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Love Poems About Rondeau or Rondeau Love Poems

Rondeau love poems and/or love poems about Rondeau. Read, share, and enjoy these Rondeau love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Rondeau Poems.

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: love,

Wearied Wanderlust

"Wearied Wanderlust" upon a gilded meadow glows a bottle of tender tears scattered ashes burnt and laden carpeting of stone ravished emotions turbulent feasting on flesh and bone filtering through fibers as escalating fears harbor broken dreams evaporating in waning years as visions petrified reside in somber tone upon a gilded meadow glows Life's chilling chant of haunted love still stalks a tattered heart is wandering, wearied and all alone swallowed a bittersweet taste of vacant cone in endless patterns of desolate walks upon a gilded meadow glows..

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, spring, , sweet love,

I Dreamed a Butterfly

I dreamed a butterfly in golden days when buttercups lay in the fields ablaze. It fluttered to my cheek, sweet love to bring. My heart was wont to burst and wont to sing. In breath of morn was scent of bluebell sprays. On blossomed blankets of the fields we’d laze, and into one another’s eyes we’d gaze, my love and I, as April had her fling. I dreamed a butterfly. Our bliss was as the spring, a fleeting phase, and brief’s the beauty of young lovers’ craze. As cruelly as a wasp, he left a sting - and all the lovely plans we made took wing, leaving mere memories of golden days. I dreamed a butterfly. 2/21/13

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: horse, love,

I lay my head

I lay my head  upon the softness of its mane
My white charger, no knight for a swain
as I am the gallant rider looking for love.
Riding the green valleys with mountains above,
looking for hope in natures  fertile plain

A dream, a carousel  of  tears  and  pain
With bobbing horses making  a colourful train
Flying above a sure sign of hope, a dove
I lay my head 

Imagination in play as I search in vain
Why from happiness  must I abstain
My empty heart crying out to those above 
Praying each night, please bring me love 
Grabbing a handful of the silky white mane
I lay my head

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love,

A Blazing Fire

A blazing fire is crackling its refrain as I recall a love, perhaps not sane. Beside this hearth you tenderly caressed my body and we simmered; then we pressed against each other. Heat was our domain! My heart now pulses rhythm with a rain which beats staccato on my window pane. Torrential is the longing in my breast - a blazing fire. The warmth of your embraces soon would wane. You left, but images have seared my brain. . . like you in glow of dancing flames, undressed. I wish with all my soul that I were blessed to have you here again, for I remain a blazing fire

Poem Details | by Claire de la Grange |
Categories: lost love, love, sadlove,


Upon her thorny heart I bleed;
My rose I nurtured from a seed,
With blazing bloom and perfume sweet,
Who pricked me with her warm deceit,
To where I gladly bade her leave.

Her eyes and smile they did precede,
A witchly soul that did deceive,
My love to stumble with conceit;
Upon her thorny heart.

If I could pluck her to be freed,
And rip her from my soul, indeed,
My lesson thus would be complete,
Sough not a love in lusty heat.
To this my penance I accede, 
Upon her thorny heart.

Poem Details | by L. M. K. |
Categories: forgiveness, hurt, love,

This Heavy Guilt

This heavy guilt weighing on me,
Like too many leaves on a little tree
Covered in rain from a sky that poured
I hurt a person who I adored
If I could have just let things be,
Then maybe he could now run free
Instead he stands numb with a silent plea
My actions, once sweet, are now deplored
This heavy guilt
He and I, once we
Now like locks without a key
The distance so great we could never ford
But his name still on my heart is scored
I wonder if the world can see
This heavy guilt

Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: death, sad love, winter,

Past the Graveyard: Rondeau

Past the graveyard deep in snow
where icicles from boughs hang low
one woman at a headstone weeps
as memories in warmth she keeps,
all dressed in black like winter crows.

Still muted angels' trumpets blow
where frost on trees like lichens grow
and 'cross the powder darkness creeps
past the graveyard.

As by the iron fence I go
the granite gapes in pewter rows. 
My heart into my throat now leaps;
her mortal love in silence sleeps
in frozen ground while snowflakes blow
past the graveyard.


This is a rewrite of my Terzanelle, "I Pass the Graveyard".

