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Love Poems About Romanticism or Romanticism Love Poems

Romanticism love poems and/or love poems about Romanticism. Read, share, and enjoy these Romanticism love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Romanticism Poems.

Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: love,

To Pray On Your Flesh

I want to place my final prayer
upon your plush velvet neck
murmuring my needs warmly
on that expressway where the crossroads of love and lust unite
focusing the steam of my soul there
confessing wholeheartedly
that my heart cannot move without you,
with my thick, steady hand rotating around your priceless grail
feeling the communion of our desire come to life
as your mouth becomes the chalice that holds my heartbeat
in this moment that confirms our sanctity -


Poem Details | by Silent One |
Categories: love, romance,

Poetic Personification

Honey vapour scents travelled among seduced tepid zephyrs. This was not a dream for I was within the realms of reality, as fate's footsteps led my heart back to forgotten pastures. Her persona was poetic personification, yet I was lost for words, so in simple silence, souls serenaded suppressed symphonies. The idyllic radiance of her eyes became a timeless memory, the warmth of our first kiss an eternal celestial connection.
Silent One 21 June 2018 Example for seven lines of romantic heaven poetry contest

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, creation, desire, devotion, love, romantic, soulmate,

Thy Silent Thoughts

Thy Silent Thoughts

So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day.
There is wonder in them, as the sun's first flash
Through tumult of ocean spray;
In them the shining calm of upland pools
Mirrors the glory round,
And their shadows are the shadows of sweet flowers
Upon the summer ground.
So beautiful are thy silent thoughts
I would watch thine eyes all day;
More beauteous in their silence than the stars,
Than the silent stars, are they.

R. J. Lindley,
November 9th, 1973

Poem Details | by Igor Goldkind |
Categories: love,

Wooing the Artist With Flowers

Words are merely thoughts to keep flowers company; 

Pictures you can hang in your hall.

But the faces of these blossoms, 

Slightly jealous of your smile,

See well past the obstacles you have stored there.

There is tenderness in their contemplation of the grayness in your eyes.

And they mutter amidst the clutter,

'tis not the speed that makes the journey, but the direction that you choose’.

Whilst welcoming the warmth from your hands as you arrange them.

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: love, romance,

Talk to me

Talk to me otherwise I'll disturb you, I'll follow you everywhere and sneak into your mind silently. From the busy street to your lonely room, in the hectic hour and in lazy noon, I'll come to you, upsetting your schedule frequently. In sleepless nights when you nurture, caress a newborn poem, I'll come in forcing you to stop and think of me. Please talk to me! ================

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: devotion, love,

Man of my Dreams

Does he know he lives forever in my dreams?
In every vision I create…I see his eyes of bluish green
Does he know he walks along my shore of Evermore?
On a path that leads him to my castle door
Where he stands…and drops his heart into my open hands,
Oh God…how I love this…extraordinary man

For my husband:  Robert Noel Dawson

Poem Details | by April Mitchell |
Categories: love, romance,

How do i make you feel

how do i make you feel
how i kiss you on your neck
how do i make you feel
out of my presence are you a wreck

how do i make you feel
when i nibble on your ear
how do i make you feel
when i enter into your atmosphere

how do i make you feel
when i run my fingers down your chest
how do i make you feel
when you lay your head on my breast

how do i make you feel
when i massage your feet
how do i make you feel
cuddled does your heart skip a beat

how do i make you feel 
i really really need to know
how do i make you feel
before my love continues to grow

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: love

One more peg

One more peg to quench my thirst, thirst of a desert nearer to sea so close to it yet so far. One more peg to forget the pain, pain of my heart which I once offered to you but you refused. One more peg to end this poem, a poem of love, love that is lost, lost in time never to come. Just one m o r e pe....... ===================== placement:10 th, (July 2011) Contest:Anything Goes Sponsor:Irma Linda Trevino By:kashinath karmakar(18th January,2011)

Poem Details | by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: love,

I Simply Love You

I Simply Love You

In the pastel dawn
	I love You.
In the red hot of noonday
	I love You.
At the green summer teatime
	I love You.
When sunset’s brilliant jewels fade to twilight
	I love You.
In evening’s deep blue and diamond stars
	I love You.
As I close my eyes to black of black,
	I love You.
And ‘til dawn to dawn, and forever dawns,
	I love You.

