show mercy in amounts ample How can there be love in the dark tunnel Hope is there, for the end of the battle

Poem Details | by steven hanlon |
Categories: allah, beauty, devotion, god, love, philosophy, spiritual,

the way of bright honour

o seeker read these words and weep
for thy soul so still asleep
as yet unawakened to
this world of love divine and deep

o seeker hear these words and sigh
thy soul and god are ever nigh
divided by the doors of mu
unopened 'til the day we die

unless by dint of effort one
may bring the doors of mu undone
enjoying thus enlightenment
ye lama, sufi, saint or nun

what is the point of seeking this
when life is won by kill or kiss
and pleasure reaps its own reward
why bother with eternal bliss?

yet the mystic path endures
the sacred flame divine allures
the love of truth and wisdom high
even though all love injures

o seeker fill thy heart with joy
all pain dissolves if thou employ
the wisdom of which masters speak
to each and every girl and boy

o seeker fill thy mind with wonder
if ye hear the sound of thunder
understand the lightning strikes
to split the living tree asunder

for if the living tree survive
rent to the heart exposed alive
what might it say to bears about
the bee, the honey and the hive?

so can thy soul be struck by love
from below or from above
when the bolt is from the hand
invisible without the glove

ember in the hearth of home
star of truth high in the dome
hand of divine destiny
pearly shell become the comb

mother earth and father sky
long ago created i
living songline living still
o seeker dost thou wonder why?

o seeker pray and meditate
live and love and contemplate
render naught to worthy not
raise thy children true and straight

o seeker sing a soft refrain
perceptive be and still remain
turn the blade of vagary
with harmony for love to reign

is life through which we fleeting pass
a grain of sand inside the glass
or the eye that sees it fall
compassionate despite the farce?

how great the beauty so sublime
of poesy replete with rhyme
harmonic of the simple truth
transcending bonds of mortal time

i heard thee calling from afar
ahura mazda avatar
keeper of the sacred flame
sent through the doors of time ajar

thy silent voice so sentient
spake words of wisdom and lament
once heard in kingdoms of the rose
still written in the roses scent

simple message yearning for
one open heart from evermore
light on water musical
perfumed garden, divine law

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, life, lost love, love, wifeurdu, heart, time, heart, kiss, life, love, time,

The Rubaiyat of ' Lenore's LOVE '

The - Rubaiyat of  “ Lenore “ LOVE

In a distant time  of memories, swimming in a deep blue sea
Floating with the clouds above , disguised as azure tapestry
Forest eyes, gleaming in the evergreens, soothes the leaf of oak
Gone; not Forgotten, my heart Forever yearning : entwines with she

To live the life of Heaven, You hug the Trinity : Forever You Live
Waiting for the eons of Eternity when I gather all the Love you have to give
Forest eyes, gleaming in the evergreens, whispered words unspoken
Seeing the Light, Feeling the Glory : yet Love’s blood; drips through a sieve 

One drop at a time , Cleansing the Soul ; reunite  the true Hearts of LOVE
Together again for a moment in the serenity of time which flies as a pure white Dove
The Sunset smell of YOUR Auburn hair, the Chinese silk of YOUR skin
Embedded  in the bands of a Watch called : ‘ Eternity “ Never ending LOVE

Embracing YOU Lenore, is like touching the hem of the Universe
To gaze upon such “Elegant Beauty” ; Love creates an unquenchable Thirst
As I watch YOU : Waltzing across the Horizon  : Climbing the Stars to Heaven
 The Comet , Blushes : Red as Roses ;  Nova dims :  Cries  : “ Why were You First “

Remembrance of our Youth ;  “ Exuberant LOVE “ Prevails upon my Mind
Your long Auburn Hair, tickles my Soul;  In my HEART : Your Forever I Find
And I Dream of the Forest : as YOU Illuminate  it with YOUR “Emerald green Eyes”
The Fern breathes Life; the leaves ENTWINE  with Love Always : to which I am Blind

Gaze upon Lenore and Your Heart does not skip a beat : You are not in Love, as I 
A kiss upon Her “ rose Lips  “  a kiss of Eternity”  a Kiss I may never know until I Die
The encore that the Heart beats for, is the Overture of a Life Budding in GOD’S Grace
Lenore : with all of Heaven’s Love Surrounding YOU each Day "an Image in my EYE"
           Inspired by the Contest  “ Hey, MrEditor “ Sponsored by “John Heck”
 First 3 Stanzas Written on Feb27, 2011 ; Second 3 stanzas Written Mar2 2011 ~   More to come ~  Dedicated in Loving Memory of My Wife " LENORE "
                                        Honorable Mention

Poem Details | by Nigel Fox |
Categories: love, lost, lost, lost love, love,

Love - Rubaiyat

Welcomed around me the half dead in lost love writhing in ecstasy
I myself now in the place of the past of dreams devoid of such chastity 
Well met seeing my lost love beautiful with chestnut eyes and soft such curved hips
In dreams devoid of vanity I will and now just serve myself so handsomely

Poem Details | by Ovidiu Bocsa |
Categories: art, feelings, love, poetry,

The Noble Season

Some pretty eyes may wear glasses.
So, love too sadly always passes
Where we turn it into burning ashes,
But lovers may remind in flashes.

All feel no time as passing away
And sacred beauty, may return no more.
Some eyes he certainly met before,
Will try to see the dream and way.

Once departed, the verses from the stanza,
May not regain the perfume of the day
Nor that lost date with a lover alley,
In spite of merry hot extravaganza.

Desire hidden in the flute of bone,
But verses let not your soul be alone
In wishful thought and never known,
The same, this playful day is lasting one.

While tears try to change the horoscope,
The Noble Season dies; but, having hope,
Good man can smile to other scope:
Some hearts to Rubaiyat still slope.