Poem Details | by Bob Quigley |
Categories: death, love, heart, heart, love,

Where Two Once Stood

Where two once stood, now one alone Left to journey on their own Gone the love they chose to share Dashed in the ashes of despair A heart now turned to stone How for this loss will I atone Survive without the love I've known One broken heart beyond repair Where two once stood The petals of our love have flown Upon deaths winds loves seedlings sown The remnants of a life stripped bare One lonely soul still standing there Where two once stood

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: uplifting, love,

I See Beyond

I see beyond the clothes you wear, The color of your eyes and hair, The things you both love and deplore, Your status, education, or All other worldly things. I swear. . . My love for you cannot compare To any other’s. I’m aware Of what you need that you might soar! I see beyond. You are my child; when in despair, You need to know how much I care. I understood your soul before Your earthly sojourn! Evermore I’ll guide you. Come to me in prayer; I see beyond!
For Paula Swanson's Poetry Contest: I See Beyond

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: imagery, romance, wind,

Sweet Zephyrus - A Love Letter

Sweet Zephyrus, my Zephyrus, westerlies' bouquet nectarous lilac layered flirtations sail wings whimsical whiff my skin pale butterfly kisses generous. Music you breathe melodious chorus of wind-chimes feverous sounds, symphonic in gentle flail sweet Zephyrus. Hands breezy - touch me delicious flowers long-stemmed dance capricious exhales enchanting do prevail sighs satisfying without fail licks sweeping softly amorous sweet Zephyrus. Susan Ashley July 27, 2017 -----------------------------

Poem Details | by Paula Swanson |
Categories: love

Heated Kisses

Heated kisses, fevered touch upon my waking. Heated kisses, entreating a sweet hypnosis. Sultry promises you're making, deep of your lips I am drinking. Heated kisses.
Paula Swanson For the contest Rondelet Sponsored by Dr. Ram Form: Rondolet Placement: 6th

Poem Details | by Grace Williams |
Categories: forgiveness, friendship, love,

We Two Aged Friends

We two aged friends were caught today, By shared glance. Words I could not say entranced. Not you, new friends looked on, As old friends spoke. The grey false dawn Broke thoughts while round us sunset played Once enemies trapped in the fray, Alike, but souls between us lay, When we our disparate colours donned. We two aged friends. Freed, parted, only you could pray Cold comfort: if we’d met halfway Then emptiness would be foregone, Time would let quarrels be withdrawn. You loved not, yet this eve you stayed. We two aged friends.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: i love you, lost love,

I Never Got

I never got to be with you
or grow with you like sweethearts do,
just you and me. . . but C'est la Vie!
We had our brief sweet chemistry;
no chance to see what would ensue.

I never knew you through and through.
We never chose that avenue.
And so you are the fantasy
I never got.

And since I never could accrue
shared times with you, I have no clue
how we’d have been. No history
is there to mar my memory,
and so it always will be you
I never got!

(Entry in Matt Caliri's I Love You Because . . .)

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love,

Affection With Rapt

Enthralled am I in my deep mind, a love like yours, so hard to find- I’ve relinquished all that sad woe, once I found it hard to let go, but those days are so far behind. Immersed in your strength I’m confined we’re beauty and passion combined, spellbound with magic, we shall grow- Enthralled am I. Absorbed with spirit I’m inclined engaged in desire, we’re entwined- So fascinated, this I know, with affection our love shall glow, so in love, you’re one of a kind- Enthralled am I. July 2, 2017 For the contest, Form R Sponsor, Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, analogy, emotions, feelings, i love you, imagery, love,

You Are My Love

You are my love and I am yours you are the rudder; I'm the oars. When I shut my eyes, you are there like the answer to my prayer when I take a breath, you're the air. You found my heart behind closed doors then took me to the ocean shores and taught me that sometimes life’s fair. You are my love. When I ache; your presences cures dismantling games without scores. At your touch passion's flames flair forging one heart two lovers share melded together at our cores. You are my love. (Rondeau) July 26, 2018 Rondeau Poetry Contest (image #3) Joseph May

Poem Details | by Melissa Ross |
Categories: death, loss, love, time, me, me,

Into the Dark

Follow me into the dark, my heart,
Death waits to break us apart,
We will tempt him, kiss good bye,
While our life waits for us on high,
We will make it through, we must start,
Do not be afraid, for we will never part,
Do not take this lightly, we must be smart,
My dear do not fear, you must not cry
Follow me into the dark.
Time has reached us, we must depart,
If death comes near, my love, dart,
I will surely meet you in the sky,
For I am upsetting, it is my time to die,
These words of love, for you I impart,
Follow me into the dark.

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: friendship, love,

The Friendship Jar

This gift of love I gave my friend,
A jar with messages to send.
Adorned with ribbon curls and lace,
To put a smile upon her face.
I know she'll keep it to the end

I thought out just what I should say,
That she could read to make her day.
On folded papers laid inside
This gift of love.