Poem Details | by ChiquitaChiamaka Baity |
Categories: love, romance, song-

Share My Love


Come and share my love,
I’ll give you all of me
Offer everything I am
Give it graciously

Come and share my love
I want to lose myself
Surrender everything I own
Until I have nothing left

Come and share my love
Let’s lay the night away
As I wrap my warmth around you
Until dawn, turns to day

Come and share my love
Like you’ve been yearning to do
Your every wish is my command
I will submit to you

Chiquita Chiamaka Baity


Poem Details | by Dalia Shahein |
Categories: emotions, love, passion, universe,


They say it's impossible to count the water drops in the ocean - well I say I can when I look at you..
They say that human beings  can't live without a beating heart - well I say I can as long as I have you...
They say that we can't touch heaven until we're dead - well I say they lie cause I can touch you...
Sky is clear but not clear as your heart nor as your soul...
Sun is too hot but it's an iceberg compared to you...
Universe is huge but how can it be so huge , when your heart holds the universe...
Is this the nature fragrance or it is your embrace ?
Does the beauty mean a thing against your face ?
Your so flawless and perfect....
Do you exist......


Poem Details | by Alyssa Finley |
Categories: love,

My Penguin

They find eachother
Stick with one another
Together forever
Him with her and her with him
Through the cold and death
Loving eachother
That seeps through
Till the last breath
But if only I could find
My penguin.

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: color, love, rainbow, romantic,

Gray Area

Sometimes when matters are in the gray,
it ain’t always black and white
There are times when emotions are deep blue,
canary yellow thoughts can make us wanna fly, shy away
Then, bright orange glowing memories
bring gentle, evergreen smiles
As time’s seasonal change sunset down on us
Being lifelong lovers, we got
amethyst purple hearts of courage
that beats with 
ruby red rhythms of loving perseverance
Here at this humble, brownstone garden abode,
two pink carnations have budded and bloomed
Now looking at the graying of the skies,
we can see the rainbows in each other’s eyes
Reflecting the soul spectrum of our love

Poem Details | by Dalia Shahein |
Categories: deep, desire, love,

Tender lips

When he whispers my name ,he makes my heart bleed out for him...
When he touch my face with his soft hands so slowly, he pulls my soul out of hell...
When he holds me so tight tell I can't breathe , he makes me melt inside his beloving arms...
He bite my tongue and I bite his soft , tender lips...
He capture me with every word , with every touch , with every heart beat...
I love him for who he truly are , for his beautiful soul , his sweet words ....
When I hear his lovely voice...
I never saw his face.....

Poem Details | by James Burns |
Categories: anniversary, devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, inspirational, love, passion, romance

The "Senses" Since

I remember the look
In those big brown eyes
As you’d smile and laugh
And leave me hypnotized

I remember the touch
Of your hands so soft
How you’d hug and comfort me
And shake the cold off

I remember the taste
Of your sweet lips on mine
Enthralled in a kiss
For hours at a time

I remember the sound
Of your voice so warm
You’d just whisper gently
And quiet the raging storm

I remember the smell
That enchanted my nose
The scent of your body
Bathed in absolute rose

Yes, I remember you dear
And all the love we grew
And I have spent a lifetime
Making “sense” of you

Poem Details | by Susan Dwinchick |
Categories: devotion, faith, happiness, life, love, passion, love, me,

The Proposal 8-20-04

You asked me yesterday my love
If I would become your wife
Let me tell you that forevermore
You will only be in my life.

There’s something I must say to you
These things my love are true
You must never forget these words I say
Because my darling, I love you.

My heart’s your forever
My mind and body too
I give you completely
A love that’s pure and true.

I’ll never ever hurt you
We’ll never part
My darling I have loved you
Right from the very start.

I answered yes to you my love
I open up my heart
Because love isn’t easy 
For love is an art.

Poem Details | by Lawrence Ingle |
Categories: love

Love Grows

As time slips by...
and each year comes and goes...
Oh my oh my!
how my love for you grows.