Wrote down things like "you're so funny"
"With you here each day is sunny"
"You're kind and wise,so very smart".
Know that this gift comes from the heart,
Something you can't buy with money
This gift of love.

for contest"Gifts Given,Gifts Received"
sponsored by Cyndi MacMillan

Poem Details | by Laura Leiser |
Categories: loss, love, sorrow,


Beloved, you were chosen
to walk a harder path
than most,
because you were meant
for greater plans 
than most.

Beloved, I will carry you
more closely to My bosom
than most,
because I have been 
where you are 
and will understand
the most.

Written on 12/11/2014

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: desire, love,

If I Could Fly

If I could fly,I would spread my strong wings
more than the birds that hover in the sky,
And take you on my wings to dine with kings,
If I could fly?

Our love will bloom,without sorrow or cry,
We will dance with the winds,as the gale sings,
And heavenly bliss lifts our souls up high,
Sweet vibes will engulf us,as wedding bell rings.

Yet,this restriction we have to comply,
Worst still;we must endure the sadness it brings,
If I could fly.

Olusegun Arowolo  ;Date:8-5-2013
CONTEST:"CAROUSEL IN ROUNDEL" sponsored by Nette Onclaud.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love,

My Sweet Regret

My sweet regret; resplendently
appeared the star who I would see
light up my life and fill my soul
because not ever in my whole
small world had one shone such as he!

Like polished onyx, glittery,
his dark eyes cast a spell on me
that nearly made me lose control. . . 
My sweet regret!

He soon became a malady;
this man still in my memory -
how wickedly he would cajole
me, for I kept my proper role.
No matter, he will always be. .  .
My sweet regret.

For the Any Poem, Any Subject Poetry Contest of Anne Currin

Poem Details | by Emily Forsman |
Categories: cute love, fairy, garden, nature, nice,

A Fairy Kiss

A fairy kiss of cherished love
is frequently forgotten of,
for fairies hide in secret grounds
where no one thinks to run around.
Their elfin homes are found above

the earth on which the humans love.
The fairies frolic with the doves
on Mother Nature’s holy bounds.
	A fairy kiss

is nothing like a puppy love,
for when their love is not enough
they only beg for your rebound.
The fairies make the best propounds
of worships for the feelings of
	a fairy kiss.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, romantic,

Please Make This Last

Please make this last forever, Dear, and bid the moon not disappear. For when it does, then like a brash, will come the light of day to dash this night as soft as warm cashmere. You say sweet words and are sincere, but love can die and leave a gash, and passion’s sure to turn to ash. . . Please make this last. I touch your face. . . you are so near that as I whisper in your ear, I see upon your cheek a lash. Now make a wish, and in a flash I’ll have it off! Dear, ease my fear - Please make this last! Feb. 14, 2014. Now for Janice Canerdy's "Give Me a Rondeau" Contest

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: beautiful, love,

Sitting On A Wall

Sitting on a wall, his special gift
The winds of change began to shift
He asked her to join him for a walk
To enjoy the day and have a talk
Earlier that day she had been miffed

What could he do to remove the rift
He desired to give her heart a lift
There his diamond ring placed on a rock
Sitting on a wall

Her reaction was happy and swift
With unbridled passion he was kissed
Happily received a heart in shock
He gently removes her flowing smock
With loves key he opens up her lock
Sitting on a wall

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, hope, love, prayer,

Thanksgiving - The Rondeau Style

~Thanksgiving ~

Lord, I thank  you for everything 
Living for you is a blessing 
Thank  you Lord for the good and bad 
Thinking of you makes me real glad 
I thank  you for your forgiving 

Lord, I thank you for everything 
For family, friends,  for living, 
You give me joy when feeling sad
Lord,  I thank  you

For roof upon head, food giving 
Thank you Lord for all your loving 
You always help me when I'm sad
Thanks for eternal life I add
For all the Blessings You're sending 
Lord,  I thank you.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Poem Details | by Kathryn Estrada |
Categories: love, mother, roses are red,

Love Like A Rose

A rose should be given to a mother, For a special kind of woman she could make. A good mother is a hard somebody to be; Such a hard task only she would undertake. Love has its wilts and blooms Like between child and mother. Love will continually blossom If given the chance to one another. In life's times of drought The flower will fall, But then the rain comes to mend, And again it blooms after all. If roses are red And violets are blue, Then that special woman As I feel, would be you. I send you this poem With showers of the love That comes from your child On the wings of a dove.