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: angst, confusion, life, love, sorry,

Delicate Flower

Delicate flower
So lovely, and so sweet
Ravaged by wind
And rain and summer heat

Joyful to view
With the sweetest scent
Why nature could bring
harm to you
Makes me wonder where God went

I cry inside
I'll never understand
How such delicate beauty
Could come to such evil harm
All I see is beauty
And innocent loving charm.

Poem Details | by Stewart Watkins |
Categories: feelings, first love, for her, how i feel, love, lust, passion,

Just One Kiss

Agonizing anticipation
Just waiting and longing
Tantalizing and mesmerizing 
Why must you keep me waiting
Teasing and empty promises of pleasing
I'm dying!
Yes, I'm dying of thirst
Quench me! I'm impatiently waiting for that sweet taste of nectar
Soft, wet and oh  so delicious
No, no, not this time
The time is now, the place is here
Miss Reality has shown her sun lit face
An encounter then embrace of the chilvarous kind
Delectable and gratifying 
Give me more!  Give me more!
Don't stop! Please! Just don't stop!

Poem Details | by Jasmine Choudhary |
Categories: cute love, love, poetry, romance, romantic, trust, writing,

I'll catch you when you fall

Been long time that I've seen you,
& been long time that you've been here,
W/no demands these eyes kept your soul,
Now it's been long that they've felt it at all.

I know its not the easy task they call,
But trust me- I'll catch you when you fall,
I'll pick up the times when you call,
Coz' my eyes keep wandering for your soul.

'Less is more' and that more is what I get,
Your meticulous look makes me forget,
Forget the sorrow that I've been into,
So give me more, and let it come slow.

I know its not the easy task they call,
But trust me- I'll catch you when you fall,
I'll pick up the times when you call,
Coz' my eyes keep wandering for your soul.

Poem Details | by Feride SERIN |
Categories: love, me,

I Know

I know you're so far,
Pain turned around,
Tired in body storms,
There was pain in the eyes of the sleepless.
Distance hurts me to watch you,
Sometimes we walk on the roads have not chosen,
This is one of them.
You know what would be the end of a road,
Besides if I do not forget my love,
Deep down somewhere,
Achieve me with hope,
you to come,
How long two weeks,
I'm ready to love you.

Feride SERIN

Poem Details | by Spica Toska |
Categories: autumn, first love, love, memory, nature,

The Autumn Rain

The Autumn Rain
reminds me the feelings
that I didn’t express
The fresh air after rain
reminds me the moments
I wanted to live
The smell in the air
reminds me those moments when I used to meet you
and the wind takes them away
The yellow leaves
falling down on the streets
and I realize how
I’m loosing time, losing you
like the trees are losing the leaves
There will be new leaves on the trees
new people in your life
but the leaves on the streets will be forgotten, will be rotten

Just like me

– Spica

Poem Details | by Oma Bennett |
Categories: happiness, lost love, sad, love, me, , sweet love,

Until We Meet Again

Though parted now by time and space
We'll meet again in our secret place

Where no one knows but just we two
now I go there alone and wait for you

The yearning loneliness tugs at my soul
until we are one again I cannot be whole

My love,my sweet love how long will it be
til I kiss your lips and you're here with me

Memories of your  love still on my mind
I see only your face to all else I am blind

I look up to the heavens and I silently pray
send my love to me and please don't delay

Then I hear you whisper and I turn to see
you're here beside me and forever will be


Poem Details | by nicholas renaud-burke |
Categories: love

my love, i love

you are as beautiful as a sunset on a tropical beach,
your hair is the sea as it flows with the wind,
your eyes sparkle in the light of the sunsetting like pearls in the water,
your smile is the only thing i could ask for,
my love,
i love,

Poem Details | by JustPlainMerrie Noway |
Categories: friendship, happiness, love,

Secret Crush

Her face is like candlelight in the dark
with eyes so deep in thought and
a smile so innocent
Brown hair so soft
Tickling her neck when the wind blows which
Softens her olive skin
Her heart is pure
Filled with sweetness but
Pounding with life
If she could live forever
She would and would
Never waste a single moment
To touch her is to really know her
Holding on to be complete
Kissing her softly and breathing her in
Never-ending laughter of youth and angels
Mind of a thousand scholars and a
Heart of a poet